Chapter 1390 – There’s A Show To Watch Now

When they arrived at the 753rd meteor, Chen Xi’s speed had finally slowed down, and it just happened to be a hundred meteors away from their previous position.

“How long did it take?”

“35 breaths of time!”

At this moment, Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang finally slightly recovered from their shock, and when they counter it carefully, they noticed that they’d merely utilized a short period of 35 breaths of time to overcome the restrictions on these hundred meteors.

In other words, during these 35 breaths of time, Chen Xi hadn’t just led them to deal with a hundred formidable restrictions, they even traversed hundred meteors.

This was naturally shocking.

After all, their speed of advancement wasn’t this fast even when they’d just step foot onto the Comet Corridor, and this was already after the 600th meteor, so the might of the restriction was countless times more formidable than it was before. So, who could have imagined that Chen Xi’s speed would attain such a level?

To Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang, everything that occurred in this short period of 35 breaths of time was simply like a dream.

However, before they could wake up from this dream, Chen Xi moved once more!

Moreover, it was still at this sort of speed!

Both of them were completely shocked speechless.

What’s going on?

Could it be that Chen Xi had always been holding back?

Ling Qingwu even wondered if Chen Xi had done this intentionally in order to make her join the Star Alliance, otherwise, why didn’t he deal with the restrictions earlier at this speed?

This fellow really is too scheming!

But in next to no time, when they arrived at the 1,389th meteor, Chen Xi’s speed slowed down completely.

This caused Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang who’d been enjoying running all the way to be slightly unable to adapt to this.

“Why aren’t you continuing on?” Ling Qingwu couldn’t help but encourage him. “You’re only around six hundred meteors away from catching up to them. Double up on your efforts, Junior Brother Chen Xi.”

Chen Xi instantly laughed bitterly, and he swiftly studied the next restriction while he answered. “It was so quick earlier because I’d always been diverting my attention to deduce the restrictions on the meteors while Senior Brother Ye Tang was breaking through, and I obtained a good grasp of them since a long time ago. So, it was naturally easy to deal with them, but that isn’t the case now.”

When they heard this, Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang finally came to an understanding. It turned out that all of this was the outcome of Chen Xi’s ceaseless deduction during these past three days, and with such an explanation, all of this seemed to be very normal.

However, it was only comparatively normal. After all, who could protect Ye Tang while diverting their attention to deduce the method to deal with numerous restrictions like Chen Xi had?

Moreover, who could successfully deduce the method to deal with over eight hundred restrictions on these meteors within three days of time?

After all, there was a distance of over 1,300 meteors between them and Nie Xingzhen’s group. Yet now, in a short period of less than ten minutes, the gap had been instantly shortened by over six hundred meteors. This could absolutely be called a miracle!

“Isn’t… isn’t their speed a bit too fast?” At the 1,977th meteor on the Comet Corridor, Zhongli Luo’s pupils couldn’t help but constrict when he saw Chen Xi’s group advance without end as if they were running, and he gasped while he revealed a slightly dumbstruck expression.

“This…is slightly unusual indeed…” Nie Xingzhen was flabbergasted as well.

It was too swift!

Chen Xi’s group had traversed through eight hundred plus meteors in a short while, and if Chen Xi’s group didn’t finally stop advancing at this moment, their confidence would have almost collapsed from their shock.

Because if Chen Xi’s group continued on at this shocking speed, then the three of them could just directly withdraw from here because there would be utterly no need to compete with Chen Xi’s group any longer!

“That Junior Brother Chen Xi of ours is formidable indeed. In these three days of time, he was definitely deducing the method to deal with the restrictions at all times, otherwise, it would be absolutely impossible for him to accomplish this.” Gu Yueru who was at the front of the group spoke abruptly, and she revealed the secret behind everything as soon as she spoke. “However, even then, his attainments in the Talisman Dao are extremely shocking, and even I’m slightly unable to see through him. But he’s absolutely not inferior to me, and it’s even to the extent that…he might even be slightly superior to me.” When they heard this, at the same time that they heaved sighs of relief in their hearts, Nie Xingzhen and Zhongli Luo couldn’t help but be shocked in their hearts. Gu Yueru is actually unable to see through Chen Xi’s attainments in the Talisman Dao? And it’s even to the extent that he might be slightly superior to her?

A wisp of a heavy feeling couldn’t help but surge into their hearts.

Presently, Ye Tang had advanced into the Saint Immortal Realm while Chen Xi revealed shocking attainments in the Talisman Dao. All of this caused them to feel pressured once more.

“There’s no need to worry. We’re far ahead of them after all.” Gu Yueru smiled. As she spoke, she actually consumed another Heavenly Heart Circulation Divine Pill. “Senior Brother Nie and Junior Brother Zhongli, don’t divert your attention and pay attention to them any longer from now onwards. Let’s give it our all to move forward. I have a feeling that if we still don’t make the best use of our time, then the situation will probably be more and more disadvantageous to us…”

Nie Xingzhen and Zhongli Luo were shocked in their hearts, and then both of them didn’t dare get distracted any longer.

Time flowed by slowly.

Chen Xi’s group and Nie Xingzhen’s group both exerted all their might as they launched a silent competition amongst their groups on the Comet Corridor.

Comparatively speaking, Chen Xi’s group’s speed was slightly faster, and they ceaselessly closed the distance between them and Nie Xingzhen’s group. This caused Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang to be rather excited, and it caused their spirits to soar while they grew more and more courageous as they fought.

On the other hand, when Nie Xingzhen’s group sensed that Chen Xi’s group was gradually and ceaselessly closing the distance between them, their hearts couldn’t help but slowly feel heavy.

Only Gu Yueru was concentrated on the restrictions and became completely oblivious to everything. But even then, she was extremely clearly aware in her heart that with Chen Xi’s ability, Chen Xi’s group had probably started to chase towards them, and this caused her to bear a great deal of pressure in her heart.

Under such circumstances, she didn’t dare divert her attention at all.

Two days later, merely less than a hundred meteors remained between Chen Xi’s group and Nie Xingzhen’s group!

In other words, during these two days of time, Chen Xi’s group shortened the distance between their two groups by over two hundred meteors on average every single day. This was absolutely a number that could shock anyone.

Because this number meant that Chen Xi’s attainment in the Talisman Dao was really more formidable than Gu Yueru!

“Dammit! These fellows are simply like ghosts that won’t go away!” At this moment, Zhongli Luo couldn’t help but mutter in a low voice, and the space between his brows was filled with depression.

“Shut up! Don’t disturb Junior Sister Gu!” Nie Xingzhen glared at him.

Nie Xingzhen’s heart felt extremely heavy as well because he felt extraordinarily pressured. It wasn’t just that, as they moved further through the Comet Corridor, Gu Yueru’s speed grew slower and slower. Even though this sort of change was extremely subtle and practically imperceptible, when it accumulated to a certain extent, it could be clearly distinguished.

Moreover, as they moved further through the Comet Corridor, the comets that descended without end from the starry sky grew denser and stronger, causing it to be extremely strenuous for them now, and they could only rely on ceaselessly consuming immortal pills to replenish their Immortal Force that was being consumed rapidly.

“Big Brother Nie, what if…what if they really catch up to us. What should we do?” Zhongli Luo asked abruptly.

Nie Xingzhen was stunned before he didn’t know how to answer this question as well. In the end, he waved his hand in an irritated manner and said, “Cut the crap. We’ll speak about it when they catch up to us!”

Zhongli Luo’s brows knit together tightly, and he said ferociously, “If such a thing really happens, then I won’t allow them to surpass us so easily!”

Nie Xingzhen’s heart jerked before he said with a stern voice, “Junior Brother Zhongli, don’t act rashly! Don’t forget everything that occurs here won’t be able to escape Senior Hua Jiankong’s eyes!”

Zhongli Luo puckered his lips and went silent, yet he said in his heart, The academy didn’t rule that it’s prohibited for us to fight here? Since it’s a competition, then isn’t it fine so long as we don’t injure them?

At the same time, Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang were talking with each other as well.

“Junior Brother Ye Tang, do you think they’ll make a move against us when we catch up to them?” asked Ling Qingwu.

Ye Tang was obviously stunned, and then he shook his head and said with a smile, “They probably wouldn’t. We’re from the same academy after all, and this sort of competition is far from requiring battle to resolve.”

Ling Qingwu grunted before she said, “That might not necessarily be the case. It’s the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, who wouldn’t want to obtain it? For the sake of such an inheritance, they would definitely not be willing to allow us to surpass them.”

Ye Tang smiled. “Senior Sister, could it be that you think they’ll definitely make a move to obstruct us?”

Ling Qingwu nodded. “We have no choice but to take precautions against this.”

Another two days passed.

No matter how unwilling Nie Xingzhen and the others were, they had to admit that Chen Xi’s group would surpass them soon!

At this moment, they were located on the 2,630th meteor, whereas, Chen Xi’s group had already arrived on the 2,595th meteor. There were only 35 meteors between their groups!

At such a distance, they could even forget voice transmissions and directly converse with each other.

No matter how he controlled his feelings, a wisp of gloominess couldn’t help but appear on Nie Xingzhen’s face, and Zhongli Luo’s face was already extremely gloomy.

As for Gu Yueru, she was still concentrated on the restriction before her without being distracted at all. Since she was able to possess such a disposition, she definitely deserved her reputation of possessing attainments of a Supreme Talisman Formation Grandmaster in the Talisman Dao.

“Get ready for battle. It looks to me like that fellow’s expression is slightly hostile.” Ling Qingwu glanced at Zhongli Luo before she sent a voice transmission to Ye Tang.

Ye Tang nodded imperceptibly as he’d similarly noticed this scene as well.

As for Chen Xi, just like Gu Yueru, he was concentrated on dealing with the restriction before him without being distracted at all.

So he’d completely not noticed that the atmosphere in the surroundings had suddenly become deathly silent and much more oppressive. It was filled with a confrontational aura.

“There’s a good show to watch now!” Outside the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, Hua Jiankong spoke abruptly, and a wisp of a playful arc appeared on the corners of his mouth that were usually indifferent and icy cold.

The spirits of Wang Daolu and Zuoqiu Taiwu were refreshed when they heard this, and they asked about it successively. When they found out that Chen Xi’s group was only thirty plus meteors away from catching up to Nie Xingzhen’s group, both of them couldn’t help but exclaim with shock.

“The show doesn’t end there. Perhaps…a battle might even erupt between them!” Hua Jiankong spoke in alight voice, and this single sentence drew the attention of all the seniors that were present in the surroundings. A battle? That’s really interesting!

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