Chapter 1376 – Searching For An Immortal Sword

The 73rd level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain.


Chen Xi’s figure appeared out of thin air. At this moment, his bearing was unlike before. His eyes were deep and calm, and they were suffused with the glow of wisdom. His vital energy circulated silently, and his entire body emanated an extraordinary, translucent, clear, and flawless aura.

When he moved, the imposing aura emanated from his body was vast like the imposing aura of a god. It seemed like a sage had arrived with the intention of educating the myriad of living beings in the world and spreading the Dao throughout the world.

This was the unique aura of a Saint Immortal. Especially when one had established a Saint Dao Law of one’s own. When looked at from afar, it was like a true primeval sage, linked with the world and above the myriad of living beings in the world.

“Start.” The familiar aged voice resounded through the heavens and the earth.

Along with this voice, a black clothed figure appeared out of thin air. His appearance was blurry, and his entire body was coiled with surging energy of the Saint Dao.


As soon as this black clothed figure appeared, he suddenly moved through space and teleported before swiping his palm horizontally at Chen Xi’s throat. It was swift like a bolt of lightning, ruthless and precise, and it carried an extremely shocking imposing aura.


The imposing aura around Chen Xi’s body rumbled like thunder while his dense black hair flew backwards, and his entire body instantly emanated a great aura that seemed like a sage had arrived to command the world.


Chen Xi raised his palm to meet the black clothed figure’s palm head-on. Chen Xi’s figure remained still like a rock, whereas the black clothed figure was blasted flying by this strike. He shattered a narrow and long rift through space before he finally rumbled as he shattered and transformed into a rain of light.

Too weak. The strength of this black clothed figure at the 73rd level is even slightly weaker than the Yuwen brothers… Chen Xi shook his head.

“Passed in one breath of time.”


Along with this voice, a strand of green light swept out and teleported Chen Xi away.

The 74th level.

The 75th level.

The 76th level.

In the following period of time, Chen Xi ascended level by level without any difficulty, and he practically didn’t feel pressured at all. It was even to the extent that he rarely had the chance to utilize the might of the Talisman Saint Dao that hadn’t been successfully fused into form.

It wasn’t that the black clothed figures in the levels were too weak, and it was instead because the strength Chen Xi possessed was too abnormal.

In terms of cultivation in qi refinement, he was over a hundred times more formidable than his peers.

In terms of cultivation in the Dao heart, he’d already attained the fourth and highest realm of Heart Energy, the Heart Infant Realm.

In terms of the control of the Laws, he’d attained perfection in his grasp of seven Allheaven Divine Crests. At the same time, he’d even almost perfectly fused the Five Element Divine Crest.

In terms of combat experience, Chen Xi who’d experienced countless bloody battles and even fought alongside Immortal Kings was absolutely superior when compared to his peers.

In terms of cultivation in the Sword Dao, he’d already attained the inviolable realm of Sword God!

Under the union of these various forces, even if Chen Xi hadn’t fully established his own Talisman Saint Dao yet, the combat strength he possessed had already arrived at an astonishing state a long time ago. It was sufficient for him to ascend into the top amongst his peers.

Only when he entered the 90th level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, Chen Xi finally felt a strand of pressure.

His opponents were eighteen black clothed figures that possessed cultivations at the Saint Immortal Realm, and besides their lack of intelligence and Martial Dao Will, they were exactly similar to Chen Xi.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t alarmed by this, and he was delighted instead. He flashed over and entered into battle with them.

In his palm, a myriad of strands of divine radiance swept out from Starclasp. Every single strand of divine radiance was a strand of sharp, murderous, and peerless sword qi. Every single strand of sword qi possessed dense and dazzling energy of the Talisman Saint Dao gathered within it.

Such an attack could be said to be capable of startling the gods, and it was divine and powerful to the extreme.


Sword qi swept out horizontally and vertically while grand divine radiance rumbled and surged. It was like a violent ocean of sword qi, and it enveloped all the eighteen black clothed figures within it.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

In merely a short moment, severed limbs flew about while rains of light exploded, and the eighteen black clothed figures were annihilated!

On the other hand, Chen Xi had finally experienced the formidable might of the Saint Dao!

This sort of formidableness was completely unlike the Allheaven Divine Crests. It carried a supreme and divine crushing force, and it was sufficient to easily overturn the world and collapse the surroundings!

However, Chen Xi still felt slightly regretful. After all, he still hadn’t established the Talisman Saint Dao of his own. Otherwise, the might he would be able to display would be even more formidable.

“Passed in 36 breaths of time!”

After the time for an incense stick to burn.

On the platform outside the 73rd level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain.

“The time for an incense stick to burn has already passed. Chen Xi has no chance to make a new record any longer.” Someone let out a long high and felt extremely relaxed. Now this seems normal. Even though Chen Xi has created numerous miracles and glories, he has only just stepped into the Saint Immortal Realm after all.

If he’s able to create a completely new record under the circumstances that he hasn’t grasped the energy of the Saint Dao Laws, then it wouldn’t be a miracle, it would completely overturn common sense! It would surpass the limits that have existed since the ancient times until now!

But obviously, it’s impossible for Chen Xi to accomplish this. Because in that way, he would have probably been taken to be a variant by the Heaven Dao Laws and would be annihilated by it.

“Yes. The key problem is that Junior Brother Chen Xi has only recently advanced into the Saint Immortal Realm. If he’s able to grasp the Saint Dao Laws before coming here, then I’m absolutely confident in his ability to make a completely new record.” The others deeply agreed.

Only Guo Dongsheng frowned and said, “Everyone, could it be that all of you’ve forgotten? Junior Brother Chen Xi didn’t immediately attain results when he challenged the 36th to the 72nd levels.”

All of them were stunned, and then they were shocked in their hearts. They recalled Chen Xi’s brilliant achievements. In a short few months, Chen Xi had challenged the 36th to 72nd realm of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain a few times, and in the end, he actually ascended to the first rank on the Passage Stone Stele and shocked the academy.

This time, Chen Xi had advanced into the Saint Immortal Realm. So would he be able to recreate his brilliant achievement from the past?

No one could be sure, but no one dared to deny it.

Because he was Chen Xi.

A brilliant figure that ceaselessly created miracles!

While all of them were in deep contemplation, Chen Xi’s figure appeared out of thin air onto the platform.

At this moment, his brows were knit together tightly, and his aura was fluctuating slightly. However, he didn’t seem to be in a sorry state at all. He didn’t waste any time here before turning around and leaving the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain.

“How long?” After Chen Xi left, someone couldn’t help but ask this question.

“The time for an incense stick to burn and 45 minutes! He was only 15 minutes away from breaking Gu Yueru’s record at the 10th rank!” Someone exclaimed with shock in reply.


As soon as these words were spoken, a wave of gasping instantly resounded on the platform.

Even though this achievement hadn’t created a new record, it was sufficient to cause all of them to be astounded. After all, it was common knowledge that Chen Xi had just ascended into the ranks of Saint Immortals, and he hadn’t even grasped the Saint Dao Laws, yet he was already able to pass through the last 36 levels in such a short period of time. If he was given some time, then wouldn’t he be able to easily create a new record?

“This is Junior Brother Chen Xi, he’s always unlike everyone else.” Guo Dongsheng muttered while the space between his brows carried a wisp of admiration.

My strength still isn’t sufficient. If I’m able to grasp a complete Saint Dao Law, then I wouldn’t have fallen into such a sorry state at all while challenging the 108th level. It consumed an entire thirty minutes of my time. After he returned to the Sword Room, Chen Xi started analyzing himself, and he analyzed and summarized his performance in the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain.

In the end, he helplessly noticed that if he wanted to swiftly pass through the 108th level, then the only method was to completely grasp the Saint Dao Laws.

Of course, the meaning of swift in Chen Xi’s mind was to instantly annihilate his opponents. If it was only for the sake of shortening the time he utilized, then he could pass through it via other methods.

For example, improving his own cultivation slightly, completely fusing the Five Element Divine Crest, or changing to another immortal sword that was more formidable than Starclasp.

Especially because it had become difficult for Chen Xi to fully bring forth the advantages he possessed while utilizing Starclasp. After all, even though this Immortal Artifact was passed down to him by Hua Jiankong, it was only a Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact in the end.

After his cultivation attained the Saint Immortal Realm, only a Valiant Grade Immortal Artifact could match his cultivation!

Unfortunately, the Talisman Armament is still in Hua Jiankong’s hands. Otherwise, relying on the various immortal materials I’ve gathered until now would be sufficient to improve its might greatly… Chen Xi puckered his lips. He was naturally clearly aware that Hua Jiankong had taken the Talisman Armament away for his own good. The Dean was worried that his identity as a disciple of Oracle Mountain would be exposed and cause unnecessary trouble for him.

Now, I can only look for another suitable immortal sword… Chen Xi pondered for a long time before he took a deep breath, and then he immediately turned around and left the Sword Room.

“Senior Brother, you intend to exchange your Starpoints for a Valiant Grade Immortal Sword in the Starpoint Hall?” said Qing Ye with surprise.

“Yes. However, I don’t know the rules there, so I hope Junior Brother Qing Ye will be able to guide me.” Chen Xi nodded. He’d gone directly to look for Qing Ye after he left his abode, and it was for the sake of utilizing his Starpoints to exchange for a suitable immortal sword.

This was something that couldn’t be helped. The Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds would be opened in two days, and he had to make sufficient preparations in all aspects.

He did have a great deal of precious treasures that possessed extraordinarily powerful might like the Skyearth Gourd, the Heaven Hatred Seal, the Greensilk Palace Lantern, and various other treasures. However, they weren’t immortal swords in the end, and they were unable to completely display his cultivation at the realm of Sword God.

“It’s not guidance at all. I’m happy to be of service to Senior Brother Chen Xi.” Qing Ye smiled shyly before he led Chen Xi directly towards the Starpoint Hall.

After a short while, Chen Xi and Qing Ye appeared within a beautiful hall. The hall occupied an extremely large area, and row after row of crystal counters were laid out within it. The counters displayed piles of a variety of precious treasures.

It wasn’t Chen Xi’s first time here. After he obtained the position of champion in the Seven Academy Dao Discussion that day, Wang Daolu had once brought him here to get the Chaos Quintessence Fragment at the fourth floor of the hall.

However, he’d come here hastily that day, and he’d just taken a glance over everything, so he wasn’t familiar with the rules of the Starpoint Hall. Thus, he brought Qing Ye along with him this time.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, Valiant Grade Immortal Artifacts are displayed on the third floor. Follow me.” Qing Ye really was familiar with this place, and he directly led Chen Xi towards the depths of the hall.

All along the way, many students were selecting and exchanging for treasures, and all their faces glowed when they saw Chen Xi before they greeted him successively in a rather fervent manner.

However, Chen Xi didn’t know most of them, and he could only smile and nod in reply.

Even then, it caused all these students to be extremely happy. They successively praised Chen Xi for his modest nature and warm behavior that didn’t carry any arrogance at all, and they felt that this was the demeanor that an expert should possess…

Chen Xi finally heaved a sigh of relief when he arrived at the third floor of the hall. Truthfully speaking, even until now, he still hadn’t gotten accustomed to this atmosphere of being complimented over and over again, and it made it seem like he was someone special…

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