Chapter 1385 – Breaking Through The Restrictions

The formidable army formed a dense mass that covered the heavens and the earth like tidewater, and they revealed an extremely shocking impetus.

Ling Qingwu’s lone figure floated about as she moved through the vast army while her entire body was emanated divine radiance, and she seemed to be unstoppable and all-powerful.

She didn’t seem like she was in battle, and it seemed like she was taking an idle stroll through her own garden instead. Everywhere she passed, blood sprayed into the sky while corpses piled into hills, and she easily crushed open a path of blood and corpses.

This scene was extremely astounding.

Blood covered the heavens and the earth while a baleful aura surged through the surroundings, yet she was like a lotus of chaos. She was completely untainted by blood and dirt, and she seemed to be gorgeous and supreme.

When Chen Xi and Ye Tang arrived here, they witnessed such a scene. After that, the two of them exchanged glances and both noticed the surprise in each other’s eyes.

Yes, both of them had never imagined that Ling Qingwu would actually be so brilliant while fighting amidst an enormous army, and none were able to bear the brunt of her attacks. After all, it was an army of experts from the Immortal Dimension and Netherworld. Every single one of them possessed extremely formidable auras, and they were at least at the Golden...

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