Chapter 1401 – Sudden Increase In Starpoints

Three days later, Chen Xi woke up from his meditation. His gaze was deep and seemed like a calm ancient well that was filled with a sense of tranquility.

As he felt the Immortal Force that filled his entire body, and his essence, spirit, and energy that was full of lively vitality, Chen Xi couldn’t help but stand up and stretch himself. His entire body felt comfortable.

Compared to the past, even though he hadn’t broken through during this meditative cultivation, his mental state had improved once more, causing every single move he made to possess a saintly, boundless, and immovable imposing aura.

This sort of imposing aura could only be obtained after experiencing a great deal of tempering. It was like when a scholar wrote a literary work, every single word carried an extraordinary aura after the scholar attained mastery in worldly affairs.

Hmm? Chen Xi casually sensed his Violet Ribbon Starcrest, yet the amount that entered his eyes caused him to be dumbstruck. What’s going on?

At the same time at Starpoint Hall.

The Starpoint Hall was unlike before. It seemed to be extremely popular, and numerous teachers and students were crowded before the bidding platform while looking up as if they were waiting for something.

Xiao Ping was an instructor of the outer court, and he possessed very high seniority in...

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