Chapter 1389 – Chen Xi’s Invitation

Up until the point they arrived at the 653rd meteor, Ye Tang suffered a terrifying impact, causing him to almost fall of the meteor.

At the critical moment, it was Chen Xi who’d suddenly steadied himself and held onto Ye Tang, allowing Ye Tang to avoid disaster.


When he saw such a scene, Chen Xi instantly understood everything, and the Violetsky Immortal Sword appeared in his hand before he slashed through the air, causing an enormous and brilliant strand of sword qi to slash out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A wave of rumbling explosions resounded in the starry sky. All the comets that assaulted them without end were completely slashed into two before shattering into nothingness, causing a short period of emptiness to appear in the starry sky.

The strength of this strike instantly caused Ling Qingwu’s eyes to narrow. She’d never imagined at all that besides a formidable cultivation in the Talisman Dao, Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Sword Dao would have actually attained such a state.

Actually, she wasn’t aware that Chen Xi would absolutely be unable to accomplish this when he’d just arrived at the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, yet now, he wasn’t the same any longer.

Firstly, after he overcame the Eternal Tomb of...

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