Chapter 1399 – Inheritance Brand

The supreme and mighty figure stood above the sky like an overlord.

Chen Xi and the others were shocked to the point they utterly didn’t notice three strands of obscure fluctuations suddenly surging out from the center of the pool of blood, and then it swiftly enveloped them.

In the next instant, they felt their entire bodies tremble while a strand of a mysterious inheritance brand surged simultaneously into their minds.

“Divine quintessence, Blade of Dao Destruction!” An aged voice rumbled within Ling Qingwu’s mind. Along with this way, that inheritance brand that surged into her mind transformed into a blade that completely condensed into form within her mind.

Obviously, this brand was a supreme inheritance!

“Divine essence condense the soul, Soul of Dao Destruction!” At practically the exact same moment, an aged voice resounded in Ye Tang’s mind as well, and the inheritance brand he obtained transformed into a strand of divine flame that blazed and surged within his sea of consciousness.

Similarly, this strand of divine flame represented an inheritance.

Only Chen Xi was different, when the strand of inheritance brand surged into his sea of consciousness, it transformed into a mysterious jade slip that was suffused with strands of obscure fluctua...

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