Chapter 1400 – Renowned Throughout The Academy

The Sword Room.

As soon as he returned, Chen Xi sat directly on the ground before he started to meditate and regulate his breathing.

It couldn’t be helped, he was already exhausted to the limit, and his entire body was exhausted. When he relaxed at this moment, he wasn’t even able to move another finger any longer.

The reason was that while he was at the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, no matter if it was when he overcame the Eternal Tomb of Kings, the three thousand Restrictions on the Comet Corridor, or the battle against the Past Life Combat Puppet, it had caused his Heart Energy, physical strength, cultivation, and soul to show signs of drying up from the inside out, and they were on the verge of collapse.

Especially during the battle with the Past Life Combat Puppet, it had even caused him to suffer a heavy injury. At this moment, when he returned to his own abode, if he didn’t have a trace of will still supporting himself, then he would have probably instantly fallen unconscious.

However, this trip to the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds allowed him to benefit greatly, and it exceeded his imagination.

Firstly, his cultivation in the Sword Dao had improved to the state of perfection in the Sword God Realm in one go, and amongst...

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