Chapter 1399 – Inheritance Brand

The supreme and mighty figure stood above the sky like an overlord.

Chen Xi and the others were shocked to the point they utterly didn’t notice three strands of obscure fluctuations suddenly surging out from the center of the pool of blood, and then it swiftly enveloped them.

In the next instant, they felt their entire bodies tremble while a strand of a mysterious inheritance brand surged simultaneously into their minds.

“Divine quintessence, Blade of Dao Destruction!” An aged voice rumbled within Ling Qingwu’s mind. Along with this way, that inheritance brand that surged into her mind transformed into a blade that completely condensed into form within her mind.

Obviously, this brand was a supreme inheritance!

“Divine essence condense the soul, Soul of Dao Destruction!” At practically the exact same moment, an aged voice resounded in Ye Tang’s mind as well, and the inheritance brand he obtained transformed into a strand of divine flame that blazed and surged within his sea of consciousness.

Similarly, this strand of divine flame represented an inheritance.

Only Chen Xi was different, when the strand of inheritance brand surged into his sea of consciousness, it transformed into a mysterious jade slip that was suffused with strands of obscure fluctuations.

However, before these strands of obscure fluctuations could spread out, it was suddenly suppressed by the River Diagram fragments, causing the mysterious jade slip to instantly return to deathly silence.

At this moment, Chen Xi finally sensed that the ancient and mysterious words ‘Bury and obliterate all Daos, the Nether Immortal’s Coffin’ was surprisingly written on the mysterious jade slip.

However, when he tried to look through the contents of the mysterious jade slip, he was obstructed by a shapeless force, and he was unable to succeed no matter what he tried.

What’s going on?Is it not the Dao Emperor’s inheritance?

Why can’t I look through it?

The Nether Immortal’s Coffin, could it be that this inheritance is related to that Nether Immortal’s Coffin?

In an instant, countless questions arose in Chen Xi’s heart.

Unfortunately, before he could return to his senses, the scene before his eyes turned black, and then his figure was carried by a shapeless force and was teleported out, causing him to be unable to sense anything any longer.

It wasn’t just him, Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang were the same as well.

Outside the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds.

Hua Jiankong suddenly stood up with a heavy expression as he looked towards the distance.

There was a shapeless door over there, and it was the entrance that led to the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds.

“The Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds will be closing in a moment…” Hua Jiankong muttered while his brows knit together tightly.

“Could it be that…Chen Xi and the others failed?” Wang Daolu and Zuoqiu Taiwu had heavy expressions as well. Up until this moment, Chen Xi and the others still hadn’t returned, so they couldn’t help but worry. Especially because once the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds closed, then even they would be unable to bring Chen Xi and the others out. Unless…they waited for the next time the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds opened!

The atmosphere was slightly heavy and even those seniors that had always been paying attention to the situation here had gone silent.


The entrance to the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds suddenly trembled in the distance, and then it started to collapse inch by inch.

The expressions of Hua Jiankong and the other seniors changed simultaneously when they saw this. The Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds is about to close yet Chen Xi and those other two little fellows have actually not come out. What should we do?


Space collapsed and the entrance was about to vanish within space when a bridge that emanated divine radiance suddenly surged out from within the entrance at this instant.

Shockingly, there were three figures on the bridge that were being carried out from within the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds.


Hua Jiankong reacted swiftly and flicked his sleeve, causing clear radiance to suffuse the entire sky and instantly firmly receive those three figures.

“Chen Xi!”

“These three little bastards simply deserve a beating. Not early or later, they just had to come out at this moment and made me fucking worry.”

“Hahaha! Fortunately, they’ve come out. If the three of them were trapped within there, then the consequences would be too severe.”

When they clearly noticed that those figures were Chen Xi, Ling Qingwu, and Ye Tang, all the seniors including Hua Jiankong heaved long sighs of relief.

On the other hand, after they were slightly stunned, Chen Xi and the others finally realize that they’d left the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds. For a time, all of them were slightly dazed.

“What happened? Did all of you obtained the Dao Emperor’s inheritance?”

“Little Fellow, how was the combat strength of the Past Life Beast?”

“What exactly did the three of you encounter at the Past Life Bloodpool?”

Before Chen Xi and the others could return to their senses, the questions of all the seniors resounded by their ears. There were all sorts of questions, causing Chen Xi and the others to not know which question to answer.

Hua Jiankong immediately restrained all of them when he saw this, and then he looked at Chen Xi and asked. “Did you obtain the Dao Emperor’s inheritance?”

Chen Xi thought for a moment, and then he nodded. He didn’t speak because he didn’t dare confirm whether the mysterious jade slip that he obtained was the Dao Emperor’s inheritance or not.

But even then, after they saw him confirm it with a nod, it still caused all the seniors to exclaim with admiration. For a time, the gazes they shot at Chen Xi and the others had changed, and it more or less carried an expression of praise and relief.

“How many years has it been? Students have finally obtained the Dao Emperor’s inheritance once more…” A senior sighed with emotion and seemed as if he’d recalled some matters of the past.

“I remember very clearly that since the Dean obtained the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, it has already been at least a million years since students obtained the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance.”

“Extraordinary! Truly extraordinary!”

All the seniors sighed with emotion. Chen Xi and the others weren’t clearly aware what the Dao Emperor’s inheritance meant, but how could these seniors not be aware?

The reason the current Dean was able to ascend to the position of Dean was because he obtained the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance!

In other words, obtaining the Dao Emperor’s inheritance gave one the qualifications to compete for the position of Dean in Dao Emperor Academy, so how could it be trivial?

The Dao Emperor Academy was the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension, and there were countless seniors within it. However, merely a single person was able to ascend to the position of Dean, and the condition to compete for the position of Dean was to obtain the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance!

Thus, the magnitude of the shock these seniors of the academy felt from Chen Xi and the others obtaining the Dao Emperor’s inheritance now was obvious.

“Which one of you three killed the Past Life Beast? It wouldn’t have been this little girl, Ling Qingwu, right? Right, she’s the only one amongst the three of you that has establisher her own Saint Dao Laws. Haha! In this way, wouldn’t there be a new female Dean of our academy in the future?” Wang Daolu roared with laughter.

The other seniors smiled without end as well.

Ling Qingwu felt utterly uncomfortable from the ‘amiable’ gazes of so many seniors, and she hurriedly said, “It wasn’t me. It was Chen Xi that killed the Past Life Combat Puppet.”

“Yes, it was Chen Xi.” Ye Tang chimed in from the side. Just like Ling Qingwu, he wasn’t aware of the meaning behind the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, but the two of them were clearly aware that if it wasn’t for Chen Xi, then not to mention the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, even killing that Past Life Combat Puppet would be difficult.

Under such circumstances, they were naturally not fight for the limelight with Chen Xi.

“Uh, it was actually Chen Xi!” All the seniors were stunned, and they were surprised. Never had they imagined that not only was this little fellow’s attainments in the Talisman Dao extraordinary, he’d actually killed the Past Life Beast under the circumstances that he hadn’t established a Saint Dao Law of his own… Wait! Wait a minute!

That little girl seemed to have said the Past Life Combat Puppet!?

All the seniors gasped in their hearts when they realized this.

They were clearly aware that even though the Past Life Beast’s strength would improve every time it came back to life, its limit was at the Saint Immortal Realm. However, the Past Life Combat Puppet was different, it wasn’t just stronger than the Past Life Beast, the limit of its strength was at the Immortal King Realm!

Yet now, Chen Xi had actually annihilated such a Past Life Combat Puppet. This had absolutely exceeded the imagination of all the seniors, and it caused their gazes towards Chen Xi to become strange.

If they weren’t wrong, Chen Xi had just advanced into the Saint Immortal Realm, and he hadn’t even established a Saint Dao Law of his own. Yet it just so happened that he was able to accomplish this. He’s simply a little freak!

“All of you really encountered the Past Life Combat Puppet?” A wisp of a strange expression suffused Hua Jiankong’s gaze as he stared at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi nodded once more, yet he was slightly puzzled in his heart. Could it be that there’s some sort of secret hidden behind this Past Life Combat Puppet?

Unfortunately, after Hua Jiankong confirmed this, he didn’t speak any further. Only the gaze he shot at Chen Xi carried a faint wisp of a complicated expression.

“Alright, all of you go back and cultivate in meditation first. This trip will only not be wasted if all of you’re able to seize this opportunity to completely grasp everything you’ve comprehended in the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds.” The other seniors still intended to ask more questions, yet Hua Jiankong spoke immediately and helped Chen Xi and the others deal with this problem.

Yes, if it wasn’t for Hua Jiankong, then Chen Xi and the others would really not know how they should refuse the questions of these seniors because their own seniority was too low.

However, Hua Jiankong was telling the truth. Chen Xi and the others had just obtained a fortuitous encounter, and what they should do now was to comprehend and grasp it at the first possible moment, otherwise once time passed, then some comprehensions would vanish greatly.

All the seniors understood all of this as well, and they successively withdrew their consciousness from this area.

“Brother Daolu, I have to report everything that occurred in the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds to my Master, I’ll trouble you to send them back to their abodes.” Subsequently, Hua Jiankong cupped his hands to Wang Daolu, and then he didn’t stay here anymore and vanished into thin air.

The Dao Emperor’s inheritance was obtained by Chen Xi and the others this time, and it was absolutely an extremely important matter, causing Hua Jiankong to not dare delay at all. He intended to report all of it to his Master, the Dean, at the first possible moment.

Once Hua Jiankong left, only Wang Daolu and Zuoqiu Tau remained.

Since Chen Xi and the others returned from the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, Zuoqiu Taiwu had always been keeping silent. However, at this moment, he suddenly looked at Chen Xi and said, “Chen Xi, if you’re free, then come pay me a visit. There are some things that I presume you’ve been wanting to know for a very long time. At that time, I’ll tell you all about it.”

Chen Xi was stunned and was slightly unable to figure out Zuoqiu Taiwu’s attitude. In the end, he still cupped his hands and smiled. “Since Senior has given me such an invitation, then I’ll definitely accept it.”

After he obtained Chen Xi’s answer, it seemed to have made Zuoqiu Taiwu heave a sigh of relief in his heart, and his aged face eased up greatly. He nodded to Chen Xi before he turned around and left.

“Chen Xi, if you’re going to pay a visit to Zuoqiu Taiwu… Mmm, then it’s best for you to notify me beforehand. I presume you’re clearly aware of the reason behind this, so I won’t speak further about it.” After he sent Zuoqiu Taiwu off with his gaze, Wang Daolu’s voice suddenly resounded by Chen Xi’s ears.

Chen Xi was slightly stunned, and then he instantly understood Wang Daolu’s intentions before he immediately said, “Thank you for your concern, Senior!”

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