Chapter 1378 – Breaking The Sword

Starpoint Hall, bidding platform.

This was a platform that covered an area of 300m, and it was densely covered in layer upon layers of restrictions that were suffused with divinity.

When Chen Xi and Qing Ye arrived here, they saw all sorts of immortal treasures, precious treasures, immortal artifacts, immortal herbs, and various other treasures were floating above the platform. All these treasures were multicolored, flowed with the flow of treasures, and were rather gorgeous.

When he looked carefully, all of these treasures were enveloped within translucent bubbles that emanated a dreamlike glow.

Chen Xi acutely noticed that even though these treasures that floated above the platform were of various qualities, not a single one of them wasn’t rare, and they were extremely precious.

Qing Ye pointed at the platform and explained. “Senior Brother Chen Xi, you can bid for every single treasure above the platform. The rules are very simple. When you’ve chosen a treasure, enter the bubble with your Immortal Sense before labelling the price you’re willing to pay. After the bidding period ends, then the person that bid the highest would obtain the treasure.

“At that time, the students of the Starpoint Hall would specially send the treasure over to the winning bidder. On the other hand, paying in Starpoints for the treasure is extremely easy, and it’s directly conducted within the Violet Ribbon Starcrest.

“Oh, right. The bubbles that envelop every single treasure there is called a Treasurelight Dome. All of them are restrictions suffused with divinity, and they’re capable of preventing others from stealing the treasures. They’re extremely miraculous. I heard that it was the Dean himself that set up these restrictions.”

When he spoke up to here, Qing Ye smiled and said, “Senior Brother, if you wish to put up your treasures for bidding, then you just have to spend Starpoints to get some Treasurelight Domes before labelling the bidding price and deadline.”

Chen Xi was surprised in his heart when he heard this. He tried to utilize his Immortal Sense to enter a Treasurelight Dome, and a row of information instantly floated into appearance within his mind.

Snowspirit Icesoul Root, a rare high-stage immortal material.

Current highest bid: 370,000 Starpoints.

Minimum increase in bids: 10,000 Starpoints.

Deadline: One month, only 11 days remain.

Owner of the treasure: Inner court student, Feng Bao.

“Interesting. Interesting.” Chen Xi smiled. This sort of method was really novel, and it was able to sell rare and precious treasures for a good price.

“How many Starpoints does a single Treasurelight Dome cost?” asked Chen Xi.

“One hundred Starpoints. It’s very cheap.” Qing Ye answered with a smile.

Chen Xi pondered silently for a moment before he immediately walked with Qing Ye towards the table at the side of the platform. There was an old man seated behind the table, and he was in-charge of the Treasurelight Domes.

“Senior, I need some Treasurelight Domes,” said Chen Xi.

“How many?” The old man drank some immortal tea while he asked in a leisurely manner.

“Five hundred.” Chen Xi answered casually.


The old man spat out the mouthful of tea in his mouth and looked at Chen Xi with astonishment. “Five hundred?”

He’d been holding a position here for many years, yet he’d never seen someone like Chen Xi who directly purchased five hundred Treasurelight Domes. Even though every single one of them was only worth a hundred Starpoints, besides utilizing them on the bidding platform, they were utterly useless.

Chen Xi nodded.

The old man frowned. Obviously, he didn’t recognize Chen Xi, and he couldn’t help but remind. “Young man, treasures that’re able to ascend the bidding platform are all rare and precious immortal treasures. You’ll probably suffer a great loss if you put up some ordinary treasures for bidding. After all, 30% of the final bid price would be taken in fees for every single treasure.”

Chen Xi smiled. “Senior, I’m aware of that.”

The old man still intended to warn Chen Xi, yet someone spoke loudly from the side. “Instructor Liao, how could the treasures Senior Brother Chen Xi sells be ordinary? Quickly give him the Treasurelight Domes. We’re waiting to see what precious treasures Senior Brother Chen Xi has gathered!”

The old man came to a sudden understanding, and he looked at Chen Xi with surprise. “So, you’re Chen Xi. Young man, you’re really something else.”

As he spoke, he casually flipped his hand and withdrew a jade box.

Numerous light green pearls that were perfectly round, smooth like jade, and the size of grains of rice were piled up within the jade box, and they emanated strands of the aura of restrictions.

These were Treasurelight Domes. They seemed to be the size of grains of rice, yet when they were placed on immortal treasures, they would form bubbles that enveloped the treasure. They were rather miraculous.

Chen Xi spent 50,000 Starpoints and purchased five hundred Treasurelight Domes, and then he didn’t hesitate to  immediately place these Treasurelight Domes on the various rare immortal materials in his possession. After that, he labeled every single immortal material with a price and deadline that he’d considered a long time ago.

After he finished doing all of this, he directly walked over to the bidding platform.

At this moment, all the students and instructors in the vicinity of the bidding platform had raised their eyes and looked over. Earlier, they’d heard that Chen Xi intended to purchase five hundred Treasurelight Domes, so they naturally rather anticipated the precious treasures Chen Xi would be able to put up for bidding.

After all, Chen Xi’s reputation in the academy was like the scorching sun in the midday sky, he was like the most dazzling star amongst the students of the academy. So how could the treasures produced by such an unequalled figure possibly be ordinary?

Chen Xi laughed all of this off. After he tossed all the five hundred Treasurelight Domes on the bidding platform, he directly left with Qing Ye.

“My god! Chen Xi really produced five hundred treasures!”

“Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! Let me see exactly what sort of treasures they are, and it they’re worthy of being bid for.”

“Hiss! The horn of the primeval ferocious beast, Kui Ox! The pearl of a Hua Snake! The soul of a Taowu!”

“Quickly look over here! My god! This is the Devilking Nine Reincarnation Flower from the Outerealm Battlefield! The skin and bones of a Jade Elephant! Dragonvein Heavenlight Iron! It’s utterly impossible to find such precious treasures in the three dimensions!”

“A’Cheng, quickly notify Senior Brother Xue Yun! The Nether Ice Soul Return Powder that he has been searching bitterly for many years to obtain has been put up for bidding here!”

“Hahaha! I was just fucking worrying about whether I should make a trip to the Outerealm Battlefield. I never expected that I would actually be able to see Bonescale Extreme Yin Iron here! This immortal material is mine!”

When Chen Xi and Qing Ye left, the area before the bidding platform instantly erupted with an uproar. Waves of exclamations of shock resounded in the surroundings while many people took action successively to notify their friends to come place their bids, and they were deeply afraid that they would be a step too late.

It was even to the extent that many students were already unable to restrain themselves, and they successively started to bid, causing the atmosphere to be extremely exuberant.

The reason was that these five hundred treasures Chen Xi put up for bidding were all from the Endless Sea and the Outerealm Battlefield, and they were extremely difficult to obtain in the three dimensions. Moreover, every single one of them was rare, precious, and possessed extraordinary effects.

Under such circumstances, it was impossible for it to not draw attention.

Actually, it was very normal when one thought about it. Those rare immortal materials from the Endless Sea had all been gathered for Chen Xi by Dian Dian, and with her experience and knowledge as an Immortal King, how could the various immortal materials she chose possibly be ordinary?

“Could it be that these fellows have gone bad?” When they saw this exuberant scene, all the students and instructors in the other areas of the Starpoint Hall frowned without end. However, as soon as they came over to the bidding platform to have a look, their entire bodies instantly shook while many of them were extremely overjoyed.

Of course, there were many that had purely come to join in the excitement.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, I noticed that all those immortal materials were extremely rare. How could you be willing to sell them off?” After they walked out of the Starpoint Hall, Qing Ye couldn’t help but ask this question.

“All of those are mostly useless to me, so there’s no point keeping them in my possession. As for the useful immortal materials, I wouldn’t sell them at all.” Chen Xi answered in a casual manner.

Qing Ye was astounded. In the eyes of Senior Brother Chen Xi, those immortal materials that’re extremely precious in the eyes of others have actually become useless treasures. Then exactly how extraordinary would the immortal materials in his possession be?

“Junior Brother Qing Ye, these are some immortal herbs and immortal materials that’re rather suitable for the Golden Immortal Realm. Keep it, I can’t allow you to have made this trip with me for nothing.” Chen Xi withdrew a storage pouch and directly passed it over, and he didn’t allow Qing Ye to refuse at all.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, I… I…” Qing Ye was slightly overwhelmed by this sudden gift, and he stuttered while feeling at a loss for what to say.

“Since I asked you to take it, then take it. Don’t be courteous with me.” Chen Xi patted him on the shoulder and laughed lightly without end. He was very clearly aware that even though Qing Ye always seemed shy and introverted, Qing Ye had grasped the profundities of space, so how could Qing Ye possibly be an ordinary figure?

“Mmm, I’ll listen to Senior Brother.” Qing Ye nodded obediently, yet he said in his heart, I’m dead. Master said I shouldn’t owe others favors, yet how could I possibly refuse Senior Brother Chen Xi? Fortunately, he’s Senior Brother Chen Xi, so owing him a favor doesn’t matter…

It turned out that Chi Cangsheng was very clearly aware of his disciple’s disposition. Even though Qing Ye was shy and introverted, Qing Ye was especially loyal at heart, and he attached extreme importance to his relationships. So Chi Cangsheng had told Qing Ye not to owe anyone a favor unless he had no other choice. Otherwise with his disposition, he would definitely work himself to death for others.

Unfortunately, never had Chi Cangsheng imagined that Qing Ye had already owed Chen Xi a favor now.

Of course, Chen Xi had never thought about all of this. At the bottom of it all, it was because Qing Ye’s own disposition was like this, and he attached the greatest importance to the relationship between him and his friends.

After he bid farewell to Qing Ye, Chen Xi directly returned to the Sword Room.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As soon as he returned, Chen Xi immediately withdrew the Azurelotus Immortal Sword, and he didn’t hesitate to lift up the Heaven Hatred Seal before ceaselessly smashing it down upon the Azurelotus Immortal Sword, causing a wave of deafening bangs to resound.

If one looked carefully, even though the way Chen Xi swung the Heaven Hatred Seal seemed to be violent, he was actually extremely careful. He seemed to not intend to completely shatter the Azurelotus Immortal Sword.

However, if Qing Ye were to witness this scene, his eyeballs would definitely fall out from shock. Because it was a treasure that cost 30,000,000 Starpoints and was made from a primeval 36 petal World Purification Azurelotus. So no matter how severely damaged it was, its might was still comparable to an extreme-rank Valiant Grade Immortal Artifact!

Yet now, this legendary immortal treasure was actually being struck violently by Chen Xi without the slightest feeling of regret. So no matter who it was that witnessed this scene, that person would probably feel his heart ache without end.


After a short while, a cracking sound resounded.

Chen Xi instantly stopped. At this moment, he was already gasping for breath. It couldn’t be helped, even though the Azurelotus Immortal Sword was severely damaged, it was still comparable to an extreme-rank Valiant Grade Immortal Artifact at any rate. It caused him to exhaust a great deal of effort in order to accomplish this.

After that, Chen Xi concentrated as he stared at the sword.

At this moment, numerous cracks that seemed like spiderwebs had appeared on the 1m long body of the Azurelotus Immortal Sword. Moreover, it had turned dim while its might had practically been completely lost, and it was on the verge of turning into scrap.

However, Chen Xi’s attention wasn’t placed on this. At this moment, the attention of his mind and soul were completely drawn over by the strand of verdant glow emanated from the cracks on the body of the sword.

The green glow was pure, translucent, and emanated traces of the glow of divinity.

In an instant, Chen Xi’s eyes lit up while he felt extremely excited in his heart. It really is as I expected. Who would have imagined that such a precious treasure was being nurtured within the Azurelotus Immortal Sword?

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