Chapter 1379 – Opening Of The Ancient Grounds

Crack! Crack!

Chen Xi carefully split open the damaged body of the Azurelotus Immortal Sword to reveal a lustrous mini sword that emanated a green glow.

It was around 12cm long, fine like the finger of an infant, and in the shape of a lotus leaf. It was green and lustrous like pure and translucent amber, and it emanated strands of the glow of divinity, causing it to seem extremely divine.

This was obviously a sword that hadn’t been completely formed, and the rare part about it was that it was naturally formed and filled with intelligence. It seemed as if it could breathe and possessed a life of its own.


As soon as it was exposed in the open, it instantly emanated a clear and melodious sword howl before it swished towards the sky.

How could Chen Xi’s who’d always been paying concentrated attention to it allow it to escape? He stretched out his hand and grabbed while utilizing the energy of space, and he instantly restrained the mini sword and placed it back within the jade box.

Even then, this lotus leaf shaped mini sword still trembled and struggled, and it caused Chen Xi to exclaim with surprise in his heart.

Earlier, when he was at the third floor of the Starpoint Hall, Chen Xi had noticed through the Eye of Divine Truth that a trace of an unusual aura was within the Azurelotus Immortal Sword. It was like a pure energy of divinity, and it was precisely because of this that he persisted on obtaining this treasure.

Now that he’d split it open and had a look, he really did notice an even more valuable treasure than the Azurelotus Immortal Sword, and it was a mini sword that was naturally formed!

After all, the Azurelotus Immortal Sword was formed from a primeval 36 petal World Purification Azurelotus, and during the primeval times, it could be considered as an extraordinary weapon.

Thus, one could determine how extraordinary the mini sword born within the Azurelotus Immortal Sword was from this.

According to Chen Xi’s judgment, the mini sword was exactly the reason why this Azurelotus Immortal Sword was still able to possesses a might comparable to an extreme-rank Valiant Grade Immortal Artifact even after it was severely damaged to such an extent!

If it didn’t possess the support of this mini sword, then the Azurelotus Immortal Sword would only be a piece of scrap.

Chen Xi had once looked through an ancient book within the Scripture Reserve. The book recorded a legend related to the 36 petal World Purification Azurelotus. It said this World Purification Azurelotus was born in the chaos at the absolute beginning of the world, and its flower bloomed with 36 petals. Each petal was a world, each world was a profundity, and the 36 profundities covered all the secrets of the world. Thus, this obviously showed how great the origins of the 36 petal World Purification Azurelotus was.

On the other hand, this mini sword that was born within this immortal treasure that was formed the 36 petal World Purification Azurelotus was like a seed itself. It could grow and strengthen, and this was the most extraordinary trait it possessed.

Unfortunately, the Talisman Armament isn’t in my possession now. Otherwise, if I fused this mini sword into the Talisman Armament, then its might would probably instantly improve to the Valiant Grade. Moreover, its advancement in the future would benefit from this mini sword as well…. Chen Xi took a deep breath and put this treasure away carefully, and he would completely refine it on the day the Talisman Armament returned into his possession.

After this, Chen Xi didn’t waste any more time, he took the Violetsky Immortal Sword in hand before entering the world of stars to practice. He intended to to familiarize himself with this immortal sword as soon as possible and attain the state of being able to control it at will.

Two days later.

This day was the day that the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds would be opened.

Chen Xi walked out from the world of stars and flashed out of the Sword Room, and then he arrived before a mountain called ‘Antiquity’ according to the instructions provided in the jade slip.

This mountain was covered in a boundless sea of clouds while the mountain itself seemed extremely imposing like it was the residence of a dragon, and it carried a deep aura of antiquity.

When Chen Xi arrived before this mountain, he immediately noticed there were numerous figures already waiting on a flat cliff at the mountainside, and there were some rather familiar faces amongst them.

Chen Xi was clearly aware that a total of ten students were entering the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds this time. Five of them were the students that obtained the top five in the inner court exam, and they were respectively Ao Zhanbei, Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and himself.

The other five were some senior students of the inner court, and they were respectively Ling Qingwu, Ye Tang, Nie Xingzhen, Gu Yueru, and Zhongli Luo.

Besides Ling Qingwu, Nie Xingzhen, Gu Yueru, and Zhongli Luo, Chen Xi knew all the other students, and his relationship with many of them wasn’t bad.

This caused Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief before he participated in the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds. Because in the past, he frequently encountered the disciples from other powers in all the trips he took, and it was impossible to avoid battles with them and being schemed against by them before obtaining any treasures or fortuitous encounters.

Obviously, at the very least, incidents like these wouldn’t occur in this trip to the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi!”

“Chen Xi.”

“Chen Xi.”

Meanwhile, Ye Tang, Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Zhen Lu had noticed Chen Xi who’d just arrived, and they immediately smiled as they moved over to greet him.

Chen Xi hurriedly cupped his fists while smiling as well, and he greeted them one by one. He was rather happy as well that he would be able to participate in this trip with Ye Tang and the others.

“Since you returned to the academy, you’ve always been in closed door cultivation, and it caused us to be unable to go drink with you. You have to be punished with some wine once we return from the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds this time!” Ye Tang smiled as he teased Chen Xi.

“Right, he has to be punished with three hundred cups of wine!” Ji Xuanbing caused trouble from the side as well.

Chen Xi hurriedly cupped his hands. “I deserve it, I deserve it.”

“Hmph! It looks to me that he forgot all of us who’re friends of his. What can we do when this fellow has become the most renowned expert of the younger generation within the Immortal Dimension? Zhao Mengli who wore a red dress and possessed a peerlessly beautiful appearance grunted.

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly drew many teasing smiles towards Chen Xi.

Chen Xi rubbed his nose and was speechless, so he could smile bitterly and shrug.

“Chen Xi, I’m really happy to be able to go on this trip with you.” Suddenly, Ao Zhanbei’s voice came from afar, and he was smiling as he cupped his hands towards Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then his expression turned indifferent. He just silently cupped his hands towards Ao Zhanbei before turning around and chatting with Ye Tang and the others.

Because of the numerous matters of the past, his relationship with the Dragon Dimension couldn’t be considered to be good, and it was even to the extent that it could be described as very bad. So, that was the reason for Chen Xi reaction when he saw Ao Zhanbei actually take the initiative to greet him at this moment.

In the distance, a wisp of embarrassment appeared on Ao Zhanbei’s face, and it flashed for a moment before it vanished. He sighed in his heart. I wonder what Ancestor is thinking that he forced us members of the Dragon Dimension to ease up the relationship between us and this fellow Yet now, this fellow actually can’t be bothered to pay attention to me when I took the initiative to be friendly with him…

However, he quickly stopped caring about this. Because as a member of the Dragon Dimension, he was extremely proud in his heart.

In their conversation, Chen Xi found out that the two men and one woman that stood in the distance were Nie Xingzhen, Gu Yueru, and Zhongli Luo.

All of these three were senior students in the inner court, and they’d advanced into the Saint Immortal Realm a long time ago. Moreover, Nie Xingzhen and Gu Yueru were even top existences that has ascended into the top two ranks on the Heavenstar Saint Rankings, whereas, Zhongli Luo wasn’t much inferior as well, and he was at the 5th rank on the Heavenstar Saint Rankings.

In the recent years, the three of them had been in constant closed door cultivation to charge into the Half-step Immortal King Realm, and it caused very little information about them to spread throughout the academy. So they seemed as if they kept a rather low profile.

However, Chen Xi didn’t dare underestimate them. Because there wasn’t a single weakling amongst those that were able to enter the inner court of Dao Emperor Academy and occupy a position on the Heavenstar Saint Rankings. Not to mention that they were respectively ranked at the 1st, 2nd, and 5th position on the Heavenstar Saint Rankings. So they were absolutely top experts in the Saint Immortal Realm.

“In order to obtain the acknowledgement of the inheritance of the Dao Emperor, then the first step is to enter the Eternal Tomb of Kings. After that, you must find the Nether Immortal’s Coffin. If you’re able to pass the test of the Past Life Bloodpool, then you’ll be able to obtain the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance.” As he chatted with Ye Tang and the others, Chen Xi finally possessed a rough understanding of the entire Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds. But it was merely an understanding, whereas he would only be able to know the exact situation after he entered the grounds and experienced it for himself.

However, through these conversations, Chen Xi found out that no matter if it was Ye Tang, Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, Nie Xingzhen, Gu Yueru, or the others, all of them had placed their eyes on the Dao Emperor’s inheritance.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a trace of pressure in his heart. Competition really does exist everywhere.


While Chen Xi and the others were chatting, a wave of fluctuation arose in space, and then a graceful figure walked out from within. As soon as this figure appeared, it instantly drew the attention of everyone present in the surroundings.

This was a woman. She had beautiful hair that flowed down like a waterfall to her shoulder, glistening starry eyes, a fine nose, red lips, and a graceful and slender figure that was completely enveloped by strands of divine glows. She emanated a strand of a dreamlike aura, and it was divine and inviolable.

Ling Qingwu!

One of the blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension!

It was the first time she’d made an appearance in the recent years, and as soon as she appeared, she instantly shocked everyone that was present here.

Because no matter if it was Ye Tang, Ji Xuanbing, and the others, or Chen Xi himself, all of them had instantly noticed that her aura had attained the Saint Immortal Realm!

“Senior Sister Ling!” A wisp of a complicated expression appeared on Ye Tang’s face, but he still smiled lightheartedly in the end and greeted her.

“Junior Brother Ye Tang.” Ling Qingwu nodded. Her bearing was calm, graceful, and composed. She couldn’t be considered to be proud, yet she gave others the feeling that it was very difficult to come in contact with her.

Chen Xi had heard countless rumors about Ling Qingwu, but when he truly saw her at this moment, he still couldn’t help but feel his breath being slightly taken away.

Her bearing was too unique. It was tranquil, elegant, aloof, and independent. It was like she didn’t belong in this world at all, yet it just so happened that she didn’t make others feel uncomfortable. This caused her to seem extremely special.

On the other hand, as soon as Ling Qingwu arrived, another figure appeared out of thin air!

This figure was aloof like a mountain. He wore grey clothes, had snow white hair, and striking features. As soon as he arrived, a strand of an icy cold and bone piercing breeze swept through space, and it caused space to tremble violently and freeze into layers of ice!

Hua Jiankong!

In an instant, the atmosphere in the surroundings turned deathly silent while the gazes of everyone descended onto this grey clothed and white haired young man.

“I’ll be presiding over the trip to the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds this time, and I presume all of you are already aware of the rules, so I won’t speak any further about it.” As soon as he arrived, Hua Jiankong didn’t waste his breath at all. He stretched out his right hand and pressed his fingers together into the shape of a sword, and then he slashed lightly.


The entire sky above Antiquity Mountain suddenly emanated a strand of violent spatial fluctuations. After that, a deep and mysterious door floated into appearance in midair, and it gradually revealed itself before the eyes of everyone.

“Remember, all of you only have a single month of time. If you don’t return after a month, then you’ll be trapped in there for your entire lifetimes!” Hua Jiankong instructed casually before he flicked his sleeve.


Before Chen Xi could recover from his shock, his entire body was swept by a force that was impossible to resist, and then his vision turned black before he completely lost all perception towards his surroundings.

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