Chapter 1373 – Comprehending The Saint Dao

Chen Xi fled in panic.

It couldn’t be helped. After he obtained the Dao Fruit’s Spirit, this inner court’s Dean, Chi Cangsheng, that was known for possessing a vicious and unreasonable temper simply seemed to have become a completely different person, and he was extremely warm and thankful to Chen Xi, causing Chen Xi to be unable to endure it.

Thus, he had no choice but to bid his farewells and leave.

Of course, he took the Firelight Saint Dao Pearl, Kunwu Meditation Cushion, and Hundred Sage Dao Scripture with him. Moreover, Chi Cangsheng struck his chest and guaranteed that Chen Xi could feel free to come seek help from him, and he guaranteed that he wouldn’t refuse.

Chen Xi was clearly extremely satisfied with such an outcome, and he felt that this trip wasn’t taken in vain.

He’d utilized a Dao Fruit’s Spirit to obtain three precious treasures that were extremely beneficial towards fusing the Dao and won a promise from Chi Cangsheng. It was completely worth it, and it was even to the extent that these gains exceeded Chen Xi’s expectations.

After all, even though he possessed eleven Dao Fruit’s Spirits, they weren’t of any use to him now. Even if he advanced into the Immortal King Realm in the future and desired to attain the Dao and become a god, he would only need a single Dao Fruit’s Spirit.

As for the remainder, he naturally had to make the best use of them.

In Chen Xi’s current plans, he was completely able to utilize these extra Dao Fruit’s Spirits to win the promises and support of some seniors in the academy.

In this way, when he went to seek revenge from the Zuoqiu Clan in the future, he would be able to draw in the assistance of numerous Immortal Kings!

Of course, Chen Xi wouldn’t casually reveal this treasure, and it was even to the extent that for safety’s sake, he asked Chi Cangsheng to not expose any news of this so as to avoid unnecessary troubles.

After he left Chi Cangsheng’s residence, Chen Xi directly returned to the Sword Room.

He first withdrew the jade slip that recorded information related to the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds and looked through it carefully. Compared to fusing the Dao, he attached even more importance into whether he would be able to obtain the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, thus allowing him to exchange for the River Diagram fragments with sufficient Starpoints.

The reason was very simple, after he experienced the ups and downs in the God Attainment Region, he’d deeply understood how extraordinary the River Diagram fragments were.

This treasure was able to go against the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation and resist the might of the Godrank Chart. Moreover, it even helped him deal with numerous calamities. So how could it be an ordinary treasure?

It wasn’t just that, it was entirely the contribution of the River Diagram fragments that allowed him to condense all the Grand Dao Laws he possessed into Allheaven Divine Crests, smoothly advance into the Saint Immortal Realm, and obtain numerous Dao Fruit’s Spirits…

Now, he already possessed six River Diagram fragments, and he still lacked three more to piece together the complete River Diagram. So he would naturally not watch as the River Diagram fragment possessed by Dao Emperor Academy was obtained by another.

“The Eternal Tomb of Kings!”

“Nether Immortal’s Coffin!”

“Past Life Bloodpool!”

As he looked carefully through the jade slip, Chen Xi got more surprised the more he read. Never had he imagined that the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds wasn’t merely the place where the Dao Emperor’s inheritance was buried, it was even filled with numerous dangerous areas and plenty of fortuitous encounters.

They were both a form of test and tempering.

According to the jade slip, even if one wasn’t able to obtain the Dao Emperor’s inheritance after entering the grounds, after one experienced various tests, one’s strength would be improved greatly.

Moreover, there wasn’t only the Dao Emperor’s inheritance within it, and there were even numerous places where fortune could be found.

In the history of Dao Emperor Academy, the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds would only be opened every ten thousand years, and no more than ten students would be allowed to enter every single time.

Moreover, it was extremely rare for students to obtain the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, and most of the time, no one would obtain it.

As for the reason, he would only be able to understand after he entered the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds.

However, the jade slip did record that the current Dean of Dao Emperor Academy had once obtained the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance all those years ago!

The Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds will be opened in three more months. I’ll seize this opportunity to make comprehensive preparations and give it my all to obtain the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance! After a long time, Chen Xi took a deep breath while a wisp of a firm expression appeared in the space between his brows.

The world of stars, Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the Kunwu Meditation Cushion while his hands were crossed across his legs. The Firelight Saint Dao Pearl was within his embrace while the Hundred Sage Dao Scripture was open above him, and it emanated a wave of the sound of sages chanting that seemed like the tune of nature.


Along with Chen Xi falling into deep levels of meditation, the Kunwu Meditation Cushion glowed as it emanated strands of golden light, and every single strand of light carried strings of miraculous and mysterious markings as it enveloped Chen Xi’s entire body.

On the other hand, the Firelight Saint Dao Pearl was enshrouded with a myriad of strands of hazy glows while it rested between his palms. It cooperated from afar with the vital energy in Chen Xi’s body, and it faintly emanated a strand of a divine and vast aura.

Chen Xi started to deduce and fuse the Five Element Divine Crest under such a state, and his heart, mind, sea of consciousness, and even soul were in a tranquil state.


The Five Element Divine Crest transformed into a multicolored ocean that surged into appearance within Chen Xi’s heart. The crimson, yellow, green, black, and golden Grand Dao Laws of the five elements fused into one and converged into a five element ocean.

As Chen Xi started to fuse the Dao, the aura of the five element ocean suddenly changed. The small sprays from the ocean, the circles of ripples on its surface… Everything gradually transformed into mysterious talisman markings.

This was him trying to fuse the Five Element Divine Crest in the Dao of Talismans, and his progress was surprisingly smooth. However, compared to the Five Element Divine Crest that surged like an ocean, the small sprays and ripples that fused into talisman markings seemed to be extremely tiny.

However, even then, his progress was already shocking.

After all, when other Saint Immortals started to fuse the Dao, most of them would definitely repeatedly encounter obstructions, and it would be utterly impossible for them to attain progress as soon as they started fusing the Dao like Chen Xi had. So even if his progress was extremely tiny, he at least didn’t meet with any obstruction.

The reason was that Chen Xi had prepared for a long time before this. He’d ceaselessly deduced various methods to ‘fuse the Dao,’ and in the end, he chose a method that was most suitable to him.

Now, coupled with the assistance from the Firelight Saint Dao Pearl, Kunwu Meditation Cushion, and Hundred Sage Dao Scripture, he was able to smoothly accomplish it to such an extent.

This was the importance of preparing beforehand because once one started, then it would naturally lead to unbelievable effects.

At this moment, Chen Xi had fallen into a strange state. It was like he was listening to the profundities of the Saint Dao, and his six senses, Dao Heart, and soul were ceaselessly deducing the profundities of the Five Element Divine Crest before fusing it into the Talisman Dao he possessed.

This sort of progress was extremely slow and even dull, but Chen Xi didn’t notice at all. He’d completely forgotten himself, forgotten where he was, and forgotten the passage of time.

On this day, the inner court’s Dean, Chi Cangsheng, had similarly chosen to enter closed door cultivation, and all the affairs of the inner court were passed to the head instructor, Wang Daolu, to deal with.

However, compared to this, Chen Xi’s decision to enter closed door cultivation caused many people to feel regretful.

For example, Ye Tang, Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and the others still intended to spar with Chen Xi before talking about everything that occurred in Sin City that day.

On the other hand, all the new members of the Star Alliance wanted to witness Chen Xi’s elegant demeanor as well.

Regretfully, Chen Xi had actually chosen to enter into closed door cultivation as soon as he returned to the academy, and it caused them to have no choice but to give up such thoughts.

Within an ancient hall in Dao Emperor Academy’s inner court.

This was the residence of Zuoqiu Taiwu.

On this day, the outer court’s Vice Dean, Zuoqiu Hong, and the Pill Reserve’s head instructor, Zuoqiu Sheng, had come to pay him a visit.

“He’s in closed door cultivation?”

“Yes, my Master entered into closed door cultivation three days ago.”

A Dao Attendant replied respectfully before the hall.

Zuoqiu Hong and Zuoqiu Sheng frowned. They’d come under orders this time, and it was a matter of great importance. Yet now, Zuoqiu Taiwu was actually in closed door cultivation. What should we do?

“Can you go report that we’ve come with urgent business? It’s imminent.” Zuoqiu Hong spoke frankly.

The Dao Attendant hesitated before nodding in agreement, and then he entered the hall.

“That kid Chen Xi has returned. Now, it depends on Ancestors Taiwu’s decision.” After they watched the Dao Attendant leave, Zuoqiu Hong frowned as he sighed, and his face was enveloped in gloominess.

Because the entire Immortal Dimension was animatedly discussing the deaths of Zuoqiu Kong and Zuoqiu Linghong lately, and even Dao Emperor Academy was no exception. It caused Zuoqiu Hong and the other clansmen of the Zuoqiu Clan to feel like a mountain was pressing down upon them, and people pointed at them wherever they went. This sort of feeling was extraordinarily aggrieving and painful.

It was precisely because of this that all of these clansmen of the Zuoqiu Clan felt even greater hatred towards Chen Xi, and they simply wished for nothing more than to eat Chen Xi’s flesh and drink his blood!

“I hope so.” Zuoqiu Sheng had a rather gloomy expression, and he said slowly, “Presently, the Patriarch has headed to Iris Immortal Prison to see A’Xue. I wonder what the outcome will be. I don’t wish for that bastard kid to be accepted into our Zuoqiu Clan.”

Zuoqiu Hong was stunned, and then he nodded before he said, “Exactly. I’m really against this as well. Unfortunately, Ancestor Huanglin personally arranged for this, so we can only do as we’re told. However, in my opinion, A’Xue will definitely not accept these conditions.”

Right at this moment, the Dao Attendant returned and said, “Seniors, my Master requests the pleasure of seeing both of you.”

Zuoqiu Hong and Zuoqiu Sheng’s spirits were refreshed, and they immediately followed the Dao Attendant and entered the hall.

The hall was grand and empty.

Zuoqiu Taiwu that had an extremely aged appearance sat alone at the central seat, and his muddy eyes seemed to be drowsy while his entire body emanated a peaceful and tranquil aura.

“Greetings Ancestor Taiwu.” Zuoqiu Hong and Zuoqiu Sheng bowed in unison with a respectful expression. The Dao Attendant on the other hand was very sensible and left, leaving only the three of them behind within the hall.

Zuoqiu Taiwu waved his hand. “Speak frankly if you have something to say.”

Zuoqiu Hong immediately withdrew a jade slip and passed it over respectfully. “Ancestor Taiwu, Ancestor Huanglin instructed me to personally pass this to you. He said that you’ll definitely make the right decision after you read through it.”

Zuoqiu Taiwu frowned, yet he still received it in the end, and then he looked through it carefully. After a long time, he put down the jade slip, and then fell into a long period of silence.

The atmosphere in the hall instantly became deathly silent.

Zuoqiu Hong and Zuoqiu Sheng waited silently and didn’t dare disturb him.

“For the sake of the Zuoqiu Clan?” Zuoqiu Taiwu suddenly asked with a hoarse voice, and no emotions could be discerned from it.

Zuoqiu Hong and Zuoqiu Sheng hurriedly nodded.

Zuoqiu Taiwu’s aged face was suddenly suffused with a wisp of deep ridicule. “I have to say, in the current clan, it’s still Huanglin that knows me the best. He knows that I can give up everything for the sake of the Zuoqiu Clan…”

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