Chapter 1375 – Strength Test

Within the world of stars, Chen Xi had a solemn expression. His backbone was ramrod straight while a calmness covered the space between his brows, and his entire body was suffused with strands of divine aura.


The energy of the Five Element Divine Crest rumbled while it roared and surged like an ocean. Under Chen Xi’s technique of ‘fusing the Dao’, almost 30% of this multicolored five element ocean had already transformed into the energy of talisman markings.

The color of these talisman markings was bright, and they were condensed into form by crimson, black, yellow, green, and golden divine radiance. They were suffused with a grand and vast divine aura.

They were unlike Allheaven Divine Crests because as they circulated, it seemed like they moved according to the trajectory of stars, yet carried the rhythm of the movement of lotus leaves while blown by the wind. They were shapeless and without form, yet were filled with a profound aura.

It was the aura of Saint Dao Laws!

However, it was very weak at this moment, and it only occupied 30% of the five element ocean.

These were Chen Xi’s gains after cultivating in the world of stars for an entire six months!

An entire half a year yet only 30% of the Five Element Divine Crest had been fused, and this was even under the support of the Firelight Saint Dao Pearl, the Kunwu Meditation Cushion, and the Hundred Sage Dao Scripture. This obviously showed how difficult it was to ‘fuse the Dao.’

Half a year in the world of stars was a month in the outside world.

During this month, the news related to Chen Xi killing Zuoqiu Kong was still being discussed. This caused all the students and instructors from the Zuoqiu Clan within Dao Emperor Academy to be pointed at and suffer all sorts of reproach no matter where they went.

Under such circumstances, the aggrievance and rage in the hearts of the students and instructors from the Zuoqiu Clan was obvious.

Besides that, there was another matter that drew the attention of many inner court students. It was that the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds would be opened in another two months of time!

At that time, ten students from the inner court would enter the grounds to temper themselves, whereas, those ten students shockingly included Ling Qingwu, Ye Tang, Chen Xi, and various other students that were the most dazzling in the inner court.

However, the student that received the most attention wasn’t the two blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension, Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang, nor was it the other students. It was Chen Xi!

Presently, all the students and instructors of Dao Emperor Academy had heard that Chen Xi had already advanced into the Saint Immortal Realm and stepped into the realm where one sought out the path to godhood. Compared to this, Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and the others that entered the inner court along with Chen Xi were still lingering at the Golden Immortal Realm.

Yet all of this had only occurred in a short time of less than a year!

In other words, since Chen Xi advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm, he’d spent less than a year of time to advance into the Saint Immortal Realm. This sort of heaven defying speed of advancement had truly shocked many students and instructors of the academy.

Coupled with the fact that it was widely rumored that Zuoqiu Kong had perished at Chen Xi’s hands, it caused Chen Xi’s reputation in the academy to arrive at an unprecedented height.

It was even to the extent that it wasn’t exaggerated to say that Chen Xi had already left the two blazing suns, Ye Tang and Ling Qingwu, behind.

Under such circumstances, the news that Chen Xi was about to enter the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds two months from now naturally drew the attention of many people.

Would Chen Xi be able to obtain the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance within the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds?

Would Chen Xi’s cultivation advance after he returned from tempering himself in the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds?

Would the Zuoqiu Clan take revenge on Chen Xi within the academy?

All of these unanswered questions had become the hottest topic of discussion during the period of time before the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds opened.

Chen Xi cultivated within the world of stars for a year while two months had passed in the outside world.

During this period of time, he’d successfully fused around 60% of the Five Element Divine Crest, and the imposing aura emanated from his entire body was filled with a grand and divine aura.

Three days before the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds opened, he was still a step lacking in the end, and he’d only barely fused around 90% of the Five Element Divine Crest.

However, even then, Chen Xi was able to sense that his combat strength had experienced an obvious increase. However, he was unable to confirm exactly how much it had increased.

Looks like I can only take a trip to the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain… There were only three days left, and Chen Xi didn’t intend to continue cultivating. So he immediately got up and left the world of stars.

The Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed as he entered it, and then his figure flickered a few times before he arrived at the platform before the 73rd level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain.

There was a total of 108 levels in the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain. The first 36 levels were prepared for students at the Mysterious Immortal Realm to temper themselves, and the next 36 levels were prepared for students at the Golden Immortal Realm.

The last 36 levels were prepared for students at the Saint Immortal Realm instead.

Of course, entering the 73rd level similarly required paying a fee of Starpoints, and it was a total of 5,000,000.

Oh, I didn’t notice that I already possessed 79,000,000 Starpoints… Chen Xi sized up his Violet Ribbon Starcrest briefly, and then he noticed that his Starpoints had already increased by three times without him noticing it! However, this was extremely normal. Because his rewards from his ranking on the Violet Ribbon Gold Ranking, the Passage Stone Stele for the first 72 levels of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain… They gave him more than 10,000,000 Starpoints every single month.

So possessing 79,000,000 Starpoints right now was extremely normal.

Unless there came a day where his ranking was pushed down, otherwise this sort of situation would continue.

There were obviously many less students on the platform before the 73rd level. When Chen Xi arrived here, there were only a few figures standing there.

“Chen Xi?”

“He’s already emerged from his closed door cultivation?”

“So, it’s Junior Brother Chen Xi. Could it be that you’re going to challenge the domain as well?”

However, even though there were only a few students here, all of these students at the Saint Immortal Realm recognized Chen Xi, and all of them spoke successively with surprise when they saw Chen Xi arrive here.

Chen Xi naturally didn’t recognize them, but he still smiled as he greeted them one by one. After that, his attention was drawn over by the Passage Stone Stele at the side.

Surprisingly, the holder of the first rank on the Passage Stone Stele was Hua Jiankong!

When he saw this name, Chen Xi instantly recalled his Talisman Armament, and it was still being kept by Hua Jiankong at this moment.

I’m afraid no one has been able to break these records for many years… Chen Xi moved his gaze down from Hua Jiankong’s name, and he surprisingly saw the names of Xuanyuan Pojun, Wang Daolu, Zhou Zhili, Jiang Yu, and the others. Practically all of the record holders were the seniors within the academy.

There were only a few names that Chen Xi had never heard of, and he didn’t dare confirm if these names belonged to the seniors within the academy or inner court students at the Saint Immortal Realm.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, it’s probably your first time here, right?” A young man came over with a smile on his face, and he gave Chen Xi an explanation in a rather warm manner. “Amongst these top ten record holders on the Passage Stone Stele, eight are seniors within the academy, and the records they created have never been broken even until now.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “As for Nie Xingzhen and Gu Yueru who’re at the 9th and 10th ranks respectively, they’re Saint Immortals in our inner court. Similarly, both of them are ranked at the 1st and 2nd position respectively on the Heavenstar Saint Rankings of our inner court.”

The Heavenstar Saint Rankings!

Chen Xi had heard that there were around eight hundred Golden Immortals and around three hundred Saint Immortals amongst the students of the inner court. According to the difference in their cultivation realms, they were divided into two rankings, and it was respectively the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings and the Heavenstar Saint Rankings.

The Heavenstar Saint Rankings was naturally the place where students at the Saint Immortal Realm competed with each other, and there was a total of thirty positions on the rankings. Those that were able to ascend onto the rankings were top existences in the Saint Immortal Realm.

For example, since Nie Xingzhen and Gu Yueru were able to ascend onto the 1st and 2nd position of the Heavenstar Saint Rankings, it was obvious how terrifying their strengths were.

However, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly curious because since he’d entered the academy, he’d actually never heard about such formidable Saint Immortals like them.

But in next to no time, Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding after the young man provided him with an explanation.

It turned out that Nie Xingzhen and Gu Yueru were renowned students in the academy. However, both of them had been in closed door cultivation for almost a thousand years, and they were charging into the Immortal King Realm. Thus, information related to them gradually lessened.

So it was naturally impossible for a new student like Chen Xi to have heard of their names.

“Thank you, Senior Brother.” Chen Xi cupped his hands after he found out about all of this.

“Haha. Junior Brother Chen Xi, there’s no need for that. I just entered the academy earlier than you. Oh, right, I’m Guo Dongsheng, and I’m from Icesky Continent.” The young man was extremely ardent, and he grinned as he introduced himself.

Chen Xi’s impression of Guo Dongsheng wasn’t bad, and Chen Xi chatted with him for a while. After that, he turned around and leaped into the entrance of the 73rd level, and then he instantly vanished without a trace.

“Forming a slight relationship with a figure like Chen Xi can be considered to be something fortunate.” Guo Dongsheng gazed at the spot where Chen Xi vanished while he muttered without end.

Presently, Chen Xi’s reputation within Dao Emperor Academy was like the scorching sun in the midday sky. No one could compare to him. Many students hoped to be able to chat with Chen Xi and form a slight relationship with him.

Guo Dongsheng was one of them.

“Dongsheng, do you think Junior Brother Chen Xi will be able to make a new record this time?” When all the other Saint Immortal Realm students on the platform saw Chen Xi leap into the entrance to the 73rd level, all of them came over curiously and started discussing animatedly.

“I think it’s slightly difficult. According to my knowledge, Junior Brother Chen Xi has just stepped into the Saint Immortal Realm, and he probably hasn’t established a Saint Dao Law of his own. So his hopes of creating a new record is extremely tiny.” Before Guo Dongsheng could speak, someone had pondered deeply and spoke.

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly drew the agreement of many others. All of them were extremely clearly aware that all those record holders who were able to ascend the Passage Stone Stele had established a Saint Dao Law of their own. Moreover, this was only the basic requirement to make a new record.

Besides that, one’s own cultivation, combat experience, Martial Dao Will… There were extremely harsh requirements towards all of this as well.

This could be observed from the record holders on the Passage Stone Stele. For example, Nie Xingzhen and Gu Yueru were existences that were ranked at the 1st and 2nd position on the Heavenstar Saint Rankings, yet now, they were only ranked at the 9th and 10th position on the Passage Stone Stele.

Under such circumstances, how could Chen Xi, who’d just advanced into the Saint Immortal Realm, possibly make a new record?

“I think that Junior Brother Chen Xi will be able to succeed. Don’t forget that he’s Chen Xi!” Guo Dongsheng frowned, and then a wisp of confidence surged onto his face. Yes, it was because he was Chen Xi, and that was why he would definitely not be ordinary.

Because this name represented too many miracles and glories!

The others were slightly stunned when they heard this, and they fell into deep thought.

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