Chapter 140 – Chen Xi’s Counterattack

Chapter 140 – Chen Xi’s Counterattack

“What do you think?” Su Jiao smiled lightly as she looked at Chen Xi with a gaze as if she was staring at a dead man. “The Hidden Dragon Rankings has always been jointly held by my Su Clan and the other powers, and if my Su Clan wants to kill someone here, who would be able to flee?”

“I never expected that your Su Clan is actually so despicable and shameless.” Fei Lengcui frowned with detest. It was a fair competition, yet the Su Clan had misused their position to conduct some shameful tampering, how could this not cause others to be enraged?

“Say no more. There’s only one word to deal with a person like this — Kill!” Chen Xi always had an irreconcilable enmity of death with the Su Clan. At this moment, being schemed against by the Su Clan to the point it caused himself and Chen Hao to lose their way of retreat had caused him to be enraged to the limit!

There were no other thoughts in his mind, and he disregarded everything else. Today, he would kill all the Su Clan members present, as only in this way would he be able to vent the hatred in his heart!

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, the attack from before has already consumed 99% of my True Essence, I’m afraid I won’t be of any help any longer.” Fei Lengcui spoke with a dejected expression.

The others nodded as well when they saw this, and they carried boundless unwillingness as their expressions dimmed. Before Chen Xi had arrived, they were already bitterly holding on under the siege of the Su Clan disciples, and the attack from before had even consumed their entire strength. Presently, they were already at the extent of having no strength to battle.

They’d already made the preparations to crush the Transportation Talisman and leave the pagoda. Because, the situation before them was no different than a hopeless situation, and they were completely powerless to save themselves from this hopeless situation.

“Brother, I can still fight,” Chen Hao gritted his teeth and said, yet his countenance was extremely pale. Obviously, he was forcing himself to hold on.

Chen Xi said with a calm expression, “All of you stay back, let me do it alone!”

“You alone? Haha, you really dare boast!”

“Could it be that this fellow has gone mad? Or is there something wrong with his head?”

“It seems to me that he knows there’s no chance of breaking out of the encirclement, so he’s courting death.”

All the surrounding Su Clan disciples emitted a wave of ridicule. As far as they were concerned, Chen Xi’s strength was indeed formidable, yet now that Chen Xi’s sword formation was already completely suppressed by them, if Chen Xi was only relying on his own self to battle, what else was it but courting death?

It wasn’t only the Su Clan disciples, even Fei Lengcui and the other Wanderingcloud Sword Sect disciples were anxious and doubtful as well. That was the Su Clan’s most formidable Triwater Go Prison Formation that possessed a strength that was able to annihilate a Golden Core Realm cultivation. Was Chen Xi… Able? Could it be that it’s really as the Su Clan disciples said, Chen Xi knows that there’s no chance of breaking out of the encirclement, so he’s planning to seek death?

“Brother…” Chen Hao raised his head.

Chen Xi laughed as he interrupted. “You probably don’t know what exactly is Brother’s strength. Watch properly today, it isn’t such an easy thing to surpass me.” As he spoke, Chen Xi body swayed as he executed the Divine Windwing Flight, and he vanished on the spot with a swish. He seemed to have transformed into a myriad of afterimages that fluttered indeterminately in the surroundings, like a strand of wind that was trapped in a prison and was searching for a gap to escape from.

At practically the exact same instant, the second level of the Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation that was formed from 64 top-grade yellow-rank flying swords shot towards Su Jiao.

“This move again? Heh, looks like you’ve really exhausted your bag of tricks.” Su Jiao laughed in disdain before flicking her finger. The Go Prison 3,000 Slashes whistled out to directly smash Chen Xi’s attack, and it seemed to be extremely casual and easy.

Actually, the might of the second level of the Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation was extremely formidable, but the Su Clan’s Go Prison 3,000 Slashes converged the strength of 108 Su Clan members, and it was equivalent to 108 Violent Palace Realm cultivators launching an attack at the same time. Thus, its might was naturally far from something the current Chen Xi could go against.

When they saw Chen Xi’s strike being smashed, the expressions of Chen Hao, Fei Lengcui, and the others were extremely unsightly. Especially Chen Hao, he tightly puckered his lips, and he’d already decided that when Chen Xi encountered danger, he would risk his life to save Chen Xi.

“The strength behind it has weakened. Looks like you’re only able to execute a sword formation like this for a few times.” Su Jiao looked at Chen Xi who fluttered about indeterminately in the surroundings, and she spoke unhurriedly. “If I’m not wrong, your True Essence is probably on the verge of drying up. So, you don’t have to waste your strength in vain by trying to flee, it’s utterly useless. Now, die! Go Prison Board, Mountain River Seal!”

Su Jiao’s black clothes fluttered in the wind. Her expression was extremely cold as she waved her hands and a myriad of palm images condensed into a fist before she fiercely made a squeezing movement!


Thousands of thick chains that were covered in dark lights instantly appeared in the air. They were like thousands of enormous black dragons that directly inserted themselves into Chen Xi’s surroundings, and they bound around round and round before fiercely tightening towards the center!

Chen Xi instantly felt boundless pressure press down onto him from all directions, squeezing him to the point his entire body emitted cracking sounds, his breathing became hurried, his vital energy and blood roiled, and the veins on his face bulged, causing him to look extremely terrifying.

In the eyes of the others, Chen Xi was like a criminal that was imprisoned by a myriad of chains. Not to mention fleeing, even struggling a bit was extremely strenuous, and he’d completely become a sheep waiting to be slaughter and was at death’s door.

“Shit! He will die if this goes on!” Fei Lengcui’s expression suddenly went grim as she cried out involuntarily from her fright.

“Brother!” Chen Hao cried out sadly, and he was just intending to throw himself forward when he was instead forcefully stopped by the other disciples of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect.

“You’ll just be throwing your life away if you go. If you don’t want to make your brother die for nothing, then wait and see what happens first.” Fei Lengcui took a deep breath as she said slowly, “Because, I keep having the feeling that Fellow Daoist Chen Xi isn’t like a person that would seek death.”

When the surrounding Su Clan disciples saw that the outcome was certain, all of them couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

“I knew this kid was seeking death. Hmph! This move Go Prison Board, Mountain River Seal has consumed 70% of our True Essence, and even a Golden Core Realm cultivator would be imprisoned to death. Using it on this kid is obviously a waste.”

“Yeah, this kid is too weak. He was actually thinking of going against all of us by himself, isn’t something wrong with his head?”

“Hmm? Something’s off. If it was another, the person would have been squeezed to death by the strength of this attack long ago. This fellow is still alive, he really is extremely tenacious.”

Su Jiao noticed that Chen Xi had actually withstood the pressure from the imprisonment by the myriad of chains as well. For the sake of avoiding any unexpected turn of events from happening due to the undue delay, she casually swung her hand right away. “He has already lost all ability to battle now. Su Tong, the three of you go kill him and bring back his head. I want to bring it back to the Su Clan’s memorial hall to comfort the souls of my Su Clan’s six Golden Hall Realm cultivators and one Golden Core Realm cultivator!”

“Yes!” Su Tong’s group of three stepped out to arrive before Chen Xi, and as they looked at Chen Xi who was completely entangled by the chains that were coiled with a myriad of dark lights, the three of them laughed with savage expressions.

“Chen Xi, I heard you have the treasures from the sword immortal’s abode in your possession. Now that you’re dead, it will benefit my Su Clan instead, haha!” Su Tong laughed gloomily, and as he spoke, he lifted up his flying sword to cut Chen Xi’s head.

However, right at this moment, he suddenly saw that not only did Chen Xi’s eyes not contain the despair and rage of meeting his death, a trace of ridicule had flashed within instead…

“Die!” A cold and indifferent voice sounded out.

Chen Xi who had a dispirited and weak aura in the eyes of everyone suddenly stood up, and an ancient, desolate, and boundless terrifying aura gushed out from his entire body.

Crack! Crack!

Along with his movement of standing up, the myriad of chains that imprisoned him instantly shattered and collapsed, and they actually seemed like paper!

At this moment, the airflow around Chen Xi’s body surged as two desolate and ancient energies that were yellow and green respectively had twisted around him like two dragons. The energies roared as they circled around his body, the surging dragon roars shook the sky, and it made him looked like a primordial fiendgod.


Su Tong was shocked in his heart, he was just about to leave when an enormous fist abruptly sprung up before him, and the airflow effused out from it caused him to smell a dense smell of death.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It wasn’t only Su Tong, at almost the exact same instant, even the other two Su Clan disciples that came over with Su Tong had their heads blasted into minced meat and blood that splattered into the air by the fist condensed by Chen Xi from Shaman Energy.

This development was truly too quick. From Chen Xi freeing himself from the chains to annihilating Su Tong’s group of three, it had almost happened at the exact same instant. It was quick to the point everyone saw something flash before their eyes, and then they saw the headless corpses of Su Tong’s group of three staggering before crashing to the ground.

Fei Lengcui muttered absent-mindedly. “School of Fiendgod Body Refinement, so this is his trump card…”


“Junior Brother Chen Hao, your brother is too formidable!”

“Yeah, yeah.”

The other six Wanderingcloud Sword Sect disciples couldn’t help but exclaim in shock as well.

“My brother has always been extremely formidable!” Chen Hao was excited to the point his little face had flushed completely red.

At almost the exact same instant, Su Jiao’s eyes squinted, the complacent, relaxed, and disdainful expression on her face had vanished without a trace, and her expression had become icy cold to the extreme. Dammit! I’ve been fooled! This fellow is actually a cultivator of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The instant after Chen Xi killed Su Tong’s group of three, before the surrounding people recovered from their shock, his figure didn’t stop in the slightest as he charged into the group of Su Clan disciples like a fierce tiger that had escaped its shackles and a wolf that had entered into a group of sheep. Every punch he shot out would blast off a head. In the blink of an eye, he’d killed over 10 Su Clan disciples, his imposing manner was ferocious as he advanced unopposed.

“Guard the surroundings, set up the formation!” Su Jiao was burning with rage as she shouted out explosively.

Chen Xi had seized this opportunity to tear open a gap in the Triwater Go Prison Formation with great difficulty, how could he allow them to set up the formation once again? His figure instantly flashed out like a large eel that had drilled its way into a shoal of sardines, and his figure fluttered indeterminately as he moved about to kill the Su Clan disciples, turning their entire world upside down and causing them to be in a complete disarray.

Some Su Clan disciples were scared stiff by how Chen Xi fought as if he was cutting melons and cabbages since long ago, and before Chen Xi came close to them, they’d crushed their Transportation Talisman and were transported out of the pagoda.

But most of the Su Clan disciples were still well-trained, and after they heard Su Jiao’s explosive shout, they instantly converged towards Su Jiao.

Gradually, a Triwater Go Prison Formation that was formed from 60 plus people would soon to take form!

When they saw this scene, the hearts of Fei Lengcui, Chen Hao, and the others couldn’t help but rise to their throats, whereas Su Jiao secretly heaved a sigh of relief. But when she saw that another 30 or 40 Su Clan disciples were on the ground after meeting a tragic death, she was unable to feel happy in the slightest, and her expression was grim and icy cold to the extreme.

However, Chen Xi would absolutely not give her the chance to form the grand formation, With a command in his heart, an enormous palm that covered an area of almost 300m appeared in the sky. It covered the sky and concealed the sun, and it seemed like a dark cloud that had appeared out of thin air.

On the palm, dense Fifth-Earth energy and Second-Wood energy roiled endlessly as a myriad of stars flowed about and revolved on the striations of the palm according to a profound trajectory. It was like the hand of a fiendgod from ancient times descending to the realm of men, and a mysterious, desolate, and ancient aura that was terrifying shot up into the sky.

Grand Astral Palm!

At this moment, Chen Xi had finally utilized his strongest trump card. After combining with the energy of the Fifth-Earthstar’s baleful qi and the Second-Woodstar’s baleful qi, the might of the Grand Astral Palm had already attained the second level, the Second-Wood Realm. With a light squeeze, it was able to crush any yellow-rank Magic Treasure, and when he was at the Sword Tomb Nirvana Realm, Chen Xi had even relied on the Grand Astral Palm to instantly crush four Golden Hall Realm cultivators.

At this moment, this supreme Divine Ability that came from the primordial era had only just appeared when a desolate and ancient aura gushed out from it, and it instantly awed the heaven and earth, causing everyone present to feel extreme terror. It seemed as if what they saw wasn’t a large hand that covered the sky, but it was instead a terrifying fiendgod that had come from ancient times!

“Kill!” The Grand Astral Palm that covered an area of 300m slapped down.


Everywhere it passed, any Magic Treasure that was taken out by the Su Clan disciples were smashed into scrap metal. In an instant, over 10 Su Clan disciples were smashed into a pool of mush, and they didn’t even have the time to let out a shrill cry.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Grand Astral Palm slapped down repeatedly like it was slapping tiny ants to death, and numerous Su Clan disciples weren’t able to dodge before dying miserably on the ground with a state of death that was so tragic that it was simply terrifying.

The lethality of the Grand Astral Palm that was terrifying to the point it couldn’t be withstood had instantly shocked the hearts of everyone, and it fiercely assaulted their perception towards the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement.

“This fellow is too terrifying. Everyone, flee quickly!”

“Crush your Transportation Talismans!”

“Quickly! Quickly!”

In a few breaths of time, more than 40 Su Clan disciples had died tragically on the ground without even having the chance to crush their Transportation Talismans. The remaining 20 plus people had been terrified out of their wits since long ago, their souls almost left their bodies as they crushed the Transportation Talismans and were transported out by the energy of the pagoda.

Su Jiao was amongst them as well. She stared fixedly at Chen Xi before leaving, it was as if she’d known Chen Xi for the first time, and her gaze revealed boundless hatred, rage, unwillingness, terror, and frustration…

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