Chapter 1366 – Ladies Man

Midnight Continent.

Autumn Leaf City.

The city was covered in ancient maple trees. The maple leaves were red like fire and brilliant like the clouds during sunset, and it was a picturesque and beautiful scenery.

Within an antique styled restaurant.

Chen Xi, Heaven Trampler, and Dian Dian sat by the window in the tall building, and fiery red maple tree leaves filled their vision. It was like sunset had risen, and it was an extremely magnificent scene.

Originally, According to Chen Xi’s plans, he intended to return directly to Dao Emperor Academy. However, on the way there, the heavily injured and unconscious Dian Dian had suddenly awoken. After a brief discussion, they turned around and went to Midnight Continent.

Dian Dian was called Midnight Immortal King, and Midnight Continent was naturally her territory.

After they arrived here, Heaven Trampler intended to leave and search for his Master, Daoist Dao Que, and the others. Thus, Chen Xi chose this restaurant to give Heaven Trampler a farewell meal.

“Don’t worry, once I find my Master and the others, I’ll send the news to you.” Heaven Trampler finished the wine in his cup before he stood up. “There’s no time to lose, so I’ll be making a move first.”

Chen Xi knew that Heaven Trampler was worried about the safety of his sect, so Chen Xi didn’t stop him and immediately stood up to send him off.

“Are you alright?” When Chen Xi returned, he noticed Dian Dian was holding her chin up with one hand while staring out the window, and her entire body emanated a wisp of a delicate bearing.

Even though she’d woken up now, because her injuries were too severe, she could only maintain her consciousness. According to Chen Xi’s inference, any Immortal King would probably be able to easily take Dian Dian’s life at this moment.

Of course, no matter how weak Dian Dian was, merely based on the Immortal King Laws she possessed, she wasn’t someone that experts of the other lower realms could go against.

“I’m fine.” Dian Dian smiled while her clear and pitch black eyes still stared towards the distance, and she muttered. “It’s been very long since I’ve come to Autumn Leaf City. I remember that when I was young, this was a maple tree forest, and there were only a few cottages here. I grew up here…” Her voice was pleasing to the ear and carried a trace of recollection.

She wore a light violet dress while her beautiful hair flowed down like a waterfall, and her clear eyes seemed misty. Her jade white countenance was beautiful and otherworldly, and her entire body emanated a lazy and delicate aura, causing her to reveal a unique form of beauty.

At this moment, she didn’t seem like an Immortal King that looked down upon the world, and she seemed like a gentle and gorgeous young woman that was recollecting the past.

Chen Xi sat at the other side of the table and seemed to be lost in thought.

Only now did he know that Autumn Leaf City was actually Dian Dian’s hometown where she grew up.

“I grew up in the Mortal Dimension, and my hometown is within a kingdom in a small world. It’s called Pine Mist City. The city was filled with numerous ancient pine trees, and every time dusk fell, the city would be enveloped in what seemed like a mist of pine leaves…” Chen Xi smiled as he spoke. At this moment of peace and quiet, he’d inadvertently recalled the past as well.

“Oh? If I have the chance, I’d be willing to go have a look.” Dian Dian grinned as she glanced at Chen Xi.

“You’re always welcome.” Chen Xi smiled lightheartedly.

Right at this moment, a wave of clamorous noise came from the stairway.

Along with this noise, a group of people walked into the restaurant, and a young man in embroidered clothes was in the lead. He wore luxurious clothes, had a handsome appearance, and a wisp of a proud and arrogant smile hung on the corners of his mouth.

A group of women surrounded him like a crowd of orioles, and all of them were unique in their own way. There was over ten of them in total.

Besides that, there were a few more lackeys following by his side. These lackeys had capable appearances and heavy bearings. Especially the two lackeys in the lead, they actually possessed cultivations at the Saint Immortal Realm!

Such a group of people walked into the restaurant in a formidable array and put on haughty airs, and they instantly caused many customers in the restaurant to burst into an uproar.

“The Immortal Monarch’s Estate’s Young Monarch, Luqiu Ye!”

“No wonder they put on such a display, so it’s the Young Monarch that possessed the nickname ‘Ladies Man’.”

“I heard the Young Monarch possesses 3,000 beauties, and he has romantic affairs throughout the world. I wonder if it’s true.”

“It’s definitely true. His father, Luqiu Bin, is the ruler of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate in Midnight Continent and one of the ten great Marquis of the Immortal Court that possesses the title, the Unfettered Marquis, causing him to possess monstrous authority. This Young Monarch is deeply loved by his father.”

The crowd discussed animatedly, and the gazes they shot at the young man in embroidered clothes carried a wisp of reverence and admiration.

Chen Xi and Dian Dian frowned simultaneously when faced with this because the originally peaceful and quiet atmosphere had been disturbed, and it naturally caused them to be displeased.

“This kid is a bastard. He’s lustful by nature, and even I’ve heard many despicable things he has done. If it wasn’t out of consideration for his father, I would have crippled this little bastard a long time ago.” Dian Dian puckered her lips and sighed faintly.

Chen Xi was speechless because since Dian Dian evaluated him in such a manner, then it was obvious how lustful this ‘Ladies Man’ was. However, in Chen Xi’s opinion, being despicably lustful isn’t romantic but dirty.

“Fellow Daoists, I’m sorry, this level of the restaurant has already been booked by my estate’s Young Monarch. Please give us some face and leave quickly.” A middle aged lackey spoke in a deep voice and actually wanted to clear the restaurant out for the Young Monarch and his female companions to enjoy themselves in private.

As soon as these words were spoken, most of the customers in the restaurant didn’t think anything was wrong with this. They seemed to be aware of this Young Monarch’s nature, and they left immediately. However, there were some customers that felt displeased, but because of the extraordinary power and influence the Young Monarch possessed, they could only restrain their displeasure and leave obediently.

“Let’s go as well. I’ve lost my appetite from being disturbed by that bastard.” Dian Dian frowned, and she couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about it in the end.

“Alright.” Chen Xi immediately stood up with her, and then they turned around and headed towards the stairway.

After the trip to the Prehistoric Ruins, Chen Xi’s gaze had looked past his peers since a long time ago, and he’d placed it onto a higher level, so he naturally wouldn’t make a fuss about it with this bastard.

As for Dian Dian, as an Immortal King, these fellows were like laughable ants in her eyes, so she naturally couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to them. It was like the difference between a hawk in the sky and an ant of the ground, when had the hawk ever paid attention to the cries of the ant from the ground?

However, even though the two of them couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to Luqiu Ye, Luqiu Ye just happened to look for trouble with them.

Right when they passed by this Young Monarch, Luqiu Ye, they were instantly stopped by the latter.

“Wait!” Luqiu Ye’s eyes lit up. What a beautiful little girl! This bearing is simply matchless!

He felt he was a veteran in picking flowers, and he’d experienced countless beautiful women, yet he’d never seen one that possessed such an extraordinary bearing like the woman before his eyes. So it instantly drew out his desire to possess her.

As he thought like this in his heart, his gaze was already staring with burning desire at Dian Dian, and he revealed a smile that he felt was elegant as he said, “Miss, you’re really beautiful. I’m Luqiu Ye, may I know if I can have a drink of wine or tea with you?”

As for Chen Xi, he was directly overlooked.

Luqiu Ye’s lackeys were extremely clearly aware of their Young Monarch’s nature, so when they saw this scene, they instantly imperceptibly obstructed Chen Xi and Dian Dian’s path.

On the other hand, when Luqiu Ye’s female companions saw this, all of them revealed unhappy and sour expressions.

“Hmph! He’s chasing after women again. Does he feel us sisters aren’t enough?”

“What’s so good about that little girl? Why haven’t I noticed anything?”

Some of the women couldn’t help but mutter sourly with sharp voices, and they seemed to be jealous.

Chen Xi was instantly speechless. What sort of Immortals are these women, and what Dao do they seek?

Actually, Chen Xi was thinking too much. The reason these women acted in this way was none other that to compete for Luqiu Ye’s favor, and the objective of this was naturally for the sake of obtaining even more benefits from this Young Monarch for their own future.

Dian Dian seemed as if she didn’t notice all of this instead, and she didn’t even spare a glance at Luqiu Ye before she said frankly. “I’ll give you a chance. Ask your subordinates to move aside, and I won’t make a fuss about it with you.”

Her voice was calm, yet it carried extraordinary might.

However, when it entered into Luqiu Ye’s ears, it caused him to feel a fresh sort of excitement. Amongst the women he’d played with, most of them obediently fell into his arms as soon as they heard of his identity. So when had he even encountered one that dared speak to him in this way?

Clap! Clap! Clap!

This fellow actually roared with laughter and started clapping. “Not bad, not bad. This Young Master loves a disposition like yours. Since it’s our first meeting, take this little thing as a meeting gift. I hope you will accept it.”

As he spoke, he flipped his palm, and a light blue and exquisite jade hairpin that glowed brightly appeared. Moreover, it was suffused with strands of gentle auspicious light.

A Valiant Grade Immortal Artifact!

In an instant, the eyes of all the women by Luqiu Ye’s side lit up, and they felt even more envious, causing even the gazes they shot at Dian Dian to become hostile.

Obviously, in their hearts, Dian Dian was their number one enemy in their competition for Luqiu Ye’s favor.

Luqiu Ye felt even more complacent in his heart upon noticing this, and he said in his heart, “No matter how noble and extraordinary you are, this Young Master doesn’t believe you won’t submit to me!”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but explode with laughter. This fellow is actually trying to seduce an Immortal King with a Valiant Grade Immortal Artifact? Is there anything more absurd and laughable than this?

“Young Master over there, what’re you laughing about?” When they saw Chen Xi was actually laughing, Luqiu Ye frowned and glared at Chen Xi with displeasure.

“Friend, leave quickly. You have no business staying here!” The lackeys glanced coldly at Chen Xi and spoke in an extremely threatening manner.

Chen Xi rubbed his nose and couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to these fellows. He just turned around to look at Dian Dian. He was very curious because Dian Dian actually didn’t flare up until now, and he actually wondered what her intentions were.

On the other hand, Dian Dian looked at Chen Xi at practically the exact same time, and she said with a grumbling tone, “It’s already at a time like this, yet you’re still able to continue watching?”

As she spoke, she suddenly held onto Chen Xi’s arm and rested her head intimately on Chen Xi’s shoulder, and then her eyes narrowed from feeling comfortable before she said, “You said that you would be responsible for me.”

Her voice was gentle, and she slightly acted like she was spoiled.

Chen Xi’s figure instantly stiffened while he laughed bitterly in his heart. What’s this Big Sister Immortal King trying to do!?

On the other hand, when this scene entered into Luqiu Ye’s eyes, it instantly caused him to be extremely infuriated in his heart, yet he smiled casually instead and said, “Miss, in my opinion, this fellow by your side isn’t worthy of you. Why don’t you consider this Young Master?”

Dian Dian’s eyes narrowed while she leaned on Chen Xi’s side, and she acted indifferent towards this. Obviously, she’d decided to allow Chen Xi to deal with all of this.

“Friend, what do you think?” When he saw this, Luqiu Ye was even more irritated, and he shot his gloomy gaze at Chen Xi while his voice revealed an oppressive and threatening tone.

It wasn’t just him, all the lackeys in the vicinity stared coldly at Chen Xi, and they seemed to be saying that Chen Xi shouldn’t blame them for being ruthless if Chen Xi didn’t act sensibly.

Chen Xi was completely speechless. All these fellows are from Midnight Continent. Could it be that they’re unable to recognize Dian Dian’s identity?

They really are a bunch of ignorant idiots!

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