Chapter 1397 – The Light Of Dusk

Chen Xi coughed up blood from a single strike, and it caused Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang’s hearts to constrict while they felt extremely worried.

Unfortunately, they weren’t a part of the battle, so their worry was of no use. Before they could recover from their shock, the Past Life Combat Puppet assaulted Chen Xi once more. Its blood red fist was translucent and bright red like a gem, yet when it was even more terrifying than a bolt of tribulation lightning when it smashed down.

This punch contained a strand of the Saint Dao of Blood, and it was all-powerful and peerlessly formidable.

Chen Xi revealed a solemn expression while a monstrous glow of Immortal Force surged throughout his body. Violetsky carried a myriad of torrents as it swept out like a river of stars that raged with waves and collided head on with the punch.


Monstrous divine flames erupted between them, and it far exceeded the collisions of the past. It seemed as if the entire heavens and the earth were about to be destroyed, the world was about to collapse, and dust and dirt shot into the sky, causing an area of 50,000km in the surroundings to fall into great disorder.


This strike caused Chen Xi to cough up blood once more, and his figure staggered back while his clothes were torn in numerous areas.

On the other hand, the Past Life Combat Puppet wasn’t much better than him. One of its arms had been severed by this sword qi, causing blood to spray from it, yet it seemed as if it was unable to feel any pain and charged explosively towards Chen Xi once again.


The ground split apart as the two of them instantly collided over ten thousand times. They fought to the point the heavens and the earth were cast beneath a shadow, the sun and moon dimmed in comparison, and the world of eternal night had become their battlefield.

If this sort of battle occurred in the outside world, then it would probably shock the entire Immortal Dimension.

It must be understood that Chen Xi was extremely formidable at this moment. His foundation was over a hundred times deeper than his peers, and he’d attained perfection in the Sword God Realm. He couldn’t be said to be able to look down proudly upon all the Saint Immortals from the ages, yet he could be considered as a top-rate existence amongst his peers that was almost impossible to be matched. Yet now, the battle had developed to such an extent.

Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang’s hearts thumped. Will Chen Xi be able to persist?

“Kill!” In the battlefield, Chen Xi howled towards the sky while his battle intent surged like the scorching sun that hung in the sky at noon. The essence, energy, and spirit within his entire body had completely erupted like a volcano, and he’d disregarded everything as he fought with all his might.

In an instant, the entire sky was dyed in the color of flames, and one could only see Chen Xi’s figure locked in battle with the combat puppet. Every single attack of theirs shook the heavens and the earth and was unprecedented through the ages.


After a short while, the Past Life Combat Puppet shattered into pieces. It was annihilated by a sword strike from Chen Xi!

However, Chen Xi was in a rather bad situation as well. He was gasping for breath, his clothes were dyed red with blood, and his countenance was pale. He’d truly won this battle with great difficulty, and it was absolutely the most dangerous battle he’d encountered since advancing into the Saint Immortal Realm.

Most importantly, this wasn’t the end of it all!

“Why is it like this? That fellow actually hasn’t been completely annihilated…” Ye Tang felt couldn’t believe it because such a battle was on the verge of exceeding the scope of the Saint Immortal Realm. Yet now, the Past Life Combat Puppet still hadn’t been annihilated, and if it were to be revived once more, then he wondered exactly how formidable it would be!

Most importantly, Chen Xi’s current situation seemed to be slightly bad, and it caused Ye Tang to worry about whether Chen Xi would be able to seize victory in the next battle.

“Chen Xi, there’s no need to risk your life any longer. We can just give up the inheritance!” When she saw Chen Xi suffer a heavy injury, Ling Qingwu gritted her teeth and suddenly shouted. She was truly unable bear watching Chen Xi continue fighting desperately, because the battle was too terrifying, and everything would be over if Chen Xi suffered misfortune.

“It’s fine.” Chen Xi took a deep breath while a wisp of resolution and determination appeared between his brows. He’d already arrived at the final step, so how could he possibly admit defeat?

Moreover, not to mention the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, merely for the sake of the River Diagram fragment, he had to fight until the end!

Swish! Swish!

After a short moment, the Past Life Combat Puppet’s figure appeared once more within the floating pool of blood. At this moment, it was different again. The aura emanated from its entire body was deep like an abyss, and it was unfathomable. Moreover, it was filled with a powerful aura that was boundless and perfect.

When looked at from afar, it was like a king that stood at the peak of the Saint Immortal Realm, and it emanated a boundless bloody glow as it looked down upon the world!


Along with the appearance of the Past Life Combat Puppet, the entire heavens and the earth droned and shook. It was like the heavens and the earth was bowing down before a king, and its imposing aura was rather astounding.

“It’s become even stronger again…” Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang’s expressions turned grim while their entire bodies felt icy cold. They even suspected that the Past Life Combat Puppet at this moment already possessed the strength of a Half-step Immortal King!

“Kill!” This time, Chen Xi was the first to attack. He teleported over and didn’t just execute various supreme inheritance of the Sword Dao, he even started to utilize the might of the Spatial Divine Crest to deal with it.

In an instant, the battle erupted once more.

Outside the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds.

“Merely two hours are left before the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds closes, and the other students have returned a long time ago. Only Chen Xi’s group of three still remain. But up until now, why haven’t they still not come out? Could it be that they’ve suffered some sort of misfortune?” Wang Daolu frowned, and then he suddenly spoke while filled with worry.

“The strength of the Past Life Beast is extremely formidable. Every time it revives, its strength will improve slightly, and it isn’t so easy to kill it.”

“I heard that the only weak point on the Past Life Beast is the Origin Bone within it. With Chen Xi’s wisdom, he ought to have already noticed this weak point by now. The situation is slightly strange indeed.”

“There’s no need to guess blindly. The Past Life Bloodpool is enveloped by the Nether Immortal’s Coffin, and the energy of Heaven Dao is unable to enter there. Let me ask all of you, how many of you actually truly understand the situation in there?”

“Alas, I’m just worried about whether the Dao Emperor’s inheritance will be obtained. I don’t care about everything else.”

The voices of many seniors of the academy was transmitted through space. Their discussions were all current, and the only mistake they made was that they didn’t know Chen Xi wasn’t facing the Past Life Beast, and it was the Past Life Combat Puppet instead!

Hua Jiankong remained seated without moving on the ground, and his eyes were tightly shut. He seemed to have fallen into deep levels of meditation, but actually, how could he possibly not be concerned about this at this moment?

But just as he’d said earlier, because of the existence of the Nether Immortal’s Coffin, he was unable to watch everything that was happening at the Past Life Bloodpool. So no matter how worried he was, there was nothing he could do.

Yes, all he could do now was to persist.

Yet there was only two hours of time left!

Would Chen Xi and the others be able to succeed in this extremely short period of time?

All of this was impossible to predict.

“Cough… Cough…” Beneath the veil of the eternal night, Chen Xi’s entire body trembled as he coughed up blood without end. His countenance was ghastly pale and translucent while his clothes and hair were dyed with blood, and he seemed to be in an extremely sorry state.

However, his backbone still remained ramrod straight while his eyes still burned with surging flames of battle, and the space between his brows was still filled with an extremely firm expression that had never wavered.

Earlier, he’d killed his opponent once more. However, he’d similarly suffered a heavy injury. Presently, the vital energy in his entire body was on the verge of collapse, and if he didn’t support himself with his own iron will, then he would probably have been unable to persist a long time ago.

Compared to the previous battles, his victory this time could be described as miserable. Practically both of them sustained great losses, and the only difference was that he suffered a heavy injury that was impossible to recover in a short period of time, whereas even though his opponent had been killed, it wouldn’t be long before his opponent would come back to life once more. Moreover, its strength would improve once more.

This was like a cycle that was impossible to break. If it was a person that lacked a firm will in his place, then that person would have probably fallen into despair a long time ago, causing the person to retreat in defeat.

However, Chen Xi didn’t, and he still persisted!

Since he started cultivating until now, he’d encountered countless fierce battles and experienced innumerable dangers. There were many times that he even almost lost his life. Compared to that, this battle with the Past Life Combat Puppet was naturally unable to make him feel despair.

However, the pressure that this battle gave him was the greatest since he started cultivating until now. The reason was that up until now, he still wasn’t able to locate its weakness, and he still hadn’t found a way to deal with the energy of ‘Past Life.’

Chen Xi was similarly clearly aware that if this were to continue, then there would definitely be a moment where he was unable to persist. However, he firmly believed that he would definitely be able to find the method to completely annihilate the Past Life Combat Puppet before that moment arrived.

“Is this fellow looking to die?” Ye Tang was extremely anxious. He’d advised Chen Xi to give up earlier, yet was firmly refused by Chen Xi, and this caused him to be slightly helpless.

Ling Qingwu puckered her cherry lips yet didn’t say anything.

She knew that there was no point in saying anything at this moment. She’d already obtained the answer from Chen Xi’s expression, and she knew that he would absolutely not give up.

This caused her to abandon any thought of dissuading Chen Xi. However, worrying for him was unavoidable, and she was even more anxious than Ye Tang. But all of this was utterly of no use, right?

I only hope that this fellow doesn’t lose his life in the process, otherwise… Ling Qingwu sighed in her heart, yet she didn’t dare to continue on this train of thought.

Swish! Swish!

Bloody waves surged and rumbled violently in the pool of blood that floated beneath the sky.

Unlike before, the commotion from it seemed to be extremely immense this time. The Past Life Combat Puppet hadn’t been revived yet, but an indescribably terrifying aura had effused out of the pool of blood.

The aura was obscure, supreme, and filled with the imposing aura of a monarch. It seemed to be capable of shaking mountains and bringing peace to the world. Even though it was extremely faint, it caused Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang’s faces to turn completely grim.

“The aura of a Half-step Immortal King!” Both of them exclaimed involuntarily at the same time.

No one had expected that when the combat puppet was revived this time, its strength would actually be directly improved to the Half-step Immortal King Realm!

If this was true, then there was utterly no need for the battle to continue!

Even though the Half-step Immortal King Realm wasn’t as supreme and paramount as the Immortal King Realm, it was sufficient to look down upon all Saint Immortals. Because they’d started to comprehend and control the supreme Grand Dao Laws of space, time, and life and death. They merely lacked extraordinary karmic luck before they could step into the ranks of Immortal Kings.

When facing such an opponent, how could Chen Xi who was already heavily injured possibly be a match for it?

Both of them had completely not noticed that when this strand of obscure and horrifying aura of a Half-step Immortal King appeared, Chen Xi’s expression changed as well. However, it wasn’t shock, and it was a dazed expression that was similar to sudden comprehension.

“Past Life… Terminus… Past Life… Terminus…” In an instant, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d attained sudden enlightenment. Numerous extremely strange, grand, and magnificent mysterious diagrams floated up into appearance within his mind.

There was a blood red path illuminated by fire, a boundless vast muddy sea of bitterness, the clearly orders six paths of reincarnation, the Asura Hall that judged good from bad… All these mysterious diagrams were so familiar, and they’d come from the Netherworld Register and reflected the myriad of scenes in the Netherworld.


A fluctuation that was like tidewater arose within his sea of consciousness, and it was suffused with a wisp of the light of dusk.

At the same time, strands of mysterious and obscure aura stretched out from his tall figure. At the beginning, it was extremely tiny like a refreshing breeze or drizzle, yet after a mere few breaths of time, this mysterious and obscure aura was like a storm in the universe, and it rumbled as it swept through the world!

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