Chapter 1392 – The Talisman God Realm

Subduing without battle? Wang Daolu and Zuoqiu Taiwu were slightly stunned when they heard this. However, when they found out about everything that had occurred on the Comet Corridor from Hua Jiankong, they couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. This kid actually possesses such broad-mindedness and ability at such a young age. When he steps into the Immortal King Realm in the future, he’ll probably lead the times of an era!

On the Comet Corridor.

There was no competition, and the six of them cooperated with extreme tacit understanding.

Chen Xi and Gu Yueru dealt with the restrictions ahead while Ling Qingwu’s group of four defended against the assaults of the comets, and their speed of advancement was actually extremely fast.

The 2,640th meteor.

The 2,690th meteor.

The 2,750th meteor…

Three days later, they’d stepped onto the 2,900th meteor in one go, and they were only a hundred meteors away from smoothly passing through the Comet Corridor.

During this entire process, each of them would be able to obtain a strand of Saint Dao Aura with every single restriction they overcame, and it could be said that they benefitted without end.

For example, after he fused the Five Element and Tempest Divine Crests, Chen Xi had fused the two rare Divine Crests of Taichi and Star Obliteration. Presently, even the Risefall Divine Crest was fused...

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