Chapter 1371 – Asking For Rewards

Chen Xi was rather surprised and even moved when he heard of the current size of the Star Alliance.

He was very clearly aware that A’Xiu seemed to be grinning and proudly describing everything to him, yet she’d definitely paid a great amount of painstaking effort to accomplish all of this.

“Don’t thank me. If you weren’t renowned like the scorching sun in the midday sky within Dao Emperor Academy now, then it would be impossible for the Star Alliance to develop so quickly. After all, most of the members of the Star Alliance joined out of admiration towards your reputation.” Chen Xi was just about to thank her when A’Xiu hurriedly spoke before him.

“But in conclusion, it couldn’t happen without your help.” Chen Xi spoke in a serious and sincere tone, and his gaze was sincere as well.

A’Xiu’s heart shook from being stared at by Chen Xi, and a wisp of ripples arose in her heart before she blinked her eyes and grinned. “There are many more benefits from having me. Don’t be moved to the point of crying in the future.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle.

Liang Ren and the others roared endlessly with laughter.

Deep in the night, A’Xiu and the others bid their farewell and left successively.

Ling Bai and the others had eaten their fill a long time ago instead, and they’d fallen asleep on the ground.

Chen Xi on the other hand directly entered the world of stars and started to cultivate in meditation.

His trip to the Prehistoric Ruins this time had allowed him to obtain numerous fortuitous encounters. Even his cultivation had broken through to the Saint Immortal Realm in one go, and he’d stepped into the ranks of those that sought the path to become gods.

However, strictly speaking, he still wasn’t a true Saint Immortal because he hadn’t completely fused together all the Golden Immortal Laws that he possessed and establish a Saint Dao Law of his own.

The combat strength of a Saint Immortal was mostly displayed in the Saint Dao Laws.

For example, when he was at Autumn Leaf City that day and defeated the Yuwen brothers. If Chen Xi didn’t possess an extremely deep cultivation that far exceeded his peers, it would be impossible for him to defeat them so easily.

On the other hand, if he’d grasped a Saint Dao Law of his own at that time, then he would have probably won in an even easier manner.

Saint Dao Laws!

It was the Grand Dao that belonged to the Saint Immortal Realm, and it possessed a ‘divine’ might. It could move mountains, fill seas, teleport through the world, spread the Dao through the world, and possessed boundless might.

These sort of Laws already possessed a ‘divine’ might, and it was completely like the difference between the heavens and the earth when it was compared with ordinary Laws and Allheaven Divine Crests. They couldn’t be compared with each other at all.

If one desired to establish a Saint Dao Law that belonged to one’s self, then one had to completely fuse all the Allheaven Divine Crests one possessed. This process was extremely difficult, and it was even filled with boundless danger.

After all, every single Allheaven Divine Crest was almost perfect, and if one desired to completely fuse all of them into a Grand Dao that possessed a ‘divine’ imposing aura, then the difficulty to accomplish this was obvious.

Especially because Chen Xi was unlike ordinary Saint Immortals. He’d grasped too many Allheaven Divine Crests, and most of them were extremely rare Golden Immortal Laws like the Star Obliteration Divine Crest, Enduring Divine Crest, Risefall Divine Crest, Taichi Divine Crest, and the others. In this way, establishing a Saint Dao Law of his own was much more difficult than it was for other Saint Immortals.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t in a hurry.

Compared to the other Saint Immortals, he’d already attained perfection in his grasp of the various Allheaven Divine Crests, whereas even though most Saint Immortal had attained a cultivation in the Saint Immortal Realm, they hadn’t attained perfection in their grasp of their Golden Immortal Laws.

So to those Saint Immortals, the first thing they had to do wasn’t to ‘fuse the Dao,’ and it was instead to attain perfection in their grasp of their Golden Immortal Laws.

For example, the Yuwen brothers from that day were at this stage.

However, to Chen Xi, there was only a single thing left to be done, and that was to completely fuse the various Golden Immortal Laws that he’d grasped and fuse them into the Talisman Dao to establish a Talisman Saint Dao of his own!

The Five Elements, Tempest, Taichi, Star Obliteration, Risefall, Enduring… These Allheaven Divine Crests of mine contain at least two Grand Dao Laws and go up to five Grand Dao Laws. It really is extremely difficult to completely fuse them into the Dao of Talismans. Chen Xi sat cross-legged as he looked up towards the starry sky above him, and he couldn’t help but sigh lightly.

To know is easy, but to do is difficult.

Knowing was one thing, but when he really started to do something, only then did he realize that all of this wasn’t as easy as he’d imagined.

The myriad of things in the world, the circulation of the universe, everything has the five elements as its foundation. Since it’s like this, then I’ll start with the Five Element Divine Crest and fuse it with the Talisman Dao first.

Once wind and lightning moves, the myriad of living things in the world grow. Perhaps I should utilize the Tempest Divine Crest as support to fuse the other Divine Crests. As it’s said, the Dao gives birth to all things, and the profundity of the fusing of the Dao lies in the meaning behind ‘giving birth.’ The Tempest Divine Crest just happens to be able to accomplish this…

The Enduring Divine Crest contains the rare Grand Dao Laws of Devour, Eternal, and Creation. It’ll probably be extremely difficult to fuse, so it’s best to be the last that I fuse with the Talisman Dao.

The Taichi Divine Crest can be fused with the Star Obliteration Divine Crest. As the myriad of stars circulate, they contain the profundities of the universe. Once obliteration arrives, the universe returns to nothingness. This cycle of life and death, movement and stillness just happens to supplement the Taichi Divine Crest.

As for the Risefall Divine Crest, it contains the two supreme Grand Dao of the Netherworld, Paramita an Oblivion. The Paramita is the catalyst while Oblivion is the foundation. It’ll probably be slightly difficult to fuse it with the other Divine Crests…

Chen Xi took a deep breath while his heart and mind were completely calm, and his sea of consciousness was tranquil as he started to swiftly deduce the method to ‘fuse the Dao.’ Presently, he’d attained a deep understanding of the Grand Daos of the universe, so it wasn’t difficult for him to find a method to fuse the Daos.

The only problem he faced was still that the process was too difficult, and it was a mystery how much time and painstaking effort he would have to put in to completely fuse all the Allheaven Divine Crests.

For a few days, Chen Xi had been constantly comprehending and deducing the method to fuse the Daos in concentration, and he gradually found and comprehended many things.

For example, when he fused the Dao, he could advance gradually in order, and he didn’t have to fuse all the Allheaven Divine Crests at the same time.

Another example was that when he fused the Allheaven Divine Crests, for the sake of avoiding them conflicting with each other, he could utilize the Spatial Divine Crest to restrain the energy of the other Allheaven Divine Crests…

On this day, Chen Xi who was in meditation had finally figured out all aspects of the ‘fusing of the Dao,’ yet he didn’t seem to reveal happiness and was frowning instead.

Because he suddenly noticed that if he ‘fused the Dao’ according to the fruits of his deduction and comprehension, then merely fusing the Five Element Divine Crest would probably require three to five years of time.

This was only the comparatively easier Divine Crest and fusing the rare Divine Crests would consume even more time.

Yet to Chen Xi, time was undoubtedly the most precious, and he wasn’t willing to exhaust all his energy on ‘fusing the Dao.’

Nevermind, I’ll take it gradually step by step. At any rate, it isn’t suitable for me to leave the academy right now, so why don’t I stay within the academy and silently cultivate for a period of time. Chen Xi decided in the end. Originally, he intended to find the time to return to the Mortal Dimension’s Darchu Dynasty once he returned because he desired to make arrangements for his younger brother, Chen Hao, and the others before the upheaval of the three dimensions erupted. However, the situation right now caused him to have no choice but to temporarily delay this plan.

On this day, Chi Cangsheng’s personal disciple, Qing Ye, suddenly paid Chen Xi a visit.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, my Master wishes to meet you.” When Chen Xi saw Qing Ye, they chatted briefly before Qing Ye spoke of the reason for his arrival.

“Dean Chi Cangsheng?” Chen Xi was stunned, and he was slightly unwilling to meet this Old Devil Chi that had a vicious and unreasonable temper. It couldn’t be helped. Chi Cangsheng had left him a very bad impression when he’d just entered the inner court.

“Yes.” Qing Ye smiled bashfully.

“Why?” Chen Xi couldn’t refrain himself from asking this question. He was worried that Old Devil Chi would use the name of tempering students to play tricks on him.

“Err… I don’t know either.” Qing Ye smiled shyly.

Chen Xi agreed in the end when he heard this.

This was a rather old fashioned cottage. When Chen Xi and Qing Ye arrived here, Chi Cangsheng was lying casually on a rocking chair while drinking wine, and he seemed to be very cozy.

Chen Xi had never expected that the residence of the inner court’s Dean would actually be so simple.

“Kid, I asked you to come over this time for a single matter. Do you still remember the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds?” Chi Cangsheng didn’t stand up, and he directly started speaking in a lazy tone upon noticing Chen Xi’s arrival.

The Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds! In an instant, Chen Xi’s spirits were refreshed because the Dao Emperor’s inheritance was within there, and so long as he obtained the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor, then he would be able to rely on this to possess the qualification to exchange for the River Diagram fragment!

“Senior, is the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds about to be opened?” Chen Xi still remembered that after the inner court exam ended that day, the rewards given by the academy included providing the top five students a chance to enter the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds to temper themselves.

He was ranked at the 1st position during the exam, so he naturally possessed the qualifications to enter the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds.

“Yes. However, there are still almost three months of preparations to be made. At that time, ten students from the academy will enter the grounds, and you’re one of them.” Chi Cangsheng spoke casually before he tossed a jade slip over to Chen Xi. “Information related to the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds is recorded within it. Give it a good thought in this period of time. After all, it’s really not easy to get the chance to enter it.”

Chen Xi stretched out his hand to receive it, and he couldn’t help but immediately look through it.

The Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, the place where one of the five Primeval Emperors and the founder of Dao Emperor Academy resided and cultivated!

These were the words that entered his eyes first, and it caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but be shocked. After that, he continued looking through the information, and it was some introductory records about the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds.

However, before Chen Xi could look through it carefully, he was interrupted by Chi Cangsheng. “You have more than enough time to read through it after you leave. I still have something else to ask you.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he put the jade slip away before he said, “May I know what Senior intends to ask about?”

Chi Cangsheng suddenly sat up while the lazy aura he emanated was completely wiped away, and his gaze was dazzling and resplendent like a bolt of lightning as he stared at Chen Xi and said, “Didn’t you just return from the God Attainment Region. Tell me everything that happened there. Hmm, it’s best that you tell me everything about the information you possess about becoming a god. If you satisfy me, then there’ll be no lack of rewards for you.”

As he finished speaking, his voice actually carried a wisp of fervor.

Information related to becoming a god!

Could it be that this old fellow is an Immortal King as well, and he’s seeking the method to attain the Dao and become a god?

In an instant, Chen Xi understood many things from what Chi Cangsheng said, and he immediately nodded. “I do indeed know some secrets, but…”

“But what?” Chi Cangsheng spoke hastily. “Feel free to speak of it. There’s no need to worry about anything.”

Chen Xi instantly didn’t hold back and said frankly, “I want to know what sort of rewards Senior will be able to give me.”

He placed extreme emphasis on the word ‘rewards’ as he spoke.

Chi Cangsheng was instantly stunned, and his expression immediately became extremely colorful. He seemed to have never imagined that while he was just speaking casually, this little bastard would actually really ask for rewards from him…

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