Chapter 1377 – Azurelotus Immortal Sword

Crimsonspirit Immortal Sword, low-rank Valiant Grade, covered in 3,600 restrictions. Both gods and ghosts shiver in terror with a swing of this sword. It was personally refined by the Supreme Grandmaster in Equipment Refinement, Ou Peng. Price: 6,000,000 Starpoints.

Dragonshadow Immortal Sword, mid-rank Valiant Grade. Fused with the soul of an Ink Dragon, the body of the sword was forged from Jadelight Cold Iron, Goldsteel Netherstone, Nine Heaven Violetcloud Essence, and another 34 types of high-stage immortal artifacts. It was passed down by the head instructor of the inner court, Jiang Yu. Price: 13,000,000 Starpoints.

Thunderquake Immortal Sword, high-rank Valiant Grade… Price: 19,300,000 Starpoints.

Chargeshadow Immortal Sword, extreme-rank Valiant Grade… Price: 36,000,000 Starpoints.

Chen Xi stood before the counter on the third floor of the Starpoint Hall as he silently sized up the numerous immortal swords displayed there that flowed with the glow of treasures and possessed extraordinary imposing auras, and he sighed endlessly with emotion.

How expensive!

A single low-rank Valiant Grade Immortal Sword is an entire 6,000,000 Starpoints. If it was an ordinary student here, it would probably require years of hard work to gather this amount of Starpoints.

Of course, in Chen Xi’s opinion, this little bit of Starpoints was nothing. He was astounded because the extreme-rank Valiant Grade Immortal Swords were practically all at a price of over 30,000,000 Starpoints!

30,000,000 Starpoints!

If it was in the past, Chen Xi would simply not dare have such extravagant wishes.

However, he now obtained almost 10,000,000 Starpoints every single month, so he could afford such expensive treasures.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, what rank do you require the Valiant Grade Immortal Sword to possess? Perhaps I can introduce them to you. I had the fortune to hold the position of attendant here all those years ago, so I have a considerable understanding towards this.” Qing Ye smiled shyly from the side.

“Oh?” Chen Xi glanced at Qing Ye with surprise, and he said with interest, “Then tell me, which of these extreme-rank Valiant Grade Immortal Swords possess the strongest might?”

Qing Ye frowned as he thought for a moment, and then he shook his head and said, “The might of extreme-rank immortal treasures have already attained the limits. So the only difference is whether they’re suitable to a person.”

Chen Xi nodded. “That’s true as well.”

“However, I feel that these three immortal swords are extremely suitable to Senior Brother.” Qing Ye smiled as he pointed at three of the extreme-rank Valiant Grade Immortal Swords and said, “This Netherlight Immortal Sword was the outer court’s Dean, Zhou Zhili’s, sword all those years ago. Later on, he advanced into the Half-step Immortal King Realm, so he placed this sword here to be exchanged for with Starpoints.”

After that, Qing Ye pointed to another immortal sword and said, “This Bloodsnow Immortal Sword was brought back from an ancient ruin to the academy by the Dean’s disciple, Hua Jiankong, all those years ago. Because it conflicted with his own Sword Dao, he placed it here.”

“As for this Azurelotus Immortal Sword… This sword was formed from a primeval 36 petal World Purification Azurelotus, and it possesses unfathomable divine effects. It has exceeded the scope of the Valiant Grade. It was utilized by an extraordinary figure all those years ago to slaughter numerous formidable gods, and its name shook the world.” When he spoke up to here, Qing Ye’s expression couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of pity. “Unfortunately, this sword suffered a disaster all those years ago, and it was damaged too severely. Presently, it can only display the might of the extreme-rank at the Valiant Grade.”

Azurelotus Immortal Sword, huh? Chen Xi shot his gaze over. The sword was completely clear like jade, around 1m long, 2 fingers wide, and its surface was covered in strands of mysterious markings. It seemed like the veins of a divine lotus leaf, and it emanated a divine and obscure aura.

Unfortunately, numerous mysterious markings on the body of the sword were already severely damaged. If it wasn’t for that, the imposing aura emanated by this sword would absolutely not be only at such an extent.

“It really is a pity.” Chen Xi sighed lightly before he moved his gaze away, and then it descended onto Netherlight and Bloodsnow. He sized them up briefly before he shook his head.

It wasn’t that these two immortal swords were bad, and it was that the aura emanated from these swords allowed Chen Xi to instantly determine that they weren’t suitable for him.

In the end, his gaze descended onto the Azurelotus Immortal Sword once more, and the pity in his heart grew the longer he looked at it. What a great precious treasure, yet why was it damaged to such an extent?

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, could it be that you’ve taken a liking to this sword?” Qing Ye couldn’t help but remind. “In the years of the past, this sword has always been left here. Even though it’s 30,000,000 Starpoints in price, it’s not that no one has taken a liking to it. The problem is that it’s damaged too severely, so even if they exchange their Starpoints for it, once the amount of usage arrives at a limit, it would collapse completely. Thus, it isn’t worth the price at all.”

Chen Xi nodded because Qing Ye’s words could be said to have hit the main point.

He’d similarly discerned that the Azurelotus Immortal Sword seemed to still be able to display the might of an extreme-rank Valiant Grade Immortal Artifact, yet once it was utilized, then along with the increase in usage, its might would gradually weaken before completely collapsing.

It was indeed not worth to exchange 30,000,000 Starpoints for such an immortal artifact, and it was no wonder that it would be placed here for so long without anyone showing interest in it.


Chen Xi decided, and he took out his Violet Ribbon Starcrest and passed it over to Qing Ye as he said, “Qing Ye, help me get it.”

Qing Ye was stunned and felt slight disbelief, and he couldn’t help but ask. “Senior Brother Chen Xi, are you sure?”

Chen Xi smiled. “I’m quite curious towards this treasure, and I intend to study it.”

“But that’s 30,000,000 Starpoints!” Qing Ye felt pained from the loss in Chen Xi’s stead, and he grimaced as he said, “Such an amount of Starpoints is sufficient to be exchanged for other formidable Valiant Grade Immortal Artifacts. Senior Brother, won’t you reconsider?”

Chen Xi shook his head. “There’s no need.”

It wasn’t just Chen Xi and Qing Ye who were within the third floor of the Starpoint Hall, and there were many students that had been sizing Chen Xi up since he’d entered this floor.

At this moment, when they saw Chen Xi actually persist on exchanging 30,000,000 Starpoints for a damaged immortal sword, all of them couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of a strange expression. No one ridiculed Chen Xi, but they felt that he was simply like a generous idiot that was about to be tricked. Could it be that he feels he has too much Starpoints to the point he doesn’t know where to spend them?

Chen Xi remained indifferent to all of this.

Qing Ye could only sigh when he noticed that Chen Xi’s attitude was firm towards this, and he lightly pressed Chen Xi’s Violet Ribbon Starcrest onto a sunken notch on the surface of the crystal counter.


A clear howl resounded before the Azurelotus Immortal Sword transformed into a wisp of clear light that shot out.

Qing Ye hurriedly grabbed it with his hand, and then carefully placed it within a jade box before passing it over along with the Violet Ribbon Starcrest to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi looked at his Violet Ribbon Starcrest. Sure enough, he noticed that the Starpoints he possessed had been instantly reduced by 30,000,000, and only 49,000,000 remained.

After that, he didn’t even spare a glance at the jade box that contained the Azurelotus Immortal Sword before putting it away.

The students in the vicinity instantly sighed in their hearts upon witnessing this, and they really didn’t understand Chen Xi’s actions of allowing himself to be tricked like this.

“Wait.” Qing Ye intended to leave, yet he was stopped by Chen Xi. “Junior Brother Qing Ye, helped me choose another immortal sword.”

Qing Ye was stunned. He finally came to a complete understanding. Senior Brother Chen Xi really did get the Azurelotus Immortal Sword merely for the sake of studying it, otherwise, why would he exchange for another Immortal Artifact?

“Then… Senior Brother Chen Xi, you still want an extreme-rank Valiant Grade Immortal Sword?” Qing Ye couldn’t refrain from asking this question.

“Of course.” Chen Xi answered as a matter of course.

The corners of the mouths of the other students couldn’t help but twitch when they heard this, and a wisp of indescribable envy surged into their hearts. Another extreme-rank Valiant Grade Immortal Sword. This fellow…really is wealthy!

At this moment, they couldn’t be bothered to care whether Chen Xi had wasted Starpoints earlier. There was no other reason to this but because Chen Xi had enough Starpoints to act willfully! So who could stop him?

When Chen Xi and Qing Ye left the third floor of the Starpoint Hall, he’d possessed two new immortal swords. One was the Azurelotus Immortal Sword, and the other was the Violetsky Immortal Sword.

Violetsky cost 37,000,000 Starpoints. It wasn’t at the top in all aspects, yet its comprehensive might was rather prominent.

Chen Xi had precisely attached importance to this. His combat techniques weren’t restricted to a single style, and it just happened to require the support of an immortal sword that possessed an extraordinary comprehensive might.

In this way, only 12,000,000 plus Starpoints remained in his possession.

Thus, if he wanted to exchange for the River Diagram fragment, it would require an extremely long amount of time to gather sufficient Starpoints. However, Chen Xi wasn’t worried. So long as he obtained the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance within the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, then he would place all his attention onto earning Starpoints. Coupled with his gains of over 10,000,000 Starpoints every single month, he wasn’t worried about being unable to gather sufficient Starpoints.

If he was unable to obtain the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, then no matter how many Starpoints he possessed, it would be in vain.

“Senior Brother, out of exactly what reason did you exchange for the Azurelotus Immortal Sword?” After thinking about it for some time, Qing Ye couldn’t help but ask this question.

Chen Xi thought for a moment and said with a smile, “Don’t you think this immortal sword is very unusual?”

Qing Ye was stunned, and then he thought in his heart. Could it be that Senior Brother Chen Xi noticed something unusual about the Azurelotus Immortal Sword?

However, he didn’t ask about it because it was Chen Xi’s treasure in the end. Even if there were any secrets within it, it would involve Chen Xi’s personal secrets, so he wouldn’t rashly ask about it.

“Right, besides exchanging Starpoints into immortal treasures within the Starpoint Hall, we can exchange treasures into Starpoints as well, right?” When they arrived at the first floor of the hall, Chen Xi suddenly recalled that he still possessed numerous rare immortal treasures that were of no use to him, and he felt that perhaps he could seize this opportunity to exchange all of these treasures into Starpoints.

“Yes. There are two methods to exchange treasures for Starpoints in the Starpoint Hall. The first is to leave your treasures here and label a price for them. If other students require the treasure, then they’ll have to pay Starpoints to exchange for it. However, the academy will take 10% of the Starpoints as a transaction fee.” Qing Ye explained swiftly, “The second method is bidding. However, it’s aimed at some rare treasures. They’re left at a special bidding platform and labelled with a lowest price before a bidding deadline would be stated. When the bidding deadline arrives, the person with the highest bid would obtain the treasure. However, the academy will take 30% of the Starpoints from the bid price as a transaction fee.”

The academy is taking fees again! How wicked!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but roll his eyes after he finished listening to this.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, what sort of treasures do you intend to sell?” asked Qing Ye.

“Some rare immortal materials. They were mostly obtained from the Endless Sea, and a small portion of them are from the Outerealm Battlefield.” Chen Xi spoke casually.

The Endless Sea!

The Outerealm Battlefield!

When he heard these words, Qing Ye instantly understood that the treasures Chen Xi intended to sell were absolutely extraordinary. He immediately suggested. “Then I suggest that Senior Brother heads to the bidding platform.”

Chen Xi shrugged. “Even though the academy’s fees are too ruthless, I can only do that now.”

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