Chapter 1359 – Godrank Chart

The Godrank Chart!

According to legend, when every single Immortal King attained the Dao and became a god, the Immortal King’s name would appear on the Godrank Chart once the Immortal King had obtained the God Tablet, and it became the expert’s eternal glory.

Even if the god perished, the world was destroyed, or a new era arrived, a mark of that expert would still be branded on the Godrank Chart!

Most importantly, it represented a form of acknowledgement of the mysterious God Domain towards one’s identity as a god. It was even to the extent that rumors said one could pry into the profundities of the supreme God Domain through the Godrank Chart!

On the other hand, when Chen Xi heard the name, Godrank Chart, he instantly recalled the grand scene that he’d once witnessed in his sea of consciousness. It was a brilliant golden scroll that lay across the edges of the heavens, and it was hidden within the chaotic mist, causing Chen Xi to be unable to see exactly what was recorded on the scroll.

But needless to say, it was probably the Godrank Chart!

The reason he was able to witness such a scene was naturally because of the unexpected awakening of the River Diagram fragments.

Chen Xi wasn’t clearly aware what it represented, and he was similarly very curious. If this Godrank Chart exists, then who controls it? Why would such a supreme chart be published?

After he decided to refine and absorb the Dao Fruit’s Spirit and witness the Godrank Chart for himself, Shi Yu didn’t hesitate any longer and immediately sat cross-legged on the altar.

He had a solemn expression while his entire body was enveloped by Immortal King Laws, and he swiftly formed numerous profound and mysterious supreme seals with his hands. These seals surged like tidewater into the Dao Fruit’s Spirit that floated before him.


Along with the various profound seals surging into it, the Dao Fruit’s Spirit suddenly glowed brightly and emanated an extremely grand rumbling of the Dao, and then everyone could clearly see that numerous mysterious phenomena were being produced from it.

The gods were emanating praise, golden radiance shot into the sky, auspicious qi drifted faintly in the surroundings, vast sounds of chanting resounded…

In the end, all of these phenomena transformed into a clear and glistening stream that Shi Yu swallowed into his body.

At this instant, his entire body suddenly surged with a strand of a blazing golden glow of divinity, and it was like a brilliant Suncrow had shot into the sky and illuminated the world.

This scene was extremely divine, and it caused all the others to reveal shocked expressions that carried anticipation within it.

The Dao Fruit’s Spirit contained the secret to becoming a god, and so long as one refined and absorbed the Dao Fruit’s Spirit, one would be able to obtain a God Tablet bestowed by the heavens. After that, one only had to continue cultivating before one would be able to attain the Dao and become a supreme god!

That was a cultivation realm that every single Immortal King dreamt of!

In Chen Xi’s opinion, witnessing such a process was similarly a rare piece of experience, and it would be extremely beneficial when he attained the Dao and became a god in the future.


The blazing golden glow of divinity tore through the sky, causing the chaotic mist in the sky to be torn apart. After that, an indescribably dignified aura rumbled as it descended from above the sky.

It seemed as if a supreme god was about to descend into the world. As they felt this supreme and dignified aura, all the Immortal Kings in the surroundings couldn’t help but arouse a wisp of reverence in their hearts, and it was like they were sincerely showing respect to the gods.

In the next moment, a grand and mysterious scroll that was enveloped in the golden radiance of divinity gradually appeared above the sky.

It was too blazing and dazzling, and it completely enveloped the entire God Attainment Altar, causing the entire heavens and the earth to be dyed in a brilliant gold color while it emanated a supremely dignified imposing aura.

The Godrank Chart!

Xiangliu Li and the others were extremely shocked in their hearts. They opened their eyes wide while a wisp of respect, admiration, and fervor appeared on their faces.

Chen Xi was truly unable to imagine exactly what sort of secrets were hidden on the Godrank Chart that it could actually make all of these Immortal Kings feel so excited.

But in next to no time, he couldn’t be bothered about all of this. Because the mysterious and dignified golden scroll above the sky was gradually unfolding.

The gazes and attention of everyone in the surroundings was drawn over by it, and they were deeply afraid that they would miss the slightest detail.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Along with the unfolding of the Godrank Chart, a wave of divine tunes that sounded like the ring of the bell in the morning resounded through the heavens and the earth. It was so powerful, so dignified, and as it entered into the ears of all, it felt like the sound of nature, causing all of their minds and bodies to feel tranquil and at ease.

But in next to no time, the expressions of Xiangliu Li, Heaven Trampler, and the others changed, and they couldn’t help but let out muffled groans while a wisp of an expression of pain appeared on their faces.

Because their minds and will were being suppressed at this moment by the supreme pressure emanated by it, and it caused them to actually be unable to see the Godrank Chart above the sky even if they opened their eyes wide!

They didn’t dare struggle because the might of that supreme dignified pressure was too terrifying. They immediately dispelled all of their thoughts and sat cross-legged on the ground, and they didn’t dare arouse any improper thoughts.

Only Chen Xi was unaffected because when he sensed the supreme dignified aura descend, the River Diagram fragments in his sea of consciousness instantly emanated a fluctuation that completely dealt with it.

At this instant, Chen Xi acutely noticed that even though the River Diagram fragments couldn’t be said to feel detest and anger towards this energy, the River Diagram fragments refused and rejected it to the extreme.

This caused Chen Xi to recall the scenes of him going against the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation earlier.

He faintly sensed that no matter if it was when he was facing the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation or the Godrank Chart that had appeared at this moment, the River Diagram fragments were unable to maintain silence and emanated a will and feelings of its own.

Chen Xi was unable to figure all of this out, so he stopped thinking about it. He stared fixedly at the Godrank Chart above the sky, he saw it gradually unfold, and then he finally saw some extremely dazzling names!

There were rows and rows of names.

Columns and columns of them.

They were like a dense mass of bright pearls that studded the starry sky while emanating various different supreme imposing auras.

Some were fierce like sharp swords and filled with peerless killing intent.

Some raged without restraint like flames.

Some were gentle like a refreshing breeze that filled the surroundings.

Some were silent like rocks, yet they emanated an unshakeable force.

Every single name was so dazzling and resplendent, supreme and mighty. When they appeared on the Godrank Chart, they seemed like a myriad of stars converged together, and they brought unparalleled shock to the hearts of all that lay their eyes upon them.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard Chen Xi tried, he was actually unable to see those names clearly, and no matter how he counted, he was unable to determine exactly how many there were.

Because the Godrank Chart was too supreme and dignified. It was enveloped in divinity, causing him to be only able to see row after rows of names that seemed like the traces of gods, yet he was unable to see exactly who those names belonged to.

However, Chen Xi was sure that those names of the Godrank Chart definitely represented all the supreme existences that had attained the Dao and become the gods throughout the innumerable years since the chaos was split open at the beginning of the world.

Who’re they?

Are the names of Fuxi, Nuwa, the Master of the Sovereign Sect, the Chaotic Divine Lotus, the Third Netherworld Emperor, the Dark Parasol Divine Tree, the Ant Exalt, the Five Primeval Emperor…all on there?

Chen Xi’s thoughts flashed swiftly as he recalled all the extraordinary figures he heard off since he started cultivating.

In his daze, the mysterious, indifferent, and emotionless eye appeared within his mind for no rhyme or reason, and he recalled the blurry figure within the eye that had inadvertently turned around to look at him…

After that, his heart shook as he felt a strand of indescribable terror. The hairs on his entire body stood on end while he shuddered, and he was suddenly jolted awake from his disordered thoughts.


Chen Xi couldn’t help but let out a long sigh while he revealed an expression of wonder. Who exactly was that blurry figure that appeared within the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation?

Why would I feel extremely horrified when I thought about him?


Right when Chen Xi was in deep contemplation, the golden light above the sky restrained itself while the supreme and dignified aura vanished. The Godrank Chart gradually vanished along with this, and it was drowned within the dense chaotic mist.

At this moment, Shi Yu opened his eyes and woke up as well.

Meanwhile, a strange glow that seemed like the glow of wisdom flickered in the space between his brows, and he revealed a smile on the corners of his mouth that carried a trace of indescribable excitement and delight.

All the others instantly surrounded him when they saw this, and they asked successively.

“Did you obtain the method to cultivate and become a god?”

“Exactly what secrets did you discover? Is the Godrank Chart related to the Ancient God Domain?”

“Exactly how many brands of the gods are there on the chart?”

At this moment, even Chen Xi couldn’t help but look over curiously. Even though he’d seen the extremely brilliant names on the Godrank Chart earlier, he didn’t know exactly who they were.

Shi Yu was stunned by all these questions, and he knit his brows and pondered for a long time before he laughed bitterly and shrugged. “I can only firmly believe that I’m not far away from the Godrank Realm. As for everything else… Hmm, it’s very difficult to say, and I’m unable to explain it. It can only be comprehended in the heart.”

This was as it was said, the Dao was nameless, and it was impossible to speak of the Dao.

Some comprehensions and experiences were clearly obtained, yet it was just impossible to speak of and describe.

All of them couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed when they heard this.

Chen Xi was slightly stunned by this. Perhaps only the Grand Dao of the Gods can provide supreme comprehensions that even an Immortal King is unable to describe, right?

“Why don’t I try to refine and absorb the Dao Fruit’s Spirit as well and see if I’ll be able to comprehend something from the Godrank Chart.” As she spoke, Xiangliu Li intended to sit down cross-legged on the ground and begin.

However, right at this moment, the God Attainment Altar beneath her feet suddenly trembled violently, and it caused her to be slightly shocked before everyone’s expressions changed.

“Shit! This God Attainment Altar is about to collapse!”

“It isn’t just this altar. It seems like this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth has started to break apart and is about to shatter into pieces!”

“Let’s leave quickly! Before anything else happens!”

Before Chen Xi could recover from his shock, he was grabbed by Shi Yu who revealed a solemn expression, and then Shi Yu flew quickly down the altar.

It wasn’t just Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li and the others had made a move successively as well, and they were deeply afraid of being a bit too slow.

What happened? Chen Xi was puzzled, and he was slightly unable to figure out why Shi Yu and the others would see so nervous and hasty.

But in next to no time, he came to an understanding.

Because right when Shi Yu brought him along and left the God Attainment Altar, the space above the sky started to split apart, collapse, and shatter. It transformed into layer upon layer of shattered spatial turbulence that rained down.

In practically an instant, it drowned the entire God Attainment Altar, causing it to transform into a horrifying black hole and rifts. Moreover, the black hole and rifts were rapidly spreading without end…

This scene was too terrifying. It was like the black hole in the universe was ceaselessly devouring and swallowing this expanse of the heavens and the earth, and if Shi Yu and the others didn’t leave in time just now, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Because this was a calamity that even the might of Immortal Kings were unable to undo!


In the next moment, Chen Xi’s vision turned black, and then his figure flickered through the sky as Shi Yu teleported Chen Xi along with himself. Chen Xi could only hear waves of extremely terrifying sounds of explosions and shattering rumbling in the surroundings…

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