Chapter 1388 – Heavenly Heart Circulation Divine Pill

The starry sky burned like flames and surged like an ocean.

On the Comet Corridor that lay across the ocean of flames, Chen Xi’s group of three advanced step by step. In their surroundings, comets that shot down towards them were being ceaselessly struck down and shattered into powder. They erupted with a myriad of strands of dazzling radiance that poured down like rain, and it was a rather gorgeous sight.

Chen Xi remained completely indifferent towards all of this.

His mind and heart were completely concentrated on the restrictions, and he was fully concentrated and meticulous. His entire body emanated a solemn, composed, and deep bearing.

Since his youth until now, the Talisman Dao had seeped into Chen Xi’s bones and become a part of his life. No matter if it was learning to craft talismans since his youth or starting to come into contact with the true Talisman Dao after obtaining the Manor, those talisman markings, pathways, talisman formation diagrams, Divine Talismans… They affected his path towards the Dao at all times.

Crafting Divine Talismans, reconstructing the Blackhole World within his body, travelling through the Talisman Dimension… Then he entered the Immortal Dimension, crafted the 1st of the Seven Forbidden Talismans, obtained the inheritance of the Infinite Divine Talisman, cultivated various supreme inheritances of the Sword Dao…

All of these experiences were related to the Talisman Dao.

It was even to the extent that his ability of deduction in the Talisman Dao had unknowingly affected Chen Xi’s understanding of the entire three dimensions, and it could be said to carry profound meaning.

Most importantly, the Talisman Dao was a supreme inheritance of the Oracle Mountain!

It could be said that even though Chen Xi was only at the Saint Immortal Realm now, his attainments in the Talisman Dao were something that even most seniors in Dao Emperor Academy were unable to rival!

This was a sort of natural talent, a sort of force of inheritance, and it was the Grand Dao that Chen Xi had always been pursuing.

If it wasn’t for that, how could he have possibly decided to establish a Talisman Saint Dao of his own without even thinking about it and not establish other Saint Daos like the Sword Saint Dao or Five Element Saint Dao?

It was precisely because he possessed these attainments in the Talisman Dao that surpassed the ordinary and could even be considered as unprecedented, Chen Xi was so composed, calm, and confident when facing the restrictions on the Comet Corridor.

Because when he faced these restrictions, it was like he was a locksmith that was opening lock after lock, a mechanism expert that was dealing with mechanism after mechanism, an arithmetical expert that was solving problem after problem… It couldn’t be considered to be very difficult.

At the very least, the restrictions that he’d encountered up until now were unable to cause Chen Xi to feel that it was difficult to deal with.

The 200th meteor.

The 300th meteor.

The 400th meteor.

Along with the passage of time, their group advanced without end, and they very rarely had time to stop. If it could be described in a few words, then they advanced without difficulty like a hot knife cutting through butter.

During this entire process, they obtained a reward of Saint Dao Aura over and over again.

Especially when they broke through the restrictions on the 500th meteor, Chen Xi had completely fused the Tempest Divine Crest into his Talisman Saint Dao!

This sort of efficiency could simply be described as heaven defying.

After all, Chen Xi had cultivated behind closed doors for over a year in the world of stars, yet he’d merely fused around 90% of the Five Element Divine Crest. Now, only less than six hours had passed, yet he hadn’t just completely fused the Five Element Divine Crest but had even fused the Tempest Divine Crest as well!

This sort of efficiency was something that Chen Xi didn’t even dare think about in the past.

However, at this moment, he obviously didn’t have the time to feel excited and happy. From the beginning until now, his mind and heart were fully concentrated on the restrictions that enveloped the meteors.

“Not bad, if they continue advancing according to this speed, then they’ll be able to catch up to Nie Xingzhen’s group in less than half a day…” Outside the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, bolts of electricity flowed within Hua Jiankong’s eyes as they blinked, and he quickly explained everything that occurred on the Comet Corridor to Zuoqiu Taiwu and Wang Daolu.

Especially when they heard that Chen Xi’s group had arrived on the 500th meteor within six hours of time, all the seniors couldn’t help but feel a wisp of shock.

This kid is simply heaven defying!

Compared to them, no one showed any interest to Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Ao Zhanbei.

The reason was very simple. The place where the Dao Emperor’s inheritance was buried carried extraordinary meaning to Hua Jiankong and these seniors. Especially the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, it was related to too many things within the academy, so they had no choice but to pay attention to it.

“Big Brother Nie, Look! They’re actually approaching us so quickly!” At the 1,413th meteor on the Comet Corridor, Zhongli Xun glanced inadvertently, and he was instantly shocked when he noticed Chen Xi’s group had actually arrived on the 500th meteor, causing him to speak swiftly.

“What?” Nie Xingzhen who was ceaselessly colliding head-on with comet after comet was shocked in his heart, and then he noticed this scene as well, causing his expression to instantly become heavy. “If I’m not wrong, then less than six hours have passed since they stepped onto the Comet Corridor until now, right?”

“It should be that amount of time.” Zhongli Luo frowned while he felt pressured because arriving on the 500th meteor within six hours of time was much quicker than their speed.

Even though there was still more than nine hundred meteors between their two groups, according to the speed Chen Xi’s group revealed, it wouldn’t take more than half a day for Chen Xi’s group to completely catch up to them!

This wasn’t something that Zhongli Luo was willing to see happen.

“Calm yourself. The restrictions on this Comet Corridor grows stronger the further one advances, and they absolutely won’t be able to maintain this level of speed.” Nie Xingzhen glanced at Gu Yueru who was dealing with the restriction ahead, and he consoled in a light voice.

Because he noticed that Gu Yueru’s pretty face was completely pale at this moment while a wisp of exhaustion in the space between her brows was utterly impossible to be concealed. Under such circumstances, he didn’t dare distract Gu Yueru because of this.

“It’s fine. I’ll definitely do my best.” However, Gu Yueru had noticed all of this a long time ago, and she smiled calmly before he filled her hand. Suddenly, a completely round and brilliant medicinal pill appeared on her palm, and then she swallowed it.

In merely the time of a few breaths, the exhaustion between her brows was completely wiped away, and her spirit was completely refreshed. Moreover, her pale beautiful face even revealed a wisp of rosiness.

“Junior Sister Gu, was that pill you consumed the Heavenly Heart Circulation Divine Pill?” When he noticed this, not only was Nie Xingzhen not happy, his brows knit together even more tightly instead.

According to his knowledge, this sort of medicinal pill did indeed possess boundless miraculous effects. It was capable of completely replenishing one’s exhausted Heart Energy within a short period of time, yet its side effects were extremely great as well. It didn’t just affect one’s cultivation in the Dao Heart, once the effects of the pill passed, one would fall completely unconscious, and it would take at least three months to a year before one could awaken.

“Don’t worry Senior Brother Nie, the Heavenly Heart Circulation Divine Pill in my possession is sufficient for me to persist until we leave the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds.” Gu Yueru smiled as she explained, and then she continued to immerse herself in dealing with the restrictions.

Nie Xingzhen sighed in his heart, yet he mostly felt moved. He was very clearly aware that Gu Yueru was naturally trying so hard for the sake of allowing them to obtain the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance.

But isn’t paying such a price too heavy…

“It’s all because of those three fellows. If they didn’t appear here, then how could it have come to this?” Zhongli Luo moved his bellyful of resentment and pressure onto Chen Xi and the others instead, and his words were filled with extreme displeasure and rage.

“Stop that! We’re all students of the academy, and there has always been a competitive relationship between us since we entered the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds. Junior Brother Zhongli, don’t speak such nonsense.” Nie Xingzhen frowned as he berated. He’d never looked down upon Chen Xi’s group, and it was even to the extent that he took them very seriously. After all, in the entire Dao Emperor Academy, not everyone could ascend into the ranks of the blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension, and not everyone could cause such a world shaking commotion after just entering the academy like Chen Xi had.

It was even to the extent that in his opinion, no matter if it was Ling Qingwu, Ye Tang, or Chen Xi, all of their future accomplishments were absolutely limitless, and it would be slightly not worth it to resent them because of the competition between their groups at this moment.

“Hmph!” Zhongli Luo grunted coldly, yet he was rather indifferent towards Nie Xingzhen’s words.

Nie Xingzhen was unable to continue advising Zhongli Luo anymore when faced with this, and he shook his head before paying no further attention to Zhongli Luo. After that, he started to concentrate on dealing with the comets that assaulted them without end.

After they arrived on the 500th meteor, Chen Xi’s speed of dealing with the restrictions had slowed down indeed. However, it was merely slower by around thirty breaths of time.

In other words, if they were said to be ceaselessly advancing step by step earlier, then the current situation was that they stopped for thirty breaths of time between every step forward.

However, even such a speed was sufficiently shocking. At the very least, when Nie Xingzhen’s group arrived here earlier, they were absolutely unable to maintain such a speed.

Moreover, from the beginning until the end, the consumption of Chen Xi’s Heart Energy wasn’t much, and it was even to the extent that it didn’t affect him at all.

The reason was that his cultivation in Heart Energy had already attained the Heart Infant Realm a long time ago, and it was a realm that only Immortal Kings could attain!

If merely Heart Energy was utilized as the standard for comparison, then Chen Xi was absolutely capable of crushing 99% of all Saint Immortals in the Immortal Dimension, and it wouldn’t be going too far to say that it was unprecedented.

Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang were already shocked to the point of becoming numb to this, and they stopped getting constantly shocked as they did before. They started to cooperate with Chen Xi and concentrate on dealing with the comets that constantly assaulted them from all directions.

However, after they arrived here, the pressure they felt from the comets that ceaselessly tore through the sky towards them grew stronger and stronger, and it was fine for Ling Qingwu, yet Ye Tang showed signs of being slightly unable to endure it.

Even if he could divert the force of the comets, when the strength of the comets became too strong, he couldn’t avoid suffering a certain amount of impact when he diverted them.

This caused his current expression to be extremely heavy while his breathing started to become slightly rapid, and his aura showed faint signs of falling into disorder.

Ling Qingwu acutely noticed the changed in Ye Tang’s aura, yet she didn’t say anything about it and directly used actions to help Ye Tang resist this pressure.

In other words, it could be said that Ling Qingwu took care of 70% of the comets that assaulted them, and Ye Tang only took care of the remaining 30%.

This caused Ye Tang to be rather thankful to Ling Qingwu. Who said that it isn’t easy to associate with Senior Sister Ling? She’s cold on the outside and warm on the inside!

However, this sort of situation didn’t go on for long.

When they arrived at the 600th meteor, Ling Qingwu felt a strand of heavy pressure as well. However, she still puckered her cherry lips and forcefully held on, and she was unwilling to disturb Chen Xi from dealing with the restrictions.

On the other hand, even though Ye Tang was merely resisting around 30% of the comets that assaulted them, as they advanced step by step onto meteors that lay higher in the starry sky, the might of the comets grew stronger and stronger. So even though the amount of them was few, it shook his to the point the vital blood in his entire body started roiling.

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