Chapter 1396 – The Energy of Past Life

The Past Life Combat Puppet was formidable indeed, unbelievably formidable!

Amidst the bloody glow and spatial rifts that covered the sky, it held the blood spear in an imposing manner. Every single attack it executed carried a surging bloody glow that was suffused with the roiling energy of blood, and it was like an emperor of blood from purgatory that possessed a peerless imposing aura.


A casual attack from it was capable of crushing the sky into pieces and carried vast divine might.

This caused Ling Qingwu to reveal a solemn expression because even she felt extraordinary pressure from such strength.

But when she looked at Chen Xi, he actually fought the combat puppet equally!

In the battle between the two of them, over a thousand collisions occurred in an instant, and it was like thunder was colliding. Every single collision emanated dazzling divine light that illuminated the world and the eternal veil of night.

Such a battle could be considered as a peak battle between Saint Immortals!

“Blood Wheel — Sever!” The combat puppet shouted, and then the blood spear shot explosively through the sky while emanating a terrifying aura, and it smashed through space. A myriad of blood colored spear images enveloped the entire heavens and the earth, and it transformed into a blood wheel that blotted out the sky before it smashed down towards Chen Xi.

Chen Xi’s gaze flashed like lightning when facing this attack. A myriad of glows of lightning arose around his figure and then numerous terrifying gales that shot into the sky condensed into form. They completely fused into Violetsky that lay in his palm before he slashed out with it.

When looked at from afar, it was like an ancient world of wind and lightning had fused into Chen Xi’s sword strike, and it intended to shatter the world!

“Explode!” Chen Xi let out a long howl. All the glows of lightning and gales rumbled before they sprayed out from Violetsky, and it collapsed the heavens and the earth, penetrated the void, and shattered the sky.


The sword and spear collided, causing boundless divine light to erupt from the collision. Boundless dazzling divine light erupted from all directions, and it was filled with a vast glow of destruction. At this moment, the heavens and the earth wailed, trembled, and were on the verge of being shattered.

This scene caused Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang’s scalps to go numb. They dodged successively to avoid the impact of the terrifying aftershock from this collision, and if this occurred in the outside world, then it would be sufficient to cause a monstrous disaster.

Fortunately, all of this ended in a short moment.

Because at this moment, Chen Xi had already arrived before the combat puppet, and he raised his sword to attack it. His sword carried surging energy of wind and lightning as he shattered the combat puppet with a single strike.


The Past Life Combat Puppet shattered like glass and transformed into pieces of blood that covered the sky.

At this point, Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang finally dared to heave a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, Chen Xi stood proudly in the space above the sky with Violetsky in his hand, and his dense black hair fluttered, yet there was no relaxed expression in the space between his brows. His gaze was piercingly cold like lightning, and it firmly locked onto the pool of blood that floated in the distance.

This strike seemed to have killed the puppet, yet Chen Xi was clearly aware that it wouldn’t be long before it would be revived once more within the pool of blood. Moreover, its strength would be even more formidable than before!

This was something that he’d already confirmed within the jade slip, so there was utterly no chance that it wouldn’t happen.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi would naturally not think that his strike from before had already defeated it completely.

Swish! Swish!

Sure enough, after merely a few breaths of time, the Past Life Combat Puppet’s figure once again floated up into appearance from the pool of blood. Its entire body was suffused with a surging bloody glow while its bloody eyes were fiery red and carried an icy cold and indifferent expression. Moreover, its aura was much stronger than before!

“If this continues, then Chen Xi will probably lose without a doubt…” When he saw this scene, Ye Tang’s heart that had just relaxed instantly rose once more to his throat, and his face revealed a wisp of worry. Earlier, the Past Life Combat Puppet was already so formidable, and it had become much stronger than before now. If this were to continue, then how would Chen Xi have any chance of winning?

“Why don’t…we try attacking it together?” Ling Qingwu suddenly put forward a bold suggestion.

However, as soon as she said this, it was directly rejected by Ye Tang. “If we do that, then even if we defeat this Past Life Combat Puppet, we won’t be able to obtain the Dao Emperor’s inheritance any longer!”

“Could it be that we’re going to just continue watching helplessly like this?” Ling Qingwu’s brows pressed together as she spoke with slight agitation.

Ye Tang took a deep breath and said, “At this moment, this is all we can do. I believe that Chen Xi is definitely aware of the severity of the situation. Perhaps he’s looking for the Past Life Combat Puppet’s weak point at this very moment!”

Just as Ye Tang had said, Chen Xi was indeed looking for the combat puppet’s weak point at this moment.

Killing it in an ordinary method was utterly unable to defeat it completely because the pool of blood was filled with the energy of ‘Past Life.’ So, every time it was revived, its strength would improve slightly.

If this were to continue, then the battle would become completely meaningless, and it was better to just admit defeat as soon as possible.

As far as Chen Xi was concerned, since the Past Life Bloodpool was a test, then there was definitely a way to defeat the combat puppet completely.

Perhaps I’ll be able to easily overcome this test once I find this method.

Regretfully, up until now, Chen Xi didn’t have the slightest clue.

When he fought the combat puppet earlier, he didn’t annihilate it in one go, and he instead fought it while deducing the structure and characteristics of the combat puppet.

This sort of deduction was definitely related to the supreme inheritance of the Ghostcraft Clan, the Emperor of Control’s Scripture. It recorded all sorts of methods to refine Soul Combat Puppets, and there was no less than a few tens of thousands of methods.

However, no matter how Chen Xi looked through it, he wasn’t able to find anything that was similar to the Past Life Combat Puppet that stood before him. So he was naturally unable to find a method to counter and destroy it.

Looks like if I want to defeat it, then I can only start with the energy of Past Life… In the end, Chen Xi placed his attention onto the energy of Past Life.

What was past life?

It was resurrection after death, a boundless circle!

This sort of energy was simply heaven defying, and it was no wonder that the energy of the Heaven Dao had to be stopped from entering this place. Otherwise, once it was noticed by the Heaven Dao, the Heaven Dao would definitely eliminate it.


While Chen Xi was deducing all of this at an extremely swift speed, the combat puppet that came back to life once more charged explosively towards him. The blood spear pierced through the sky and brought along a myriad of torrents of the shattered pieces of space with it.

In the next moment, the two of them entered into battle once more. They charged at each other while each strike grew stronger than the last. In this bloody battle, divine radiance erupted and shot into the sky, and it was like pouring rain of light that was mysterious and shocking.

Chen Xi had no choice but to admit that this opponent he’d encountered at this moment was impossible to find in the entire world and was too formidable. If he hadn’t defeated the Sword Exalt in the Eternal Tomb of Kings and attained perfection in the Sword God Realm; if he hadn’t fused the Five Element, Tempest, Taichi, Star Obliteration, and Risefall Divine Crests in the Comet Corridor, then he would most probably be suppressed by the combat puppet.

However, at this moment, even if the combat puppet’s combat strength had improved after being revived, Chen Xi was confident that his strength was sufficient to kill it. The only problem that still puzzled him was how he should fully annihilate the combat puppet without allowing it to revive once more.

“Kill!” At this moment, the Past Life Combat Puppet suddenly shouted loudly. Its voice shook the heavens to the point of splitting open, and its entire body was suffused with vital blood that swept towards the heavens and the earth.

Not to mention Chen Xi that was in the battlefield, even the hearts of Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang who were far away from the battlefield shook at this moment, and they gasped without end. They felt a strand of a terrifying oppressive force press down onto their entire bodies, causing their expressions to become extremely heavy.

Not to mention them, even top Saint Immortals in the inner court like Nie Xingzhen and Gu Yueru would be suppressed by this peerless divine might.

It was truly too formidable!

According to their knowledge, their opponent in the Past Life Bloodpool should be the Past Life Beast, and it shouldn’t have been a terrifying existence like the Past Life Combat Puppet.

But it just so happened that they encountered the Past Life Combat Puppet.

This seemed like a tiny change, yet the difference in the level of danger was like the difference between the heavens and the earth!

At such a moment, Chen Xi didn’t dare hold back any longer as well. He suddenly let out a long howl as Violetsky soared through the sky, and it formed a myriad of stars. Every single star emanated boundless silver radiance that flickered in space, and it revealed a terrifying scene of obliteration.

This sword strike contained the might of ‘Star Obliteration!’

It was the might of the Star Obliteration Divine Crest that had completely fused into his Saint Dao. With a single strike of the swords, all stars were obliterated as if the black holes of the universe were devouring them without end and intended to completely obliterate everything in the heavens and the earth into nothingness.


The heavens and the earth were in chaos!

Under this might of this monstrous strike, the Past Life Combat Puppet was killed once more!

Even though it was the second time he’d defeated the combat puppet, Chen Xi didn’t reveal a trace of a relaxed expression at all, and his heart felt heavy instead. Because up until now, he still hadn’t completely defeated his opponent.

In this way, the combat puppet would revive again after a short moment, and its strength would improve once more!

As expected, the Past Life Combat Puppet was revived for the second time after a short moment.

At this moment, the blood glow that covered the combat puppet was restrained within its body instead, and it seemed as if its figure was covered in blood red armor. Every single inch of its skin emanated a strand of a metallic bloody glow, and its face was covered in a layer of blood red scales. Only a pair of blood red eyes were revealed on its face. It didn’t seem savage, and it revealed a murderous, gorgeous, and icy cold sense of beauty instead.

When looked at from afar, even though the bloody glow that covered its entire body was restrained within its body, its imposing aura was even more terrifying than before. It was like an active volcano that had been accumulating lava for countless years, and it would definitely obliterate everything once it erupted!

“Take this punch of mine!” The Past Life Combat Puppet didn’t have a blood spear in hand this time. However, its punch was filled with a terrifying imposing aura that felt like a blood dragon was tearing through the sky with formidable might.

As soon as this punch was struck, the heavens and the earth were overturned, and the entire world had become filled with the color of blood.

It really is difficult to deal with! Chen Xi gritted his teeth and couldn’t be bothered to think about anything else. He flashed up into the sky before he swung Violetsky in midair, and then a completely round sword barrier floated up into appearance.

This sword barrier was completely round and translucent. Half of it was pitch black like the night sky while the other half was snow white like day. Yin and Yang intersected within it, and it emanated a perfect and invulnerable imposing aura.

This was the might of the Taichi Divine Crest!

It contained the Grand Dao Laws of Yin, Yang, Light, and Darkness, and its might contained rare forces of destruction like purification and judgment.


Merely this first collision caused a terrifying and enormous fluctuation that instantly caused the sun and moon to dim in comparison, caused the world to be cast into a shade, and rumbling to deafen the ears. It was like devils were wailing, gods were howling with sorrow, and blood red lightning interweaved with each other while boundless sword lights erupted. Moreover, countless strands of dazzling energy of the Laws were colliding with each other.

This scene couldn’t just be described as terrifying!

In an instant, Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang felt their limbs turn cold. Without any doubt, if it was the two of them in Chen Xi’s place instead, then they would have definitely been annihilated by this terrifying strike!

Amidst the divine radiance that suffused the sky, the figures of Chen Xi and the combat puppet moved apart.

Chen Xi coughed up blood from the corners of his mouth, and his countenance was slightly pale. It was the first time he’d suffered an injury since the battle began, but it couldn’t be considered to be severe.

On the other hand, the blood red armor that covered the combat puppet’s entire body was damaged, and blood ceaselessly seeped out from beneath it. Obviously, the combat puppet had suffered a heavy injury from this collision.

It’s getting stronger and stronger. If it was the combat puppet from before, then this strike would probably have killed it a long time ago… Chen Xi wiped off the bloodstains on the corners of his mouth, and the space between his brows was covered in a solemn expression.

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