Chapter 1401 – Sudden Increase In Starpoints

Three days later, Chen Xi woke up from his meditation. His gaze was deep and seemed like a calm ancient well that was filled with a sense of tranquility.

As he felt the Immortal Force that filled his entire body, and his essence, spirit, and energy that was full of lively vitality, Chen Xi couldn’t help but stand up and stretch himself. His entire body felt comfortable.

Compared to the past, even though he hadn’t broken through during this meditative cultivation, his mental state had improved once more, causing every single move he made to possess a saintly, boundless, and immovable imposing aura.

This sort of imposing aura could only be obtained after experiencing a great deal of tempering. It was like when a scholar wrote a literary work, every single word carried an extraordinary aura after the scholar attained mastery in worldly affairs.

Hmm? Chen Xi casually sensed his Violet Ribbon Starcrest, yet the amount that entered his eyes caused him to be dumbstruck. What’s going on?

At the same time at Starpoint Hall.

The Starpoint Hall was unlike before. It seemed to be extremely popular, and numerous teachers and students were crowded before the bidding platform while looking up as if they were waiting for something.

Xiao Ping was an instructor of the outer court, and he possessed very high seniority in the academy. However, his cultivation was stuck in the Saint Immortal Realm until now.

The reason for this was that he’d unfortunately encountered the assault of a strange poisonous object while training outside the academy, causing his soul to suffer a heavy injury. He’d tried all means yet was unable to recover completely.

It was precisely because of this that his cultivation had become stuck at the Saint Immortal Realm and was unable to break through until now. This was undoubtedly a severe blow to a cultivator.

If it wasn’t for that, with his natural talent, he would have probably advanced into the Half-step Immortal King Realm a long time ago and entered the inner court to assume the position of a head instructor. Otherwise, how could he possibly be wasting his time in dejection at the outer court?

Fortunately, he’d been constantly searching for a method to heal his soul throughout these past few thousands of years, and as it’s said, everything comes to those who wait. He’d finally found a trace of hope, and it was the Soul Nine Return Pill!

However, even though he’d found the method, he was unable to gather the immortal herbs required to refine the pill for a very long time, and the reason was that he lacked a single medicinal herb — the Xiezhi Immortal Herb!

The Xiezhi was a renowned ferocious beast of the sea during the primeval times. Its roar could shatter the sun and moon, and it possessed boundless physical strength that could overturn oceans. According to legend, it inherited the bloodline of the True Dragon, and it possessed monstrous might.

According to legend, at the moment of a Xiezhi’s death, its body would transform into a bloody patch of soil while its soul would transform into a seed that rooted itself within the bloody patch of soil. After experiencing a long period of growth, it would grow into a precious treasure of the heavens and the earth — the Xiezhi Immortal Herb!

Most importantly, this precious treasure that could be considered a peerless immortal herb was capable of condensing the energy of the soul and strengthening the Soul Core from inside out. Its effects were indescribably profound.

Unfortunately, along with the boundless passage of time, the Xiezhi Immortal Herb had practically become extinct in the Immortal Dimension, and it could be considered as priceless and only obtainable by luck.

If it wasn’t for that, with Xiao Ping’s ability, how could he have possibly exhausted a few thousands of years in vain while searching for it?

Originally, Xiao Ping had already lost all hope towards it, and he intended to assume the position of an ordinary instructor within the outer court for his entire lifetime. Never had he imagined that he would actually see a Xiezhi Immortal Herb on the bidding platform some time ago!

This was no different than an extraordinary pleasant surprise to him. So recently, he’d been practically waiting before the bidding platform at all times, and it was for the sake of obtaining the Xiezhi Immortal Herb.

Today was the day that the bidding would end!

When he thought about this, Xiao Ping took a deep breath while his gaze locked firmly onto the Xiezhi Immortal Herb on the bidding platform, and he said in his heart, An immortal herb with a minimum bid of 3,000,000 Starpoints has already been fought for to a price of 10,000,000 Starpoints. Let me see if anyone still dares to compete with me!

Yes, he was determined to obtain this treasure. So as soon as he made a bid, he directly placed an astronomical bid of 10,000,000 Starpoints. This price was sufficient to make most people stop at the sight of it, yet Xiao Ping was still slightly worried in his heart. This was probably similar to having thoughts that were filled with worry.

If a Saint Immortal that had made a name for himself a long time ago had such an unstable mental state, it would clearly arouse ridicule in the hearts of others. However, Xiao Ping couldn’t be bothered about all of this because the Xiezhi Immortal Herb was truly too important to him. It was related to whether he would be able to recover his soul, advance into the Half-step Immortal King Realm, and enter the inner court to assume the position of a head instructor… Under such circumstances, how could he possibly maintain his composure?

“Alas! The competition is too intense. An entire thirty plus people are competing with me for that Spiritvessel Essence Iron. The pressure is really strong, and I’m not confident about my success at all.” Someone sighed with emotion at the side.

“Haha! Be content with your situation. Amongst the five hundred treasures that Chen Xi put up for bidding, your competition can be considered to be small. Did you not notice that an entire hundred plus people are competing for that Kui Ox Origin Bone? Moreover, its price has even been increased to 11,000,000 Starpoints! If nothing unexpected happens, then the final price will probably be even higher.”

“Actually, this fellow Chen Xi hasn’t just caused an enormous commotion over and over again in the academy, even his wealth is so extraordinary. He was actually able to produce five hundred rare treasures in one go. Compared to him, I feel that my I’m living my life so terribly.”

“Yes, it’s best to not compare yourself with him, otherwise it’ll only make you sad.”

Wave after wave of clamorous discussions resounded in the vicinity while Chen Xi’s name became the topic that was discussed the most. Some felt envious, some admired him, some worshiped him, and so on and so forth.

Xiao Ping didn’t care about all of this. However, he was aware that the Xiezhi Immortal Herb he was bidding for had come from Chen Xi, and according to rumor, Chen Xi had obtained it from the Endless Sea.

It wasn’t just that, practically all the five hundred treasures Chen Xi put up for bidding this time had come from the Outerealm Battlefield or the Endless Sea. Moreover, they were all treasures that were practically extinct in the Immortal Dimension.

It was precisely because of this that the bidding this time would cause such an uproar and draw over numerous instructors and students to bid for them.

“The bidding will end in another thirty breaths of time!” Suddenly, a voice resounded in the crowd, causing all the clamorous voices to suddenly go silent. The atmosphere instantly became deathly silent as the gazes of everyone descended onto the treasures that they respectively desired to obtain. They held their breaths in concentration and looked up with anticipation.

It was obvious that most of them were slightly nervous. Some puckered their lips tightly, some clenched their fists tightly, and some of their faces had tightened to the point it seemed savage.

This obviously showed how extraordinarily tempting these five hundred treasures Chen Xi put up for bidding were to them.

At this moment, Xiao Ping couldn’t help but become nervous as well. His lips and tongue felt dry while his heart couldn’t help but thump intensely. It felt no different than the first time he dated his Dao Companion, and he was filled with nervousness and anticipation.

The area before the bidding platform was perfectly silent.

Everyone was waiting, but even more of them were eager to take action.

Thirty breaths of time?

It seemed like an extremely short period of time, yet it was sufficient to accomplish too many things. For example, making another bid at the critical moment and obtaining the treasure in one go!

“Dammit! I can’t wait any longer, I’m fucking increasing my bid by 100,000 Starpoints!” Amidst this deathly silence, a rugged middle aged man had a flushed face, and he couldn’t endure it any longer, causing him to suddenly roar loudly and completely destroy the silence in the surroundings.

This was like a fuse that instantly caused a wave of disorderly bidding as soon as it resounded through the surroundings.

“Hmph! Since it’s like that, then I’ll add another 500,000 Starpoints! Let me see who continues bidding for it with me!”

“Hehe! This treasure is definitely mine!”

“All of you are…simply too ruthless! I was just about to increase my bid, yet all of you increased it by so much in an instant…”

The area before the bidding platform instantly fell into a state of unprecedented clamor. Many people were yelling, and it was none other than them expressing their determination so as to make others aware of the overwhelming odds and withdraw. However, a huge number of people were acting in silence. Even though they didn’t say a single word, they were even more ruthless when increasing their bids.

Under the effect of such an atmosphere, Xiao Ping’s heart instantly rose to his throat, his eyes opened wide, his fingers were clenched tightly together, and his entire body stiffened from nervousness.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

A wave of clear and melodious fluctuation resounded on the bidding platform. The five hundred treasures that were originally floating silently suddenly trembled before they suddenly transformed into numerous divine rays of light that vanished from the bidding platform.

This meant that the bidding had ended, whereas the five hundred treasures had found their owners. Now, they would be sent to the individuals that were the final winners of the bidding.


When they saw this scene, the surroundings instantly seethed with excitement.

“I really did succeed! Hahaha!” Someone roared with laughter that was filled with wild joy.

“Dammit! I was just a thousand Starpoints below the winning bid, my bid was just lacking that little bit!” Someone else struck his chest and stamped his feet.

“Alas! What a pity! Truly a pity!” Someone sighed.

“I actually succeeded? Why…why do I feel slight disbelief?” Someone else was stunned on the spot.

Amidst this atmosphere that was filled with all sorts of emotions, loud crying suddenly resounded, and it instantly shocked everyone.

All of them shot their gazes over in unison, and they saw that the source of the crying was the outer court instructor, Xiao Ping. However, at this moment, he was crying and laughing at the same time, and his expression seemed to be filled with wild joy as if he was a madman.

Everyone was shocked because Instructor Xiao Ping was usually a stern and reserved. Why has he become like this?

Only Xiao Ping himself was clearly aware that he’d succeeded! He was about to be able to repair the injuries to his soul and advance to the Half-step Immortal King Realm, allowing him to step onto the path of becoming a head instructor of the inner court and step foot onto another peak in his life!

He’d waited bitterly for a few thousands of years for this day to arrive, and he’d suffered countless hardships and frustrations along the way. Now his dreams were about to be realized, so how could he not go mad with joy?

Yes, he was happy to the point of almost going mad!

To a cultivator that sought the Grand Dao wholeheartedly, was there anything more delightful than this?

“Alas, this fellow Chen Xi is really skilled in causing trouble. No matter what it is, so long as it’s related to him, then it’ll definitely cause all sorts of commotions.” Someone couldn’t help but sigh with emotion upon noticing this.

The others seemed to feel the same way as him when they heard this.

The curtains to a bidding war that Chen Xi had casually caused one month ago had finally been drawn along with this emotional sigh.

At this moment, within the Sword Room, Chen Xi’s expression was slightly dazed.

I was originally having a headache on how I should earn Starpoints. Who would have imagined that I would actually suddenly obtain over 140,000,000 Starpoints? Coupled with the 29,000,000 Starpoints I already possess, I actually possess over 170,000,000 Starpoints now! In other words, I need less than 9,000,000 Starpoints to obtain the River Diagram fragment? I’m… I’m… not dreaming, right? At this moment, Chen Xi felt that his mind wasn’t working well…

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