Chapter 1385 – Breaking Through The Restrictions

The formidable army formed a dense mass that covered the heavens and the earth like tidewater, and they revealed an extremely shocking impetus.

Ling Qingwu’s lone figure floated about as she moved through the vast army while her entire body was emanated divine radiance, and she seemed to be unstoppable and all-powerful.

She didn’t seem like she was in battle, and it seemed like she was taking an idle stroll through her own garden instead. Everywhere she passed, blood sprayed into the sky while corpses piled into hills, and she easily crushed open a path of blood and corpses.

This scene was extremely astounding.

Blood covered the heavens and the earth while a baleful aura surged through the surroundings, yet she was like a lotus of chaos. She was completely untainted by blood and dirt, and she seemed to be gorgeous and supreme.

When Chen Xi and Ye Tang arrived here, they witnessed such a scene. After that, the two of them exchanged glances and both noticed the surprise in each other’s eyes.

Yes, both of them had never imagined that Ling Qingwu would actually be so brilliant while fighting amidst an enormous army, and none were able to bear the brunt of her attacks. After all, it was an army of experts from the Immortal Dimension and Netherworld. Every single one of them possessed extremely formidable auras, and they were at least at the Golden Immortal Realm while there was no lack of Saint Immortals.

But under such circumstances, they were still unable to do anything to Ling Qingwu, and this obviously showed how terrifying her strength was.

“Senior Sister Ling has definitely established a Saint Dao Law of her own.” Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought. He was similarly at the Saint Immortal Realm, so he was naturally able to discern with a single glance that every single move Ling Qingwu made was filled with the grand aura of the Saint Dao, causing her combat strength to become extremely formidable as well.

“Saint Dao Law? Right, Junior Brother Chen Xi, have you achieved that?” Ye Tang couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“I’m still very far away.” Chen Xi shook his head. Presently, he’d only fused around 90% of the Five Element Divine Crest, let alone establish his own Saint Dao Law. At the very least, it could only be accomplished after he completely fused all his Allheaven Divine Crests.

However, he was confident that if he was in Ling Qingwu’s place, then he would similarly be able to easily accomplish this. Because even though the army was enormous, their advantage in numbers was utterly unable to create any threat to him.

“What’re the both of you still standing there for? Get over here and help me out!” Suddenly, Ling Qingwu’s voice sounded out from afar, and it was cold, low, and carried a trace of a unique decisive tone.

Chen Xi and Ye Tang were stunned. Never had they imagined that with Ling Qingwu’s disposition, she would actually take the initiative to seek to cooperate with them. This had exceeded their expectations indeed.

“Since Senior Sister Ling intends to invite us, then Junior Brother will accept.” Ye Tang roared with laughter as he suddenly withdrew his green colored Immortal Blade, and then his figure flashed before he charged into the vast battlefield in the distance.

This fellow… Chen Xi puckered his lips as he couldn’t be considered to possess a good impression of Ling Qingwu, but he didn’t have a bad impression of her either. It was merely because it was too difficult to come into contact with her, so he’d taken the attitude of keeping his distance from her.

Yet he’d never expected that Ling Qingwu would take the initiative to invite them to cooperate with her at this moment.

Even though he felt it was slightly sudden, Chen Xi still flashed over and fought alongside her.

The number of troops in the army within this expanse of the heavens and the earth was too enormous indeed. They formed a dense mass that could never be completely annihilated. It couldn’t be considered to be deterring, but it was extremely troublesome.

“This is the first test of the Nether Immortal Bloodlands. In order to pass this test, we must find the exit, otherwise these enemies can’t be completely annihilated at all.” Ling Qingwu’s pretty brows knit together lightly. Obviously, this sort of situation before her eyes gave her a slight headache as well. The facts of the situation were indeed so. Since she entered this area of the Nether Immortal Bloodlands, she’d been constantly looking for the so-called ‘exit.’ However, up until now, she still hadn’t found it, and she could only kill continuously while searching without end…

If such a situation were to continue, then she would probably be stopped here as well, and it would be impossible for her to obtain the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance any longer.

Chen Xi and Ye Tang finally came to a sudden understanding when they heard Ling Qingwu’s explanation because such a situation wasn’t mentioned within the jade slip.

“Could it be that the exit is being concealed by some sort of restriction?” Ye Tang searched with a frown while sparing no effort to kill the enemies in the surroundings.

“That isn’t difficult at all. We’ll know after we give it a try.” Chen Xi smiled lightly instead before his figure flashed abruptly and rose into the sky. At this instant, strands of spatial fluctuation suddenly rumbled out from his body like a tide, and it swiftly spread towards the surroundings.


Intense fluctuations suddenly arose in every single inch of space in the heavens and the earth, and it fluctuated without end like a tide and emanated rumbling that sounded like thunderclaps.

One could clearly notice that the army within an area of 50,000km seemed as if they’d suddenly fallen into a swamp, and they ceaselessly struggled within the spatial tide yet were unable to struggle free from it. It was even to the extent that many of them were struck by the spatial energy to the point of perishing on the spot.

In an instant, blood flowed into rivers, and shrill howls resounded throughout the surroundings.

“The Spatial Laws!” Ling Qingwu’s beautiful eyes instantly opened wide while a wisp of shock couldn’t help but fill the space between her beautiful brows.

“Yes, Junior Brother Chen Xi had once revealed such ability during the Seven Academy Dao Discussion. However, I never expected that when compared to before, his grasp of the energy of space now has obviously improved greatly.” Ye Tang sighed with a smile on his face. Chen Xi’s improvement was truly too great, and it allowed him to deeply realize the gap between him and Chen Xi had unknowingly grown further and further apart.


Space fluctuated through the heavens and the earth, and it surged into a tide that rose and fell indeterminately.

The army fell completely into the spatial tide, causing their flesh and blood to collapse into pieces before spraying into the sky, and it dyed the heavens and the earth scarlet red.

However, every single time a troop perished, a new one would surge into appearance. So, no matter how many Chen Xi killed, he was doing it completely in vain.

However, Chen Xi’s objective wasn’t to kill them, and it was to search for the exit, so he wasn’t worried by this.


Not long after, a wave of strange fluctuations arose abruptly from afar, and it drew Chen Xi’s attention.

“There’s an obscure fluctuation of restrictions over there. So, the exit is definitely over there!” Chen Xi’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning as it swiftly locked onto a direction in the distance.

“I’ll go break it open. The two of you protect me!” Ling Qingwu’s figure flashed as she spoke, and she instantly flashed over through the air. Her decisive style could be said to lack even the slightest hesitation.

Chen Xi was stunned and said, “Senior Brother Ye Tang, has Senior Sister Ling always had such a decisive disposition?”

“Cut the crap, let’s go quickly.” Ye Tang cursed with a smile on his face.

The two of them immediately and hurriedly flashed over.

Om~ Om~

Circle after circle of obscure fluctuations of restrictions swept out through the blood colored ground like ripples.

At the center of the fluctuations was an ancient Dao Platform, and it was faintly visible in space. Earlier, there wasn’t a sign of this Dao Platform at all. Obviously, it was forced to reveal itself by Chen Xi’s ‘spatial tide.’

The Dao Platform wasn’t large, and it only covered an area of 30m, and its entire body emanated a desolate and ancient aura. It stood there all by itself, and it seemed to be extremely mysterious.

However, as soon as the Dao Platform appeared, the army that covered this expanse of the heavens and the earth seemed as if they’d been infuriated. They suddenly let out roars that shook the heavens and the earth, and the ground rumbled as they charged over.

The fearless attitudes they revealed as they charged seemed to be much more ferocious and terrifying than before.

Ling Qingwu was breaking apart the restrictions in the surroundings of the Dao Platform with all her might, so Chen Xi and Ye Tang didn’t dare hesitate upon noticing this. They stood on guard on her sides and killed their enemies without sparing any effort.

“Dammit! This restriction is filled with a strand of divinity. How could it possibly be something a Saint Immortal can break through?” After a short while, Ling Qingwu’s beautiful brows raised while a wisp of rage arose into her pretty eyes, and she couldn’t restrain herself from cursing. After that, she raised her palm and smashed it down ferociously upon the restriction. She actually intended to utilize brute force to break through the restriction.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a wave of speechlessness when he heard this. This Senior Sister of mine possesses such a tranquil and otherworldly bearing that makes her seem like a goddess beneath the moon. Yet who would have expected that not only is she decisive in action, her temper is actually so violent…

Ye Tang couldn’t help but ask. “Senior Sister Ling, do you need some help?”

“No!” Ling Qingwu’s tone was resolute and decisive to the extreme. As she spoke, she suddenly withdrew a large and ancient dark violet seal. It revolved as it soared into the sky and emanated a myriad of talisman markings that glowed violent, and it emanated a strand of a terrifying and powerful imposing aura.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In an instant, Ling Qingwu had withdrawn this seal and smashed it down onto the restriction over a hundred times. Every single time it smashed down, it was like a thunderclap had resounded through the heavens and the earth, causing the ground to quake while space shattered, and its impetus was rather astounding.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be astounded when he saw this. How violent! This Senior Sister of mine can be considered a woman that acts like a man, and she’d extremely heroic!

“The Heaven Destruction Seal! My god! I never expected that this seal would fall into Senior Sister Ling’s hands.” Ye Tang exclaimed with admiration. However, he was exclaiming with admiration towards the ancient dark violet colored seal that Ling Qingwu had withdrawn. It was an ancient Immortal Artifact that was equally famous to the Heaven Overturning Seal, the Heaven Hatred Seal, and the Heaven Incineration Seal. During the primeval times, it was renowned through the world.

So, that’s the Heaven Destruction Seal. In terms of might, it’s on par with the Heaven Hatred Seal in my possession… Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding. The Heaven Hatred Seal in his possession was taken from the students of Bitter Silence Academy.

He originally intended to return it to the Bitter Silence Academy after the Seven Academy Dao Discussion, yet never had he imagined that they’d obviously been infiltrated by the Sovereign Sect. So, Chen Xi naturally wouldn’t return the treasure to them.

“Dammit! Why isn’t it working?” After smashing the restriction for a long time, Ling Qingwu’s brows couldn’t help but knit together tightly upon noticing that the restriction didn’t move at all and showed no signs of damage. Coupled with her beautiful, tranquil, and mellow beauty, her current expression carried a heart shaking beauty of its own.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but guide her when he noticed this. “Senior Sister, why don’t you try striking 1m to the left of the space between the position of wind and water on the 36th layer of the restriction?”

He was speaking about how the formation was set-up within the restriction, so Ling Qingwu instantly understood upon hearing him, and then she couldn’t be bothered to think whether Chen Xi was right before raising the Heaven Destruction Seal and smashing it down fiercely.


A bang that shook the heavens resounded, and it was like a volcano had erupted. The restriction in the surroundings of the entire Dao Platform rumbled and shattered like glass, and it transformed into powder that vanished into nothingness.

Along with this restriction being destroyed, the figures of the entire powerful army that covered the heavens and the earth actually froze at the same moment. They seemed as if they’d been frozen on the spot, and then they transformed into strands of blood colored mist that swiftly drifted through the heavens and the earth.

In an instant, only the three of them and the lone Dao Platform remained within this open and boundless blood red expanse of the heavens and the earth. The atmosphere became deathly silent as the army and sounds of battle that shook the world and the sea of blood and mountains of corpses had vanished completely… Only the howls of the wind resounded through the air.

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