Chapter 1396 – The Energy of Past Life

The Past Life Combat Puppet was formidable indeed, unbelievably formidable!

Amidst the bloody glow and spatial rifts that covered the sky, it held the blood spear in an imposing manner. Every single attack it executed carried a surging bloody glow that was suffused with the roiling energy of blood, and it was like an emperor of blood from purgatory that possessed a peerless imposing aura.


A casual attack from it was capable of crushing the sky into pieces and carried vast divine might.

This caused Ling Qingwu to reveal a solemn expression because even she felt extraordinary pressure from such strength.

But when she looked at Chen Xi, he actually fought the combat puppet equally!

In the battle between the two of them, over a thousand collisions occurred in an instant, and it was like thunder was colliding. Every single collision emanated dazzling divine light that illuminated the world and the eternal veil of night.

Such a battle could be considered as a peak battle between Saint Immortals!

“Blood Wheel — Sever!” The combat puppet shouted, and then the blood spear shot explosively through the sky while emanating a terrifying aura, and it smashed through space. A myriad of blood colored spear images enveloped the entire heavens and the earth, and it transformed into a blood wheel that blotted out the sky before it smashed down towards Chen Xi.

Chen Xi’s gaze flashed like lightning when facing this attack. A...

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