Chapter 1369 – Immortal Emperor Zi Heng

His hand smashed down from midair while filled with terrifying divine might, and it seemed to envelop the world within it, causing it to be impossible to avoid.

While residing beneath it, Luqiu Ye was terrified to the point his soul almost left his body.

Right at this moment, Dian Dian said abruptly, “Wait.”

As soon as she spoke, the hand stopped abruptly before it was instantly withdrawn by Xue Yan. Obviously, his control of his strength had arrived at a state where he could control it at will.


Surviving a hopeless situation caused Luqiu Ye to be unable to refrain from kneeling any longer. He kowtowed repeatedly as he spoke in a shrill voice. “Thank you Lord Immortal King for this kindness of sparing my life. Thank you Lord Immortal King for this kindness of sparing my life…”

His terrified voice surged through the surroundings.

Those lackeys and female companions that were still within the restaurant were shocked to the point their bodies shivered, and they wore expressions of grief as if someone had died. They were terrified and worried to the extreme, causing them to emanate a wave of thumps as they knelt on the ground.

When they thought about how they’d actually threatened an Immortal King earlier and almost made a move to forcefully seize an Immortal King to be Luqiu Ye’s female companion, they were terrified to the point their souls almost left their bodies while their insides turned green from regret.

As for Zhu Ming, his expression wasn’t any much better at this moment, and he was deeply afraid that Midnight Immortal King would come to get even with him.

As he looked at all of this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel extremely bored. These fellows were arrogant, domineering, and flaunting their status earlier, yet they seem so contemptible and are terrified like dogs at this moment. Why did all of you have to act like that earlier?

Dian Dian seemed as if she couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to these fellows as well. She waved her hand and said, “Cripple him and hand him over to be dealt with by the Unfettered Marquis. When I return, I require a satisfying answer from the Unfettered Marquis.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she’d led Chen Xi into the Azure Phoenix Divine Carriage.


Space fluctuated, and under the shocked gazes of everyone present here, the Azure Phoenix Divine Carriage tore through space and vanished into thin air along with the vast group.

Amongst the members of the group, only the crimson haired and curly bearded Xue Yan stayed behind, and his eyes were cold light lightning as they swiftly swept towards Luqiu Ye.

“Don’t! Don’t… AH!!!!” Luqiu Ye let out a shrill cry that resounded through the heavens and the earth.

The Azure Phoenix Divine Carriage had a world of its own within it, and there was an elegant and beautiful jade palace within it.

“You’ll probably offend the Unfettered Marquis by crippling that amorous Young Master, right?” Chen Xi recalled Luqiu Ye’s countenance that had turned pale before they left, and he couldn’t help but find it amusing.

“If I offend him, then so be it. It isn’t like I’ve offended the ruler of the Central Immortal Court.” Dian Dian smiled and was indifferent towards this. The two of them were sitting cross-legged within the place, and a beautiful female attendant was pouring them tea from the side.

Chen Xi was stunned and asked curiously. “Exactly what sort of power is the Central Immortal Court?”

He was curious indeed. Since he entered into the Immortal Dimension, he’d always heard about the Central Immortal Court, yet he didn’t know anything about this power up until now.

Presently, he was merely aware that every single one of the 4,900 continents in the Immortal Dimension had an Immortal Monarch’s Estate, and it governed the affairs of its respective continent and possessed extraordinary authority.

On the other hand, these Immortal Monarch’s Estates had to obey the orders of the Central Immortal Court.

“The Central Immortal Court is situated in Divine Radiance Continent, and it’s controlled by Immortal King Zi Heng. Beneath him are the ten great Marquises, 4,900 Immortal Monarchs, and countless Saint Immortals, Golden Immortals, Mysterious Immortals, and Heavenly Immortals that serve him.”

“On the surface, the Central Immortal Court can be considered to be the largest power that governs the Immortal Dimension. But at the bottom of it all, it’s only an alliance formed by the experts of the various top powers within the Immortal Dimension. No matter if it’s the Immortal Monarchs or Marquises, all of them are from various different powers.”

“For example, the Unfettered Marquis, Luqiu Bin, that’s the Immortal Monarch of Midnight Continent, he’s one of the ten great Marquis of the Immortal Court, and another identity of his is that he’s a senior of the Luqiu Clan in Midnight Continent.”

Dian Dian spoke confidently, and she’d roughly described the Central Immortal Court in a clear manner with merely a few sentences.

“The only difference is that the Immortal Emperor of the Central Immortal Court is only a title. The Immortal Emperors are appointed from the three supreme sects of the Immortal Dimension. For example, the current Immortal Emperor Zi Heng is an elder from the Sovereign Sect.”

“Every 100,000 years, a new Immortal Emperor would be appointed. For example, the last Immortal Emperor, Immortal Emperor Ran Ning is the 9th disciple of Oracle Mountain, Bai Ran’ning.”

When he heard up to here, Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. Bai Ran’ning? My Ninth Senior Brother?

Since he’d started cultivating until now, he’d only met his Little Senior Sister Li Yang and Third Senior Brother. As for the other senior brothers and sisters of the sect, he didn’t even know their names.

At this moment, he suddenly found out from Dian Dian that his Ninth Senior Brother, Bai Ran’ning, whom he’d never met yet had actually taken up the position of the Central Immortal Court’s Immortal Emperor, so he couldn’t help but be slightly astounded.

“That Immortal Emperor Zi Heng is actually from the Sovereign Sect?” After that, Chen Xi frowned as he had a bad impression of this sect.

Especially after this trip to the Prehistoric Ruins, it caused him to have an even deeper understanding of the Sovereign Sect’s Dao of emotionlessness. When he heard that a member of the Sovereign Sect was in control of the Immortal Court, he naturally felt extremely disgusted.

“It can’t be helped. The Sovereign Sect is one of the three supreme sects of the three dimensions!” Dian Dian smiled and spoke with a relaxed tone. “However, you don’t have to be worried. In the present three dimensions, the authority of the Immortal Emperor might be able to terrify the myriad of living beings in the world, yet in the eyes of true great powers, it’s like the Immortal Emperor only exists in name.”

According to Dian Dian, no matter if it was the Central Immortal Court or the Immortal Monarch’s Estates in the 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension, all of it was for the sake of maintaining order in the Immortal Dimension.

Yet now, most of the experts that held a position in the Immortal Monarch’s Estate or Central Immortal Court were from the various powers of the Immortal Dimension. In this way, they naturally wouldn’t fully submit to the Immortal Emperor’s orders.

Especially under the circumstances that it affected their own interests. No power would truly obey the Immortal Monarch’s Estate and Central Immortal Court, and the reverse was also true.

The true motive behind appointing an Immortal Emperor was to make preparations for going to war with the Xeno-race. After all, once a full scale war broke out between the three dimensions and the Xeno-race, then they needed a ruler that was like a sovereign to command the war.

Obviously, there were no signs of a full scale war with the Xeno-race now, so the existence of the position of Immortal Emperor was mostly symbolic.

After he understood all of this, Chen Xi had the feeling that he was suddenly enlightened.

However, when he thought about how the Immortal Emperor was from the Sovereign Sect, he still felt slightly uncomfortable in his heart.

Midnight Immortal Realm.

A large world that was established within space. It was a picturesque place with beautiful scenery.

This was the place Dian Dian resided and cultivated at.

After he followed Dian Dian back here, Chen Xi stayed here for a few days, and he decided to leave today because he was worried about Ling Bai and the others.

Dian Dian didn’t stop him and sent him to a teleportation formation within the immortal realm before she said, “With the assistance of the Dao Fruit’s Spirit you gave me, I would at most take a hundred years before I’ll be able to establish my foundation to become a god, and then I’ll step into the ranks of gods. Perhaps it wouldn’t be too late for you to make a move against the Zuoqiu Clan after I emerge from my closed door cultivation.”

Presently, she was aware of the enmity between Chen Xi and the Zuoqiu Clan, so she naturally wouldn’t refuse to help Chen Xi take revenge.

One hundred years? Chen Xi laughed bitterly in his heart. Dian Dian really thinks highly of me. In Chen Xi’s opinion, he was indeed capable of seeking the help of many Immortal Kings at this moment, but the main point was that his own cultivation wasn’t sufficient to allow him to act in this way.

Not to mention that when he took revenge, he naturally had to do it with his own two hands!

In Chen Xi’s heart, there were some things that he couldn’t rely on the assistance of others to accomplish. For example, taking revenge on the Zuoqiu Clan. He would absolutely not allow himself to merely be a bystander.

Most importantly, as one of the seven great ancient clans of the Immortal Dimension, the Zuoqiu Clan’s foundation was extremely deep, and it was utterly impossible to annihilate it in a short period of time.

This matter had to be planned carefully and couldn’t be rushed.

“Thank you.” Chen Xi cupped his hands. He wasn’t just thanking Dian Dian for entertaining him in these past few days, he was thanking her for helping him obstruct that lethal strike in the God Attainment Region.

He’d never forgotten that Dian Dian who was an exalted Immortal King had actually disregarded her own life in order to obstruct that lethal strike for him, and she almost perished on the spot instead.

Dian Dian smiled and stared at Chen Xi for a long time before she said, “Compared to that, my gains are greater.”

Darkombat City.


Space fluctuated before a handsome figure walked out from within, and it was exactly Chen Xi that returned from the Midnight Immortal Realm.

As he looked at the familiar outline of Dao Emperor Academy in the distance and felt the familiar aura in the air, Chen Xi couldn’t help but take a deep breath while his entire body relaxed completely.

He didn’t stop here and directly teleported towards the academy.

Presently, the entire Dao Emperor Academy was animatedly discussing a single topic — One of the seven blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension, Zuoqiu Kong, perished in Sin City, and a senior of the Zuoqiu Clan at the Immortal King Realm was killed on the spot!

Once news of this spread, it wasn’t just Dao Emperor Academy, but the entire Immortal Dimension was stirred. A blazing sun and an Immortal King had actually perished in Sin City at the same time. How could this now be shocking?

It could be said that because of this news, it caused this matter to be the hottest topic on the streets and within restaurants lately. Moreover, it showed signs of growing in popularity.

Everyone was guessing exactly who’d killed Zuoqiu Kong, and which great figure had annihilated an Immortal King that stood at the peak of the three dimensions?

In the wake of this matter, as one of the seven great ancient clans of the Immortal Dimensions, what sort of reaction would the Zuoqiu Clan make?

All of this caused everyone to feel curious and discuss it without end.

On the other hand, the great figures of the Immortal Dimension were clearly aware of the entire truth. Especially Chen Xi’s name had even become the center of attention of the various great powers in the Immortal Dimension.

“Bullshit! How could it have possibly been done by Senior Brother Chen Xi. If you said he killed Zuoqiu Kong, then it’s understandable. But you said Senior Brother Chen Xi killed an Immortal King, and that’s bullshit.”

“Hmph! Idiot! I didn’t say Senior Brother Chen Xi did it himself, he had the assistance of other experts!”

“Yes, I heard from an elder of my clan that six Immortal Kings appeared at that time in Sin City, and they were the reason for the Zuoqiu Clan’s Zuoqiu Linghong’s death.”

“Six Immortal Kings? Really? Is Senior Brother Chen Xi really that capable?”

“I don’t know if he is or isn’t. But I heard that two of these six Immortal Kings were from Nuwa’s Dao Palace!”


As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly caused a wave of gasps to fill the surroundings.

When Chen Xi entered the academy, he encountered such a scene right before him.

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