Chapter 1357 – Falling Into His Arms

With Chen Xi as the center, strands of obscure and strange fluctuations stretched out like tentacles and entered the chaotic mist.

At this moment, in his daze, Chen Xi felt as if he’d become a spider, and he was laying down on a dense crisscrossed web while waiting to reap his prey.

This was an extremely strange feeling.

Along with the gradual passage of time, this strange feeling grew stronger and stronger, whereas the River Diagram fragments within his sea of consciousness started to tremble. Obviously, it seemed to be slightly impatient.

It seemed like a starving beast that was waiting to have its meal.


Suddenly, a wave of intense droning arose from the River Diagram fragments.

“Eh!” At practically the exact same time, an exclaim of surprise from Shi Yu sounded out by Chen Xi’s ears.

In the depths of the chaotic mist, Xiangliu Li, Heaven Trampler, Sun Wuhen, Dao Yao, and Pang Du were in battle.

There were over ten Chaotic Devil Spirits attacking them madly from the surroundings, and they emanated various terrifying divine radiances that swept through the chaotic mist.

However, this level of attacks was obviously incapable of harming Xiangliu Li and the others at all, so the situation wasn’t dangerous.

Not far away from them was a green and hazy flickering glow of divinity.

If one looked carefully, the green colored glow of divinity was perfectly round and around the size of an infant’s fist. It seemed like a brilliant and tiny green colored sun that emanated strands of pure divinity.

As it flickered, the glow of divinity transformed without end, and it revealed all sorts of mysterious and profound scenes. There was the scene of the gods chanting, green flowers falling from the sky, auspicious birds and beasts dashing, the ancient tune of the Dao drifting through the sky…

All these phenomena were so divine, supreme, paramount, and seemed to come from the legendary Kingdom of Gods.

The Dao Fruit’s Spirit!

Only such a divine treasure was capable of revealing such divine and supreme phenomena.

“Everyone, help me resist the attacks from the surroundings. I’ll subdue this Dao Fruit’s Spirit that contains the God Laws of Wood.” Xiangliu Li instructed before she suddenly formed a supreme divine seal that enveloped down towards the Dao Fruit’s Spirit in the distance.


She was just about to capture the Dao Fruit’s Spirit when an unexpected event occurred!

A shapeless force suddenly surged into appearance and grabbed the Dao Fruit’s Spirit before Xiangliu Li, and then it flashed before it actually vanished into thin air!

Xiangliu Li was stunned, and her pupils constricted.

What’s going on?

It wasn’t just her, the others had noticed this scene as well, and all of them were shocked. Could it be that we have rivals in the vicinity?

The nearby Chaotic Devil Spirits let out extremely furious and sharp cries, and they seemed to have gone completely mad because the Dao Fruit’s Spirit had vanished.

Along with their sharp cries, wave after wave of extremely furious roars resounded at practically the exact same moment within the chaotic mist above the altar.

It seemed like all the Chaotic Devil Spirits hidden within the chaotic mist had been infuriated at this moment!

“Dammit! What’s going on?”

“Shit! Retreat! Quickly!”


The faces of Xiangliu Li and the others sank when they noticed this sudden scene, and they felt extremely threatened. So they didn’t dare hesitate any longer and immediately returned the same way they came here.

Rumble! Rumble!

At this moment, the chaotic mist on the entire peak of the God Attainment Altar was surging violently while waves of extremely sharp and furious roars resounded from within it, and these roars resounded like thunderclaps.

Numerous jet black lights could clearly be seen dashing madly through the mist. It was numerous Chaotic Devil Spirits that were like an infuriated group of beasts at this moment.

At the same time, numerous multicolored glows of divinity ceaselessly charged out from the chaotic mist like flowing lights, and they charged towards the same direction from all over the chaotic mist.

The chaotic mist was seething!

The Chaotic Devil Spirits were furious!

The Dao Fruit’s Spirits were flying towards the same direction!

This shocking change of events caused Shi Yu who stood on guard by Chen Xi’s side to be horrified, and he revealed a solemn expression while feeling slight disbelief.

“Dammit! What’s going on?” Shi Yu had never imagined that after they arrived at the God Attainment Altar with great difficulty and should obtain Dao Fruit’s Spirits, it just so happened that an unexpected event would occur at this moment.

“Leave quickly! Something isn’t right!” Meanwhile, Xiangliu Li and the others returned from within the chaotic mist. All of their expressions were extremely unsightly and revealed anxiousness, unwillingness, rage, and gloominess.

The situation was extremely severe indeed.

An unexpected event had enveloped the entire altar. All the Chaotic Devil Spirits had been infuriated and were charging over towards here. The Chaotic Devil Spirits probably amounted to a total of forty to fifty, whereas, their group only consisted of six Immortal Kings, so how could they be a match for the Chaotic Devil Spirits?

So they could only choose to flee the altar first!

It was obvious that this sort of situation was horrible to Shi Yu and the others, and it caused all their expressions to become extremely gloomy.

But no matter how furious they were, for the sake of their lives, they could only avoid the Chaotic Devil Spirits for now by leaving!


However, right when they intended to leave, a wave of a grand and obscure fluctuation swept towards the surroundings.

At this instant, the figures of Shi Yu and the others stiffened while their entire bodies were swept through by what felt like the supreme intent of a god, and it caused their entire bodies to go cold.

After that, a shocking scene appeared in their fields of vision!

Along with the grand and strange fluctuation spreading towards the surroundings, the Chaotic Devil Spirits within the chaotic mist seemed as if they’d been grabbed by a shapeless hand. Their bodies shrunk rapidly while they let out shrill cries filled with extreme terror, and it was in vain no matter how they struggled.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the next moment, the Chaotic Devil Spirits were actually crushed and perished on the spot!

Shi Yu and the others were shocked, and they simply didn’t dare believe their eyes.

Because those wore around forty or fifty existences comparable to Immortal Kings. Even though they didn’t possess any intelligence, once they successfully seized the body of an Immortal King, they would be able to absorb the Dao Fruit’s Spirit and attain the Dao to become Devil Gods in one go!

Yet now, they’d actually been easily crushed to death like ants by the strange and obscure fluctuation!

If this were to occur to all of us… When they thought up to here, the hearts of Shi Yu and the others went cold, and they didn’t dare continue on this train of thought.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

While Shi Yu and the others felt shocked, numerous blazing and gorgeous glows of divinity tore through the sky, and they were like numerous divine rays of light that charged over simultaneously.

Black, white, indigo blue, dark green… Shockingly, all of them were Dao Fruit’s Spirits!

An indescribable strand of extreme joy surged into the hearts of Shi Yu and the others. Even though they were unable to figure out why such an unexpected change in the situation would occur, when they saw numerous Dao Fruit’s Spirits actually fly over towards them, the pleasant surprise and shock they felt was simply indescribable.

“Quickly make a move!”

“Get them!”

“This Dao Fruit’s Spirit that contains the God Laws of Water is mine!”

Without practically any hesitation, Shi Yu and the others made a move to seize them.

However, the scenes that they witnessed next exceeded all of their expectations, and it caused them to feel astounded and shocked. Because no matter how they attacked, they were actually unable to approach the Dao Fruit’s Spirits at all!

It seemed as if a shapeless force had completely enveloped the Dao Fruit’s Spirits.

This caused them to be shocked and were slightly taken by surprise. When they looked carefully, they noticed to their disbelief that those Dao Fruit’s Spirits were actually charging towards Chen Xi!

“This…” All of them opened their eyes wide while their jaws almost hit the floor from shock. The Dao Fruit’s Spirits are actually obediently falling into Chen Xi’s arms? Isn’t this too unbelievable?

Not to mention them, even Chen Xi felt indescribably shocked at this moment.

He’d noticed the extremely strange fluctuations emitted by the River Diagram fragments earlier, yet he’d never expected that such a scene would actually occur.

The Chaotic Devil Spirits were all annihilated like pieces of paper, whereas the Dao Fruit’s Spirits took the initiative to fly towards him… If he hadn’t witnessed the extraordinary ability of the River Diagram fragments in the past, he would almost think that he was dreaming.


A Dao Fruit’s Spirit that was suffused with a crimson red glow of divinity flashed before it surged into Chen Xi’s body.

However, before he could react to this, this Dao Fruit’s Spirit transformed into pure fiery red energy of divinity with a bang, and it was completely absorbed by the River Diagram fragments in his sea of consciousness.

At the exact same time, strands of bright light suddenly appeared on the surface of the River Diagram fragments, and it wasn’t so dim like it was moments ago.

Earlier, after the battle with the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, the River Diagram fragments’ aura had weakened. At this moment, after it consumed a Dao Fruit’s Spirit, the Dao Fruit’s Spirit obviously allowed it to recover greatly.

Now Chen Xi finally understood. The reason the River Diagram fragments had done this was because it urgently needed the energy of the Dao Fruit’s Spirits to recover its exhausted strength.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Subsequently, other Dao Fruit’s Spirits ceaselessly surged into Chen Xi’s body in succession, and then they transformed into various types of pure energy of divinity that was absorbed by the River Diagram fragments.

When this scene was noticed by Shi Yu and the others, tempestuous waves couldn’t help but arise in their hearts.

These are Dao Fruit’s Spirits that contain the secret to becoming a god. How can a little fellow at the Saint Immortal Realm possible absorb and consume them while they ceaselessly surged into his body?

This had exceeded their imagination.

“Little Brother Chen Xi probably possesses some sort of secret treasure from Oracle Mountain, and it possesses unbelievable ability.” Xiangliu Li spoke in a low voice.

“That’s probably the case. Earlier, I suspected that he probably possesses another treasure that’s even more mysterious and formidable than the Dao Calamity Sword, otherwise how could he possibly be able to resist the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation?” Shi Yu nodded and agreed with Xiangliu Li’s opinion.

No matter if it was overcoming the 36 Restrictions of the Gods in the God Attainment Palace, resisting the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, or even ascending the God Attainment Altar, it was impossible for a little fellow at the Saint Immortal Realm to accomplish all of this.

Only this sort of explanation could logically explain all the unusualness that had occurred.

Otherwise, if a Saint Immortal could accomplish all of this, then all of them Immortal Kings could just cut their own throats and commit suicide.

“So in this way, the Dao Fruit’s Spirits are being absorbed by some sort of secret treasure in this kid’s possession? This…this…this… This is really painful!” As he watched the Dao Fruit’s Spirits vanish one by one, Heaven Trampler couldn’t help but hammer his chest and stomp his feet. All of them contain the secret to become a god! Every single one of them is a supreme treasure that every single Immortal King dreams of!

Hadn’t they risked their lives and overcome difficulties all the way for the sake of this treasure?

Yet now, it was charging into Chen Xi’s body like free food, so how could Heaven Trampler’s heart not hurt from this loss? His heart was bleeding…

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