Chapter 1367 – Presumptuous Junior

Luqiu Ye was naturally not ignorant.

The reason he dared to act to fearlessly was firstly because he possessed the backing of the Immortal Monarch of Midnight Continent, Luqiu Bin, and secondly, it was because he would have never imagined that this woman with a delicate bearing would be the king of Midnight Continent.

At the bottom of it all, it was because Dian Dian’s injuries were too severe, and she was worried about exposing her identity, so she intentionally concealed her imposing aura. As for Chen Xi, he was only a Saint Immortal now.

On the other hand, the Young Monarch had two Saint Immortal Realm lackeys by his side, so he would naturally not take the two of them seriously.

Not to mention that this was Midnight Continent, and because of his father, this Young Monarch had deep connections. So even if he caused trouble, there would be someone to clean up his mess, and this was exactly the reason he’d fostered such an arrogant, domineering, and haughty nature.

Chen Xi just shrugged when facing all these extremely threatening gazes, and he said with a smile, “I think that if all of you don’t move aside, then the consequences will be unimaginable.”

His tone was flat and carried a trace of ridicule, causing the expressions of Luqiu Ye and the others to instantly turn grim. This kid is simply tired of living. He actually dared to threaten us!

“Look like you don’t intend to give this Young Master any face?” Luqiu Ye laughed coldly while he shot at glance at one of the lackeys by his side.

“You bastard that doesn’t know what’s good for you! Quickly get the fuck out of here!” The lackey instantly understood Luqiu Ye’s intentions, and he revealed a savage smile as he suddenly stretched his arm out. His fingers gripped together slightly as tore through space with a swish and swiftly grabbed towards Chen Xi’s neck.

This grab carried a heavy force and was swift like a bolt of lightning. Moreover, his fingers were filled with powerful energy of the Laws, and it vividly displayed the strength possessed by a Saint Immortal.

All the others gazed at Chen Xi with a wisp of pity in their eyes when they saw this. They were very clearly aware how ruthlessly this lackey’s attacks were. He was a formidable general under the command of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate, and he was called Yuwen Dong. The Unfettered Marquis, Luqiu Bin, greatly appreciated his ability. Moreover, so long as it was an opponent of his, then he would either cripple that person’s cultivation or kill that person on the spot. There was never any exception to this.

The young man before their eyes seemed to possess a cultivation at the Saint Immortal Realm, and it was sufficient for the young man to take pride in at any ordinary time. However, when he was before Yuwen Dong who’d experienced countless battles, it was utterly nothing.

Especially when they saw Chen Xi actually seemed to not move at all as if he’d been scared stiff when facing this attack, all of them felt even more disdain towards Chen Xi. This kid looks to be impressive, but he’s actually just a piece of trash!

Chen Xi really didn’t move, and he still maintained the posture where his arm was held by Dian Dian. Only his right hand casually swept through the air in an otherworld manner.


A muffled bang resounded, and it surged through the surroundings like a thunderclap.

Chen Xi stood on the spot without moving, and he had a carefree expression.

On the other hand, Yuwen Dong staggered back without end. His countenance turned paler with every step back he took, and when he took an entire nine steps back, his countenance was already ghastly pale. His chest rose and fell before he suddenly opened his mouth and a mouthful of blood sprayed out from within, and then his aura instantly weakened.

Everyone in the surroundings were instantly shocked, their pupils dilated, and the disdain and pity on the corners of their mouths froze while they seemed as if they’d seen a ghost.

This scene was too unexpected, and it had taken them by surprise. None of them had imagined that Yuwen Dong who was usually peerlessly formidable, ruthless, and merciless would actually be heavily injured by a single strike.


Someone refused to believe this and flashed through the air before swiftly smashing his fist down at Chen Xi’s head. His fist surged like a roaring dragon, and it was suffused with terrifying energy of the Laws.

This was the other Saint Immortal amongst Luqiu Ye’s lackeys, and he was called Yuwen Bei. He was Yuwen Dong’s younger brother. Both their strengths were on par, and he was similarly ruthless and decisive.

“You’re overestimating your strength.” Chen Xi acted even more casually this time. He flickered his sleeve, causing Immortal Force to rumble as it swept out like a tempestuous wave, and it blasted Yuwen Bei flying with a bang. Yuwen Bei smashed forcefully onto the walls of the building, and then he fell outside the restaurant with a thump.

At this moment, this scene completely shocked everyone present here.

All of their mouths had opened wide while they stared at Chen Xi as if they were looking at a monster. Moreover, coldness flowed within their hearts as they felt a chill run down their spines.

Who exactly is this fellow?

He was able to easily defeat the Yuwen brothers. He’s absolutely not an ordinary figure!

“Not bad, but it isn’t ruthless enough. You should have killed them.” Dian Dian grinned as she spoke amidst this deathly silent atmosphere. From the beginning until the end, she was leaning on Chen Xi’s shoulder and seemed to have expected that such a scene would occur.

The facts proved this indeed.

Even though the Yuwen brothers were Saint Immortals, they hadn’t fused the Dao and established Saint Dao Laws of their own. So even if their strengths were formidable, it was impossible for them to be a match for Chen Xi.

After all, even though Chen Xi had just stepped into the Saint Immortal Realm now, he’d attained perfection in his grasp of all the Golden Immortal Laws he possessed under the assistance of the River Diagram fragments. Most importantly, his Immortal Force was more than a hundred times thicker than his peers, so dealing with these two brothers was naturally as easy as blowing off dust.

Chen Xi was stunned when he heard Dian Dian, and he couldn’t help but smile bitterly. “I wasn’t ruthless enough? Could it be that I should annihilate them all?”

Dian Dian said seriously, “That’s not a problem at all.”

When they heard the two of them fearlessly discussing their fate, the expressions of Luqiu Ye and the others changed, and they were both terrified and furious.

Especially Luqiu Ye’s female companions, they were terrified to the point their beautiful faces turned pale while they shivered without end.

“Hmph! You’re going too far! Do you know who this Young Master is? You actually dare to act so arrogantly!? Quickly apologize to this Young Master, otherwise don’t dream of leaving Autumn Leaf City today!” Luqiu Ye shouted loudly in a deep voice. He knew that he’d bitten off more than he could chew this time, but he didn’t feel that he was in danger because this was Midnight Continent. Besides those extraordinary figures, would anyone dare to harm the descendant of the Immortal Monarch?

In his eyes, no matter if it was Chen Xi or Dian Dian, they still didn’t have the qualifications to be called an extraordinary figure. So he still had the confidence and courage to go against them!

Not to mention that even though he was domineering and arrogant, he possessed some methods to protect his life, so he naturally wouldn’t be terrified and scared stiff by Chen Xi and Dian Dian.


However, to Luqiu Ye’s surprise, a slap swung at his face as soon as he finished speaking. His head droned while he saw stars, and he let out a shrill cry as he fell to the ground on his knees.

“Idiot!” Chen Xi lightly spat out a single world.

“Young Master!”

“Young Master!”

This scene terrified Luqiu Ye’s lackeys and female companions to the point of panicking. All of them swarmed over to protect this Young Master as they were deeply afraid that he would suffer misfortune.

“Both of you are…simply courting death!”

“The Young Monarch is the son that the Immortal Monarch, the Unfetter Marquis, loves the most! Could it be that both of you aren’t afraid of being wanted and pursued by the entire Immortal Monarch’s Estate?”

“You’re courting death! Quickly kneel down and apologize, otherwise you’re dead!”

All the lackeys and female companions shouted with grim voices.

They’d followed by Luqiu Ye’s side for a very long time and relied on the reputation of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate to be flattered by everyone no matter where they went. Yet now, this pair of man and woman actually dared to go against them, so weren’t the two of them courting death?

However, even though they kept shouting, not a single one of them dared to launch an attack. It couldn’t be helped. Earlier, they weren’t even able to clearly notice how Chen Xi had attacked before the Yuwen brothers were heavily injured and defeated. So how could they possibly be a match for Chen Xi?

Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown when he heard these flies clamoring without end, and he eyes glowed coldly. Everywhere his gaze passed, all the clamoring stopped abruptly, and they were terrified to the point their entire bodies shivered.

Truly a bunch of clowns! Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to make a move against them, and he said to Dian Dian, “Why don’t we leave?”

Dian Dian smiled sweetly and said, “Since I started cultivating until now, I’ve never experienced the feeling of being rescued by a hero.” She frowned, and then sighed. “Unfortunately, these fellows are too weak, and it’s really boring for me.”

Chen Xi grinned and finally understood Dian Dian’s intentions.

As they spoke, both of them intended to leave. Right at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded out from the stairway. “Hmph! Let me see exactly who dared to bully my good nephew!”

As soon as this voice resounded, a robust figured old man appeared out of thin air and appeared within the restaurant. He had dense hair and a gaze that was like a bolt of lightning. His entire body emanated a powerful aura that was lofty like a mountain and vast like an ocean. Surprisingly, he was an existence at the Half-step Immortal King Realm.

“Uncle Zhu Ming! You’ve come just in time. It’s these two fellows that just humiliated me and even heavily injured the two subordinates my father gave me!” When he saw the mighty old man, the spirits of Luqiu Ye who’d been beaten to the point his face was swollen and sat dejectedly on the ground was suddenly refreshed, and he spoke with wild joy.

Chen Xi and Dian Dian exchanged glances, and both of them revealed a wisp of a strange expression. They felt that it was boring because they never expected that an old fellow would actually appear.

“Nephew, calm yourself. With me here, I’ll absolutely not allow anyone to bully you!” Zhu Ming spoke in a deep and resolute voice. After that, he swiftly turned around before his gaze shot out like a bolt of lightning and descended onto Chen Xi. “Fellow Daoists, I wonder how this nephew of mine offended… Hmm?”

As he finished speaking, his eyes suddenly focused and stared fixedly at Dian Dian. He seemed to have noticed something yet didn’t dare confirm it, and his brows instantly knit tightly together.

“Uncle Zhu Ming, why waste your breath on them? Quickly kill that kid!” With Zhu Ming to rely on, Luqiu Ye returned to his previous attitude. He covered his swollen face as he shouted resentfully. “As for this little girl, you must not injure her. This Young Master refuses to believe…”


Before he could finish speaking, Chen Xi suddenly grunted coldly. Along with his voice resounding out, a shapeless energy of space condensed out of thin air, and it was like a shapeless hand that slapped Luqiu Ye flying.

This scene occurred too quickly, causing Zhu Ming to be unable to assist Luqiu Ye in time. When he reacted to it, Luqiu Ye had already been struck to the point blood sprayed from his mouth while his teeth flew out, and Luqiu Ye let out a shrill cry that sounded like a boar being slaughtered, causing all the people in the vicinity to gasp without end.

The reason was that this was the energy of the supreme Spatial Laws. Even an existence at the Half-step Immortal King Realm like Zhu Ming had never imagined that a Saint Immortal would actually be able to grasp such a force, and it instantly took him by surprise.

“Junior, how presumptuous of you!” Zhu Ming face sank, and it was extremely unsightly. Because the kid before him actually dared to attack Luqiu Ye right before his eyes, and it was simply an extraordinary insult to his dignity.

As he spoke, he was about to make a move. However, right at this moment, a wave of terrifying fluctuations of energy suddenly swept over from outside the restaurant, and it was like a dark cloud pressing down onto the city. It surged over and enveloped the entire restaurant.

In an instant, Zhu Ming’s face turned pale!

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