Chapter 136 – Blood Corrosion Dao Territory

Chapter 136 – Blood Corrosion Dao Territory

When he saw Chen Xi’s shocked expression, Luo Xiu suddenly shook his blood red hanfu as his body floated up to midair, and then he laughed out loud with a gloomy and sharp voice. “Since we’re fighting, I’ll let you experience my true strength!”

As he spoke, the blood glow around him rose explosively once more, it was roiling like a river, its bloodiness was like a tide, and it instantly enveloped an area of 300m in the surroundings.

In the blink of an eye, the scene before Chen Xi’s eyes abruptly changed. The heaven and earth were completely blood red, and there was a shocking blood colored current flowing and surging beneath his feet.

“Chen Xi, you have to watch yourself. This fellow’s cultivation in the Martial Dao has already attained the Dao Territory Stage that’s above the Dao Insight Stage. The blood colored world before you was transformed from the Dao Territory he comprehended!” Suddenly, Ling Bai let out a hurried warning, and his voice was extremely anxious.

Dao Territory!

Chen Xi’s heart instantly shook as he understood what was going on.

The cultivation in the comprehension of the Dao was normally divided into the four great stages- namely the basic-stage, advanced-stage, unity-stage, and Dao Insight Stage, whereas there was actually an even higher stage above it, the Dao Territory Stage.

Dao Insight was the true meaning contained within the Dao. Along with the comprehension towards the Dao deepening, the strands of Dao Insight comprehended would become more and more thick until it arrived at the limit. Then the great amount of Dao Insight would converge and fuse together, and with a single comprehension of the Dao, it would obtain a qualitative transformation to form a Dao Territory of one’s own.

This stage was called the Dao Territory Stage, and it was also called the Dao Barrier.

When a cultivator attained this stage, the cultivator would be able to cut out a territorial barrier of their own from the heaven and the earth with a wave of their hand, and when fighting an enemy in one’s own barrier, the cultivator would be in a condition of absolute advantage!

Just like the complete Wind Dao Insight comprehended by Chen Xi, if he were to continue accumulating and comprehending it, it would one day be able to transform into a Dao Territory that belonged to him — Wind Dao Territory.

“Dao Territory!” A wave of gasping abruptly sounded out outside the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda. Everyone looked in shock at Luo Xiu who was like a blood colored fiendgod that stood in a world that was a sea of blood, and their faces were covered in expressions of disbelief.

The Dao Territory Stage was a stage that Golden Core Realm cultivators that had fused Yin and Yang together pursued for their entire lifetimes, and it was even to the extent that some cultivators that had attained the Rebirth Realm might not necessarily control a Dao Territory that belonged to themselves.

Because, if one wanted to attain the Dao Territory Stage, not only did it require bitter and diligent cultivation, it also required extremely high comprehension ability and one’s own recognition of the Heaven Dao to find one’s own Dao from the myriad of life and phenomenon in the world. Moreover, it also required the fortuitous encounter of sudden insight that could only be acquired by chance. It was like the Buddhist concept of a sudden blow that caused one to realize the truth and be filled with enlightenment. Without this sort of sudden insight and the various searching, fumbling about, tempering, and comprehension in the early stages, it was utterly impossible for one to attain this stage.

Attaining the Dao Territory Stage was truly too difficult for cultivators, and most cultivators didn’t have the good fortune of attaining the Dao Territory Stage in their entire lifetimes, causing them to feel regretful throughout their lives.

Now, the 9th level Violet Palace Realm Luo Xiu had actually comprehended a Dao Territory? How could it possibly not cause others to be exceedingly shocked?

“So… So it turns out the Xiu’er cultivation in the Martial Dao has already attained this type of stage!” The Comet Gorge’s Sect Master, Helian Shui cried out involuntarily as well, and he muttered endlessly in his heart.

At the center of the jade platform, the Sect Master of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Ling Kongzi, frowned as he looked at Chen Xi who was caught in the world that was a sea of blood, and a wisp of inexplicable worry appeared on his thin face that was warm like jade.


Waves of blood surged as the smell of blood shot into the sky, Luo Xiu stepped on the blood colored lotus that covered an area of 30m atop the sea of blood, and his blood red hanfu combined with his dim blue and strange eyes. He was like a fiendgod from the blood prison of legend, and he possessed a shockingly imposing manner.

“Chen Xi, how’s my Blood Corrosion Dao Territory? I heard that you’ve already comprehended Dao Insight. Unfortunately, you’re still slightly inferior to me! HAHAHA!” Luo Xiu laughed loudly with a sharp voice, and then his expression went serious as he said gloomily, “Do you know why I chased after you? Because I smelled a trace of a unique aura on you, an aura that belongs to the six paths of reincarnation, the aura of the Netherworld’s Purgatory. So long as I obtain it, the Blood Corrosion Spirit Technique I cultivate will be able to attain mastery. At that time, I’ll be able to execute a complete Blood Corrosion Dao Territory, and even annihilating a Golden Core Realm cultivator would be extremely easy.”

Six paths of reincarnation? Netherworld’s Purgatory?

Chen Xi suddenly recalled that within his storage ring was a Netherworld Register and a Condemn Evil brush. He’d obtain both of these extremely mysterious treasures from Su Leng, and he’d never known their use.

Moreover, Ling Bai had once inferred that there two treasures were likely to have come from the Netherworld’s six paths of reincarnation. But at that time, Chen Xi felt it was too absurd, and he didn’t take it seriously. At this moment, when he heard what Luo Xiu said, he thought in his heart and had already roughly determined that perhaps these two treasures were really related to the six paths of reincarnation.

“How about it? Have you recalled it?” Luo Xiu asked unhurriedly, and he had an expression of a cat playing with a mouse.

“Are you talking about this?” Chen Xi stuck out his hand and took out the Netherworld Register. The instant it appeared, a vast, lofty, and righteous aura effused out. A myriad of vengeful spirits suddenly gushed out from the surrounding sea of blood, their expression savage as they emitted sharp and evil cries in unison. They wanted to grab the Netherworld Register, yet were firmly controlled by the sea of blood, and no matter how they wailed and cried, they were unable to take a step closer to Chen Xi.

“Right! Right! It’s that! The aura I smelled was from that! What pure energy of the Netherworld! If I’m able to absorb its energy, then why would I have to worry about being unable to suppress the vengeful spirits of this sea of blood? Chen Xi, give it to me and I’ll let you go. Otherwise, don’t hope of escaping my pursuit, even if you crush your Transportation Talisman today!” Luo Xiu’s body trembled as his dim blue eyes emitted boundless greed and burning desire, and he wished for nothing more than to swallow the Netherworld Register into his stomach right now.

Suppress the vengeful spirits in the sea of blood? Could it be that the energy emitted by this book counters vengeful spirits and evil things? Thoughts flew within Chen Xi’s heart, yet his expression remained unchanged as he said, “I still have one more thing, do you want to take a look?”

Luo Xiu’s gaze stared fixedly at the Netherworld Register as he casually replied. “Could it be that it’s related to the energy of the Netherworld as well?”

Chen Xi smiled as he commanded with his heart, and a brush that was like iron yet not made of iron, like jade yet not made of jade, and completely pure black to the extreme appeared in his palm.

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

The instant the Condemn Evil brush appeared, innumerable words of ‘kill’ gushed into appearance within Chen Xi’s mind as countless clear and icy cold shouts resounded out, and piercingly cold killing intent shot into the sky. It seemed as if it wanted to judge the world and kill all things that were evil.

“Hmm?” Chen Xi felt a thought of extreme yearning gush out from the Condemn Evil brush, and this thought was so strong that it was like a valiant general that yearned to go out to battle imploring the Emperor to approve him to go to battle.

“What treasure is this? It actually makes me feel… Feel…” Luo Xiu was extremely bewildered, yet a feeling of extreme danger slowly surged up within his heart.

Since he stepped on the path to the Dao, he’d never felt this sort of feelings, the feeling of fear, panic, terror, uneasiness… Various types of feelings interweaved together as they surged to the point his entire body shivered, and he felt as if the god of death circling around above him.

“Shit! This thing seems to innately counter me!” Luo Xiu seemed as if he’d seen the most terrifying thing in the world, causing him to be terrified to the point he cried out with a sharp voice, and then he circulated the True Essence in his entire body before turning around to flee. His appearance was as if he wished for nothing more than his parents to have given birth to him with an extra pair of legs, and the level of Luo Xiu’s terror at this moment could be seen from this.

But it was still too late!

Swish! Swish!

Chen Xi’s palm loosened, and the Condemn Evil brush suddenly soared into the sky. It emitted a clear howl as it swiped lightly, and a myriad of lights that were black like silk threads sliced down, causing the entire world that was a sea of blood to seem as if it had transformed into a piece of thin paper that was swept through by a sharp paper cutter, instantly being sliced into countless bits.

It was like a hot knife cutting through butter, easily sweeping through everything in its way, and the Blood Corrosion Dao Territory was actually unable to withstand this light strike of the Condemn Evil brush!

“What exactly is this thing? What is it!!” In the distance, Luo Xiu’s fleeing figure stopped abruptly as he clearly saw that black light that was fine like a thread was like a taut thread of steel as it descended onto his Magic Treasures that protected his body. The Magic Treasures were sliced into countless bits, and then the black light descended onto his True Essence, similarly slicing his True Essence into countless bits…


When he saw the black light was about to slice his body, Luo Xiu was unable to endure the fear of death in his heart any longer, and he crushed the Transportation Talisman. He was just intending to heave a sigh of relief when he suddenly saw that his body had already transformed into a myriad of pieces of flesh that slowly fell all over the ground…

“What exactly is this?” This was Luo Xi’s final thought.


Chen Xi was extremely shocked by Luo Xiu’s death as well, however, before he could even recover from his shock, the Netherworld Register in his left hand suddenly emitted a mighty and terrifying suction force that completely absorbed the pieces of the sea of blood in the surrounding 300m.


The Condemn Evil brush fluttered and emitted clear howls in midair, and it seemed to want to fly away. Chen Xi hurriedly stuck out his hand and grabbed, fiercely catching the Condemn Evil brush that seemed to have a soul of its own, and he tightly held on without letting go.

At this moment, Chen Xi held the Condemn Evil brush in his right hand, the Netherworld Register in his left, and he looked extremely similar to the Netherworld Judge of legends.

However, at this moment, he was utterly unable to think of anything else, because the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil brush had become restless in his hands. They were like a pair of proud and unyielding wild beasts as they struggled to escape from Chen Xi’s hand.

Dammit! I wouldn’t let both of you out if I knew this would happen! Chen Xi clenched his teeth tightly as he exerted the True Essence in his entire body to fiercely suppress this book and brush.

After an unknown amount of time, the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil brush finally stopped resisting and returned to stillness. Only then did Chen Xi completely heave a sigh of relief, and his entire body was already drenched in sweat.

Luo Xiu was actually killed by a light swipe of the Condemn Evil brush. It obvious that it was because of the bloody aura on his body that the killing intent of the Condemn Evil brush was drawn out … Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel disbelief when he recalled the scene from before, and he faintly had a trace of vague understanding towards the use of the Netherworld Register and the Condemn Evil brush.

However, he’d already decided that before he completely controlled these two treasures, he wouldn’t easily take them out to be used at any time. He wasn’t willing to watch idly by as they fly off from his grasp because he was unable to suppress them.

“Hmm? I undoubtedly sensed a strong fluctuation of auras effusing out from here earlier…”

“Senior Brother, I noticed it as well.”

“Everyone, hurry up! The outcome of the battle has probably already been decided. Perhaps we can catch some heavily injured cultivators and obtain some benefits!”

A wave of clamorous sounds indistinctly sounded out from the distant forest.

Looks like the commotion Luo Xiu made has already drawn the attention of the nearby cultivators. Chen Xi’s heart went cold. He didn’t dare continue thinking, and he differentiated the direction before executing the Divine Windwing Flight, causing his figure to be like a wisp of a gale that instantly vanished in the luxuriant forest.

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