Chapter 1361 – Zuoqiu Linghong

Sin City.

Unlike before, the entire Sin City was completely desolate. There were very few people on the spacious streets, and the number of villains that gathered here had clearly reduced greatly.

It was dusk.

A shrill howl suddenly resounded before the Dragonsoul Restaurant at the center of the center, and then a thump sounded out as a corpse was tossed onto the streets.

There were many villains on the distant street that witnessed this scene, and all of them were terrified to the point their necks shrunk back while they revealed terrified expressions.

“That’s the 857th! Dammit!” Someone muttered while revealing a resentful expression.

The others were felt sorrow and worry in their hearts as well.

A few months ago, an Immortal King had arrived in Sin City and killed Elder Ge Yun before leaving swiftly. At that time, it caused a mighty uproar in Sin City. During that entire period of time, everyone in Sin City was filled with panic, and many villains intended to flee as they were worried that they would suffer misfortune.

However, this was followed by a period of peace, and nothing occurred during this period of time. This caused all the villains in Sin City to heave a sigh of relief.

However, right when this matter was gradually fading from their memories, a pair of young and old came to the city once more. The two of them seemed to be waiting for someone, thus they temporarily took up residence in Dragonsoul Restaurant.

It was also from that day onwards that Sin City fell into extreme terror!

Because the young man had an extremely bad temper, and he would utilize the villains of the city to vent his rage without any reason. Mostly, he would kill an entire fifty or sixty villains in a single day.

Such actions directly infuriated numerous formidable villains within the city. Thus, they came looking for him to seek revenge. Unfortunately, it ended with all of them dying a miserable death, and it instantly shook Sin City.

No one had expected that the pair would actually possess such terrifying strength. But most importantly, they were extremely unreasonable. They vented their rage on the villains in the city for no rhyme or reason, and they killed almost every single day.

This naturally caused all the villains in the city to panic.

In practically a short period of a few months, more than half of the villains gathered in the city were unable to resist this sort of terror and fled.

It could be said that it was precisely because of this pair that Sin City had fallen into an extremely oppressive and terrified atmosphere. Moreover, it was still going on and hadn’t ended until now!

Along with the passage of time, there were some rumors that started spreading. The rumors said that the pair were from the Zuoqiu Clan, and the young man in the pair was a direct line descendent of the Zuoqiu Clan, one of the seven blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension, Zuoqiu Kong.

On the other hand, the old man was a senior of the Zuoqiu Clan that possessed extraordinary strength!

Of course, this was merely a rumor, and not a single villain dared to confirm this rumor because they were utterly unable to come into contact with information of that level with their status and identities.

Dragonsoul Restaurant was completely empty and desolate.

A grey clothed old man with grey hair and a thin appearance sat there silently with his eyes slightly closed.

“Kong’er, your heart is getting more and more restless.” The old man couldn’t help but shake his head as he looked at the young man who’d just returned after tossing the corpses of a few villains out on the streets.

“At any rate, these dirty bastards deserve death. So killing them can be considered to be a way to vent the depression in my heart.” The young man smiled and was completely indifferent. He had a handsome appearance, bright eyes, and every single move he made carried a noble and graceful aura.

Shockingly, this young man was Zuoqiu Kong!

“Ancestral Uncle Linghong, didn’t you say earlier that you’ve deduced that the Prehistoric Ruins has been destroyed? Since it’s like that, then if Chen Xi hasn’t died, he has definitely returned.” Zuoqiu Kong sat facing the old man, and his eyes glistened as he said, “We’ve already been waiting here for a few months. No matter what, we must kill that damnable bastard this time!”

As he finished speaking, his voice carried a wisp of rage and hatred.

A few months ago, when he found out that Chen Xi had obtained the position of champion in the Seven Academy Dao Discussion, a strand of an indescribable feeling of danger surged into his heart.

Unfortunately, when he reported all of this to the clan and intended to mobilize the forces of the clan to make a move against Chen Xi in order to eliminate this latent trouble, he encountered refusal instead.

However, all of this didn’t extinguish the resolution in Zuoqiu Kong’s heart. He immediately paid a visit to all the seniors of the clan, and he utilized all his ability to ask them to make a move against Chen Xi.

The reason he did this was because he was clearly aware that Chen Xi’s growth was too swift. Since Chen Xi entered the Immortal Dimension, Chen Xi had been advancing triumphantly all along the way. Chen Xi had entered Dao Emperor Academy in a short period of time and even advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm within a few years of time to become an inner court student. Now, Chen Xi had even ascended into the ranks of the seven blazing suns and was renowned in the world.

If Chen Xi continued developing at this rate, then it probably wouldn’t be long before this bastard that shouldn’t have been born into this world would mature completely. At that time, it would be too late to deal with Chen Xi!

It was precisely because he’d realized this that Zuoqiu Kong didn’t hesitate to pay any price and pleaded bitterly, and he was finally able to make a senior of the clan make a move against Chen Xi!

That senior was Zuoqiu Linghong who sat before him!

Zuoqiu Linghong was a terrifying existence at the Immortal King Realm who’d lived in seclusion for a very long time. His status in the clan was even higher than Zuoqiu Kong’s father, the current Patriarch of the Zuoqiu Clan, Zuoqiu Feng.

Being able to make Zuoqiu Linghong assist him had greatly exceeded Zuoqiu Kong’s expectations, and it caused him to be overjoyed. Because he was very clearly aware that Zuoqiu Linghong’s status in the clan was absolutely superior to Zuoqiu Taiwu that living in seclusion within Dao Emperor Academy now!

With the assistance of Zuoqiu Linghong, wouldn’t killing Chen Xi be as easy as crushing an ant?

After he found out that Chen Xi had once appeared in Sin City, Zuoqiu Kong rushed here without stopping. However, to his surprise, in the information he obtained, Chen Xi had set out to the Prehistoric Ruins with an Immortal King!

This caused his heart to feel very heavy. However, after he discussed it with Zuoqiu Linghong, he decided to stay here in the end and wait for Chen Xi to return. At that time, Zuoqiu Linghong would deal with the Immortal King by Chen Xi’s side, whereas he would annihilate Chen Xi.

Of course, for safety’s sake, Zuoqiu Kong had prepared all sorts of tricks, and Zuoqiu Linghong had even promised Zuoqiu Kong that he would do whatever it took to annihilate Chen Xi this time.

In this way, Zuoqiu Kong felt much more at ease.

Unfortunately, they’d waited here for a few months, yet saw no signs of Chen Xi returning. This caused Zuoqiu Kong’s heart to become slightly restless, and the villains within the city naturally became the place he vented his emotions.

“Kong’er, remember that after we kill that bastard, you absolutely must not expose any information about it. Otherwise, if Dao Emperor Academy finds out about it, it will only bring endless disasters to our Zuoqiu Clan.” Zuoqiu Linghong reminded.

“Of course. At that time, I hope Ancestral Uncle will make a move and wipe out Sin City as well, so as to avoid news of this being exposed by others.” Zuoqiu Kong spoke with a smile on his face.

“Alas, there’s no absolute secret in this world. I’m slightly worried now that even if no one finds out about this, Dao Emperor Academy will be able to deduce it…” Zuoqiu Linghong sighed.

Zuoqiu Kong was terrified in his heart. I never considered all of this.

“Nevermind. Let’s see what Dao Emperor Academy’s reaction is after we kill this bastard. If worse comes to worse, then I’ll stand out to calm their rage.” Zuoqiu Linghong went silent for a short moment before he decided, and even though his thin face was covered in a calm expression, it revealed an indisputable feeling.

“Ancestral Uncle…” Zuoqiu Kong was shocked in his heart and felt slight disbelief.

“All of this is for the honor of the Zuoqiu Clan.” Zuoqiu Linghong smiled with a deep gaze, and he said calmly, “Child, do you know that our Zuoqiu Clan is currently divided into two sides? One side supports your father, and the other supports your little aunt. If this situation of internal strife isn’t changed, then our Zuoqiu Clan will probably split apart.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “I only hope that our Zuoqiu Clan will be able to exist longer through the hard work of you and your father, and not fall into decline because of internal strife…”

His voice carried a tone of entrusting the future to Zuoqiu Kong and his father.

Zuoqiu Kong was extremely moved and said firmly, “Don’t worry, Kong’er will definitely not disappoint you!”

Zuoqiu Linghong smiled, and then his eyes suddenly focused as he seemed to have sensed something, causing him to cry out involuntarily. “This…this… Shit! Leave! Quickly!”

As he spoke, he suddenly stood up and brought Zuoqiu Kong along as he instantly charged out of Dragonsoul Restaurant. 

“A foul atmosphere covered in dirt. It’s such a fine city, yet it has been tainted by villains.” In midair above Sin City, Shi Yu swept the surroundings with his gaze and shook his head without end.

“Why don’t we uphold justice on behalf of the heavens and purify this city?” Xiangliu Li laughed lightly at the side.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be astounded when he heard this. Purify a city? I’m afraid only Immortal Kings would dare speak such words.

“Eh! I never expected that there would actually be a Fellow Daoist in this tainted city.” Suddenly, Shi Yu’s slanted brows raised as he swiftly locked onto a spot in the distance.

At practically the exact same time, Xiangliu Li, Heaven Trampler, Sun Wuhen, Dao Yao, and Pang Du raised their heads successively and looked over towards the same direction.

In an instant, the terrifying might of Immortal Kings enveloped the entirety of Sin City!

All of this happened too quickly. When Chen Xi had just recovered from his shock, the terrifying auras of these six Immortal Kings had already locked onto this expanse of the heavens and the earth.

After that, Chen Xi saw a thin figure suddenly appear extremely far away in the distance, and the thin figure was bringing a young man along with him.

As soon as the pair appeared, the intended to teleport away.

“Seniors, please stop them!” Chen Xi suddenly sent out a voice transmission because he noticed that the young man by the old man’s side was Zuoqiu Kong! Even though he was unable to determine why Zuoqiu Kong would appear here, how could he just watch as Zuoqiu Kong fled?

“Oh?” Xiangliu Li and Heaven Trampler were stunned.

Only Shi Yu was the quickest to react. At practically the exact same moment Chen Xi sent the voice transmission, his entire body suddenly erupted with a myriad of strands of blazing light. In an instant, it enveloped the entire city!

“Shit!” In the distance, Zuoqiu Linghong’s face turned grim. He was obstructed by the terrifying energy of light, and he was forced to stop and resist it, causing him to be unable to teleport away.

It was also at this instant that Shi Yu had appeared out of thin air and obstructed Zuoqiu Linghong’s path!

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