Chapter 1384 – Nether Immortal Region

When Chen Xi overcame the tomb of the Sword Exalt, there were similarly some students that were teleported out of the Eternal Tomb of Kings.

It was Ji Xuanbing, Ao Zhanbei, and Zhao Mengli.

The three of them had been teleported out at practically the exact same moment. So, when they saw the other two, all of them smiled bitterly at each other.

Yes, they’d failed, and they were unable to defeat their opponents within 1,000 trials.

“Isn’t this Eternal Tomb of Kings too terrifying? My opponent was a senior of the Phoenix Clan. Even though her strength was suppressed to the Saint Immortal Realm, it was utterly impossible for me to be a match for her.”

Zhao Mengli still felt a lingering fear in her heart even until now. Because being successively ‘killed’ a thousand times was no different than experiencing the cycle of life and death for one thousand times, and that sort of terror was impossible to dispel in a short period of time.

It wasn’t just her, Ji Xuanbing and Ao Zhanbei were the same.

Not everyone could see through life and death to become fearless towards it.

Perhaps, it was related to their experiences as they grew. They were either an heir of one of the seven great ancient clans, the Ji Clan, or a descendant of a True Phoenix in the Phoenix Clan, or a descendant of the Dragon Dimension. Since a young age, they led extravagant lives,...

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