Chapter 1372 – Three Treasures

After a good while, Chi Cangsheng smiled spuriously as he said, “Alright, little fellow, you’ve even set your sights on the inner court’s Dean. You’re brave!”

Chen Xi smiled as he said, “Senior is too kind.”

When he saw Chen Xi’s expression remain calm and unmoved, Chi Cangsheng instantly understood that if he didn’t pay a heavy price, then it would be very difficult for him to pry out anything good from this kid’s mouth.

He immediately said, “Speak, do you want immortal treasures, Dao Techniques, immortal materials, or some other things. So long as I possess it, I can agree to give them to you.”

Chen Xi’s smile grew even more brilliant when he heard this, and he casually sat down on a rock by Chi Cangsheng’s side before he said, “I’m not really picky, and it all depends on Senior’s own thoughts.”

Chi Cangsheng’s face turned grim while he was angry in his heart. This little bastard’s appetite is really big!

If it was at an ordinary time, he would definitely find a good reason to give Chen Xi a proper ‘tempering’ to lower Chen Xi’s spirits, yet now… He had something to ask from Chen Xi, so he could only endure it.

“Alright! I just happen to have some little things I have no use for, and I can allow you to choose from them.” Chi Cangsheng grunted before he withdrew an antique styled jade box with a flip of the palm. The jade box contained a pearl that was fist sized, crimson red like fire, and had a smooth surface that flowed with divine radiance.

If one looked carefully, this pearl naturally contained strands of dense and profound talisman markings, and it actually emanated a divine and powerful aura.

Chen Xi’s eyes focused because the aura on the surface of this pearl actually contained strands of Saint Dao Laws!

“This treasure is called the Firelight Saint Dao Pearl. It’s formed within the Firelight Divine Ocean at the extreme west of the Immortal Dimension, and it’s rather rare. It carries an extraordinary supplementary effect when fusing the Dao in the Saint Immortal Realm.” Chi Cangsheng glanced at Chen Xi before he spoke slowly and said, “How is it? Does this treasure satisfy you?”

A Firelight Saint Dao Pearl! At this instant, Chen Xi was tempted indeed. Presently, his greatest headache was the time he would need to spend in order to fuse the Dao. If he was able to obtain the assistance of this Firelight Saint Dao Pearl, then he would definitely be able to speed up the process of fusing the Dao.

Moreover, according to his knowledge, there were only two ways to fuse the Dao. The first was to rely on one’s self, and it meant that one had to comprehend, deduce, and fuse the various Allheaven Divine Crests by one’s self. This was the most important way, and it carried an important effect.

The second was to utilize the assistance of other treasures, and it meant to rely on some rare and precious treasures to assist one in the process of fusing the Dao. Moreover, each auxiliary treasure had its own effects.

Some treasures were capable of speeding up the process of fusing the Dao.

Some were capable of improving one’s comprehensions while fusing the Dao.

Some were even able to fully simulate the complete process of fusing the Dao for Saint Immortals to comprehend.

In short, all of these treasures could be considered as supplementary forces. They were able to assist a Saint Immortal to fuse the Dao, yet it still required one to rely on one’s self and cultivate.

Of course, with the assistance of these treasures, it was greatly beneficial to the process of fusing the Dao.

For example, the Firelight Saint Dao Pearl before his eyes was a rare precious treasure that provided an extremely great supplementary effect when fusing the Dao, and it was priceless and could only be chanced upon by luck. It was sufficient to make Saint Immortals fight to the death to obtain it.

So how could Chen Xi not be tempted when facing such a treasure.

A wisp of a proud arc appeared on the corners of Chi Cangsheng’s mouth, and he felt complacent in his heart. This little bastard was thinking of taking advantage of me? I’ll let you understand what the saying ‘you can’t catch old birds with chaff’ means!

Since the first glance he took at Chen Xi, he’d noticed that the latter had advanced into the Saint Immortal Realm. So he utilized the right strategy to tackle this problem and withdrew the Firelight Saint Dao Pearl. In any case, it was useless in his possession, and if it was able to be exchanged for some information that was useful to becoming a god, then he didn’t mind giving it to Chen Xi.

“This won’t do. This treasure isn’t essential to me.” However, to Chi Cangsheng’s surprise, Chen Xi actually refused!

The proud arc on the corners of his mouth instantly froze, and he said with slight exasperation, “Do you know the value of this treasure? This is a treasure that Saint Immortals dream to obtain!”

Chen Xi grinned as he said, “I’m naturally aware of that. However, since Senior was able to easily produce such a precious treasure, you definitely have even more formidable treasures in your possession. Am I right?”

Chi Cangsheng’s face froze, and he puckered his lips with slight depression. He flipped his palm and withdrew another treasure before he said angrily, “If this treasure still can’t satisfy you, then I really have nothing to say.”

This treasure was a meditation cushion. It seemed to have been woven together from bright golden grass, and it emanated a myriad of strands of hazy divine aura. As soon as it appeared, strands of the tune of the Dao instantly resounded through the air. It was like the sound of nature, and it struck directly at the heart.

Kunwu Meditation Cushion!

It was similarly a precious treasure that was greatly beneficial to fusing the Dao. According to legend, it was woven together from the branches of the primeval Ancient Kunwu Tree, and it was naturally branded with the secret markings of the Grand Dao. Its value was so great that it was absolutely more valuable than the Firelight Saint Dao Pearl!

The reason was very simple, the Ancient Kunwu Tree was a treasure that was born from the chaos at the beginning of the world, and it had vanished a long time ago during the primeval times. It was utterly impossible to find it now.

Most importantly, its effects were extremely miraculous. When once comprehended the Dao while sitting cross-legged atop it, it was capable of improving one’s ability to sense the Grand Dao and allow one to yield twice the results from one’s comprehension.

Chen Xi’s eyes lit up. What a good treasure!

But right after that, he calmed down and shook his head as he said, “Senior, I want to see the other treasures in your possession.”

He was naturally able to discern that these treasures Chi Cangsheng withdrew seemed to have been specially prepared for him, and it displayed that Chi Cangsheng had obviously exhausted a great deal of effort for the sake of the information related to becoming a god. He didn’t believe that Chi Cangsheng had merely prepared these two treasures.

“Little Fellow! You’re pushing your luck a bit!” Chen Xi’s refusal caused Chi Cangsheng to be stunned once more, and then his face sank while his entire body emanated a vicious and ruthless aura.

Chen Xi seemed as if he didn’t notice all of this instead, and he still smiled as he looked at Chi Cangsheng.

The two of them stared at each other and refused to give in for a long time. In the end, Chi Cangsheng lost, and he spat fiercely with slight anger as he cursed. “I guess I’ve fucking fallen into your trap!”

Chen Xi smiled with deep meaning. “Don’t worry Senior, I’ll definitely give you a satisfying answer later.”

“Hmph!” Chi Cangsheng grunted coldly, and he hesitated for a long time before he finally withdrew another treasure. This treasure was an ancient bamboo scroll.

After it was opened up, the scroll instantly emanated a myriad of ancient and mysterious words while a myriad of strands of multicolored light shot into the sky. It really seemed like every word was like a gem, and its radiance shook through the sky.

After that, the figures of numerous old men who wore high crowns and ancient clothes actually floated up into appearance from within the scroll. All of them had solemn expressions as they read scriptures, and their voices were clear and bright like the chanting of the Grand Dao as it resounded through the heavens and the earth.

In an instant, it seemed like a hundred schools of thought were competing for supremacy and emanated vast aura of the Saint Dao. It seemed to be educating the masses and spreading the Dao throughout the world, and the vast energy is possessed caused Chen Xi to be stunned.

What a deep energy of the Saint Dao!

It’s like listening to the profundities of the Saint Dao, and my entire body feels enlightened. It’s indescribably wonderful.

“This is the Hundred Sage Dao Scripture, and it’s branded with the experiences of a hundred Sages from the primeval times. It will provide unbelievably profound effects if you look through this scripture while cultivating and fusing the Dao. It’s like a hundred sages arriving in person to discuss the Dao with you. In terms of value, it’s a top-rate precious treasure in the three dimensions!” Chi Cangsheng couldn’t help but smile proudly when he saw Chen Xi’s stunned expression, and he said, “Little Fellow, this treasure is my trump card. What do you think of it?”

“It’s extraordinary.” Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to praise with a sigh. This Hundred Sage Dao Scripture was a world shocking precious treasure indeed. It gathered the experiences of a hundred sages from the primeval times, and it was filled with the profundities of the Saint Dao. It was simply unbelievable!

“So in this way, you’re determined to choose this treasure?” Chi Cangsheng spoke slowly as he put away the bamboo scripture with a swish, and all the scenes in the air vanished without a trace.

Chen Xi went silent for a short moment, and then he said with a smile, “Senior, I’ve taken a liking to all three of these treasures.”

“You…” Chi Cangsheng glared and started laughing from extreme rage. “Little Fellow, a man whose heart isn’t content is like a snake that wishes to swallow an elephant. Do you really think I’m a wealthy fellow that you can butcher?”

At this moment, he really was slightly angry as he felt this little fellow was too greedy. If it was any other ordinary student here, he would have swung a slap at the student and asked the student to fuck off.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged instead, and he spoke confidently. “It isn’t just that, besides these three treasures, I need a request from Senior.”

Chi Cangsheng’s face turned gloomy. You’re going too far! This little bastard is going too far! Could it be that I wouldn’t dare to teach him a lesson because he’s renowned in the world now?

“Leave! Leave! Leave! Take it as I never met with you! Quickly get the fuck out of here! Now! Right now!” Chi Cangsheng waved his hand and was extremely irritated by Chen Xi, and he was extraordinarily disappointed with Chen Xi.

When he saw this, Chen Xi thought for a moment and finally decided to withdraw a jade box. “Senior, calm down. Please take a look at this. If you’re not satisfied, then I’ll leave immediately.”

“Look my ass… Eh!” Chi Cangsheng waved his hand impatiently. However, when his gaze inadvertently noticed the treasure within the jade box, he instantly seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning, and his pupils couldn’t help but dilate while his face froze.


Chen Xi closed the jade box and put it away.

“That’s… That’s…” Chi Cangsheng instantly recovered from his shock, and then he seemed to be extremely impatient and scratched his face in embarrassment as he said, “Hey, Little Fellow, let me have another look, just another look.”

Chen Xi grinned as he said, “Of course, but what about my conditions from before?”

“Of course, all…” When he spoke up to here, Chi Cangsheng stopped speaking abruptly, and then he pointed at Chen Xi as he cursed. “You Little Bastard! You laid down a trap and waited for me to take the bait since the beginning!”

Chen Xi grinned as he said, “Senior has wrongly accused me. After all, this treasure in my possession is truly too precious. If I could only exchange it for some little toys, you would feel bad, right?”

Chi Cangsheng laughed bitterly once more. This little fox is really sly!

While he thought like that in his heart, he was unable to refuse such temptation and couldn’t help but say. “What did you want me to promise you earlier?”

“Oh, we’ll talk about it in the future.” As he spoke, Chen Xi passed the jade box over. “Senior, this treasure was originally prepared for you. Even if you didn’t mention any rewards, I would have taken the initiative to send it over to you. Please do accept it.”

“Ptooey! Stop putting on an act!” Chi Cangsheng glared angrily at Chen Xi, yet he didn’t refuse in the end. He hurriedly took the jade box in his hand and opened it carefully.

When he saw the treasure within clearly, he fell into a dumbstruck state once more, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but start trembling slightly.

Along with the passage of time, a wisp of extreme joy, excitement, delight, and a practically insane expression suddenly appeared on the space between his brows. “Dao Fruit’s Spirit, Dao Fruit’s Spirit… I’ve been fucking waiting bitterly for a few tens of thousands of years, and I’ve finally fucking got it!”

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