Chapter 1400 – Renowned Throughout The Academy

The Sword Room.

As soon as he returned, Chen Xi sat directly on the ground before he started to meditate and regulate his breathing.

It couldn’t be helped, he was already exhausted to the limit, and his entire body was exhausted. When he relaxed at this moment, he wasn’t even able to move another finger any longer.

The reason was that while he was at the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, no matter if it was when he overcame the Eternal Tomb of Kings, the three thousand Restrictions on the Comet Corridor, or the battle against the Past Life Combat Puppet, it had caused his Heart Energy, physical strength, cultivation, and soul to show signs of drying up from the inside out, and they were on the verge of collapse.

Especially during the battle with the Past Life Combat Puppet, it had even caused him to suffer a heavy injury. At this moment, when he returned to his own abode, if he didn’t have a trace of will still supporting himself, then he would have probably instantly fallen unconscious.

However, this trip to the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds allowed him to benefit greatly, and it exceeded his imagination.

Firstly, his cultivation in the Sword Dao had improved to the state of perfection in the Sword God Realm in one go, and amongst all the seniors within the academy, there were very few capable of attaining such a cultivation in the Sword Dao.

Secondly, he’d completely fused the Divine Crests of the Five Elements, Tempest, Star Obliteration, and Risefall. Presently, he merely lacked fusing the Enduring Divine Crest before he could establish a Saint Dao Law of his own.

However, even then, Chen Xi was currently not someone that an ordinary Saint Immortal could compare to.

The reason was that he didn’t just possess various rare and formidable Allheaven Divine Crests, his own cultivation’s foundation was over a hundred times more formidable than his peers. Coupled with his cultivation in the Sword Dao that had attained perfection in the Sword God Realm and cultivation in Heart Energy at the Heart Infant Realm…

Under such circumstances, the formidable combat strength he was able to display was obvious. Even though it was impossible for him to be invincible amongst his peers, at the very least, it was extremely difficult for anyone amongst his peers to be a match for him.

Obviously, when he established the Talisman Saint Dao, his strength would definitely undergo a shocking transformation!

All of this had merely occurred in a single month of time!

In a single month, he’d fused five Divine Crests, and there were even three rare Allheaven Divine Crests amongst them. Such a terrifying speed of fusing Divine Crests could absolutely be considered as peerless and capable of shocking the world.

Besides these gains, during the battle with the Past Life Combat Puppet, Chen Xi finally had no choice but to comprehend the Grand Dao of Terminus. In other words, he’d grasped another Grand Dao profundity now. Moreover, this Grand Dao profundity was extremely terrifying to the gods of the worlds, and it was called a Taboo Dao!

How terrifying was this energy?

It was obvious from how Chen Xi had completely terminated the Past Life Combat Puppet in one strike. Most importantly, he’d merely grasped the Terminus Grand Dao to just the point of a Dao Insight! It wasn’t a Law or a Divine Crest yet!

If the Terminus Dao insight was attained to the point of becoming a Law, and then Divine Crest, then if he fused the Grand Dao Law of Terminus with the Risefall Divine Crest formed from the Grand Dao Laws of Paramita and Oblivion, it would form the energy of Samsara!

Of course, even if Chen Xi had grasped the Terminus Dao Insight now, he wouldn’t continue comprehending and condensing it. It couldn’t be helped, this Dao Insight was a taboo, and once it was noticed, there would be boundless future troubles.

Compared to all of these gains, Chen Xi attached the greatest importance to the Dao Emperor’s inheritance instead!

Regretfully, he had indeed obtained the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, yet he was unable to comprehend it. He was merely able to know that the ancient words ‘Bury and obliterate all Daos, the Nether Immortal’s Coffin’ were written on that mysterious jade slip that represented the inheritance brand.

Up until now, when he thought of this matter, Chen Xi still couldn’t help but be bewildered. At that time, he clearly remembered that he’d obtained the inheritance of the Dao Emperor, yet it was obstructed by the River Diagram fragment, causing him to fail to obtain it in the end.

Why did the River Diagram fragment take such unexpected action?

Could it be that the Dao Emperor’s inheritance contains some sort of force that the River Diagram fragments refuse to accept?

Chen Xi was unable to figure out all of this. He could only bury his questions at the bottom of his heart. Fortunately, he didn’t have much expectations towards the Dao Emperor’s inheritance because he didn’t lack cultivation techniques at all.

The reason he’d risked his life to strive to obtain the Dao Emperor’s inheritance was merely for the sake of exchanging his Starpoint for the River Diagram fragment!

Last month, for the sake of obtaining the Azurelotus Immortal Sword and Violetsky Immortal Sword, I spend a few tens of millions of Starpoints in one go. Presently, I only possess 29,000,000 Starpoints, and I need an entire 180,000,000 Starpoints to obtain the River Diagram fragment… Chen Xi pondered silently as he meditated. When he thought about the astronomical figure required to obtain the River Diagram fragment, he couldn’t help but sigh lightly in his heart.

After my strength recovers, I’ll earn Starpoints with all my might. I absolutely won’t miss such an opportunity! After pondering deeply for a long time, Chen Xi finally decided. After he stopped thinking, he fell completely into deep levels of meditation. The Dark Parasol Sapling within his body ceaselessly emanated Immortal Energy that nourished his dried up meridians and apertures, whereas the Heart Infant sat cross-legged within his Dao Heart and cultivated the Immeasurable Virtue technique to replenish his Heart Energy…

“What? Senior Brother Chen Xi really obtained the Dao Emperor’s inheritance?”

“How could it not be true?”

“This fellow Chen Xi is simply too damnable. Since he entered the academy, he took the entire limelight. How can we even concentrate on cultivating?” Someone was filled with sorrow and anger.

“Ptooey! It looks to me like quite a few of you are envious of Senior Brother Chen Xi! If you have the ability, then fucking create a miracle for me to see? If you can compare to 10% of Senior Brother Chen Xi, then this Lady here will be your eternal servant! If you can’t, then shut your fucking traps!” A pretty woman spoke in a shocking manner, and she was extremely ferocious.

“From now onwards, no one in the inner court can mask Senior Brother Chen Xi’s brilliance…”

“This little fellow Chen Xi truly is surprising. Not long ago, he caused such a great commotion in the Immortal Dimension, and now, he obtained the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance. So, the question is, exactly what isn’t he capable of accomplishing in this world?”

On this day, the news related to Chen Xi obtaining the Dao Emperor’s inheritance swept through Dao Emperor Academy like a storm, and it caused countless uproars and exclaims of surprise. The academy was stirred!

Within a Secret Realm in the depths of Dao Emperor Academy.

Hua Jiankong stood respectfully before a young man who was sitting cross-legged and possessed a bearing that seemed boundless like the universe.

The young man seemed to be young, yet his gaze inadvertently revealed boundless experience. He seemed as if he’d experienced the passage of countless years since a long time ago, and he emanated a tranquil and composed aura as if he’d returned to simplicity.

He was naturally the current Dean of Dao Emperor Academy — Meng Xinghe!

Similarly, he was Hua Jiankong’s Master.

After the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds closed, Hua Jiankong had immediately rushed over here and reported everything that occurred within the grounds to his Master.

“The Past Life Combat Puppet was left behind there by the Dao Emperor all those years ago, and it is indeed greatly related to the Ghostcraft Clan. There’s nothing strange about it.” Meng Xinghe seemed to be already aware of everything, and he said casually, “Invite Chen Xi to meet me when he has grasped the Dao Emperor’s inheritance.”

Hua Jiankong nodded, and then he was suddenly shocked in his heart. He suddenly realized that his Master had used the word ‘invite!’ Even though it was merely a single world, the meaning it displayed was thought provoking.

With Meng Xinghe’s current status as the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, when had he ever utilized the world ‘invite’ towards a junior?

There’s probably something strange going on here! Hua Jiankong instantly noticed that besides Chen Xi’s background from Oracle Mountain, it seemed there were still some things about Chen Xi that he didn’t know.

“Master, logically speaking, it wouldn’t take more than a few days for Chen Xi to grasp the Dao Emperor’s inheritance. Should I go notify him right now?” Before he left, Hua Jiankong couldn’t help but ask this question.

“It’s impossible for him to succeed so quickly. The inheritance he obtained this time is completely different from the inheritance I obtained all those years ago. It’s related to the secrets of the three dimensions, and his current ability isn’t sufficient to comprehend the profundities within it.” Meng Xinghe smiled lightly, and then he waved his hand and said, “Go on. It won’t be long before everything will become evident. I really look forward to the arrival of that day.”

The inner court, within a hall that was constructed in the depths of a mountain.

“Dammit! That little bastard Chen Xi really is a lucky bastard. Why was he able to obtain the Dao Emperor’s inheritance? Why?!” Furious roars reverberated through the entire hall, and then the outer court’s Dean, Zuoqiu Hong, who had a ruthless and gloomy expression crushed the jade slip in his hand into powder.

“It really is difficult to accept.” The head instructor of the Pill Reserve, Zuoqiu Sheng, sighed, and the gloominess on his face was impossible to conceal.

They’d been constantly paying attention to all news related to Chen Xi during this period of time. Originally, they thought that after Zuoqiu Taiwu made his promise, Chen Xi would definitely not be able to survive for a few days. Yet never had they expected that not only was Chen Xi still alive a month later, he’d obtained the Dao Emperor’s inheritance!

With their status, they were naturally clearly aware how significant the Dao Emperor’s inheritance was. It was precisely because of this that when they heard Chen Xi had accomplished this, they would be so furious and irritable.

“What’s Ancestor Taiwu doing? Why hasn’t he made a move until now? Now, that damnable bastard has obtained the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, and he has instantly become the person that everyone in the academy pays the most attention to. It’s even to the extent that the Dean might take him to be his future successor. Even if we kill him now, the consequences are truly worrying.” After venting his rage for some time, Zuoqiu Hong calmed down greatly. However, when he thought about how Zuoqiu Taiwu still hadn’t made a move against Chen Xi until now, he couldn’t help but feel resentful in his heart. “Tell me, do you think Ancestor Taiwu has changed his mind?”

“Impossible!” Zuoqiu Sheng answered in an extremely decisive manner and immediately denied. “I’ve already asked around. When the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds closed, Ancestor Taiwu invited Chen Xi to pay him a visit, and Chen Xi agreed at the time. According to my inference, the moment Chen Xi pays Ancestor Taiwu a visit will be the moment he perishes!”

“He agreed to pay Ancestor Taiwu a visit?” Zuoqiu Hong was slightly stunned, and then he roared with laughter while his expression was filled with ruthlessness. “However, now that we’re speaking about it, that damnable bastard really is courageous. Could it be that he thinks no one will make a move to annihilate him within the academy?”

“It’s precisely because it’s unexpected that it’s able to create miraculous effects, right?” Zuoqiu Sheng smiled gloomily at the side.

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