Chapter 1394 – The Last Three Days

Numerous mysterious, grand, and ancient diagrams were similarly inscribed on the side of the Nether Immortal’s Coffin.

There was the scene of predecessors offering up sacrifices, deities pursuing after the sun, ferocious flying beasts tearing through the sky, the movement so the sun and moon, landscape intersecting together, all life in the world growing… There were all sorts of scenes, and it vividly displayed and depicted the ancient scenes at the absolute beginning of the world when the chaos had just been split apart.

The diagram that drew the attention of Chen Xi and the others was situated at the center. In the diagram, the universe burned while the myriad of stars on it were like flames, and a pathway of meteors lay across the flaming universe and led towards its boundless depths… Shockingly, it was the scene within the Comet Corridor!

“We wouldn’t have been…breaking through restrictions within the Nether Immortal’s Coffin earlier, right?” Zhongli Luo spoke with a trembling voice, and his tone carried a wisp of shock.

The others were shocked in their hearts as well. They faintly guessed that perhaps Zhongli Luo was right, and perhaps everything they experienced earlier was within a world contained in the Nether Immortal’s Coffin.

This world was the Comet Corridor!

This was shocking indeed. After all, there was probably no less than a thousand mysterious and grand diagrams on the surface of the Nether Immortal’s Coffin. If the Comet Corridor was one of the worlds within it, then didn’t this mean that this divine treasure, the Nether Immortal’s Coffin, contained over a thousand similar worlds?

All of this wasn’t recorded on the jade slip.

So even though Chen Xi and the others suspected it, they didn’t dare pass judgment rashly.

“Let’s seize this opportunity to rest first, and it wouldn’t be too late to make a move after that. I heard that after we pass through the Nether Immortal’s Coffin and enter the Past Life Bloodpool, the test within it is even more dangerous than the Eternal Tomb of Kings and Comet Corridor.” Ye Tang directly sat cross-legged on the ground and took a deep breath before he started regulating his breathing.

He’d just advanced into the Saint Immortal Realm, so the pressure he faced on the Comet Corridor was the greatest amongst all of them. His mind and body had always been in a strained state, and as soon as he relaxed at this moment, his entire body felt limp and was unable to persist any longer.

It wasn’t just Ye Tang, the others were the same as well.

“Yes. According to the jade slip, the test at the Past Life Bloodpool is extremely simple, yet the most dangerous. Presently, we’ve already exhausted all our strength, so it’s better to seize this opportunity to quickly recover our strengths.” Chen Xi immediately sat cross-legged on the ground and meditated silently. He’d overcome three thousand restrictions successively, and it had caused his Heart Energy to be greatly consumed. It was on the verge of drying up.

“Chen Xi, we don’t intend to head to the Past Life Bloodpool.” To Chen Xi’s surprise, Nie Xingzhen spoke abruptly, and he actually decided to withdraw from the test. Moreover, based on the situation, this decision had obviously received the acknowledgement of Gu Yueru and Zhongli Luo.

“Why?” Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to meditate and spoke with a shocked expression.

“We can already be considered to be lucky to be able to come this far. If we continue forward, then we’ll obviously be overestimating our ability.” Nie Xingzhen smiled as he spoke. He had a calm expression, and there wasn’t any sense of loss or melancholy on his face.

“Exactly. I’m already satisfied after obtaining numerous strands of Saint Dao Aura. As for the Past Life Bloodpool, you three should go temper yourselves there.” Zhongli Luo spoke as well. At this moment, it seemed as if he’d become a completely different person, and he didn’t seem gloomy, disgruntled, and angry as he was before. The reason was actually very simple. After he worked together with Chen Xi, every single move Chen Xi made had completely subdued his heart, so he would naturally not be hostile towards Chen Xi like he was before this.

Moreover, if they didn’t have Chen Xi’s help, it would be impossible for them to pass through the Comet Corridor and arrive here.

Even though Zhongli Luo was a proud person, he had a disposition that clearly differentiated between right and wrong and knew how to repay one’s kindness. At this moment, he would naturally not compete with Chen Xi’s group for the Dao Emperor’s inheritance.

“That’s exactly what I think as well. Only three people can obtain the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, and we’re unwilling to compete with all of you. So stopping here is undoubtedly the best option.” Gu Yueru didn’t conceal anything and spoke frankly about their thoughts.

As he looked at their firm and resolute expressions, Chen Xi knew that it was impossible to persuade them, and a wisp of indescribable emotion couldn’t help but surge into his heart. Sometimes, it isn’t necessarily to fight to the death when competing with others, nor is there a necessity to turn hostile against each other and become enemies just for the sake of a fortuitous encounter one dreams to obtain.

In this world, friendship, kindness, morality, honor, and various other shapeless forces still exists in this world, and it influences every single person.

The choice of good and bad usually depends on the disposition of a person.

At the very least, in Chen Xi’s opinion at this moment, Nie Xingzhen, Gu Yueru, and Zhongli Luo, these senior students of the inner court possessed character and morality that aroused admiration in the hearts of all.

Of course, it was also because they were all students of Dao Emperor Academy, and there was no enmity between them. So even if they were unfamiliar with each other, after they experienced fighting side by side, they’d shapelessly turned from strangers to friends.

This was like the saying — friendship grows from an exchange of blows.

In the empty hall, the Nether Immortal’s Coffin lay at the center.

Chen Xi, Ye Tang, and Ling Qingwu sat cross-legged on the ground, and they were making the best use of their time to recover their strength, whereas Nie Xingzhen, Gu Yueru, and Zhongli Luo had left long ago.

It was extremely easy to leave this place. Before they entered the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, all of them were provided a jade slip, and they only had to crush this jade slip in order to leave the grounds.

“How long more is left before the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds closes?” Outside the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, Hua Jiankong who’d been constantly paying attention to the changed within the grounds suddenly raised this question.

“Three days.” Wang Daolu was stunned and replied swiftly.

“It’s the time to end it indeed…” Hua Jiankong nodded. “Based on my observations, Nie Xingzhen, Gu Yueru, and Zhongli Luo will probably experience a breakthrough in their cultivations after returning from the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds this time, and it’s even possible for them to advance into the Half-step Immortal King Realm.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “As for Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Ao Zhanbei, they’ve each obtained a great deal of fortuitous encounters within the grounds, and they’ll definitely be able to advance easily into the Saint Immortal Realm.”

When he spoke up to here, Wang Daolu couldn’t help but interrupt. “What about Chen Xi’s group? Have they obtained the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance?”

Obviously, he was most concerned about the Dao Emperor’s inheritance.

Actually, it wasn’t just him, all the seniors in the vicinity were similarly most concerned about this.

Hua Jiankong was unable to pass judgment on this and said, “Presently, they’ve already arrived before the Nether Immortal’s Coffin, and their next step is to head to the Past Life Bloodpool. It depends on how they defeat the Past Life Beast.”

The Past Life Beast!When this name was mentioned, the eyes of Wang Daolu and all the other seniors focused, and they recalled a story from the primeval times. Presently, that matter had already become a taboo in the three dimensions, and it was a secret. So the younger generation were probably utterly unaware of it.

One day later, Chen Xi and the others woke up from their meditation. They were brimming with energy and vitality, and their strength had recovered completely.

“I never expected that cultivating here actually carried such miraculous effects. A day of cultivation can actually compare with ten days of cultivation in the outside world.” Ye Tang stood up and exclaimed with surprise, and he clicked his tongue with admiration.

He’d just advanced into the Saint Immortal Realm and exhausted too much of his strength. Originally, he didn’t hope to be able to recover completely in a single day, yet never had he imagined that cultivating within this empty and mysterious hall actually carried such unbelievable miraculous effects. It allowed the energy, essence, and spirit within his entire body to attain its peak state.

Chen Xi and Ling Qingwu were the same as well. In the end, they attributed all of this to the mysterious hall.

“Let’s go. Only two days remain until the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds closes. According to the records within the jade slip, the path towards the Past Life Bloodpool is hidden within this Nether Immortal’s Coffin.” Chen Xi immediately decided and stood up before walking towards the Nether Immortal’s Coffin. He sized it up briefly before he took a deep breath, and then his hands flashed as he forced a mysterious and obscure seal.

This was a technique provided within the jade slip, and it was the secret technique to open the Nether Immortal’s Coffin. It was recorded within the jade slips possessed by every single student. However, not everyone had the chance to utilize it.


Strands of Immortal Force coiled around the seal and emanated blazing radiance that illuminated the entire hall. When this obscure seal was pressed down onto the Nether Immortal’s Coffin, it instantly caused circle after circle of energy fluctuations to arise.

Crack! Crack!

The Nether Immortal’s Coffin hadn’t been opened for countless years, and it emanated a wave of muffled sounds of friction that resounded through the empty hall. After that, under the shocked gazes of Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang, the ancient bronze coffin’s cover seemed as if it was pushed open by a shapeless hand…

After that, the scene within the Nether Immortal’s Coffin that had always been sealed within it was gradually revealed within their field of vision.

However, to their dismay, the scene within the coffin was completely empty and dark, and there wasn’t anything worthy of attention. It was like an empty shell.

When the bronze coffin’s cover was completely opened, they finally noticed that there was surprisingly a deep entrance at the end of the bronze coffin!

That was definitely the path that led to the Past Life Bloodpool!

“Let’s go.” Chen Xi took a deep breath and was first to soar up into the sky. He walked step by step in midair into the Nether Immortal’s Coffin, and he walked directly towards the deep and dark entrance.

Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang followed closely behind him.

“Hmm?” At the instant his figure entered into the Nether Immortal’s Coffin, Chen Xi acutely noticed that it seemed as if he’d stepped foot into another world.

If it was said that he was still in the Immortal Dimension a moment ago, then at this moment, he’d stepped into the Netherworld!

In other words, the inside and outside of the Nether Immortal’s Coffin was two completely different worlds. It was even to the extent that Chen Xi was able to clearly distinguish that the energy of the Heaven Dao in the three dimensions was actually unable to enter within the Nether Immortal’s Coffin!

This was shocking! After all, the Heaven Dao Laws were everywhere within the world, and it maintained the operation of the three dimensions. Thus, since it was able to isolate such a force outside it, the strength of the Nether Immortal’s Coffin was obvious.

“I really am unable to sense the aura of the Heaven Dao anymore.”

“Fortunately, the energy of the Laws I possess are still here.”

At practically the exact same moment, Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang sensed this change as well, and they revealed extremely shocked expressions.

“Let’s go. Perhaps the reason the Past Life Bloodpool was able to exist until now is because the Nether Immortal’s Coffin helped it isolate the energy of the Heaven Dao. I’m really curious, exactly what sort of place is it?” Chen Xi’s gaze burned with anticipation as he stared at the dark and deep entrance within the bronze coffin, and his voice carried a wisp of anticipation as well. As he spoke, he’d already started walking with large strides towards it.

“I don’t feel any anticipation because according to the jade slip, the Past Life Bloodpool is the most dangerous amongst all the tests. If it wasn’t for the sake of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, I would rather not come to such a place. We’ve actually walked into a coffin, what if we’re buried alive within it?” Ye Tang shrugged and joked.

“You jinx, cut the crap!” Ling Qingwu’s clear eyes moved to glare fiercely at Ye Tang, and the furious yet beautiful expression she revealed at that instant caused Ye Tang to be stunned for a moment from the sight of it.

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