Chapter 1397 – The Light Of Dusk

Chen Xi coughed up blood from a single strike, and it caused Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang’s hearts to constrict while they felt extremely worried.

Unfortunately, they weren’t a part of the battle, so their worry was of no use. Before they could recover from their shock, the Past Life Combat Puppet assaulted Chen Xi once more. Its blood red fist was translucent and bright red like a gem, yet when it was even more terrifying than a bolt of tribulation lightning when it smashed down.

This punch contained a strand of the Saint Dao of Blood, and it was all-powerful and peerlessly formidable.

Chen Xi revealed a solemn expression while a monstrous glow of Immortal Force surged throughout his body. Violetsky carried a myriad of torrents as it swept out like a river of stars that raged with waves and collided head on with the punch.


Monstrous divine flames erupted between them, and it far exceeded the collisions of the past. It seemed as if the entire heavens and the earth were about to be destroyed, the world was about to collapse, and dust and dirt shot into the sky, causing an area of 50,000km in the surroundings to fall into great disorder.


This strike caused Chen Xi to cough up blood once more, and his figure staggered back while his clothes were torn in numerous areas.

On the other hand, the Past Life Combat Puppet wasn’t much better than him. One of its arms had...

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