Chapter 1381 – Life And Death In The Blink Of An Eye

The Tomb of The Primeval Sword Exalt!

When he saw this row of ancient words, Chen Xi instantly understood that the Immortal King’s will that was buried within this tomb definitely belonged to this ‘Sword Exalt.’

Chen Xi took a deep breath before he withdrew Violetsky, and then he flashed into the tomb.


In the next moment, Chen Xi appeared on a boundlessly vast flat platform.

The first thing that entered his eyes were swords!

Numerous swords of all types. They were thrust into the surroundings of the platform like a forest of swords, and there was no less than ten thousand of them!

Every single immortal sword was suffused with a ghastly, oppressive, and sharp aura of slaughter. Merely this imposing aura seemed to be on the verge of tearing apart and destroying this expanse of the heavens and the earth. It was astounding to the extreme.

At the center of the platform was an old man in linen clothes sitting cross-legged there. His figure was tall, and even if he was sitting cross-legged, his backbone still remained straight like a sword. Moreover, his hair was disheveled, causing his appearance to be concealed from Chen Xi’s eyes.

When he looked at the old man from afar, Chen Xi felt a piercing pain in his eyes. It was like the old man wasn’t a person, but a sword instead. A peerless sword that still emanated monstrous killing intent even when deep within its case!

Obviously, this person was the Immortal King’s will that was buried within this tomb, the Primeval Sword Exalt.


Suddenly, the old man opened his eyes, and his gaze tore through space like a sharp bolt of lightning before it coldly locked onto Chen Xi.

In an instant, coldness arose from Chen Xi’s entire body. It was like being targeted by a peerlessly ferocious beast from the primeval times, and every single hair on his body stood on end.

This gaze was truly too oppressive. It was like a material sharp sword that contained terrifying Sword Insight, causing even space to be sliced into pieces. If it was an ordinary person here in Chen Xi’s place, then that person would probably have been instantly annihilated by this gaze.

At this moment, it didn’t feel good for Chen Xi either. Even if he’d grasped the realm of Sword God in his cultivation of the Sword Dao, he still felt a strand of pressure assaulting his face when he was looked at by this gaze.

This caused him to be unable to help but reveal a slightly shocked expression.

However, this feeling vanished after a mere instant. In the next moment, the old man had stood up, and he kept his hands behind his back as he stared at Chen Xi with indifference.

“The Saint Immortal Realm and the realm of Sword God. Not bad, the Snowdrain Sword is sufficient to deal with this!” The old man spoke with a powerful voice, and it was like a sword that revealed a wisp of a murderous and fierce aura. Along with his voice drifting through the air, a clang resounded, and then an immortal sword in the distant ‘sword forest’ on the platform suddenly flew out and descended into his hand.

This sword was over 1m long, completely carved out from ice, jade white, and translucent. At the center of the sword’s body was a wisp of bright red, and it was extremely beautiful like the bloody tear of a lover.

The Immortal Sword Snowdrain, an Immortal Artifact at the Valiant Grade!


With the immortal sword in hand, the old man’s imposing aura actually instantly weakened greatly, and he merely maintained it at the Half-step Immortal King Realm.

However, even though his cultivation had weakened, the murderous and ghastly Sword Insight that filled his body had become even fiercer and more exuberant. He seemed like a Sword God that stood proudly in the heavens and the earth, and he looked down upon the world and commanded the universe.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh bitterly in his heart when he sensed this terrifying imposing aura that pressed down towards him from all directions. Sure enough, it’s as the jade slip recorded. The cultivation of one’s opponent in the Eternal Tomb of Kings will be higher than one’s self. In this way, how will I possibly be able to defeat him?

It was the Half-step Immortal King Realm!

Even if it wasn’t the true Immortal King Realm, it was still sufficient to sweep through all Saint Immortals.

Yet this old man wasn’t simply a mere Half-step Immortal King, even his cultivation in the Sword Dao had attained the realm of Sword God.

When facing such an opponent, there was probably no one that wouldn’t feel extremely discouraged upon seeing this.


The old man suddenly moved. A wisp of sword qi soared through the sky and seemed to have broken through the limits of space and time and shot over explosively from the ancient times, and it was dazzling and resplendent to the extreme.

Chen Xi didn’t even have the time to react at all before he felt an indescribably sharp pain flow from his neck towards his entire body, and even his soul felt as if it had been sliced into countless pieces.

In an instant, the outcome was decided, and Chen Xi was ‘annihilated’ on the spot!


In the next instant, Chen Xi fell into an expanse of darkness.

“The 2nd trial of the test will begin after the time for an incense stick to burn.” An icy cold voice resounded in this dark space.

Chen Xi forcefully endured the sharp pain that filled his body while he gasped for breath and sat cross-legged in the darkness. He was extremely astounded in his heart because that wisp of sword qi was too terrifying, and he didn’t have the slightest strength to resist it.

If this occurred in the outside world, then merely a single strike would have undoubtedly killed him!

Fortunately, this was the Eternal Tomb of Kings. The ‘eternal’ here didn’t point towards the old man, and it pointed towards the students that entered the tomb of kings because they wouldn’t be really killed after experiencing their thousand chances to pass the test.

Terrifying! Truly too terrifying! Chen Xi circulated his cultivation to resist the sharp pain that surged through his entire body while he swiftly pondered on a strategy to deal with the old man.

He merely had the time for an incense stick to burn to recover!

After the time for an incense stick to burn was over, the second trial of the test would begin. So how could Chen Xi dare to waste time? But exactly how should I resist such a terrifying existence like the Sword Exalt?


Truly too difficult!

Chen Xi wracked his brains yet was unable to figure out a superb strategy.

This caused his expression to become heavy. He finally deeply understood how terrifying the Eternal Tomb of Kings was, and he understood why so few students were able to obtain the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance since the ancient times until now.

Because merely the first barrier would probably obstruct most students.

What should I do? Chen Xi took deep breaths repeatedly while he tried his best to maintain his calm, and then that wisp of sword qi that was like a flash of light inadvertently appeared within his mind.

That wisp of sword qi was too shocking, and it was swift and fierce to the limit. It was so pure and clean as if it was otherworldly, yet it carried a terrifying imposing aura of its own that shook the heavens and the earth.

Unfortunately, because Chen Xi was ‘killed’ too quickly, he didn’t have the slightest time to lock onto the sword qi and capture the true profundities behind it.

So at this moment, all he could remember in his mind was that wisp of sword qi was dazzling and shocking, yet he was unable to see through its intrinsic profundities.

“The second trial of the test, begin!” Unknowingly, the time for an intense stick to burn had passed swiftly, and that icy cold voice resounded one more in this dark space.


Before Chen Xi could return to his senses, he’d once again appeared on that platform.

After that, he saw the sword forest once more, and the tall Sword Exalt that stood at the center of the sword forest in linen clothes and with disheveled hair.


This time, Chen Xi practically instinctively withdrew Violetsky, and he circulated his entire cultivation with all his might, causing his entire body to emanated divine radiance that glowed brilliantly.


A wisp of sword qi flashed out explosively from Chen Xi’s palm. It was like a shimmering violet colored flowing ray of light, and it carried the terrifying aura of the realm of Sword God. Moreover, it surged with strands of Chen Xi’s Talisman Saint Dao that hadn’t been completely fused into form.

With a single sword strike, the heavens and the earth were shaken, and the over ten thousand immortal swords in the surroundings of the platform trembled in unison.

This sword strike was absolutely the strongest sword strike Chen Xi had executed since advancing into the Saint Immortal Realm, and it seemed formidable to the point both gods and demons wouldn’t dare bear the brunt of it.

“The sword is king. Hastily utilizing the sword will definitely cause its essence to be lost!” When facing this sword strike, the old man suddenly shouted loudly. After that he didn’t seem to have moved at all, yet a strand of sword qi slashed out horizontally. It was like a monarch had descended to sweep through all resistance. A bang resounded as it easily shattered the wisp of sword qi that Chen Xi executed.

Moreover, its momentum didn’t slow down at all before it ‘killed’ Chen Xi once more!

This sort of peerlessly supreme bearing was simply like that of a supreme overlord that commanded all swords!

A strand of sharp pain that tore at his soul surged once more through his entire body. Without any exception, Chen Xi entered once more into that dark space, and he couldn’t help but groan in pain.

This sort of feeling was truly too torturous. It was like a myriad of blades were slicing through his entire body from both inside and out, causing Chen Xi’s entire body to shiver while his handsome face warped.

“Dammit! Why is this Sword Exalt’s strength so terrifying!?”

In the dark space, Chen Xi roared in a low voice. Even if he was clearly aware that this sort of ‘death’ wouldn’t cause him to truly die, yet when he truly experienced that scene of life and death, it still caused him to be unable to help but feel great terror.

It was terror towards life and death, and it was the greatest terror in the world!

It felt no different than experiencing a cycle of reincarnation through life and death. Compared to the pain his body suffered, this sort of terror from the instant change between life and death was what truly caused Chen Xi to feel horrified.

Yes, even if he’d attained the Saint Immortal Realm, Chen Xi was unable to avoid feeling terrified when faced with death, and he was unable to truly be fearless before it.

Presently, within the three dimensions, only Immortal Kings were able to truly control life and death because life and death was one of the three supreme Grand Dao Laws!

If this continues, then I’ll probably collapse before the thousand trials are over… After a long time, Chen Xi gasped for breath as he calmed himself, and then he frowned as he pondered deeply without end. Before he came here, he’d heard that amongst the students of the past that entered the Eternal Tomb of Kings, there were some students who experienced their Dao Hearts collapsing and falling into qi deviation because they were unable to deal with the terror from the moment of life and death after they experienced the test.

The outcome of that was that the person’s cultivation and path towards the Dao would be completely crippled!

Life and death, terror, test… Perhaps, only when I’m unafraid of death would I be truly able to compete with that old man… Chen Xi faintly obtained a slight understanding of the objective of this test. But even though he understood it, he was clearly aware of how difficult it was to truly be unafraid of death.

Nevermind, there’s no point in thinking too much about it. I don’t believe that I’ll be unable to defeat that Sword Exalt within a thousand tries! In the end, Chen Xi discarded all the distracting thoughts in his mind, and he fully concentrated on pondering about the Sword Dao revealed by the Sword Exalt.

There was merely an incense stick of time before the third trial of the test began. Under the strain of this terror of life and death, Chen Xi’s potential seemed to have been completely stimulated, causing his mind to become unprecedentedly clear. Under such a state, he quickly captured a trace of the aura of the Sword Dao executed by the Sword Exalt.

But it was merely a strand of the aura.

He didn’t need this. What he needed were the profundities behind the Sword Exalt’s Sword Dao.

Only by grasping its profundities would he be able to find a way to deal with it!

When one was truly concentrated on something, time would flow by very quickly. But this time, Chen Xi didn’t feel any urgency or pressure.

Perhaps it was because he couldn’t be bothered about all of this at this moment. He opened his mind and heart before fully concentrating on capturing and contemplating the aura of the old man’s Sword Dao, and he was completely unaware of the passage of time…

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