Chapter 1392 – The Talisman God Realm

Subduing without battle? Wang Daolu and Zuoqiu Taiwu were slightly stunned when they heard this. However, when they found out about everything that had occurred on the Comet Corridor from Hua Jiankong, they couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. This kid actually possesses such broad-mindedness and ability at such a young age. When he steps into the Immortal King Realm in the future, he’ll probably lead the times of an era!

On the Comet Corridor.

There was no competition, and the six of them cooperated with extreme tacit understanding.

Chen Xi and Gu Yueru dealt with the restrictions ahead while Ling Qingwu’s group of four defended against the assaults of the comets, and their speed of advancement was actually extremely fast.

The 2,640th meteor.

The 2,690th meteor.

The 2,750th meteor…

Three days later, they’d stepped onto the 2,900th meteor in one go, and they were only a hundred meteors away from smoothly passing through the Comet Corridor.

During this entire process, each of them would be able to obtain a strand of Saint Dao Aura with every single restriction they overcame, and it could be said that they benefitted without end.

For example, after he fused the Five Element and Tempest Divine Crests, Chen Xi had fused the two rare Divine Crests of Taichi and Star Obliteration. Presently, even the Risefall Divine Crest was fused by around 80%!

Such gains had absolutely exceeded Chen Xi’s expectations, and it could be considered as a pleasant surprise.

He could imagine that when he passed through the final hundred restrictions, the Risefall Divine Crest would probably be able to be fused completely. At that time, he would only lack the Enduring Divine Crest before being able to establish his Talisman Saint Dao.

However, at this moment, Chen Xi obviously didn’t pay any attention to all of this.

“I heard the restrictions on the last hundred meteors are the most terrifying existences on the Comet Corridor. All those years ago, even the Dean’s group was trapped here for an entire seven days of time, so we can’t be careless.” Chen Xi swiftly instructed.

The others revealed solemn expressions when they heard this, and they roused their spirits by 120%.

Actually, after they arrived here, all of them more or less felt a wave of exhaustion. It couldn’t be helped. During the process of overcoming the restrictions, they’d practically not stopped at all, and they’d always been in ceaseless battle. So it greatly consumed the energy of their minds and bodies.

If they hadn’t prepared sufficient medicinal pills, then they would have probably be unable to persist halfway through the Comet Corridor.

But even then, exhaustion was unavoidable.

Since it was already like that for Ling Qingwu and the others, the exhaustion Chen Xi and Gu Yueru felt from dealing with the restrictions was obvious. Because they weren’t exhausting their physical strength, and it was mostly their Heart Energy!

It was even to the extent that Gu Yueru frequently had no choice but to rely on the Heavenly Heart Circulation Divine Pill to replenish her Heart Energy. This was no different than quenching thirst with poison, yet for the sake of dealing with the restrictions, she had no other choice.

But later on, after Chen Xi found out about all of this, he immediately refused Gu Yueru’s assistance, and he asked her to watch from the side while he dealt with the restrictions by himself.

Gu Yueru was unable to best Chen Xi and could only accept this decision.

During this entire process, she finally realized that Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Talisman Dao wasn’t just slightly superior to her own, it was much more superior. It was even to the extent she suspected that Chen Xi already possessed attainments at the Talisman God Realm!

It wasn’t just that, Chen Xi’s Heart Energy was so formidable that it exceeded her imagination as well. Up until now, she actually didn’t notice a trace of unusual changes in Chen Xi’s aura!

Could it be that his Heart Energy cultivation has already attained the Heart Infant Realm?

Gu Yueru was shocked by this guess of her. However, when she thought about it carefully, she didn’t feel her guess was exaggerated. Because Chen Xi’s performance was too formidable, and it had long since exceeded the scope of a Saint Immortal.

But in next to no time, Gu Yueru couldn’t allow her thoughts to run wild any longer because Chen Xi had started to deal with the 2,901st restriction!

Her gaze instantly locked onto the restrictions that enveloped that meteor. She didn’t deduce the restriction and just observed the restriction diagram on it while intending to watch how Chen Xi dealt with it.

Since they joined forced with Chen Xi’s group, Gu Yueru had always been secretly observing Chen Xi’s technique in dealing with the restrictions, and his extraordinary attainments didn’t just make exclaim with admiration in her heart, she frequently had the feeling that she was suddenly enlightened and had her horizons broadened.

It could be said that merely observing Chen Xi’s technique all along the way was greatly beneficial to her, and she felt delighted from the inside out.

She was similarly infatuated with the Talisman Dao. Since she started cultivating, she’d been persisting on the path of the Talisman Dao, and up until now, the Talisman Dao had long since become a part of her life.

Because she was too infatuated with the Talisman Dao, her Master teased her with the nickname ‘Little Talisman Fanatic,’ and this nickname gradually became known to the entire academy.

A Supreme Talisman Formation Grandmaster like her naturally possessed the justification to be proud, and no matter where she went, she received countless gazes of admiration, respect, and adoration.

Yet now…

She was like an apprentice that had just stepped onto the path towards the Talisman Dao. She’d become serious, concentrated, and was deeply afraid of missing the chance to observe and learn any slightest detail in the Talisman Dao.

Surprise, delight, shock, and various other feelings frequently arose in her heart. She was simply like a little girl, and she didn’t possess the imposing aura of a student that was at the 2nd rank on the Heavenstar Saint Rankings at all.

Chen Xi didn’t realize at all that he’d unknowingly and imperceptibly subdued a Supreme Talisman Formation Grandmaster. However, all of this was clearly reflected in the eyes of Ling Qingwu and the others.

Ling Qingwu just puckered her lips when facing this, whereas Ye Tang was surprised in his heart. Isn’t the charm of Junior Brother Chen Xi a bit too formidable?

On the other hand, Nie Xingzhen and Zhongli Luo exchanged glances, and they sighed in their hearts. However, they had no choice but to feel admiration because since Chen Xi was able to make a prideful woman like Gu Yueru reveal a practically devoted appearance, it was obvious how shocking Chen Xi’s attainments in the Talisman Dao was.

Even if they lost completely this time, they really didn’t lose unjustly!


The restriction on the 2,901st meteor was eliminated, and then Chen Xi didn’t hesitate at all to lead all of them towards the next meteor before he started to deal with the next restriction.

On the other hand, Gu Yueru couldn’t help but ask in a low voice when she saw this. “Junior Brother Chen Xi, that restriction from before seemed to possess the fluctuation of the energy of the gods. How did you find the core of the restriction?”

Chen Xi was stunned. He turned around and saw Gu Yueru’s curious gaze, and then he smiled and didn’t conceal anything as he said, “That sort of restriction can already be called a Divine Talisman. It’s capable of linking up with the energy of the gods in the heavens and the earth. It’s indeed extremely difficult to deal with, yet it isn’t impossible…”

As he spoke, he explained the technique behind it to her.

Divine Talismans!

Gu Yueru’s heart shook when she finished listening to all of this, and she finally understood that Chen Xi’s attainments in the Talisman Dao had indeed attained the Talisman God Realm!

Because she’d once heard her Master say that the highest realm of restrictions in the Talisman Dao were Divine Talismans. Once they were set up, it was like it possessed the assistance of the gods, and it could link up with the energy of the gods in the heavens and the earth, allowing it to possess monstrous might that exceeded one’s imagination.

Besides that, all those that were capable of setting up Divine Talismans had attained the Talisman God Realm!

For example, Gu Yueru’s master, Bu Ping, was an existence that possessed attainments at the Talisman God Realm. So, Gu Yueru naturally deeply believed Bu Ping’s explanation.

So, this Junior Brother of mine has actually already attained such a level in the Talisman Dao…

Without her realizing it, Gu Yueru felt even more admiration towards Chen Xi in her heart.

Perhaps her cultivation was slightly deeper than Chen Xi, and her rankings on the Heavenstar Saint Rankings was extremely impressive, yet to her, all of this wasn’t as important as the Talisman Dao.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was able to surpass her in the Talisman Dao, so how could she not respect and admire him?

After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi dealt with another restriction. Gu Yueru seemed to have made some sort of decision, and she seized this opportunity to gaze at Chen Xi with slight anticipation as she said, “Junior Brother Chen Xi, I heard you established the Star Alliance? I wonder if I can join it?”

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly shocked Ling Qingwu and the others. They seemed to have never imagined that Gu Yueru would make such a decision at this moment.

“Senior Sister, is it because you intend to spar in the Talisman Dao with me?” Chen Xi was stunned, and then he asked with a smile.

“It can’t be considered as a spar, it’s learning.” Gu Yueru spoke truthfully.

Chen Xi felt slightly overwhelmed by this unexpected favor, and he said with a smile, “Senior Sister, you’re making things difficult for me. If you’re willing, you can come look for me at the Sword Room at any time, and we can have an exchange of our experiences in the Talisman Dao. Is there any need for you to join the Star Alliance?”

Gu Yueru said with slight disappointment, “So in this way, you refuse?”

Chen Xi hurriedly said, “How would I dare? Junior Brother welcomes Senior Sister Gu to join the Star Alliance at all times!”

What a joke. He was only too anxious for an existence like Gu Yueru who was at the 2nd rank on the Heavenstar Saint Ranking and was a Supreme Talisman Formation Grandmaster as well to join the Star Alliance. So how could he possibly refuse her?”

Gu Yueru instantly smiled brilliantly and beautifully. “Then it’s decided.”

As she looked at Gu Yueru getting happy to such an extent, Ling Qingwu and the others revealed disbelief on their faces. She took the initiative to join yet she’s happy to such an extent? Her actions are simply impossible to understand.

Of course, through this incident, they had a clearer understanding of how infatuated Gu Yueru was with the Talisman Dao. For the sake of possessing a chance to learn, she could even put down her pride. In the entire Dao Emperor Academy, could any other student possess such an attitude towards seeking the Dao?


Over a thousand comets covered the sky and shot down, and they drew out numerous gorgeous and dazzling glows while emanating powerful imposing auras. It was an extremely shocking sight, and it instantly shocked Ling Qingwu and the others to the point of not daring to allow their thoughts to run wild any longer.

On the other hand, Chen Xi started to continue dealing with the restrictions.

Indeed, it was like Gu Yueru had said. All the restrictions on the final hundred meteors in the Comet Corridor were filled with the might of true Divine Talismans.

With his current attainments in the Talisman Dao, he was merely able to deal with the grand, mysterious, and supreme energy of the gods, and he wasn’t able to take control of it.

This was all thanks to the fact that since he stepped onto the path of cultivation, Ji Yu had allowed him to come into contact with the various profundities within Divine Talismans of the five elements via the technique to refine the Talisman Armament. Besides the energy of the gods possessed by Divine Talismans, he already possessed a clear understanding of everything else like the markings, pathways, and formation diagrams within Divine Talismans.

The Divine Talismans of the five elements were the foundation of all Divine Talismans. Coupled with the fact that he’d ceaselessly come into contact with various talisman formation diagrams and Divine Talismans while he was at the Grand Deduction Tower in the Talisman Dimension, it allowed him to be extremely familiar with existences like Divine Talismans. Even though he couldn’t be said to have obtained mastery over them, if he were to only break them open, then he was still capable of accomplishing it. However, it was just slightly troublesome.

Because the energy of the gods within the Divine Talismans wasn’t so easy to deduce and deal with.

Of course, if he was able to take control of the energy of the gods within it, then it would be even easier for him to break these restrictions open, and he wouldn’t have to spend the time for an incense stick to burn in order to deal with a single restriction like he was doing right now.

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