Chapter 1368 – Azure Phoenix Divine Carriage

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A wave of heavy footsteps resounded. The earth shook like resounding thunderclaps. The faces of everyone inside and outside the entire restaurant turned pale while they felt great terror from inside out.

This sudden unexpected change in the events caused the expression of the furious Zhu Ming to change. He moved his gaze out of the restaurant, and then his pupils dilated while he himself was stunned on the spot.

It wasn’t just him, Luqiu Ye, his lackeys, and his female companions trembled and felt extremely astounded. They looked in unison towards the source of the sound.

When they saw the scene in the distance clearly, everyone inside and outside the restaurant was stunned and extraordinarily shocked.

It was a vast and magnificent group that moved through the ancient maple trees that were red like the color of the sunset, and they flashed on the broad and flat streets. Everywhere they passed, the crowd retreated with shock.

The group was led by two men that were 300m tall, and they were like two enormous Fiendgods.

The man on the left bared his bronze skin that was firm like a rock, and his back that was tall and broad like a mountain carried two enormous axes that were crossed over each other. He had a curly beard and crimson hair, and he was peerlessly imposing.

The man on the right was completely enveloped beneath a black cloak, and it was impossible to see his appearance clearly. He only revealed a ghastly pale and sharp chin while jet black and thick chains coiled numerous circles around his hands and legs, and the surface of the chains was covered densely in obscure and dense markings.

As the two of them opened up the path, a strand of an extremely terrifying aura enveloped the heavens and the earth, and it pressed down onto the living beings in an area of 500,000km, causing them to feel suffocated, shiver, and be horrified.

It was truly because these two tall figures that seemed like Fiendgods were too terrifying. All living beings seemed tiny like ants before them.

Behind the two of them was two rows of extremely beautiful female attendants that wore ancient dresses, and they stood at the sides of a magnificent and exquisite gold colored carriage.

No matter if it was appearance, dressing, bearing, or actions, all of these female attendants possessed a noble, elegant, and composed aura. There were over a thousand of them, and it was a rather magnificent sight.

Moreover, the magnificent golden carriage at their center was even being pulled by nine pure blooded Azure Phoenixes, and they emanated boundless divine radiance and were noble and gorgeous to the extreme.

There were two Fiendgod-like figures leading the way, over a thousand beautiful attendants following behind, and a carriage pulled by Azure Phoenixes at the center… It was impossible for such a grand group to not draw the attention of everyone.

It was indeed so. Since this group entered into Autumn Leaf City, everywhere they passed, they caused a great uproar, and no one dared to obstruct their path.

Because the imposing aura emanated by this group was truly too deterring. When one looked at it from afar, it caused one to uncontrollably arouse a wisp of shock and reverence.

Everyone within the restaurant was astounded. Because they noticed to their surprise that this vast group was moving towards them.

“That’s… That’s…” Someone’s teeth shivered as he stuttered, and he was shocked to the point of being unable to speak.

“The Azure Phoenix Divine Carriage!”

“That’s the Midnight Immortal King’s carriage!”

“My god! The Midnight Immortal King wouldn’t have arrived at Autumn Leaf City, right?”

Luqiu Ye, his lackeys, and his female companions were shocked to the point they opened their eyes wide, and the space between their brows surged with a wisp of respect and fervor that was impossible to restrain.

“It’s definitely the Midnight Immortal King. I once headed to Midnight Palace with my father, and I was lucky enough to see the Azure Phoenix Divine Carriage from afar. I never expected that it would actually appear here now…” Luqiu Ye muttered while he revealed a wisp of pride on his face. It seemed like being able to enter Midnight Palace was already something that was extremely worthy to be proud of to him.

As soon as these words were spoken, it really did draw over a mass of envious and reverent gazes.

“Young Master, I presume Lord Unfettered Marquis and Lord Midnight Immortal King have a very good relationship, right?”

“Young Master, have you seen Midnight Immortal King’s true appearance?”

“Young Master, could it be that those two in the lead are Midnight Palace’s Lord Xue Yan and Lord Qing Ying?”

Those female companions of Luqiu Ye spoke successively, and they revealed expressions of curiosity and respect.

The Midnight Immortal King was the supreme existence in the Midnight Continent and was even the most mysterious Immortal King in the Immortal Dimension that was equally famous as Valiant Star Immortal King, Profound Path Immortal King, and Icesky Immortal King. To all of them who were cultivators from Midnight Continent, Midnight Immortal King was simply like a legend that they could only look up to!

“How could I have possibly meet Lord Midnight Immortal King?” Luqiu Ye laughed with self ridicule, and then he said proudly, “However, my father does have a good relationship with Midnight Immortal King.”

At this moment, he’d actually directly disregarded Chen Xi and Dian Dian, and he’d placed all his attention onto the vast group that was about to arrive.

Amongst the people present, only Zhu Ming’s expression changed once more, and he couldn’t help but glance at Dian Dian once more. Yet he saw that the latter was still holding onto the young man’s arm while her head leaned on his shoulder, and her beautiful face was covered in smiles.

When she noticed Zhu Ming’s gaze, a wisp of a spurious smile appeared on the corners of Dian Dian’s mouth, and it instantly caused Zhu Ming’s heart to jerk as if he’d been struck by lightning. After that, he seemed as if he’d lost his soul.

“Uncle Zhu Ming, please be careful. You must not allow those two fellows to seize the opportunity to escape.” Suddenly, Luqiu Ye took a deep breath and straightened out his clothes before he raised his chest. “I’ll go greet Lord Xue Yan and Lord Qing Ying. With the two of them here, I’ll definitely be able to avenge this enmity by ten times!”

As he finished speaking, he couldn’t help but glare fiercely at Chen Xi and Dian Dian, and his gaze was extremely resentful and even revealed a wisp of greedy and desire to possess Dian Dian.

The lackeys and female companions were extremely excited when they heard this.

“Wait!” Zhu Ming couldn’t help but intend to warn Luqiu Ye when he saw this.

“Uncle Zhu Ming, you want me to introduce you to those two Lords? Of course.” Luqiu Ye smiled complacently and couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath on Zhu Ming at all. He turned around and headed out of the restaurant.

The corners of Zhu Ming’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch when he saw this, and he opened his mouth with the intention of saying something. However, he inadvertently saw Dian Dian was smiling spuriously as she glanced at him once more, and he was instantly stunned on the spot before he felt extremely bitter and dejected in his heart.

The vast group stopped abruptly upon arriving before the restaurant.

“I’m Luqiu Ye, my Father is the Immortal Monarch, Luqiu Bin. Greetings Lord Xue Yan and Lord Qing Ying!” At the same time, Luqiu Ye flashed over and bowed respectfully and reverently.

However, to his embarrassment, no matter if it was the robust middle aged man with two enormous axes on his back or the other figure that was enveloped beneath a black cloak, both of them paid no heed to him.

Their gazes descended within the restaurant in unison, and they didn’t pay any attention to Luqiu Ye who’d made a sudden appearance before them.

This caused Luqiu Ye to be embarrassed while his face burned. Earlier, he’d bragged about wanting to introduce Lord Xue Yan and Lord Qing Ying to Zhu Ming, yet now, they didn’t pay any attention to him at all.

Under the gazes of everyone present in the surroundings, Luqiu Ye was stuck between raising his bent body or not, and he seemed to be in an extremely embarrassing state. He was like a clown that had been abandoned.

Fortunately, no one paid any attention to this scene at this moment. The attention of everyone had been drawn by this vast group that had appeared abruptly.

Why did the group from Midnight Palace come here?

Could it be that the Midnight Immortal King is resting and eating here?


Before everyone could recover from their shock, the 300m tall figures of Xue Yan and Qing Ying suddenly knelt on one leg, and they cupped their hands while they spoke in unison. “Greeting my King!”

“Greeting my King!”

At practically the exact same time, over a thousand beautiful female attendants bowed in unison. It was completed with extreme order, and their voices that were pleasing to the ear naturally carried a solemn and grand imposing aura as it reverberated through the heavens and the earth.

At this moment, even the nine Azure Phoenixes that pulled the luxurious golden carriage had descended to the ground in unison, and they lowered their prideful heads as they let out long cries.

Greeting my King!

Their voices rumbled through the heavens and the earth, and the atmosphere within the restaurant instantly froze and turned deathly silent. Everyone was completely stunned while their pupils dilated, and their bodies froze.

What’s going on?

Could it be… Could it be that the Midnight Immortal King isn’t on the Azure Phoenix Divine Carry but within this restaurant instead!?

Zhu Ming’s mind droned and was on the verge of exploding. At this moment, he finally dared to believe his guess from before. When he thought about how he’d almost made a move against her, his entire body turned cold, and it felt as if he’d taken a trip around the entrance to hell…

Amongst the people present here, only Chen Xi’s mind was still clear, and he watched coldly as all of this occurred. However, he couldn’t help but still be slightly shocked in his heart. He’d never expected that Dian Dian’s subordinates would form such an imposing array to welcome her return.

When he thought up to here, he felt utterly uncomfortable. It couldn’t be helped. At this moment, Dian Dian was still holding his arm while leaning on his shoulder under the gazes of everyone present here. Moreover, she didn’t seem to intend to let go…

“Why don’t you let go of my hand first?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but send her a voice transmission.

“Don’t you think this is really fun?” Dian Dian glanced at him, yet she still agreed in the end so as to avoid Chen Xi being too embarrassed.

In the next moment, Dian Dian’s expression recovered its calm while her eyes cleared, and her entire body was suffused with light violet divine radiance and emanated a terrifying and supreme imposing aura.

She walked side by side with Chen Xi and headed directly out of the restaurant.

Everywhere they passed, everyone in the vicinity was shocked. They felt a strand of a supreme force that oppressed their minds and hearts surge through their entire bodies, causing them to feel as if they’d fallen into an endless abyss, and they felt extraordinary terror.

Especially Luqiu Ye’s lackeys and female companions. They were astounded to the point their bodies went limp and they fell to the ground. Moreover, the gazes they shot at Chen Xi and Dian Dian already carried a wisp of indescribable horror and disbelief.

Could it be… Could it be that woman is Midnight Immortal King?

“Rise.” Outside the restaurant, Dian Dian waved her hand. Her entire body was enveloped by violet divine radiance, causing her beautiful face to seem illusory, and it was impossible for others to see her true appearance clearly any longer.

“Yes!” The entire vast group accepted their orders at the same time, and the grand and orderly imposing aura they revealed shocked everyone once more.

At this instant, Luqiu Ye couldn’t help but raise his bent figure. When he saw Chen Xi and Dian Dian that were standing in midair, his expression instantly transformed into extreme shock as he cried out involuntarily. “How could it be the two of you?”

“Disrespect to my King, die!” Suddenly, the curly bearded and crimson haired Xue Yan whose muscles and skin looked like rocks spoke in a deep voice, and then he pressed his palm down at Luqiu Ye!

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