Chapter 137 – Under Attack From All Sides

Chapter 137 – Under Attack From All Sides

Chen Xi didn’t know that at the instant the Netherworld Register appeared, everyone outside the pagoda felt a piercing pain in their eyes, and they couldn’t help but shut their eyes. When they opened their eyes once more, they saw that all the screens on the surface of the entire Buddha’s Trial Pagoda had vanished, and replacing it was a dazzling white light.

“What happened!?”

“Exactly what happened to the battle between Chen Xi and Luo Xiu? Why can’t we see anymore?”

“Dammit! It was a battle between two great young geniuses! Why did the screens disappear?!”

Most of the people present were staring fixedly at the battle between Chen Xi and Luo Xiu, as amongst these two people, one was the most outstanding genius of Comet Gorge that had comprehended Dao Territory; whereas the other was a formidable youth that had suddenly risen to prominence and had a reputation that was like the sun in the midday sky. The battle between these two people practically represented a battle of the highest standard in the young generation of Dragon Lake City, and it had even attracted the gazes of most of the people. Everyone was anticipating it with excitement, watching it unblinkingly, as they feared they would miss any detail.

Yet they never expected that all the screens had vanished at the most critical moment!!

Instantly, great waves of confused noises rose up around the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, it was like an exploding pot of boiling water as they discussed loudly and vented the displeasure in their hearts.

On the jade platform, the leaders of the various powers had indeterminate expressions. During these past 1,000 years, when had such an unexpected event happened in the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda? Could it be that something has happened within it?

It was at this moment that a layer of great waves suddenly appeared on the white light that was on the surface of the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, then the white light vanished, and the screens of the Eight-Directions Layer of the pagoda had once again returned to its prior state.


All the confused noises stopped abruptly, the scene went utterly quiet, and the gazes of every present had shot towards the same direction. However, besides a shocking mess, there was no trace of Chen Xi and Luo Xiu in that forest any longer, and the battle between the two of them seemed to have already ended.

“Exactly who was the victor?”

“Where’s Chen Xi? Why can’t I find him?”

“Luo Xiu… Luo Xiu has vanished as well!”

“Motherfucker! Such a brilliant battle was actually missed, it’s truly irritating!”

Right when everyone was discussing animatedly, a Comet Gorge disciple hastily ran up the jade platform to arrive before the Sect Master of Comet Gorge, Helian Shui, and he spoke of something in a light voice. As he spoke, he had an expression of extreme fear as he sweated profusely, and he seemed to be reporting an extremely terrifying matter.

After that, everyone saw Helian Shui suddenly smash the jade table before him, shattering it to pieces; his expression was extremely gloomy and livid, and his entire body emitted a terrifying aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

Could it be that Luo Xiu lost?

The same thought emerged in the hearts of everyone when they saw this scene, and then all of them were shocked by this thought. How could that be possible? How could Chen Xi, who was inferior in both cultivation and Martial Dao comprehension, defeat Luo Xiu who’d comprehended Dao Territory?

“Brother Helian, calm down. You said that death can’t be avoided in the hidden Dragon Rankings and one deserves death when one’s skill is inferior to another.” The nearby Madam Xing Yun of the Jade Flower Sect spoke out abruptly, and a trace of a smile that was impossible to conceal had appeared on her face that was beautiful like a rose. She’d always been brooding over Luo Xiu launching a sneak attack and killing a few disciples from her sects. At this moment, when she saw Helian Shui’s appearance of extreme explosive rage, how could she not be able to guess that Luo Xiu had suffered a mishap?

“Hmph!” Helian Shui grunted coldly before taking a deep breath and forcefully restraining the explosive rage and killing intent in his heart. He completely paid no attention to Madam Xing Yun who mocked him, and instead raised his eyes to look towards the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda. He wanted to see exactly how high of a cultivation that little bastard Chen Xi possessed to actually be able to…



Chen Xi flashed and fluttered forward swiftly in the forest, and he was swift like a bolt of lightning.

“Ling Bai, when do you think I’ll be able to attain the Dao Territory Stage?” Chen Xi spoke with Ling Bai as he flashed forward.

“This is difficult to predict. Presently, you’ve only comprehended Wind Dao Insight. No matter how formidable it is, it still lacks variation. I suggest that you should properly comprehend and ponder over other Dao Insights. The more different types of Dao Insights you master, the stronger the Dao Territory condensed from them will be. After all, 10,000 years ago, my Master had comprehended 38 types of Dao Insight of the heaven and earth, like the wind, lightning, ground, pond, five elements, yin, yang, the changes of the four seasons, star movement, lunar tide, solar tide… All the myriad of things in the heaven and earth contain profound and unfathomable Dao, and the more that one comprehends, the deeper it showed that one’s comprehension was. Thus, the might of the Dao Territory condensed would naturally become formidable along with this comprehension of Dao Insights.”

Ling Bai spoke with fervor and assurance as he said, “Moreover, the more Dao Insights you comprehend, the more formidable the might of your golden core will be, as when you condense your golden core, the various Dao Insights will fuse with the yin-yang phenomenon of the golden core. Some formidable cultivators of 10,000 years ago only relied on their own golden core to be able to obliterate a myriad of techniques, kill gods, annihilate demons, move mountains, and blaze the sea. It was all because the amount of Dao Insights comprehended was an unimaginable amount, causing the might of the golden core to be much more formidable than some Magic Treasures of top quality!”

Chen Xi quickly came to realize the truth, and he muttered. “So that’s how it is. Looks like I have to lay emphasis on cultivating this aspect. I keep having the feeling that during my cultivation in the future, it would be a competition towards the comprehension of Dao Insight. As the saying goes, strength is boundless, and the deeper one’s comprehension towards the heaven and earth, the stronger the techniques mastered by one would surely be…”

“Exactly, Dao Insight is something that every cultivator must master. No matter if it is cultivation, combat, or overcoming the tribulation, it can’t be separated from one’s own comprehension towards the heaven and earth.” Ling Bai agreed. “When cultivators pursue immortality and seek the Dao, the Dao they seek is precisely the Dao of the heaven and earth. If one isn’t able to comprehend a trace of the profundity of the heaven and earth, then one would be no different than an ordinary person in the mortal world.”

Chen Xi took a deep breath and said, “Ling Bai, don’t help me when I encounter battles after this, allow me to face it alone. To me, the Hidden Dragon Rankings is undoubtedly the best place to temper myself.”

“Don’t worry, it’s impossible even if you ask for my help. There’re many old freaks watching outside this Buddha’s Trial Pagoda. Once my identity is exposed, then it will probably bring boundless disaster to you, and the both of us will die…” After he finished speaking, Ling Bai went silent.

The time for an incense stick to burn had already passed since the entrance to the Eight-Directions Layer of the pagoda was opened, and the over 10,000 cultivators participating in the Hidden Dragon Rankings ought to have already arrived. At this moment, cultivators were hidden in every corner of this layer.

Besides Chen Hao and Du Qingxi’s group of three, everyone else had been marked as an enemy by Chen Xi in his heart.

When dealing with enemies, he naturally couldn’t let his guard down.

The annihilation of Luo Xiu was the contribution of the Condemn Evil brush, and Chen Xi didn’t believe that he would still be so fortunate after this.


Chen Xi took a deep breath as he started to concentrate his energy, and he was like a hunting leopard in a highly taut state. His enormous Divine Perception spread out, causing any movement in his surroundings to reflect within his mind with extreme clarity.

He flashed swiftly without stopping, and in the blink of an eye, he’d already charged out of the vast forest to arrive in a rocky gorge. Suddenly, Chen Xi dashed out while slating his body towards the ground, and then his body suddenly turned before he fiercely slapped his palm out, slapping onto an inconspicuous grey colored rock beside him.

Unexpectedly, this rock didn’t split into pieces but instead emitted a shrill cry as it leaped up and transformed into a young man with a gloomy and ruthless expression. He’d actually concealed himself by transforming into a rock, intending to wait for an opportunity to launch a sneak attack on Chen Xi!

If it wasn’t for Chen Xi’s Divine Perception being extremely strong, to the point it was on par with a Golden Core Realm cultivator, if it wasn’t for Chen Xi feeling a trace of unusual fluctuation on the rock, he would have almost been deceived, and the consequences were unimaginable.

This young man with a gloomy and ruthless expression seemed to not be a disciple of the various great powers of Dragon Lake City. He wore a jade robe with hair bundled into a bun, and he attacked extremely ruthlessly. The instant that he was forced to reveal his true form by Chen Xi, he raised his hand and smashed a clump of dark blue sand at Chen Xi’s face.

However, Chen Xi’s reaction was faster than the young man, with a command in his heart, a Netherezim Flying Sword shot out explosively, and the peerlessly sharp blade directly swiped past the young man’s head, causing him to become a headless corpse. After that, Chen Xi swung his sleeve with surging True Essence, smashing the clump of dark blue sand to scatter and fly backward, and it sprinkled all over the young man’s corpse. Instantly, a roiling and pungent odor emerged from the corpse, and in the blink of an eye, it was corroded to the point even a trace of bone fragment wasn’t left behind.

Only a command token lay alone on the ground, its surface was corroded to the point it was full of bumps and holes, and it was deformed.

What atrocious grains of sand!

Chen Xi’s eyes squinted, then he shook his head, and he didn’t even pick up the command token on the ground before turning around and leaving.

After he entered this gorge, Chen Xi had encountered over 10 unusually ruthless cultivators all along the way, and a variety of crafty and atrocious abilities appeared without end. If it wasn’t for Chen Xi’s Divine Perception being extremely formidable, then no matter how high his cultivation was, he would probably be unable to avoid being sneak attacked to death.

Chen Xi didn’t show mercy in the slightest when dealing with these people, and he killed them with a single blow and without the slightest hesitation. He didn’t have any feelings of pity, nor did he give them the chance to crush their Transportation Talisman. If one wanted to kill another, then one had to understand that one would be killed. These people obviously didn’t give him the chance to live, so why should he hypocritically let them leave?

But what caused Chen Xi a headache was that along with him moving forward, the cultivators he encountered grew more and more numerous. There was slaughter and battle everywhere, yet the strange thing was that once they noticed Chen Xi’s arrival, no matter how intensely the two sides were fighting, they would instantly stop and join forces to attack him. Their appearance was as if they were absolutely irreconcilable enemies with Chen Xi.

Chen Xi naturally knew the reason, if they were able to kill him, they would be able to obtain the extra reward of the Su Clan that was 500,000 kgs of spirit liquid and three top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures. Who wouldn’t be moved by such a reward?

People would die for wealth just like birds died for food. This was a dictum that was indisputable since ancient times.

Chen Xi naturally wouldn’t allow himself to be killed without putting up a fight. When he encountered fewer people, he would kill them; when he encountered many people, he would execute his Divine Windwing Flight to flee. Not only did he not receive any injuries, he’d instead obtained a large pile of command tokens and storage Magic Treasures, and it could be considered to be an unexpected delightful event.

If it wasn’t for the sake of converging with Chen Hao, Chen Xi even wanted to do the business of killing for other’s possessions, and obtain an extremely great ill-gotten wealth.

But along with the passing of time, Chen Xi’s situation became difficult. Due to his tracks being exposed already, there were group after group of cultivators chasing behind him at this moment, and they were like a tail that he couldn’t shake off. They approached in a formidable array and with an extremely enormous force.

Amongst these people, most of them were disciples from the Starnet Palace, Myriadcloud Institution, and Cang Clan. They’d obtained the instructions of the seniors behind them since long ago that they were to stand on the side of the Su Clan. So when they noticed Chen Xi’s tracks, they naturally chased closely without letting up.

Regretfully, their speeds were utterly unable to compare with Chen Xi, who’d comprehended a complete Wind Dao Insight. The distance between them and Chen Xi grew larger and larger, and they were already left behind by Chen Xi by at least 500 kms. If it wasn’t for them having people that were outstandingly skilled in tracking amongst them, they would probably have lost Chen Xi long ago.

“These damnable fellows are like ghosts that don’t go away. If I wasn’t anxious to find Chen Hao, I’d surely turn around and kill them!” Chen Xi was chased to the point he had no place to vent his bellyful of rage as well. Especially when he hadn’t found a trace of Chen Hao up until now, the gloominess in his heart could be easily imagined.

Right at this moment, a wave of the sounds of battle abruptly sounded out ahead. The scale of the battle was large to the extreme, as the strong True Essence fluctuations from the battle could be felt from far away.

Chen Xi’s Divine Perception spread out. With just a glance, he saw 100 plus people fluttering about in midair atop a faraway grassland that was vast and level, whereas on the ground, a few Wanderingcloud Sword Sect disciples wearing royal blue clothes had formed a circle. Obviously, they’d been trapped there.

Amongst them, Chen Xi saw a figure that was familiar to the extreme. Shockingly, it was his younger brother, Chen Hao!

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