Chapter 1395 – Past Life Combat Puppet

Outside the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, Hua Jiankong spoke abruptly and said, “They’ve already entered the Past Life Bloodpool”.

After that he sat down cross-legged and meditated silently with closed eyes.

The reason was extremely simple. The Nether Immortal’s Coffin wasn’t just capable of isolating the energy of the Heaven Dao, even he was unable to sense everything that was happening within it.

Under such circumstances, he could only wait silently for the final outcome.

Wang Daolu and Zuoqiu Taiwu were obviously aware of this as well, so they immediately sat cross-legged on the ground and waited silently.


A wave of strange energy fluctuations arose. In the next moment, Chen Xi and the others had already appeared in a strange place.

The sky, ground, mountains… Everywhere that met the eye was completely black in color, and it seemed as if it was enveloped beneath an eternal veil of night.

Only a pool of blood silently floated at the center beneath the sky. The pool of blood was completely round, occupied an area of 3km, and emanated a gorgeous and shimmering bloody glow.

Under this expanse of darkness, a pool of blood floated in the sky while a bloody glow shot in the sky, and it was suffused with an obscure fluctuation that caused one’s heart to palpitate. It seemed to be extremely striking.

Swish! Swish!

As soon as Chen Xi’s group of three appeared within this world enveloped beneath an eternal night, layer upon layer of blood colored ripples suddenly surged out from within the pool of blood, and it emanated a rumbling that sounded like waves striking upon the shore, causing the deathly silence of this dark world to be undone.

In merely an instant, the entire world seemed to have awakened from an eternity of slumber, and it emanated a strange and obscure aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

Its aura was extremely mysterious, and it brought down an indescribable pressure to one’s heart. It was like the eyes of a peerless Fiendgod had locked onto them, causing the expressions of Chen Xi and the others to change slightly.

What a terrifying aura!

At this moment, the three of them instinctively circulated the Immortal Force in their entire bodies, causing their vital energy to rumble while the spirit, essence, and energy within their entire bodies erupted like volcanos. They emanated their peak strengths in order to resist the terrifying pressure that existed everywhere in the surroundings.


Right after the three of them finished doing this, thunderous rumbling suddenly resounded from the pool of blood beneath the sky, and then bloody waves shot into the sky as it resounded through the heavens and the earth.

Within the surging bloody waves was a 10m tall figure that was completely covered in strands of blood, and this figure gradually stood up from within the pool of blood.

This figure’s entire body was covered in a bloody glow, causing it to be impossible to see its appearance clearly. Only that pair of crimson red, indifferent, and calm eyes flickered with strands of a strange and mysterious glow.

Along with the appearance of this figure, the pool of blood that was originally rumbling and surging without end suddenly returned to silence and calm, and it seemed like a pool of still water.

When looked at from afar, the figure that stood atop the pool of blood seemed to have become a god in this expanse of the heavens and the earth. Its entire body was filled with a terrifying and shocking aura that caused the heavens and the earth to dim in comparison.

“A Past Life Combat Puppet!” Ling Qingwu cried out involuntarily. She’d recognized the origins of that figure, and it wasn’t a Past Life Beast but a Past Life Combat Puppet that was even more formidable than it.

“What’s a Past Life Combat Puppet?” Chen Xi and Ye Tang were shocked in their hearts as they acutely noticed that the scene before their eyes was slightly unusual.

“A monster that was wiped out from the three dimensions a long time ago. According to legend, it’s the supreme inheritance of the Ghostcraft Clan. Because such a combat puppet has obtained the energy of the Past Life Bloodpool, it’s said to be eternal. Every time it’s killed, it’ll instantly revive itself, and its combat strength would improve slightly as well. It’s extremely terrifying.” Ling Qingwu spoke swiftly. “I read this by chance from an ancient book. Originally, I thought that our opponent this time would be a Past Life Beast, yet never had I expected it would actually be this monster!”

The Ghostcraft Clan! Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart when he heard these words, and he instantly recalled numerous events of the past.

A long time ago when he was still at the Mortal Dimension, Chen Xi and A’Xiu had entered a mysterious place by chance, and they’d seen numerous Soul Combat Puppets from the Ghostcraft Clan there.

Especially at the mysterious sacrificial platform, it even allowed Chen Xi to obtain the secret technique passed down within the Ghostcraft Clan, the Emperor of Control’s Scripture. Even until this day, it was still in his possession, but he’d already almost forgotten about it.

After all, this secret technique came from the Ghostcraft Clan. During the primeval times when the sects vied for supremacy with each other, the Ghostcraft Clan was expelled from the three dimensions. Presently, it was scattered throughout the Outerealm, and it had become a member of the Xeno-race. So to the three dimensions, this secret technique was a taboo, and once it was noticed, it would definitely bring him a great deal of trouble and disputes.

However, never had Chen Xi imagined that the most mysterious Past Life Bloodpool within the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds would actually be related to the Ghostcraft Clan.

Could it be that the Dao Emperor had a relationship with the Ghostcraft Clan as well all those years ago? Otherwise, how could an existence like the Past Life Combat Puppet exist within the Past Life Bloodpool? These thoughts only flashed within Chen Xi’s heart before he returned completely to his senses and said, “Our test this time wouldn’t be to defeat this Past Life Combat Puppet, right?”

Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang had obviously realized this as well, and they nodded simultaneously.

Right at this moment, an icy cold voice resounded throughout the heavens and the earth. “Defeat me and obtain the inheritance. Who amongst you will fight me?”

This voice was icy cold and thunderous as it resounded through the heavens, and it was filled with an extraordinary imposing aura.

At practically the exact same moment that voice resounded, the Past Life Combat Puppet that stood within the pool of blood while covered in a surging glow of blood shot into the sky. He held an almost 6m long blood spear, his figure was tall, and his entire body rumbled with a strand of a terrifying and oppressive force that caused the surrounding space to collapse inch by inch before surrounding him.

“Looks like it really is like that…” Chen Xi muttered.

“The test this time only allows a single person to head into battle. Once that person fails, all of us will be unable to obtain the Dao Emperor’s inheritance. Why don’t… I accept the challenge for us?” Ling Qingwu seemed to be burning with eagerness.

“According to my knowledge, the Past Life Combat Puppet is impossible to kill, and every single time it revives, its strength will improve slightly. Senior Sister Ling Qingwu, do you have the confidence to defeat it?” Ye Tang couldn’t help but speak with a worried tone.

Ling Qingwu was stunned, and then she shook her head. “Around 50%. However, I’ve already established my own Saint Dao Laws in the end, so I’m considered the most formidable amongst us for now, right?”

As she spoke, she couldn’t help but glance at Chen Xi. All along the way, she’d already noticed that even though Chen Xi’s strength was formidable, he hadn’t established a Saint Dao Law of his own.

“Let me do it. I’m quite familiar with this monster.” Chen Xi spoke directly instead, and his words caused Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang to be extremely shocked.

What does he mean by familiar?

Could it be that he has fought a Past Life Combat Puppet in the past?

That’s slightly unbelievable!


However, before the two of them could ask for a proper answer from Chen Xi, his figure had already flashed towards the Past Life Bloodpool, and he’d actually gone to challenge it before him.

“This fellow!” Ling Qingwu couldn’t help but be angry because Chen Xi went ahead before her, and she gnashed her teeth with hatred.

However, she couldn’t help but become worried right after that. Chen Xi hasn’t established his own Saint Dao Laws yet. Even if he’s extremely familiar with the Past Life Combat Puppet, once the battle begins, would he be able to defeat it?

“Senior Sister Ling, looks like we can only play the role of spectators.” Ye Tang smiled lightheartedly. He’d always been filled with confidence towards Chen Xi. So even though he was worried for Chen Xi, he still felt that since Chen Xi dared to make such a decision, then Chen Xi would definitely not lose.

“You’re still laughing? You’re really heartless!” Ling Qingwu glared angrily at Ye Tang. However, her mental state relaxed greatly after being interrupted by him, and then she couldn’t help but glance at Ye Tang while seeming to be lost in thought. Could it be that this fellow did it intentionally?

At this moment, Ye Tang had already shot his gaze towards the Past Life Bloodpool in the distance.

A bloody glow flowed through the sky and dyed half the eternal veil of night red.

In midair, Chen Xi and the Past Life Combat Puppet stood in confrontation from afar. Their vital energy shot out like dragons that left their lairs, and they locked onto each other from afar.

When he observed it from a close distance, even though the Past Life Combat Puppet’s imposing aura was shocking, it was merely maintained at the Saint Immortal Realm. However, in Chen Xi’s Eye of Divine Truth, he was able to notice that its aura was linked to the Past Life Bloodpool from a distance and formed a complete whole. There was a mysterious link between them that caused the Past Life Combat Puppet’s aura to seem unfathomable.


The combat puppet waved the blood spear and pointed it at Chen Xi, and then an oppressive aura rumbled out from its body.


A spear howl that shook the heavens and resonated with the heavens resounded. The Past Life Combat Puppet emanated a peerless aura as the blood spear tore through the sky and shattered the space before it!

When it waved the blood spear, its own vital blood surged and shattered the clouds in all directions. When looked at from afar, it was like a chaotic furnace was emanating vital blood.


At the same time, Chen Xi’s gaze shot over like a bolt of lightning before he moved out boldly. His figure charged forward and carried a myriad of strands of dazzling saintly radiance that stretched out to a distance of a few hundred kilometers. He was like a comet that swept down from the universe, dazzling, resplendent, and impossible to look directly at!

At this moment, he waved Violetsky like an exalted Sword God that had descended into the world and intended to severe this cage that was the heavens and the earth!

The Violetsky Immortal Sword seemed as if it was burning, and it flowed with gurgling divine radiance that caused the heavens and the earth to tremble while emanating sharp howls and sounds of shattering.


This strike was like a sun and moon had collided. The heavens and the earth collapsed while the eternal veil of light was torn into shreds, and even space shattered into pieces while dust and dirt turned to powder. These scenes caused one’s hair to stand on end.

Over ten thousand enormous spatial rifts appeared in their surroundings, and it spread towards the surroundings like crisscrossed spiderwebs that were extremely terrifying.

In the battlefield itself, no matter if it was Chen Xi or the combat puppet, they were like kings amongst saints, and they emanated extraordinary imposing auras. Moreover, every move they made collapsed and shattered the heavens and the earth.

“How formidable!” Ye Tang exclaimed with surprise while his eyes stared without blinking at the distant battle, and they were suffused with a sheen of surprise. “Junior Brother Chen Xi’s combat strength is absolutely the strongest amongst all the Saint Immortal’s I’ve seen. After all, he still hasn’t established his Saint Dao Law yet. It’s simply unbelievable.”

“He’s very formidable indeed. However, don’t forget that the Past Life Combat Puppet’s strength will improve after every time it’s killed. If Chen Xi isn’t able to determine a method to completely defeat it, then the consequences will be unimaginable.” Ling Qingwu had no choice but to admit that the combat strength Chen Xi possessed now was indeed formidable to the extreme, and it even shocked her. She felt that if she were to do battle with Chen Xi instead, then they would each have a 50% chance of winning.

However, she couldn’t be bothered about all of this at this moment because the Past Life Combat Puppet similarly seemed to be extremely terrifying, and it caused her to have no mood at all to compare herself with Chen Xi.

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