Chapter 138 – Making A Move

Chapter 138 – Making A Move

When he saw Chen Hao and the other seven Wanderingcloud Sword Sect disciples trapped, Chen Xi didn’t impatiently make a move to save them.

Those 100 plus Su Clan disciples formed a circle in midair, forming a peculiar grand formation that seemed like an extremely long spiraling dragon, and bright lights flew out from it, suffusing it with boundless brilliance. All the energy of the disciples was gathered together, and it emitted a terrifying aura that was sufficient to annihilate a Golden Core Realm cultivator.

This caused Chen Xi to not dare rashly make a move, moreover, he was extremely curious. Why were Chen Hao and those seven disciples able to persist until now?

In the battlefield, Chen Hao held a sword in his left hand, and he swiftly slashed down.

It was an extremely simple slash, yet it was mighty and righteous, filled with a piercingly cold aura of pressing forward with an indomitable will that was grand and towering. At this instant, everywhere the sword light passed, the airflow in the sky became chaotic and collapsed, and it actually vaguely revealed a trace of being incinerated, it was like the sky was about to be incinerated.


It was like they were fiercely rammed by a raging and roaring boundless sea of flames, and the grand formation formed from the over 100 Su Clan disciples abruptly swayed intensely. Waves of exclaims of surprise and enraged howls sounded out, and it was as if someone had suffered a great loss from this attack.

“Junior Brother, nice Century Slash!” A young girl in white clothes with beautiful hair pinned by a phoenix shaped hairpin and features that were elegant like a drawing beside Chen Hao couldn’t refrain from exclaiming out, and her pair of pretty eyes were filled with extraordinary splendor.

As she spoke, a pair of weapons that were like sabers, yet weren’t sabers, like swords, yet weren’t swords, had appeared in the delicate hands of the young girl in white clothes. The blade of the weapons were shaped like fine teeth that emitted boundless ferocious energy.

This was a pair of top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures called Azureviolet Dualblades, one was azure the other violet, and it was a pair of great weapons bestowed to the white clothed young girl by the Sect Master of Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Ling Kongzi.

Supposedly, these Azureviolet Dualblades were a pair of heaven-rank Magic Treasures many years ago. It obliterated innumerable experts in the hands of an Enforcement Elder of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, and even the resentment of countless experts still remained on it, smeared with blood stains, ferocious and ruthless. But, it was precisely because this Enforcement Elder had slaughtered too heavily that at the time he tried to overcome the heavenly tribulation, he was punished by the supreme lightning, causing him to not only lose his life, but this pair of Azureviolet Dualblades suffered a heavy injury as well, declining from the heaven-rank to the yellow-rank.

Even then, amongst yellow-rank Magic Treasures, the Azureviolet Dualblades were still an existence at the top, and they were valuable to the extreme.

“Thousand Leagues of Fluttering Snow!” Killing intent flashed in the eyes of the white clothed young girl, and in an instant, a myriad of blade lights pierced out. They were like snow fluttering and whizzing as they swept through the heaven and earth. Every blade light was both azure and violet, palm sized, and as they fluttered out, it was as if heavy snow had floated up in the heaven and earth, emitting out copious amounts of ferocious energy that couldn’t be withstood.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, sounds of exploding rose and fell continuously on the grand formation formed by the 100 plus Su Clan disciples, every palm sized azure and violet blade descended like a raging thunderclap that was ferocious and piercingly cold, and they gave rise to endless sparks that spattered out.

“Senior Sister Lengcui’s Azureviolet Lightning Explosion is outstanding as well.” The nearby Chen Hao swung the sword in his hand to resist the attacks that assaulted him from all directions as he praised endlessly.

Shockingly, this white clothed young girl, with features that were elegant like a drawing, was the number one Elite Disciple of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Fei Lengcui, and she was a talented figure that was reputed to be the leading figure in the younger generation of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect.

No wonder they were able to resist until now. Chen Hao’s Righteous Sword Dao is magnificent, powerful, and righteous; that young girl obviously possesses a cultivation at the perfection-stage of the Violet Palace Realm, and her comprehension in the Martial Dao is faintly growing towards the condensing of a Dao Territory. With her and Chen Hao standing shoulder to shoulder and withstanding the attacks before the others, they would indeed not lose for some time. Extremely far in the distance, Chen Xi exclaimed endlessly with admiration, and then he frowned as his gaze swept towards those Su Clan disciples. Wait, these people have obviously not used their full strengths, surrounding yet not fighting, they seem to be waiting for something…

When he thought up to here, a flash of understanding arose in Chen Xi’s mind, and he instantly understood the intention of the Su Clan disciples. They obviously wanted to draw him out, and then deal with Chen Xi and Chen Hao with one clean sweep!


“Senior Sister Lengcui, these Su Clan members have formed a grand formation and trapped us here. If this goes on, our True Essence will surely be consumed to the end. If we’re unable to break out of the encirclement, then the consequences are unimaginable.”

Fei Lengcui swung about the Azureviolet Dualblades, its blade lights were like shuttles that swept out to cover the entire sky, and the blade lights contained ferocious and piercingly cold energy as they obliterated all the attacks in their surroundings.

When she heard a Junior Brother speaking, she shook her head and said, “Don’t be distracted. The Heavenly Cage Grand Formation set up by those Su Clan disciples is too strong to be broken, and breaking out of the encirclement is obviously impossible. At this moment, we can only do our bests to hold on and wait for the other disciples of the Sect to come to our rescue.”

“Senior Sister, I’m afraid we’re in trouble this time. I’m already unable to hold on for much longer. When the other disciples of the Sect come to our rescue, I’m afraid it will make no difference.” Right at this moment, another disciple cried out breathlessly. “Perhaps, our footsteps will stop at the first layer of the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda this time. I’m not resigned to this fate!”

“Junior Brother Qing Luo, you must not speak such demoralizing words. The outcome will always be unknown until you fight to the end.” Fei Lengcui abruptly rose her voice and said, “Junior Brothers, we came to the Buddha’s Trail Pagoda to temper ourselves and harden out Dao Hearts. At this critical moment, everyone must persist, as being in difficult circumstances is a superb opportunity to temper ourselves. After we experience this calamity, it will surely be greatly beneficial to our cultivation!”

“Senior Sister, you’re correct, but…” The youth called Qing Luo hesitated to speak.

“But what?” Feng Lengcui frowned.

“Senior Sister, I’m not afraid of being blamed by you. This matter is like a fishbone in my throat, and I’ll be uncomfortable until I spit it out.” Qing Luo gritted his teeth and said, “The reason that Su Clan is surrounding us is entirely because of Junior Brother Chen Hao. We’re suffering an undeserved calamity.”

“All of you think this way as well?” Fei Lengcui’s face went cold as her gaze swept past the other disciples. When she saw them all keep silent, she instantly understood everything, and she said with a stern voice, “Chen Hao is a disciple of my Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, he’s from the same place as us, and is of one heart and one mind with us. A matter of his is a matter of our Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. Let me ask all of you. If any one of you offends a formidable enemy, yet the Sect doesn’t help you, how would you feel?”

“Yeah, Senior Sister Lengcui is right. We’re all disciples of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, we naturally ought to help each other with a united heart. If we abandon the brothers by our side at this moment, then we’ll surely be disdained and cast aside by the other brothers in the Sect in the future. Would we have the face to call ourselves members of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect? Junior Brother Chen Hao, I apologize.”

“Right, help each other with a united heart, advance and retreat together!”

“Junior Brother Chen Hao, I apologize.”

All the disciples revealed ashamed expressions when they heard this, and they apologized endlessly.

Chen Hao had always been coldly watching from the sides, and when he saw this, he was both moved and grateful to Fei Lengcui in his heart. He knew that if it wasn’t for Fei Lengcui, he would probably have already been abandoned.

When she saw this, Fei Lengcui smiled lightly, and she was just about to say something when her expression abruptly became grim.

In midair, the over 100 Su Clan disciples abruptly got into action, they didn’t trap the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect disciples with the Heavenly Cage Grand Formation any longer, and they instead unleashed an all-out attack!

“Since Chen Xi isn’t coming out, then we’ll kill his younger brother first!” Su Jiao, who wore black clothes, let out a tender shout in midair, and then she started directing the Su Clan disciples by her side. “Su Tong, you take fifty people to deal with those Wanderingcloud Sword Sect disciples, you must be sure to cause them to be tied up and unable to extricate themselves! The remaining people will kill Chen Hao with me!”

“Yes!” Over 100 Su Clan disciples shouted out loudly in unison, then they rushed down from mid air like a dark cloud that covered the sky and hid the sun.

Everyone one of these Su Clan disciples had cultivations around the 5th star of the Violet Palace Realm, and they were practically the entire elite force of the younger generation of the Su Clan. They were adept in joint attack techniques, and they were both highly disciplined and brave and skillful in battles. At the instant they got into action, they were like an orderly and united army, dividing into two groups of 50 people. One group moving to surround the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect disciples led by Fei Lengcui, the other led by Su Jiao as they moved to kill Chen Hao.

“Hehe, this little girl is not bad looking. Unfortunately, she’s from the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. Otherwise, I’d surely capture her, properly ravage her, and vent my flames of lust.”

“These few worthless trash are actually hiding behind a woman. They’re truly devoid of any sense of shame and have thrown all the face of the members of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. Alas, each generation is more inferior than the previous.”

“If all of you allow yourselves to be captured, we’ll naturally not make it difficult for you. Otherwise, wait to be blasted out of this Eight-Directions Layer by us!”

The instant they descended onto the ground, the 50 Su Clan disciples led by Su Tong moved to jointly attack Fei Lengcui and the others, surrounding Fei Lengcui’s group in a watertight enclosure, and they mocked as they fought with their full strength, intending to disturb Fei Lengcui’s state of mind.


“Fuck! They actually dared insult us as worthless trash!”

When the male disciples saw this scene, all of them cried out loudly in rage.

“What are all of you shouting for! Don’t all of you have even this little bit of composure?” Fei Lengcui shouted with a clear voice, the Azureviolet Dualblades in her hand formed a myriad of blade lights that blasted out explosively towards the surroundings, and the ferocious and piercingly cold light caused the air to whimper!

“Brothers, form the Six-Combination Slaughter Formation.” The leader, Su Tong, smiled coldly.

Instantly, all 50 of them had extraordinary bearings as they moved in the form of the big dipper, and the True Essence of every single one of them was aroused. Every 10 of them formed a group, when their attack failed, they resolutely retreated, and then the second group of 10 people would charge up successively. They attacked successively and repeatedly like an endless and ruthless enormous wave that was billowing, a new wave arose after the previous subsided, and the terrifying force caused the area which Fei Lengcui and the others could move in to rapidly shrink, causing them to be in a critical situation.


Blades collided, causing Fei Lengcui’s entire body to shake, and her countenance went pale as she staggered and retreated endlessly.

Once Fei Lengcui retreated, three Su Clan disciples took advantage of this weak point to advance!

“Everyone, protect Senior Sister!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Numerous sword lights flew out, the six male disciples behind Fei Lengcui reacted extremely swiftly, and exerted their entire strengths to attack those three Su Clan disciples. Although they successfully withstood the attacks, the enemies nearby seized the opportunity to launch a sneak attack and succeeded, causing numerous bloodstains and scars to instantly appear on their bodies.

“It’s useless unless all of you crush your Transportation Talismans.” Su Tong laughed endlessly with a savage expression. How could he not be happy when he was able to drive the disciples of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect to such an extent?

On the other side, the situation of Chen Hao who was all alone was extremely dangerous. Su Jiao and the other 50 plus people had surrounded him to form a 300m long circular formation, completely trapping Chen Hao within as various Magic Treasures, talismans, flying swords, and puppets flew out like a storm to attack Chen Hao.

Even though Chen Hao’s current body was reconstructed from the Firesoul Lotus Fruit, and his right hand was present, he still held his sword with his left hand to withstand the endless attacks that came from every direction. If it wasn’t for his Righteous Sword Dao being extremely powerful and mighty, he would have probably been torn into powder since long ago.

But even then, he’d already completely lost the opportunity to gain the initiative. He could only clench his teeth tightly as he bitterly withstood the attacks, and his entire body was almost drowned by the endless attacks.

“Junior Brother Chen Hao, how are you now?” Fei Lengcui’s extremely anxious shout sounded out from the distance.

“I still have the strength to battle, so I naturally should fight until I die!” Chen Hao shouted out explosively as his eyes carried a type of mad battle intent that was extremely willful, it was as if he never knew what it was to flee, or what it was to yield.

However, when facing the attacks that roiled and gushed over like tidewater, no matter how high the intention to kill his enemies was in his heart, the situations became more and more despairing.

It was at this moment that howls of the sword that seemed like the roars of dragons and howls of tigers sounded out in the sky and shook the heaven and earth. Immediately, 64 flying swords transformed into numerous flowing lights that were like falling meteors, a heavy rainstorm, as they shot down explosively.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Over ten Su Clan disciples that were jointly attacking Fei Lengcui and the others were instantly transformed into minced meat, and blood sprayed out in the sky.

Chen Xi had made his move, brazenly launching an attack when facing over 100 Su Clan disciples!

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