Chapter 1393 – Breaking Out Of The Final Restriction

When Chen Xi and the others started to deal with the last hundred restrictions, Hua Jiankong was paying attention to this scene from outside the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds.

It was even to the extent that he seemed even more solemn and serious than before.

Because he was similarly clearly aware of exactly how formidable those last hundred restrictions were. They were Divine Talisman restrictions that the Dao Emperor himself had set up all those years ago. All those years ago, the Dean had once been trapped there for half a month and was almost unable to pass through it.

It wasn’t just that, every time the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds were opened, 99% of the students that entered the Comet Corridor would be defeated by these final hundred restrictions.

It couldn’t be helped. Those restrictions were truly too difficult. They were filled with the energy of the gods, so not to mention Saint Immortals, even Immortal Kings would be unable to utilize brute force to destroy these restrictions. One could only simply search for the core of the restriction and utilize one’s ability of deduction to deal with it.

It could be said that no matter if it was the Eternal Tomb of Kings or the Past Life Bloodpool, both of them were even more dangerous than the Comet Corridor. However, in terms of difficulty, it was the Comet Corridor that reigned supreme.

Because it didn’t just require tacit cooperation amongst students, it was filled with three thousand restrictions that were like three thousand barriers. If one was unable to overcome them, then one would lose all hope of obtaining the Dao Emperor’s inheritance.

Under such circumstances, Hua Jiankong couldn’t help but worry that Chen Xi and the others fall before these restrictions. In that way, it might negatively affect the entire Dao Emperor Academy!

The reason was extremely simple. The inheritance of the Dao Emperor was too important, and it was related to all aspects in the academy. If no student was able to obtain the Dao Emperor’s inheritance this time, then the next time would be countless years from now.

Moreover, it was common knowledge that the Prehistoric Ruins had already been destroyed, and the upheaval of the three dimensions would completely erupt after a hundred years or at most within a thousand years. At that time, would the Dao Emperor’s inheritance still exist?

“Fate is impossible to determine, allow luck to take its course.” Such words inadvertently flashed past Hua Jiankong’s mind.

This was something his master has instructed him with before he presided over the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds this time. Now when he thought about it carefully, Hua Jiankong couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Indeed. No matter how worried I get, everything depends on fate and karmic luck…

However, in the next moment, Hua Jiankong couldn’t be bothered to think about this, and his entire mind and heart was drawn over by the scenes occurring on the Comet Corridor.

Along with the passage of time, his pupils gradually constricted. One could faintly notice a wisp of surprise gradually surging in the space between his brows, and it was growing denser and denser.

At this moment, he seemed as if he’d been stunned on the spot, and he was like a statue.

“What happened?”

“Could Chen Xi and the others have encountered some sort of danger?”

Wang Daolu and Zuoqiu Taiwu noticed the changes in Hua Jiankong’s expression, and their hearts couldn’t help but jerk before they hurriedly asked these questions.

They were similarly clearly aware about everything related to the Comet Corridor. All those years ago, even the Dean had been trapped before the last hundred restrictions for seven days, and this obviously showed how formidable those last hundred restrictions were.

If Chen Xi and the others encountered some sort of misfortune there, then it would truly be a pity.

Hua Jiankong remained silent, and his heart and mind were paying attention to the Comet Corridor.

Noticing such a scene caused the hearts of Wang Daolu and the others to rise to their throats.

Along with the passage of time, an entire five days had passed. From the beginning until the end, Hua Jiankong hadn’t spoken a single word, and it was utterly impossible to notice anything merely by observing his expression alone.

In this way, the atmosphere in the surroundings started to become deathly silent.

Could it be that Chen Xi and the others have been trapped there?

If they fail, then the meaning behind opening the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds this time would be completely wasted…

Wang Daolu and Zuoqiu Taiwu’s thoughts flashed within their minds.

It wasn’t just the two of them, even all the other seniors that were paying attention to the grounds were conversing with each other, and all their tones carried a wisp of anxiousness.

“It’s probably true…” On this day, Hua Jiankong who’d been silent throughout this time had suddenly muttered, and it drew the attention of everyone else.

“How is it? Will they be able to persist until the end?” Wang Daolu asked hastily.

Hua Jiankong was stunned, and he glanced at Wang Daolu with a strange expression.

This expression caused Wang Daolu’s heart to constrict, and he gasped before he said, “Could it be that…they’ve failed?”

When he heard this, Hua Jiankong instantly understood that Wang Daolu had misunderstood, and a wisp of emotion couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth. “If they failed, then I wouldn’t be so surprised.”

Wang Daolu and the others were puzzled. What does that mean?

“There’s no need to guess. They’re only three restrictions away from smoothly passing through the Comet Corridor.” Hua Jiankong spoke casually. “If nothing unexpected happens, then they’ll be able to leave the Comet Corridor by noon today and lay eyes on the Nether Immortal’s Coffin.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was astounded.

No matter if it was Wang Daolu, Zuoqiu Taiwu, or all the other seniors that were paying attention to the situation here, all of them were previously worried about how long Chen Xi and the others would be trapped on the Comet Corridor, yet never had they expected that Chen Xi and the others had actually smoothly passed through the Comet Corridor!

This sort of great contrast caused them to be stunned, and they only recovered from their shock after a long time.

“You’re saying that they smoothly dealt with the last hundred restrictions within five days of time, and they didn’t encounter any obstruction at all?” A senior asked with shock.

“Five days of time, they actually surpassed the Dean’s record from all those years ago!”

“How formidable. That little fellow, Chen Xi, really is extraordinary.”

A wave of exclamations of surprise resounded, yet most of them carried bewilderment.

Hua Jiankong had no choice but to tell them about everything that had happened within the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds.

It turned out that he’d been constantly observing Chen Xi and the others throughout these five days of time, yet he noticed to his surprise that even after they arrived at the last hundred restrictions, they actually didn’t encounter any obstruction at all. Even though it took the time for an incense stick to burn to deal with each restriction, they’d never suffered any obstruction.

Moreover, they’d been constantly advancing step by step according to this speed, causing Hua Jiankong to be extremely shocked in his heart, and he’d been constantly pondering about the profundities behind this.

Up until now, he’d finally roughly distinguished that it wasn’t the last hundred restrictions that had weakened, and it was Chen Xi’s attainments in the Talisman Dao that were too formidable instead! They were unimaginably formidable!

He seemed to have a clear understanding of Divine Talismans and displayed extraordinary calmness and composure towards them. Since he started dealing with the restrictions, he’d never stopped to ponder at all.

All of this allowed Hua Jiankong to realize something, the Talisman Armament that he took from Chen Xi all those years go might have been personally refined by this kid!

Because that Talisman Armament was presently in his care, and with his understanding of the sword, it was naturally not difficult for him to notice the profundities within the Talisman Armament. There wasn’t just the Divine Talismans of the five elements residing within the Talisman Armament, even Divine Talismans that contained the profundities of the Grand Daos of Wind, Lightning, Yin, and Yang resided within it.

He originally thought that this Talisman Armament was refined by Chen Xi’s sect for Chen Xi, yet now it would seem like his judgment was obviously wrong.

“Extraordinary! Extraordinary!!” After they found out about all of this from Hua Jiankong, all the seniors exclaimed endlessly with praise.

However, Hua Jiankong didn’t dare tell them about his guess and everything related to the Talisman Armament because this was something his Master instructed him to keep secret, and it was related to a supreme sect.

Even though he’d guessed the identity of this sect a long time ago, he didn’t dare rashly speak about it.

“Wait! There’s six people amongst them. So even if they pass through the Comet Corridor smoothly, there’s only room for three people to obtain the Dao Emperor’s inheritance in the end. In this way, a struggle will probably erupt between them.” A senior spoke abruptly and drew the attention of the others.

“Wait and see. After they pass through the Nether Immortal’s Coffin, they’ll arrive at the Past Life Bloodpool. Even though the test there is simple, it’s the most dangerous amongst all the tests. Perhaps an outcome will only be clear after they overcome this test,” said Hua Jiankong.

In the Comet Corridor.

Chen Xi was concentrated on dealing with the final restriction.

At this moment, all the others were unable to restrain the excitement in their hearts, and they were filled with anticipation, causing the exhaustion in their entire body to actually be completely wiped away.

Because after they passed through this final restriction, they would be able to see the true Nether Immortal’s Coffin, and then enter the place where the final test resided, the Past Life Bloodpool!

This also meant that they were only a single test away from truly coming into contact with the Dao Emperor’s inheritance!


A wave of fluctuation of restrictions resounded, and then the final restriction was successfully destroyed. However, unlike before, the fluctuation emanated by the restriction this time was extremely powerful, and it shot into the surroundings.

In an instant, the entire burning starry sky shook simultaneously while the numerous dazzling comets suddenly stopped in midair, and they emanated an enormous multicolored radiance that was boundlessly vast.

This scene was extremely shocking, and it was like this expanse of the starry sky had awoken from its deep slumber at this moment.

However, before Chen Xi and the others could express their wonder towards this, they felt the scene before their eyes change while their bodies were uncontrollably teleported by an enormous force. In the next moment, they’d vanished from the final meteor.

This was an empty and icy cold hall. The ground was paved with ancient grey bricks while the walls were completely grey, and it was completely empty without any decoration.

There was only an ancient bronze coffin lying at the center of the hall!


A wave of spatial fluctuation arose, and then the figures of Chen Xi and the others suddenly appeared within this hall. After that, their gazes were practically simultaneously drawn over by the bronze coffin at the center of the hall.

The bronze coffin was almost 30m tall, 10m wide, and almost 300m in length. It had an extremely ancient make, and its surface was extremely densely covered with mysterious diagrams.

There were ten suns hanging in the sky, Fiendgods hunting, Yin and Yang splitting apart, the cycle of life and death of the myriad of living beings… Every single diagram was extremely mysterious and grand, and when one looked at it from afar, it caused one to feel as if one had returned to the savage age when the chaos had just been split open to form the world.

The Nether Immortal’s Coffin!

In an instant, all of them determined that this was definitely the primeval divine treasure of legend that was said to be capable of burying the world!

According to legend, this divine treasure was extremely heaven defying, and it was capable of restraining the Immortal Dimension and Netherworld. Unfortunately, the Heaven Dao didn’t tolerate its existence when it was only partially completed, causing the Heaven Dao to send down a tribulation that almost destroyed it completely. Later on, the Dao Emperor found it by chance and stored it here.

“Everyone, come over quickly and take a look. This seems to be…” At this moment, Ling Qingwu had already arrived at the side of the Nether Immortal’s Coffin, and she seemed to have noticed something, causing her expression to be unable to help but reveal a wisp of shock.

Chen Xi and the others were shocked in their hearts, and they successively moved over to where Ling Qingwu stood. When they raised their eyes and looked over towards the surface of the Nether Immortal’s Coffin, all of them instantly noticed a horrifying scene!

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