Chapter 1383 - The Heart Will Be Free Of Restrictions When There's No Fear Of Life And Death

How many times has it been?

If this was the outside world, then I would have probably already died over a few hundred times?

Huff~ Huff~

Rapid gasps for breath resounded as Chen Xi raised his head with frustration within the darkness, and his countenance was ghastly pale.

He’d already become numb to the sharp pain that filled his body, and the terror in his heart seemed to have been replaced by those wisps of sword qi since a long time ago.

Those wisps of sword qi were all left behind by the old man in linen clothes. Every single wisp of sword qi was different, yet their auras and even the unique will they possessed were exactly the same.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s mind was completely devoid of thoughts because he’d already pushed his ability of deduction to its limits. However, in the end, he was still unable to see through the profundities behind those wisps of sword qi.


I’ve clearly utilized every single ability I possess, yet why am I still unable to succeed?

If such barriers are impossible to overcome, then why would it exist within the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds? Why would the academy allow students to enter these tombs to receive the tests within?

Or is it because I’m not strong enough?

Wait! Since it’s a test directed at students, then it definitely has its limits. Otherwise, it would be impossible for me to continue...

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