Chapter 1394 – The Last Three Days

Numerous mysterious, grand, and ancient diagrams were similarly inscribed on the side of the Nether Immortal’s Coffin.

There was the scene of predecessors offering up sacrifices, deities pursuing after the sun, ferocious flying beasts tearing through the sky, the movement so the sun and moon, landscape intersecting together, all life in the world growing… There were all sorts of scenes, and it vividly displayed and depicted the ancient scenes at the absolute beginning of the world when the chaos had just been split apart.

The diagram that drew the attention of Chen Xi and the others was situated at the center. In the diagram, the universe burned while the myriad of stars on it were like flames, and a pathway of meteors lay across the flaming universe and led towards its boundless depths… Shockingly, it was the scene within the Comet Corridor!

“We wouldn’t have been…breaking through restrictions within the Nether Immortal’s Coffin earlier, right?” Zhongli Luo spoke with a trembling voice, and his tone carried a wisp of shock.

The others were shocked in their hearts as well. They faintly guessed that perhaps Zhongli Luo was right, and perhaps everything they experienced earlier was within a world contained in the Nether Immortal’s Coffin.

This world was the Comet Corridor!

This was shocking indeed. After all, there was probably...

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