Chapter 139 – Go Prison 3,000 Slashes

Chapter 139 – Go Prison 3,000 Slashes

The instant Chen Xi made a move, it was with the second level of the Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation that was formed from 64 flying swords, and its might was so formidable that it was able to cause Golden Core Realm cultivators to feel fear. Moreover, the Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation was famous for its extremely swift speed, and when combined with the Wind Dao Insight that Chen Xi had comprehended, its speed was no different to a flowing light or a flying rainbow.

This strike could be said to have a might like a thunderclap, and its speed was swift like a bolt of lightning!

Those ten plus Su Clan disciples entirely didn’t have the time to avoid it before being killed on the spot, and this sudden scene instantly shocked everyone present, causing a trace of sluggishness to appear in their movements.

This was exactly the outcome that Chen Xi wanted. This charge to save them wasn’t a rash action, but was instead because he saw the Su Clan disciples had broken through the line of defense of Fei Lengcui’s group of seven, and all of them roared as they prepared to get their share of spoils, causing them to have no time to attend to their rear. Thus, he used this to take them by surprise.

Relying on this opportunity, he was like a fierce tiger that sprang down from the top of the mountain, aiming onto his prey before moving out brazenly. The eight Netherezim Flying Sword were sharp, swift, and fierce, they contained the piercingly cold energy of ice from his cultivation technique, and when combined with the profound and swift Divine Windwing Flight, he was simply like a sharp light that was exceedingly swift and all-conquering as he slaughtered the crowd of people in all directions.

Swish! Swish!

Chen Xi attacked resolutely and ruthlessly, every strike taking a life without showing the slightest mercy. The eight Netherezim Baleful Swords twisted and shot out, and a few people present would lose their lives.

Just within this simple instant, another ten plus disciples of the Su Clan were killed, and this was still because Chen Xi was avoiding wasting his True Essence and was unwilling to utilize the second level of the Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation any longer. If he were to execute it with his entire strength, then a single strike would probably kill even more Su Clan disciples.

When the nearby Su Jiao saw Chen Xi make an appearance, she was first delighted. However, when she saw Chen Xi kill over 10 Su Clan disciples with a single strike, rage arose in her heart, and when she saw Chen Xi’s momentum was like an unleashed torrent that made a clean sweep of everything before it, she didn’t dare dally and shouted out loudly. “Don’t get entangled in battle with him! Retreat and set up the formation!”

The Su Clan disciples had been attacked by Chen Xi to the point they were bewildered since long ago, and when they heard this, it was as if they were jolted awake from a dream. They resolutely abandoned the enemy by their sides and retreated explosively to converge at Su Jiao’s location.

How could Chen Xi watch idly by as they flee? Not to mention that once Su Jiao successfully set up the formation, the situation that he opened up with great difficulty would become non-existent, the situation would instantly become extremely dangerous. His figure instantly swayed, following them like a shadow as the eight Netherezim Flying Swords interweaved into a large net that moved to stop them from another side.

Regretfully, the Su Clan disciples had recovered from their earlier shock, and Su Jiao’s loud shout had allowed them to find a pillar to rely on. They retreated as they resisted him, and under the price of losing two clansmen, they finally converged together with Su Jiao.

At this moment, due to Chen Xi’s appearance, Su Jiao’s side had called off the attack towards Chen Hao as well, and the two forces combined to quickly form a new grand formation that trapped Chen Xi, Chen Hao, and Fei Lengcui’s group of seven in the center once more.

Chen Xi knew that he’d already lost the opportunity to swift annihilate his enemies. He didn’t continue chasing after them and instead looked towards Fei Lengcui’s group of seven and cupped his hand as he said, “Earlier, thank you for not abandoning my younger brother, Chen Xi is boundlessly grateful. I’ll surely give all of you great reward as thanks in the future.”

When Chen Xi’s words entered into the ears of Fei Lengcui’s group of seven, it caused them to heave a sigh of relief, and they knew that they’d temporarily escaped the misfortune of being killed.

But when they saw the grand formation jointly formed by the surrounding Su Clan disciples almost completely taking form, their hearts were instantly in their throats once again, and their expressions were heavy.

“Brother!” Chen Hao walked over as he wiped the sweat off his forehead, and he said happily, “I knew you would come.”

“Don’t fight so desperately in the future. If you can’t win, then run. There’s nothing to be ashamed of,” said Chen Xi with a low voice. Earlier, when he saw Chen Hao’s desperate and unyielding appearance, he was indeed shocked, and he was extremely worried that if Chen Hao encountered an enemy that couldn’t be defeated in the future, then Chen Hao would only lose his life if he continued acting in this way.

“Oh.” Chen Hao lowered his head and replied with a low voice. Obviously, he didn’t really agree with Chen Xi’s views.

With great enemies before them, Chen Xi knew that this wasn’t the time to teach Chen Hao a lesson, and he could only sigh in his heart and say no more.

“You’re Chen Xi? The expert that killed six Golden Hall Realm and one Golden Core Realm cultivators of the Su Clan?” Fei Lengcui looked at Chen Xi with a bright gaze, and she seemed as if she’d found a new continent and was filled with curiosity.

The other people behind Fei Lengcui were like this as well. The gazes they shot at Chen Xi carried a trace of an unusual hue, seeming to be unable to believe that the youth with a reputation that was like the midday sun was the fellow before their eyes.

“Let’s first deal with the situation before us, alright?” Chen Xi avoided making a reply, and he shot his gaze towards the distant Su Jiao.

“Alright.” Fei Lengcui and the others knew that this wasn’t the time to chat, and they stopped saying anything further right away before looking towards the surrounding Su Clan disciples.

At this moment, under Su Jiao’s direction, besides the 20 plus people that were killed by Chen Xi, the remaining 108 Su Clan disciples had once again formed a grand formation. Three people forming a circle, three circles forming a ring, three rings forming a group, and ring piled upon ring, and they were like numerous spindrifts that encircled the surroundings according to a strange positioning.

The instant the grand formation was formed, a tremendous pressure instantly assaulted them from all directions, causing them to feel oppressed to the extreme, and it was as if they were within a prison.

“This is the Su Clan’s Triwater Go Prison Formation, one produces two, two produces three, and three produces all things. Moreover, it’s formed based on the composition of a Go game, secretly containing the intention to encircle and annihilate. Besides that, the strength of every single person is able to be converged onto a single person, and so long as one of them suffers an attack, the attack would be jointly mitigated by all of them. It’s extremely formidable.” Fei Lengcui obviously understood the grand formation before them extremely, and she quickly explained.

“It’s formidable indeed.” Chen Xi nodded. The strength of 108 Violet Palace Realm cultivators were superimposed together, and its might was easily imaginable, it was virtually able to annihilate Golden Core Realm cultivators.

“Brother, what should we do?” Chen Hao asked.

“Kill our way out, moreover, we have to be fast!” Chen Xi spoke without hesitation. While dashing all the way here, a huge number of cultivators were following behind him, and most of them were disciples of the Starnet Palace, Myriadcloud Institution, and Cang Clan. Based on the time that has passed, they would soon hurry over here, and once they were allowed to converge with the members of the Su Clan, the consequences would be unimaginable.

So, only by seizing this moment now to press on and kill their way out without letting up would they have a chance at survival.

Of course, when they had no alternative, they could crush the Transportation Talisman and leave. But who would be willing to do so? This was merely the first layer of the pagoda, and if they were to be forced to leave at this moment, there probably would be no one that was willing to accept that outcome.

“Since it’s like this, we’ll listen to Fellow Daoist Chen Xi’s instructions and act together,” Fei Lengcui said decisively.

“Alright, I’ll take the lead, all of you follow behind me.” Chen Xi wasn’t an indecisive person, he instantly flew out to flash towards the distance, and his objective was surprisingly the location of Su Jiao.

Destroy the leader and the army will collapse, and it’s also able to take the opponents by surprise. Chen Hao’s older brother isn’t simple. Fei Lengcui nodded to herself, and he brought along the other disciples to follow behind Chen Xi.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

64 flying swords swiftly floated around Chen Xi, every eight swords forming a minor sword formation, eight minor sword formations forming a grand sword formation, and under the lead of the eight Netherezim Flying Swords, the grand formation abruptly emitted a shocking aura of slaughter that was piercingly cold, seeming to be a group of experienced veterans that were accumulating force while waiting to be deployed, yearning to drink their fill of fresh blood!


His Sword Insight was like a tide that emitted clear roars like a dragon, and pure and ghastly sword energy shot into the sky. The surrounding people instantly felt suffocated, and they felt as if their soul and skin was faintly aching from being cut by the sword energy that effused out into the air.

How formidable!

He’s actually able to control 64 top-grade yellow-rank flying swords, moreover, the formation formed by them contains powerful Wind Dao Insight. How did he achieve it?

Fei Lengcui’s cultivation in the Martial Dao was faintly about to breakthrough to the Dao Territory Stage, and she had extremely discerning eyesight. Thus, she’d discerned the might of Chen Xi’s sword formation with a single glance.

“Oblivion wind as the surface, flowing light as the foundation, the eight poles remain unmoving, transform into one!” Along with Chen Xi’s voice, the 64 flying swords that formed the Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Transformation transformed into a profound Sword Insight diagram that shot straight at Su Jiao.

Line after line of enormous trenches was torn open on the hard rock ground everywhere the sword formation passed, and the surrounding space seemed to be crying mournfully with uneasiness, emitting a sad droning sound.

“I knew that you’d choose me. Unfortunately, no matter how formidable your sword formation is, you’re dead for sure today!” A trace of cold and grim killing intent appeared in Su Jiao’s eyes as she formed seals with her right hand, and then she shouted coldly. “Go Prison, 3,000 Slashes!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Strong True Essence abruptly gushed out from the bodies of the 108 disciples, and it was transmitted to another in the distance by a special method. In the end, it converged onto the tip of Su Jiao’s finger, condensing into a ball of black and white light, Yin on one side, Yang on the other, and it revolved endlessly, seeming to clearly be the black and white of Go. The space surrounding the ball of light seemed to be unable to endure this energy of destruction, and it shattered inch by inch before collapsing, causing a chaotic vortex with black and white intersecting each other to undulate out.

Su Jiao flicked her finger!

In the heaven and earth, 3,000 black and white True Essence airflows that were distinct abruptly appeared, and they transformed into peerlessly fierce strands of sharp lights that were fine like threads as they slashed down.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sounds of collision that was dense like drumbeats sound out, it was like lightning striking endlessly, and it was thunderous to the ear. The sword formation formed by the 64 flying swords swayed intensely, and it was faintly on the brink of collapse.

What a terrifying strength! Chen Xi’s face was cold as he circulated the True Essence in his body with all his might, and he didn’t hold back any longer. His full force pouring of True Essence into the 64 flying swords caused them to stabilize once more, yet they were in a deadlock with the 3,000 True Essence airflows that were a distinct black and white, and they had no strength left to fight the enemy.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, I’ll lend you a hand! Thousand Leagues of Sealing Ice!” The Azureviolet Dualblades in Fei Lengcui’s hands gave rise to waves of ferocious and raging azure and violet energy, and then it condensed into glittering and translucent ice crystals that covered the sky as they sprayed out. The heaven and earth instantly went extremely cold, and it was as if everyone had entered a place of extreme cold that couldn’t be encountered in a long time.

“In the lofty heaven and earth, only my sword is righteous!” Chen Hao shouted out loudly as the sword in his left hand stabbed out simply, and a mighty Sword Insight that couldn’t be withstood brought along a tremendous force that caused the world to go dim as it surged out.

The other disciples understood as well that they’d arrived at the critical moment, and all of them exerted themselves to the utmost. For a time, various types of energies flew through the sky and gushed out like dragons and wyrms, causing the space to become chaotic and causing the heaven and earth to tremble, and it carried along an extremely terrifying imposing energy.


Under the full forced attacks of Chen Xi and the others, those 3,000 True Essence sharp lights that were a distinct black and white shattered inch by inch, transforming into a roiling and violent airflow that blasted towards the surroundings, and the ground in an area of 50 kms surrounding them was blasted to the point the ground was scorched and overturned, causing bits of shattered rocks to spatter out.

“It’s useless, no matter how you struggle. This is only the attack of the Triwater Go Prison with the weakest might, yet it’s already so strenuous for all of you to withstand it. Chen Xi, how will you and your brother flee now?” Su Jiao said coldly, “It’s useless even if the two of you crush your Transportation Talismans. You can try it if you don’t believe me.”

“You’ve tampered with the Transportation Talismans?” Chen Xi’s heart sank, and his expression was already icy cold to the extreme. Since Su Jiao spoke with such certainty, how could he possibly be unable to guess that the Transportation Talisman had been tampered with?

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