Chapter 1380 – The Eternal Tomb Of Kings


A wave of fluctuation arose in space before Chen Xi’s figure walked out from within it in a slightly sorry state. He raised his eyes and looked at the surroundings, and only now did he realize that he’d already arrived at an unfamiliar world.

Pure white and translucent snow drifted through the heavens and the earth while gusts of cold wind whistled by like piercingly cold blades.

This was obviously a land of ice, and it was impossible to see the end of it.

I presume this is the Snowy Wind Region of the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds… Chen Xi muttered. According to the records in the jade slip that Chi Cangsheng gave him, the Ancient Dao Emperor Ground was the residence of the Dao Emperor all those years ago, and it formed a world of its own. This Snowy Wind Region was the initial area in the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds.

The initial area meant that this Snowy Wind Region led to all the other areas within the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds.

There was a total of over a hundred regions like this, and every single region was like a small world. Moreover, all sorts of paradises and fortuitous encounters existed within these regions.

Of course, since there were paradises and fortuitous encounter, they were naturally accompanied by tests and tempering. Only the students that passed through them were able to obtain the benefits hidden within.

This was unlike other Secret Realms. Other Secret Realms were filled with numerous dangers and tribulations, whereas, the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds existed specially to temper and train the students of the academy. It couldn’t be considered to be very dangerous, yet if one wanted to obtain benefits, then it was similarly not easy.

Simply speaking, it was entirely suitable to call the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds as a place of training that was filled with fortuitous encounters and challenges, and it was specially prepared for the inner court students of Dao Emperor Academy.

Swish! Swish!

Along with Chen Xi’s arrival here, circle after circle of fluctuations arose in the nearby space, and then the figures of Ye Tang, Zhen Lu, Zhao Mengli, Ji Xuanbing, and the other students appeared.

“This is the Snowy Wind Region?”

“Come, we only have one month of time. We can’t waste this opportunity.”

“Where’re we going?”

“The Eternal Tomb of Kings!”

As soon as Nie Xingzhen, Gu Yueru, Zhongli Luo, and the others appeared, they spoke hastily with each other before they flashed and teleported extremely far into the distance.

Obviously, they’d made plans a long time ago, and they’d entered the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds this time precisely for the sake of obtaining the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance.


After Nie Xingzhen and the others left, the figure of Ling Qingwu who was all alone flashed as well, and she vanished within the wind and snow that covered the sky. From the beginning until the end, she didn’t talk to anyone.

However, Chen Xi was already clearly aware now that Ling Qingwu’s disposition had always been like this. It couldn’t be considered to be aloof and proud, and it could just be said that she was accustomed to doing things by herself.

“Where do all of you intend to go?” asked Chen Xi.

“The Eternal Tomb of Kings of course.” Ye Tang, Zhen Lu, Zhao Mengli, and Ji Xuanbing practically spoke simultaneously.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile. “Then let’s go together.”

All of them immediately set out and flew towards the distance.

Only Ao Zhanbei remained on the spot, and he was silent and hesitated without end. Before he participated in the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds this time, he’d already received instructions from the seniors of the Dragon Dimension within the Scripture Reserve asking him to head to a region called the Dragonblood Battlefield.

However, he was extremely tempted by the Eternal Tomb of Kings, and he felt it was slightly difficult to decide.

After all, after he passed through the Eternal Tomb of Kings, he would have the chance to obtain the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, and such a fortune was something that probably no one wouldn’t be tempted by.

Forget it, I’ll head to the Eternal Tomb of Kings to have a look first. If it’s difficult to pass through its test, then I can just go to the Dragonblood Battlefield after that… After struggling with this for a long time, Ao Zhanbei gritted his teeth and decided.

The Snowy Wind Region was extremely vast, and it was covered in over a hundred paths that led to the other regions. The Eternal Tomb of Kings was one such region.

Before all ten of these students entered the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, each of them obtained a jade slip that contained information related to this place. So after they entered the Snowy Wind Region, they didn’t have to worry about being unable to find the exact location of the Eternal Tomb of Kings.

After flying for almost ten minutes, an ancient door appeared within the snowy world.

This door appeared to be extremely lofty, and it seemed as if it was laid into space itself. The view through the door was completely deep and quiet, and it seemed like a path that led to another world.

When Chen Xi and the others arrived here, the figures of Nie Xingzhen and the others had vanished a long time ago.

“The Eternal Tomb of Kings is right behind this door. According to legend, when Senior Dao Emperor established this place, he gathered the marks of the various Immortal Kings that perished during the primeval times and fused them into a supreme restriction in order to create such a Secret Realm.” Ye Tang sighed with emotion before leading the group through the door.


After he entered the door, Chen Xi felt the scene before his eyes change, and he actually appeared within a vast starry sky!

The vast starry sky was studded with a myriad of stars, and they flickered with a mysterious and dazzling glow.

Shockingly, there were numerous ancient tombs standing on this expanse of starry sky! Every single tomb seemed capable of holding up the heavens. They were completely pitch black, and emanated a desolate, ancient, solemn, and oppressive aura.

If he wasn’t within the starry sky, Chen Xi would have almost thought he’d entered a burial ground!

However, these tombs were unlike those he’d seen in the past. Every single one of them spanned across over a hundred stars. They were tall, powerful, and boundless, and it was an unbelievable scene. It was truly impossible to imagine how the Dao Emperor had established such a place all those years ago.

According to the records within the jade slip, this was the Eternal Tomb of Kings. There was a total of three thousand tombs, and the mark of an Immortal King that fell during the primeval times was buried within every single one of these tombs!

The mark of Immortal Kings was the strand of will left behind by these Immortal Kings when they fell. This sort of will was supreme and formidable, and unless it was refined and absorbed by someone, otherwise, it would be impossible for them to fade away after experiencing the passage of countless years!

The three thousand marks of Immortal Kings that the Dao Emperor travelled through the world to gather during the primeval times was buried within these three thousand tombs before their eyes, and they were fused into supreme restrictions in order to form this grand scene before them.

“Immortal Kings are such supreme existences, yet who would have imagined that so many Immortal Kings had perished during the primeval times? I truly don’t dare imagine exactly how many extraordinary and paramount existences existed during the primeval times.” Ji Xuanbing sighed with emotion, and his expression carried a wisp of shock.

The expressions of the others were more or less like Ji Xuanbing, and their hearts were unable to calm down for a long time after witnessing such a scene.

Only Chen Xi seemed to be much calmer. Because after he experienced the trip to the God Attainment Region, he was already clearly aware that there were still gods above the Immortal Kings!

Immortal Kings could only be considered supreme in the three dimensions, whereas gods were paramount in the three dimensions!

“Everyone, the three thousand Eternal Tombs of Kings represent the three thousand Grand Daos, and every single tomb contains the will of an Immortal King. In order to obtain the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, the first step is to choose a tomb and enter it to receive the test within. Only by passing the test would one be able to enter the area where the Nether Immortal’s Coffin is kept!” Ye Tang took a deep breath, and his eyes burned with desire as he said, “I heard that there’s only a single opponent during the test in the Eternal Tomb of Kings, and it’s the opponent formed from the eternal will of Immortal Kings. Every single opponent we face will be slightly higher in cultivation than us, so it’ll be even more difficult to pass.”

“Yes, I heard that the tests within the Eternal Tomb of Kings only allowed a thousand failures, and we’ll be teleported out of the tomb if we fail more than one thousand times in the test. Moreover, we won’t have the chance to enter the next test any longer.” Ji Xuanbing spoke with a solemn expression. “It’s common knowledge that ten students will enter the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds every time it’s opened. Moreover, these students will mostly be targeting the Dao Emperor’s inheritance. However, according to my knowledge, merely the test of this Eternal Tomb of Kings prevents almost ninety percent of the students from progressing any further, and there has been no lack of situations where all the students failed.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of everyone became even more serious.

Chen Xi was similarly clearly aware that even though one had a thousand chances to pass the test within the tomb, one’s opponent within the tomb was extremely terrifying. So, if one wasn’t able to defeat this opponent within a thousand tries, then one would lose all chances of obtaining the Dao Emperor’s inheritance.

“I presume that Senior Brother Nie Xingzhen and the others have already started to enter the tombs and undergo the tests. There’s no time to lose, let’s set out as well.” Zhao Mengli’s red lips parted lightly as she spoke slowly, and the jade white space between her brows faintly carried a wisp of burning anticipation while she seemed to be unable to help but burn with eagerness.

“Alright, then I’ll chose the tomb that represents the Grand Dao of the Blade.” Ye Tang smiled lightheartedly before his figure flashed, and he vanished into thin air. Under the gazes of everyone present in the surroundings, he arrived before a tomb in the depths of the starry sky, and he didn’t hesitate at all before he entered it and vanished.

The Grand Dao of the Blade! Chen Xi thought in his heart. His Immortal Sense swept out, and sure enough, he noticed that every single one of the tombs scattered in the starry sky revealed the aura of a different Grand Dao, and none of them were similar.

“Hahaha! I intend to experience how extraordinary the tomb that represents the Grand Dao of Fire is.” Ji Xuanbing roared with laughter before his figure flashed.

“All the profundities of the Buddha Dimension are actually gathered here. Since it’s like that, then I’ll chose the Emptiness Dao.” Zhen Lu pondered for a moment before he chanted the name of the Buddha, and then he left swiftly.

In the blink of an eye, only Chen Xi and Zhao Mengli remained here.

“Which Grand Dao do you intend to choose?” Zhao Mengli couldn’t help but ask when she say Chen Xi remaining still on the spot.

“I’m thinking about it.” Chen Xi replied in a casual manner. According to his heart, he actually intended to choose the tomb that represented the Talisman Dao. Because in this way, the test might be beneficial to the establishment of his Talisman Saint Dao.

However, in this way, his strength would definitely be limited. After all, his strongest combat strength at this moment was related to his cultivation at the realm of Sword God in the Sword Dao.

Moreover, his objective when he came to the Eternal Tomb of Kings wasn’t to establish his own Talisman Saint Dao, and it was to obtain the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance. In this way, he had to ponder over whether he chose the Sword Dao or Talisman Dao to fight with.

“Oh, then I’ll be going first.” When she saw this, Zhao Mengli immediately stopped hesitating and left.

Nevermind, I’ll choose the tomb that represents the Sword Dao. As for establishing my Talisman Saint Dao, I’ll have plenty of chances in the future… After a short moment, Chen Xi took a deep breath and decided. His gaze swept through the starry sky, and then he noticed the tomb that represented the Sword Dao.

His figure immediately flashed, and it flickered a few times through the starry sky before he arrived in front of that tomb. He raised his eyes to look at it, and it shockingly had six ancient words written with vigorous strokes on it — Tomb of The Primeval Sword Exalt.

These words wound about like a serpent, and when he looked at it from afar, an oppressive imposing aura assaulted his face.

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