Chapter 1386 – Comet Corridor

Ling Qingwu stared blankly at the Dao Platform before her, and she only recovered from her shock after a short moment. She said with surprise, “It really worked?”

She was fully concentrated on breaking open the restriction earlier that she’d only come to an understanding at this moment. Chen Xi’s guidance from before had actually pointed directly at its vulnerable point, allowing her to break open the restriction with a single strike.

When she thought of how she’d exhausted great efforts yet was unable to shake the restriction at all, and then compared it to the situation before her eyes, she couldn’t help but be extremely astonished in her heart.

Ye Tang glanced at Chen Xi with a strange gaze as well.

Chen Xi just smiled and didn’t say anything.

Earlier, he’d noticed that the restriction which enveloped the surroundings of this Dao Platform was indeed as Ling Qingwu said, it was filled with a strand of the aura of divinity. However, it was absolutely not impossible to break open.

Not to mention relying on the Eye of Divine Truth, merely his ability of deduction as a Supreme Talisman Formation Grandmaster was sufficient to accurately locate the core of this restriction.

After all, no matter how formidable this restriction was, it was obviously too inferior when compared to the Restrictions of the Gods that he’d seen in the God Attainment Region.

“Then why didn’t...

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