Chapter 1362 – Cousin Brothers

The light was boundless, brilliant, and powerful.

Originally, it was already dusk, and the entirety of Sin City was gradually being enveloped by the veil of night, yet when this expanse of light appeared, it instantly seemed like day had descended and the world was illuminated.

The aura of sin that suffused the entire city was instantly purified, and it emanated hissing sounds.

On the other hand, no matter what their cultivations were, all the villains that resided within the city howled miserably with pain at the exact same moment. Their bodies were enveloped by light and were completely incinerated in an instant. It was as if they’d been evaporated from the world.

This was caused by merely the imposing aura of an Immortal King that Shi Yu emanated, and his target wasn’t them at all. Yet at this moment, all of them were affected and purified.

In midair, Zuoqiu Linghong’s expression turned grim as he gazed at Shi Yu who’d appeared abruptly, and his face was extremely gloomy.

At his side, even up until this moment, Zuoqiu Kong hadn’t understood what had occurred. He looked at Shi Yu with a puzzled expression, and then his heart sank because he realized that Shi Yu was an Immortal King!

Could it be that he’s the Immortal King that’s following by Chen Xi’s side?

Then where’s Chen Xi?

Zuoqiu Kong couldn’t help but sweep the surroundings with his gaze. Sure enough, he noticed that Chen Xi was flying over towards him from a short distance away…

Hatred that was impossible to conceal couldn’t help but arise in his heart at this moment, and his expression turned icy cold and ghastly. He swiftly sent a voice transmission to Zuoqiu Linghong. “Ancestral Uncle, that little bastard is Chen Xi. You deal with this Immortal King before us later, and I’ll deal…”

“Shut up! Could it be that you haven’t noticed there are six Immortal Kings here?” Before Zuoqiu Kong could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Zuoqiu Linghong’s extremely serious voice.

What!? These words shocked Zuoqiu Kong to the point he seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning, and his pupils dilated. Only now did he notice that another five figures were following by Chen Xi’s side. There were both men and women, and every single one of them possessed a supreme, lofty, and terrifying aura. It was definitely the aura of Immortal Kings!

In an instant, Zuoqiu Kong was extremely shocked in his heart, and he was extremely dazed.

What’s going on?

Isn’t there only a single Immortal King by Chen Xi’s side? Why have another five suddenly appeared?


This isn’t a hallucination, right?

If Zuoqiu Kong was able to see his own expression at this moment, he would definitely notice that it was extremely colorful. There was shock, wonder, bewilderment, hatred, astonishment… It was complicated to the extreme, and he was stunned on the spot.

It wasn’t just him, Zuoqiu Linghong’s heart sank to rock bottom as well. Six Immortal Kings! Who would have expected that such a scene would occur?

Earlier, he’d decided that even if he fought to the point of suffering a heavy injury and being on the verge of death, he would still annihilate Chen Xi. However, at that time, he was merely aware that there was a single Immortal King by Chen Xi’s side. No matter how he wracked his brains, it was impossible for him to have imagined that as soon as Chen Xi appeared, six Immortal Kings would actually appear along with him!

“Zuoqiu Kong?” Meanwhile, Chen Xi and the others had arrived here as well. Xiangliu Li, Heaven Trampler and the others stood by Shi Yu’s side, and they completely blocked off Zuoqiu Kong and Zuoqiu Linghong’s paths of retreat.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s expression seemed to be calm, yet his gaze was extremely strange. There was rage, surprise, and hatred within his eyes.

This was the first time he’d met Zuoqiu Kong, and the reason he’d immediately recognized Zuoqiu Kong was because Zuoqiu Kong was too famous. Zuoqiu Kong was one of the seven blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension and a direct line descendant of the Zuoqiu Clan. There was no lack of students in Dao Emperor Academy that possessed Mirage Jade Slips with recordings related to Zuoqiu Kong, and Zuoqiu Kong’s appearance was within them.

To Chen Xi, since he desired to take revenge on the Zuoqiu Clan, he would naturally not overlook this renowned genius.

If he considered it carefully, Zuoqiu Kong was even his ‘cousin brother!’

Of course, Zuoqiu Kong wouldn’t acknowledge this, and Chen Xi wouldn’t as well. Because even though they hadn’t met each other, they’d fought both openly and in secret for countless years.

“Chen Xi, I never expected that I would actually be able to meet you here.” Zuoqiu Kong took a deep breath and forcefully restrained the feelings in his heart before he spoke calmly, and it was even to the extent that the corners of his mouth carried a trace of smile that he felt was warm.

“Oh, you didn’t come here to kill me?” Chen Xi feigned shock as he spoke. As soon as he saw Zuoqiu Kong make an appearance here, how could Chen Xi have been unable to guess that Zuoqiu Kong had definitely heard the news of his appearance in Sin City and had come here to kill him?

However, Chen Xi had never expected that Zuoqiu Kong would actually seek the help of an Immortal King to deal with him, and this could absolutely be considered as an extravagant act!

This obviously showed how firm Zuoqiu Kong’s resolution to kill him was.

When they heard Chen Xi’s words, even though Shi Yu and the others didn’t know the reason, they roughly came to an understanding that this pair before them had actually been especially waiting here to kill Chen Xi.

For a time, the gazes Shi Yu and the others shot at Zuoqiu Kong and Zuoqiu Linghong became cold.

During their trip to the God Attainment Region this time, Chen Xi had helped them deal with the dangers they faced on more than one occasion and had even given them a Dao Fruit’s Spirit each. So they naturally didn’t mind helping Chen Xi deal with these two fellows before them.

When they noticed the changes in the expressions of these Immortal Kings, the expressions of Zuoqiu Kong and Zuoqiu Linghong changed slightly once more while their hearts felt cold. They finally confirmed that these Immortal Kings were really on Chen Xi’s side, and it seemed like their relationship was very good!

“Chen Xi, what do you mean by that? Why don’t I understand what you mean?” Zuoqiu Kong forced out a smile because not to mention a Golden Immortal like him, even a Half-step Immortal King would be nothing before the terrifying might of six Immortal Kings.

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t understand it. Let me tell you that today is probably the day of your death.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently and without any emotion on his face.

Zuoqiu Kong’s expression finally changed, and he stared resentfully at Chen Xi while he gritted his teeth and said, “Cousin Brother, do you intend to go to such extremes?”

Cousin Brother?

Shi Yu and the others were stunned, and they were slightly unable to figure out the relationship between Zuoqiu Kong and Chen Xi.

“Cousin Brother?” Chen Xi seemed to have heard an absurd joke, and he smiled spuriously. “In the Mortal Dimension, your father caused the ruin of my Chen Clan, and my parents went missing. When I arrived at the Immortal Dimension, your Zuoqiu Clan constantly sent people after me. Do you still have the face to call me… Cousin Brother?”

As he finished speaking, his voice couldn’t help but carry a wisp of anger.

He’d suppressed this hatred in his heart for too many years, and when he thought about everything that he’d encountered all along the way, a wisp of dense killing intent couldn’t help but surge out from his heart!

“Cousin Brother, you’ve misunderstood. Why don’t you return to the clan with me and meet Little Aunt? Perhaps she’ll tell you what you should do.” Zuoqiu Kong’s heart jerked when he saw the killing intent Chen Xi revealed, and he spoke hastily.

“Haha! Even at a time like this, you still intend to use my mother to threaten me? Could it be that you think that my mother will suffer misfortune if I kill you? Idiot! If it was so easy for my mother to suffer misfortune, then your father would have probably killed her all those years ago!” Chen Xi started laughing from extreme rage, and his expression turned even more calm and indifferent while he stopped concealing the killing intent in his heart.

“If Kong’er dies today, then the Zuoqiu Clan will definitely fall into internal strife. At that time, your mother will definitely become a sacrifice for the clan’s internal strife.” Suddenly, Zuoqiu Linghong spoke in a deep voice. “Young man, I advise you that it’s best for you to calm down. Don’t act on impulse.”

“Old Fellow, looks like you are part of the side that supports Zuoqiu Feng?” Chen Xi glanced at Zuoqiu Linghong. Even though he was clearly aware that Zuoqiu Linghong was an Immortal King, there were six Immortal Kings by his side, so he was naturally unafraid of Zuoqiu Linghong.

Old Fellow!

Zuoqiu Linghong’s face couldn’t help but twitch when he heard this extremely disrespectful method of address, and rage surged in his heart. However, he forcefully endured it in the end.

It couldn’t be helped. He’d already recognized that at least two of the six Immortal Kings before him were from Nuwa’s Dao Palace. That was one of the three supreme sects, and he had no choice but to fear them.

“Hmph!” Zuoqiu Linghong frowned as he said, “Young man, even your mother has to address me as Uncle when she sees me. So speaking like that is going a bit too far. I won’t make a fuss about it with you because you’re still young. Quickly move aside, don’t cause unnecessary misunderstandings.”

When he heard the old fellow flaunting his seniority, Chen Xi almost thought that he’s ears weren’t working properly, and he laughed as he said, “Old Bastard, do you know why I wasted my breath with you?”

Zuoqiu Linghong frowned while his face sank, and his heart sank to rock bottom as he faintly felt that they probably had a slim chance of surviving today…

“It’s very simple, I just wanted to tell you some things before both of you died, so you can die slightly enlightened.” Chen Xi’s expression became even calmer, and he said with an emotionless face. “In a short few years of time, I’ve already stepped into the Saint Immortal Realm from the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and I believe it won’t be long before I’ll be able to advance into the Immortal King Realm. That moment will be the time I obliterate the Zuoqiu Clan!”

He spoke word by word in a resolute manner.

Shi Yu and the others were shocked when they heard this. They weren’t surprised by Chen Xi’s intentions to take revenge, and it was because they’d never imagined that Chen Xi’s speed of advance was so swift!

In a few years of time, he’d surpassed the Golden Immortal Realm from the Mysterious Immortal Realm and attained the Saint Immortal Realm! How many people in the three dimensions could accomplish this?

The hearts of Zuoqiu Kong and Zuoqiu Linghong shook fiercely, and their expressions changed indeterminately.

In the past, if Chen Xi dared to speak so boastfully, they would definitely snicker at his words. But it was different now because Chen Xi had utilized the strength and cultivation he possessed now to prove that he possessed such ability!

Yes, since Chen Xi was able to advance from the Mysterious Immortal Realm into the Saint Immortal Realm in a short period of a few years, then why couldn’t he advance into the Immortal King Realm within a short period of time?

Even if he used more time, and his speed of cultivation was slower, so long as he was still alive, then according to the potential and natural talent he revealed, it was extremely likely for him to advance into the Immortal King Realm!

At this moment, Zuoqiu Kong finally couldn’t restrain the terror in his heart and said with a grim voice, “Chen Xi, I’m the heir of the Zuoqiu Clan. If you kill me today, then you’ll become utter enemies with the Zuoqiu Clan. Could it be that you think you’re able to resist the rage of my Zuoqiu Clan? Remember! You aren’t an Immortal King yet! You’re merely a student of Dao Emperor Academy! Once you kill me, you can dream of living for a few more days!”

He was almost roaring, and it was filled with rage and madness.

However, his heart went cold because these extremely threatening words weren’t only of no effect, it even drew numerous gazes of pity towards him.

Yes, at this moment, it wasn’t just Chen Xi, but even Shi Yu and the others were looking at him with pity. It was like they were looking at a dying ant that was struggling in vain.

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