Chapter 1363 – A Blazing Sun Falls

To Shi Yu and the other Immortal Kings, they were indeed extremely surprised when they heard Zuoqiu Kong’s furious threats, but they felt even more amused.

This little fellow has obviously gone stupid from his terror!

Could it be that he isn’t aware that Chen Xi isn’t just a student of Dao Emperor Academy, he’s even a disciple of Oracle Mountain?

Even if Chen Xi’s identity was disregarded, how could all of these six Immortal Kings stand by idly when Chen Xi was threatened?

Indeed, the Zuoqiu Clan was extremely strong. As one of the seven great ancient clans, it was a top ancient power of the Immortal Dimension, yet no matter how formidable it was, could it be more formidable than Oracle Mountain? Could it be more formidable than Nuwa’s Dao Palace?

As for Heaven Trampler, Sun Wuhen, Dao Yao, and Pang Du, they represented the forces of the Prehistoric Ruins. Even though they seemed to be all alone now, they were Immortal Kings!

Could the Zuoqiu Clan afford to offend four Immortal Kings in one go?

If Midnight Immortal King knew of this matter, would she stand by idly?

Even if all of this was disregarded, Chen Xi possessed eleven Dao Fruit’s Spirits. If he was determined to annihilate the Zuoqiu Clan, then if utilized the Dao Fruit’s Spirits as a means of exchange, he would absolutely be able to obtain the help of even more Immortal Kings!

Under such circumstances, Zuoqiu Kong had actually hysterically threatened Chen Xi, so he was naturally like an enormous joke. Only an idiot that was overcome by rage would speak such words, right?

So, at this moment, their gazes towards Zuoqiu Kong had turned into pity, and it seemed as if they were looking at an idiot.

Being looked at by these gazes was simply like a million swords piercing his heart, and it caused Zuoqiu Kong’s handsome face to become savage, livid, and warped.

When had he, a blazing sun and a direct line heir of the Zuoqiu Clan, suffered such humiliation?


So this was the reason Zuoqiu Kong was so furious and had lost his composure at this moment. If it was at any ordinary time, he would have already attacked from his rage and killed all those that dared ridicule him.

But unfortunately, he was facing six Immortal Kings!

He could only forcefully grit his teeth and endure it, and he was aggrieved and humiliated to the extreme in his heart.

Damnable bastard! If I knew earlier, I would have sliced him up into a thousand pieces and burned his bones before scattering his ashes a long time ago in the Mortal Dimension! How could I have suffered the humiliation I’ve suffered today if I did that? Zuoqiu Kong roared in his heart while he stared fixedly at Chen Xi with an extremely resentful gaze.

Zuoqiu Linghong sighed in his heart when he saw this, and a wisp of despair surged onto his face.

He’d lived for countless years, so how could he be unable to discern that Chen Xi seemed to have already completely become accomplished now. It wasn’t just Chen Xi’s cultivation, even the relationships he possessed were sufficient to severely threaten the Zuoqiu Clan.

How unfortunate!

All those years ago, this little fellow was allowed to live because of Zuoqiu Xue, and we missed the best opportunity to annihilate all future troubles…

These thoughts merely flashed in Zuoqiu Linghong’s mind before he made a decision.

“Kong’er, your Ancestral Uncle hasn’t attained the Dao and become a god, so I can only wrong you…” Suddenly, Zuoqiu Linghong’s voice transmission sounded out by Zuoqiu Kong’s ears. This caused him to be slightly stunned, and then his mind cleared up greatly from his furious and hateful emotions before his heart jerked as a wisp of a bad premonition surged into his heart.

“Ancestral Uncle…” He hadn’t finished speaking when he saw Zuoqiu Linghong suddenly let out a long howl, and then Zuoqiu Linghong’s figure flashed and charged towards Chen Xi who stood in the distance.


Divine radiance erupted from Zuoqiu Linghong’s entire body while his hands were enveloped in terrifying Immortal King Laws. As soon as he attacked, the nearby space rumbled, shattered, and fell into disorder while the surroundings dimmed. The impetus of his attack was shocking to the extreme.

In an instant, the battle erupted!

Chen Xi’s eyes focused, yet he didn’t panic at all because he’d expected this since the beginning. Under such circumstances, Zuoqiu Linghong would definitely make a desperate move, otherwise, it would be strange.

“Hmph!” Shi Yu was prepared since a long time ago. A wisp of killing intent flashed within his eyes as he stretched out his right arm, and then his fingers extend out to form a palm that seemed capable of blotting out the sky. Every single finger of his was covered in layers of overlapping space, and every single layer of space contained worlds that were forming and being destroyed. He vividly displayed the supreme Grand Daos of space and time.


Their attacks collided head-on like a myriad of divine mountains colliding with each other. The world shook while the sky dimmed, and then terrifying rifts and black holes appeared in the space in an area of 500,000km in the surroundings.


However, to all of their surprise, after Zuoqiu Linghong executed this attack, his figure suddenly retreated explosively before he raised his hand and tore space apart. He suddenly executed teleportation and fled, and he seemed to be resolute, decisive, and didn’t hesitate at all.

It was even to the extent that he didn’t bother about Zuoqiu Kong at all!

This obviously showed that how abundant Zuoqiu Linghong’s combat experience was as an Immortal King. He first attacked Chen Xi desperately, yet he actually intended to flee since the beginning.

Moreover, for the sake of his own life, he even intended to abandon Zuoqiu Kong who was a direct line heir of the Zuoqiu Clan!

Zuoqiu Kong’s expression turned pale when he saw such a scene.

Chen Xi was slightly stunned as well.

Only Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li seemed to have expected such a situation since the beginning. Right at the instant that Zuoqiu Linghong fled, the two of them had instantly moved out in pursuit!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In an instant, the two Immortal Kings executed teleportation and vanished in the blink of an eye.

Even Chen Xi was unable to react to their reaction speed. When he recovered from his shock, Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, and Zuoqiu Linghong had vanished on the spot.

This was very normal. A single teleportation of an Immortal King could stretch over a continent, so a pursuit and battle between Immortal Kings had long since exceeded Chen Xi’s imagination.

For a time, only Chen Xi, Heaven Trampler, Sun Wuhen, Dao Yao, Pang Du, and Zuoqiu Kong remained here.

However, at this moment, Zuoqiu Kong’s expression was extremely unsightly. He seemed as if he was scared out of his wits, and he stood there while his mind was in chaos.

I was actually…abandoned by my Ancestral Uncle?

This sort of feeling of being betrayed by a close relative and being abandoned caused Zuoqiu Kong to almost go mad!

In this short period of time, he experienced extreme humiliation for the first time in his life, and now he’d experienced the feeling of being betrayed by a relative for the first time.

These two blows caused him to be on the verge of collapse.

Why is this happening?



He shouted hysterically in his heart like a madman, and he was angry, hateful, disgruntled, terrified…. All of these complicated feelings erupted like a volcano and fiercely struck his heart and mind.

His face warped and turned livid while his eyes almost split apart from rage, and his entire body was filled with a violent and frenzied aura.

If it was someone who didn’t know the facts of the situation, that person would probably feel extreme pity towards the situation Zuoqiu Kong faced at this moment. However, Chen Xi wouldn’t while Heaven Trampler and the others wouldn’t either.

“Chen Xi! It’s all your fault! You damnable bastard! Piece of shit! I’ll kill you!” Zuoqiu Kong felt extreme despair, and he was clearly aware that it was impossible for him to survive today. His mind collapsed completely, and he roared madly as he charged towards Chen Xi!

Heaven Trampler grunted coldly and intended to make a move, yet he was stopped by Chen Xi. “Let me do it.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi suddenly flashed through the air, and his hands carried terrifying divine might as they slapped fiercely onto Zuoqiu Kong’s face.


Zuoqiu Kong arrived swiftly and left swiftly as well. He was blasted flying by this slap, and fresh blood sprayed from his mouth while a few of his teeth fell out.

This was normal because even though Zuoqiu Kong was one of the seven blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension, his cultivation was only at the Golden Immortal Realm after all, whereas, Chen Xi was a Saint Immortal!

“How could this be possible? How could a piece of trash from the Mortal Dimension like you possibly surpass me!?” Zuoqiu Kong was obviously overcome by rage, and he’d completely lost all reason. Not only did this strike from Chen Xi fail to clear his mind, it caused him to become even more frenzied, and he charged towards Chen Xi once more.

Heaven Trampler and the others couldn’t help but look at him with pity when they saw this scene.


Zuoqiu Kong was blasted flying once more. Countless bones in his entire body broke while he was completely bathed in blood, and he was in an extremely miserable state that seemed even worse than the beggars on the streets.

At this moment, if someone from the Zuoqiu Clan was here, that person would probably be unable to recognize this heir of the clan at all.

“I’ll kill you, kill you!!!” Zuoqiu Kong charged over once more, and he was actually extremely tenacious. This obviously showed how much hate he had towards Chen Xi.


Chen Xi waved his hand casually and blasted Zuoqiu Kong flying once more. This strike caused Zuoqiu Kong’s aura to fall into complete disorder, and he smashed down onto the streets of Sin City, causing dust and dirt to suffuse the air.

This time, Zuoqiu Kong wasn’t able to stand up again. His face was mangled while his entire body shivered without end, and he was already heavily injured and on the verge of death.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed and stood before Zuoqiu Kong. He looked down at Zuoqiu Kong with a calm and indifferent expression that seemed as if he was looking at a corpse.

At this instant, he recalled his grandfather that had passed away, recalled the clansmen of the Chen Clan that had been completely slaughtered, and he recalled his parents that had gone missing for many years….

The rage in his heart was filled with boundless sorrow!

“Haha… Haha… I truly regret it… Why didn’t I personally…kill you all those years ago!?” Zuoqiu Kong who lay on the ground while on the verge of death stared at Chen Xi with a resentful gaze, and he gasped rapidly for breath as he said, “Unfortunately, it’s all too late. Too late…”

When he spoke up to here, a wisp of extremely ruthless flames suddenly surged into his bloodshot eyes, and he roared hysterically with rage. “Chen Xi, I curse you to never die a natural death!”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. Before Chen Xi could make a move, a strand of a terrifying fluctuation suddenly arose from Zuoqiu Kong’s entire body, and it seemed like he was a volcano that was about to erupt.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed, and he teleported away.


An enormous world shocking bang resounded. A terrifying explosive force stretched out from Zuoqiu Kong’s body and shot into the sky, and it formed a mushroom cloud that covered an enormous area. It shook the clouds and wind in the surroundings, and the nearby buildings, streets, space… Everything was shattered into powder at this moment!

Zuoqiu Kong, one of the seven blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension and the heir of the Zuoqiu Clan, had actually chosen to take his own life at this moment!

Chen Xi’s face instantly turned gloomy, and he stood silently in midair.

Chen Xi originally intended to utilize Zuoqiu Kong’s life to get his mother, Zuoqiu Xue, back. Yet never had Chen Xi imagined that this fellow would actually rather detonate himself than allow himself to be captured.


A wave of fluctuation arose in space, and then Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li’s figures walked out successively.

Moreover, Shi Yu was holding a head in his hand. Shockingly, it was Zuoqiu Linghong’s head!

In other words, this Immortal King of the Zuoqiu Clan, Zuoqiu Linghong, had been sent to hell! If news of this were to reach the ears of the Zuoqiu Clan, then it would surely cause a mighty uproar.

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