Chapter 1388 – Heavenly Heart Circulation Divine Pill

The starry sky burned like flames and surged like an ocean.

On the Comet Corridor that lay across the ocean of flames, Chen Xi’s group of three advanced step by step. In their surroundings, comets that shot down towards them were being ceaselessly struck down and shattered into powder. They erupted with a myriad of strands of dazzling radiance that poured down like rain, and it was a rather gorgeous sight.

Chen Xi remained completely indifferent towards all of this.

His mind and heart were completely concentrated on the restrictions, and he was fully concentrated and meticulous. His entire body emanated a solemn, composed, and deep bearing.

Since his youth until now, the Talisman Dao had seeped into Chen Xi’s bones and become a part of his life. No matter if it was learning to craft talismans since his youth or starting to come into contact with the true Talisman Dao after obtaining the Manor, those talisman markings, pathways, talisman formation diagrams, Divine Talismans… They affected his path towards the Dao at all times.

Crafting Divine Talismans, reconstructing the Blackhole World within his body, travelling through the Talisman Dimension… Then he entered the Immortal Dimension, crafted the 1st of the Seven Forbidden Talismans, obtained the inheritance of the Infinite Divine Talisman,...

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