Chapter 1370 – Back At The Academy

To the students of Dao Emperor Academy, it wasn’t difficult to investigate the incident that occurred in Sin City that day, and the reason was practically all of them were descendants of the various top powers.

However, because of their lack of seniority in the clan, the information they obtained was mostly just a few odd bits of the whole picture, and they were unable to see through the truth behind all this information.

However, they could confirm that this incident was definitely related to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was the most renowned inner court student within Dao Emperor Academy now, and the glories that covered him were too numerous. He entered the academy as the first amongst the new students, repaired the Nine Profundity Divine Cauldron, ascended to the top ten of the outer court’s Allheaven Gold Rankings, obtained first in the inner court exam, ascended to the first position in the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings, obtained the position of champion in the Seven Academy Dao Discussion…

Especially the first 72 levels of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, there were still two of his records that were maintained until now, and these records were unprecedented while no one had been able to shake them.

These various glories caused Chen Xi to become the most dazzling star in the academy, and he was renowned in the world and became one of the seven publicly acknowledged blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension.

Of course, along with Zuoqiu Kong’s death and Chen Xi’s advancement into the Saint Immortal Realm, they could only be called the five blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension.

After all, all these blazing suns were at the Golden Immortal Realm, and those that exceeded the Golden Immortal Realm had already stepped onto the path towards seeking to become a god.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi actually might have acted along with six Immortal Kings to not just kill Zuoqiu Kong who was a direct line descendant of the Zuoqiu Clan, he even struck down an Immortal King from the Zuoqiu Clan. As soon as this news appeared in the world, it was simply like a thunderclap that instantly pushed Chen Xi’s reputation up to an unprecedented height, and it shook the entire Immortal Dimension!

Up until now, no matter if it was the students or the instructors, everyone in Dao Emperor Academy was discussing this incident, and Chen Xi’s name naturally frequently appeared in these various topics.

Chen Xi’s brows knit together when faced with this. Never had he imagined that the news would actually spread so quickly. In this way, even if he hid within Dao Emperor Academy, the Zuoqiu Clan would probably not let the matter rest.

This really is troublesome! Chen Xi sighed in his heart. It wasn’t that he felt the Zuoqiu Clan dared to openly go against him in Dao Emperor Academy, and it was that he’d probably have to be more careful if he intended to leave Dao Emperor Academy.

It was even to the extent that he suspected the Sovereign Sect had already taken to him to be a thorn in their flesh, and the Sovereign Sect might already be planning an operation against him.

After all, he’d successively foiled the Sovereign Sect’s plans in the God Attainment Region, causing them to fail time and time again. Moreover, they didn’t even obtain the Dao Fruit’s Spirits before leaving empty handed. This hatred wasn’t small at all.

Looks like I can only lie low in the academy for the near future… Chen Xi immediately decided in his heart. It couldn’t be helped. The limelight was shining too brightly on him now, and the enmity between him and the Zuoqiu Clan and the Sovereign Sect had arrived at an intense state. Once he left the academy, they would definitely seize an opportunity to annihilate him.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi!”

“Senior Brother Chen Xi has returned!”

“Quickly! Ask Senior Brother Chen Xi if that battle in Sin City was related to him or not!” When they noticed Chen Xi’s figure appear within the academy, it instantly caused an uproar amongst the students, and all of their eyes seemed to glow as they surged towards Chen Xi.

Some beautiful female students even ceaselessly let out sharp cries while shooting gazes of adoration at him, and they shouted his name loudly while fully revealing their adoration towards him.

Presently, it was an expanse of chaos. Chen Xi was instantly shocked and didn’t dare greet them at all before he flashed away, and he couldn’t be bothered about maintaining politeness.

It couldn’t be helped. If he was caught by them, then it would be troublesome.

On this day, the entire Dao Emperor Academy knew that Chen Xi had returned to the academy, and it caused a mighty uproar in the academy. Group after group of students and instructors headed to the Sword Room to pay Chen Xi a visit, and it continued all the way until deep into the night. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the fortune to meet him.

In the end, it was the inner court’s Dean, Chi Cangsheng, who had the nickname ‘Old Devil Chi’ stood out and calmed this chaotic situation.

“As soon as this little bastard came back, he instantly caused such a commotion, and it just so happened that I had to fucking clean it up for him. He really is a troublemaker that gives me a headache…” Chi Cangsheng sighed endlessly with emotion when facing such a situation.

The other instructors had the same feelings as him. For example, the head instructors of the inner court like Xuanyuan Pojun and Wang Daolu, the outer court’s Dean Zhou Zhili, the Dean of the Pill Reserve, Chen Haotian, and many others.

“Chen Xi, this fish meat isn’t bad, it tastes extremely fresh.”

“I think this Hua Snake tendon isn’t bad. It has a crispy texture.”

Aowu! Aowu!

In the Sword Room, various delicacies covered the ground, and all of them were personally cooked by Chen Xi. The ingredients came from the various ‘seafood’ in the Endless Sea instead. Every single one of them were precious immortal materials that were rare in the world and were priceless. Yet now, they’d been cooked into various delicacies for Ling Bai, A’Man, Bai Kui, and Starry to feast on, and they grinned from ear to ear as they ate with great pleasure.

The four little fellows weren’t really lonely during this period of time. They’d been running about Dao Emperor Academy all day, and it was only a slight pity to them that they didn’t have Chen Xi’s cooking to eat any longer.

Now that Chen Xi had finally returned, the four little fellows were instantly overjoyed.

“I never expected that your experiences in the Prehistoric Ruins would actually be filled with so many ups and downs. If I knew earlier, I would have gone along with you to have a look.” A’Xiu wore a green dress, her jet black and beautiful hair hung loosely on her shoulders, and she wrapped her arms around her legs as she sat by Chen Xi’s side. She grinned as she watched the four little fellows fight for food and spoke casually.

She’d returned from outside the academy with the members of the Star Alliance a few days ago, and she immediately rushed over when she found out Chen Xi had returned today.

Besides her, Liang Ren, Gu Yueming, and Xuanyuan Yun were here as well.

After they chatted for some time, they finally found out from Chen Xi that he’d actually headed to the Prehistoric Ruins and took a trip through the God Attainment Region, and Chen Xi’s experiences that could be said to be filled with ups and downs caused them to exclaim repeatedly with surprise while they really yearned to experience it for themselves.

Of course, Chen Xi concealed many things like the Dao Calamity Sword, River Diagram fragments, Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, Godrank Chart, and various other secrets.

It wasn’t that he was unwilling to share it with his companions, but these secrets implicated too many things. Many of them were related to the Sovereign Sect, and he didn’t want A’Xiu and the others to be swept into this.

After all, their strengths were still rather weak when compared to those Immortal Kings, and the more they knew, the worse it would be for them.

“Ups and downs? I was a burden. If it wasn’t for the protection of Midnight Immortal King and the others, I wouldn’t have survived even if I had nine lives.” When he saw the yearning and curiosity on A’Xiu’s face, Chen Xi couldn’t help but shrug before he laughed with self-ridicule.

What he said wasn’t a lie because the God Attainment Region wasn’t a place that a Saint Immortal could step foot in at all.

A’Xiu and the others were clearly aware of this as well, and that was why they admired Chen Xi, because there wasn’t any other lucky fellow like him in the Immortal Dimension that was able to step foot into the God Attainment Region!

Not to mention that Chen Xi was even accompanied by numerous Immortal Kings, and this was an even greater cause of envy because it was probably only Chen Xi who could encounter such a fortuitous thing.

“Right, what does the Midnight Immortal King look like? Is the Midnight Immortal King a man or woman?” A’Xiu asked curiously.

The others perked their ears and listened because the Midnight Immortal King was the most mysterious existence in the Immortal King, so how could anyone not be curious?

“A woman.” Chen Xi answered succinctly.

“Hmph! I guessed so.” A’Xiu seemed to have thought of something, causing her to wrinkle her nose before she grunted, and then her pitch black and large eyes spun as they stared at Chen Xi. “How did she seduce you?”

Seduce? Liang Ren, Gu Yueming, and the others instantly opened their eyes wide while they were flabbergasted. She actually said the Midnight Immortal King seduced Chen Xi? This Eldest Young Miss of the Xuanyuan Clan way of speech is really formidable…

Chen Xi was extremely speechless as well, and he hurriedly said, “There was no such thing. We were just cooperating once. Not to mention that she’s an Immortal King, so how could she possibly like me, let alone seduce me?”

Liang Ren and the others nodded repeatedly, and they deeply agreed with what Chen Xi said.

Only A’Xiu tilted her head and thought for a moment before she said with a serious expression, “That might not necessarily be the case. No matter if she’s Immortal King or a commoner, she’s a woman in the end. So long as she’s a woman, then how could her interest possibly not be aroused after coming into contact with you?”

As soon as these words were spoken, it caused Liang Ren and the others to instantly feel speechless. This Eldest Young Miss really won’t stop until she shocks everyone with her words! How could Chen Xi possibly possess such great charm?

That’s an Immortal King that has seen through life and death a long time ago! How could she possibly fall for him so easily?

Chen Xi was shocked by A’Xiu’s formidable analysis as well, and he opened his mouth yet was at a loss for what to say.

A’Xiu’s seemed to have not noticed this at all, and she held her face with both hands while still seeming to be lost in thought. She muttered. “It isn’t normal, the relationship between the two of you is definitely not normal…”

Chen Xi held his hand to his forehead and was completely speechless.

He hurriedly changed the topic and said, “Right, how’s the Star Alliance’s development?”

Sure enough, as soon as the Star Alliance was mentioned, A’Xiu’s attention was instantly drawn away. Her spirits were refreshed while her eyes glowed brightly, and she spoke happily and described the situation of the Star Alliance during this period of time.

As Chen Xi gradually steadied his footsteps in the academy and became an existence that could rival Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang, the Star Alliance was swiftly strengthening like a rolling snowball. It already possessed over two hundred outer court students and over a hundred inner court students. Merely in terms of its forces, it was already sufficient to go against any one of the student societies in the academy.

For example, student societies like the Xuanyuan Society and Zuoqiu Society only possessed a little over three hundred members now.

After all, there were only around eight hundred students in the inner court now that had attained a cultivation at the Golden Immortal Realm, and there were an entire few tens of student societies.

The Star Alliance could be proud of itself for being able to develop to such a size in a short few years of time!

All of this was naturally related to A’Xiu’s contributions.

It was even to the extent that it could be said that it would be absolutely impossible for the Star Alliance to develop to such an extent without A’Xiu.

Most importantly, all the members gathered in the Star Alliance now had gone through layer upon layer of selections and tests, and this determined that there would absolutely be no spies in the Star Alliance.

As for trash…

What a joke! How could there be any trash in the Star Alliance if they were able to pass the numerous tests to enter Dao Emperor Academy?

Dao Emperor Academy was the place where the top figures of the Immortal Dimension’s younger generation gathered. So not to mention trash, it was impossible to find even a single ordinary cultivator here!

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