Chapter 1393 – Breaking Out Of The Final Restriction

When Chen Xi and the others started to deal with the last hundred restrictions, Hua Jiankong was paying attention to this scene from outside the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds.

It was even to the extent that he seemed even more solemn and serious than before.

Because he was similarly clearly aware of exactly how formidable those last hundred restrictions were. They were Divine Talisman restrictions that the Dao Emperor himself had set up all those years ago. All those years ago, the Dean had once been trapped there for half a month and was almost unable to pass through it.

It wasn’t just that, every time the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds were opened, 99% of the students that entered the Comet Corridor would be defeated by these final hundred restrictions.

It couldn’t be helped. Those restrictions were truly too difficult. They were filled with the energy of the gods, so not to mention Saint Immortals, even Immortal Kings would be unable to utilize brute force to destroy these restrictions. One could only simply search for the core of the restriction and utilize one’s ability of deduction to deal with it.

It could be said that no matter if it was the Eternal Tomb of Kings or the Past Life Bloodpool, both of them were even more dangerous than the Comet Corridor. However, in terms of difficulty, it was the Comet Corridor...

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