Chapter 1356 – Chaotic Devil Spirit

The reason Chen Xi asked this question was because he suddenly noticed that under the gaze of his Eye of Divine Truth, he was able to clearly notice flickering glows of divinity that filled the chaotic mist.

Crimson, indigo blue, dark green, dark red, orange… These glows of divinity were like dancing fairies that flickered within the chaotic mist while drifting about indeterminately, and they were rather gorgeous.

However, Chen Xi didn’t dare confirm his suspicions that those glows of divinities were Dao Fruit’s Spirits. Because those glows of divinity were dazzling and resplendent, and he was unable to see their true appearance.

Shi Yu opened his mouth and was about to answer Chen Xi when his eyes focused, and he shouted in a low voice. “Watch out! Don’t move!”


Before his voice could finish resounding through the air, a wave of extremely intense fluctuation suddenly arose from the nearby chaotic mist, and then rumbling resounded as a jet black light shot out violently before striking fiercely at Shi Yu!

This scene had occurred too swiftly, and Chen Xi wasn’t even able to react in time, let alone see the appearance of the attacker clearly.


Shi Yu held the God Mystery Sword in hand as he swiftly executed a slash, and it carried boundless divine might as it smashed fiercely at the attacker.


A wave of terrifying energy fluctuations stretched out.

Shi Yu stood there without moving, whereas the jet black light staggered back, and then it actually turned around and charged into the chaotic mist with a swish and vanished without a trace.

Shi Yu didn’t pursue because his first consideration was Chen Xi’s safety. He was worried that he would be drawn away and cause Chen Xi to be threatened instead.

“What was that?” Chen Xi spoke with a surprised tone. He’d never expected that even the peak of the altar wasn’t safe as well.

“A Chaotic Devil Spirit. A spirit that’s on par with an Immortal King in strength. It’s born along with the Dao Fruit’s Spirits.” Shi Yu explained swiftly.

It turned out that these Chaotic Devil Spirits were existences that protected the Dao Fruit’s Spirits, and they didn’t possess much intelligence. However, once they noticed someone coveted the Dao Fruit’s Spirits, they would kill that person with all their might, and they were extremely difficult to deal with.

Because these spirits were born alongside the Dao Fruit’s Spirits, they themselves possessed a combat strength comparable to the Immortal King Realm, and if one didn’t deal with them carefully, then one might even be killed by them before one’s body would be occupied by them, reducing the person into a Devil Puppet!

During the boundless years of the past, such incidents had occurred on more than one occasion. All these experts had been careless while searching for the Dao Fruit’s Spirits, and their bodies were occupied by the Chaotic Devil Spirits, causing them to be reduced to Devil Puppets that were neither man nor monster.

“Devil Puppets?” Chen Xi was shocked in his heart.

“Yes, it’s no different from taking possession of another’s body by force. After the Chaotic Devil Spirits occupy the body of an Immortal King to become Devil Puppets, they’ll be able to absorb the Dao Fruit’s Spirits themselves and become gods!” Shi Yu spoke in a low voice. “Existences that were Devil Puppets who’d become gods were called Devil Gods. Even though they can’t compare to the Devil Gods born from the chaos at the beginning of the world, their strength isn’t any different to the other gods.”

Through Shi Yu’s explanation, Chen Xi instantly understood how terrifying Chaotic Devil Spirits were. They seized the bodies of Immortal Kings, absorbed the Dao Fruit’s Spirits, and actually attained the Dao to become Devil Gods that could rival the Gods!

“In this way, aren’t Miss Li and the others in danger?” Chen Xi’s heart tensed up, and he spoke with worry.

“Don’t forget that these Chaotic Devil Spirits are completely devoid of any intelligence. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have to seize the bodies of Immortal Kings before they can absorb the Dao Fruit’s Spirits.” Shi Yu smiled, and his face was covered in disdain. “So long as you’re careful, no mishaps can possibly occur when dealing with these idiots, unless…”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask. “Unless what?”

“Unless you’re an idiot as well.” Shi Yu roared with laughter.

Chen Xi was speechless, and then he realized something and said with a frown on his face, “Big Brother Shi Yu, does every single Dao Fruit’s Spirit have a Chaotic Devil Spirit guarding it?”

Shi Yu said casually, “Of course.”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart upon hearing this, and he said in his heart, If all those glows of divinity I saw earlier were Dao Fruit’s Spirits, then doesn’t that mean that there are an equal amount of Chaotic Devil Spirits on the altar?

“AH!!!! Save me! Fellow Daoists, save me!” Right at this moment, a howl of terror and shock suddenly sounded out from within the chaotic mist.

It was Pang Du’s voice!

Shi Yu revealed a shocked expression as his gaze suddenly swept towards the distance. After that, he noticed that a figure was tearing through the chaotic mist and struggling to flee towards him.

Because the chaotic mist was filled with the energy of divinity, it caused Pang Du to seem as if he was dashing through mud, and his speed was actually extremely slow. Moreover, it was utterly impossible to teleport, and he could only run step by step.

Shockingly, there were five jet black lights pursuing Pang Du from behind!

At this moment, Chen Xi finally saw the appearance of those jet black lights clearly. All of them actually seemed as if they were translucent. Their entire bodies were enveloped in a chaotic aura, and it was extremely difficult to notice them within the chaotic mist.


The God Mystery Sword in Shi Yu’s hand let out a clear howl while he stood on the spot without moving, and then he suddenly slashed forward with his sword. Sword Insight shot into the sky, and it was filled with boundless light and the supreme might of an Immortal King.


An enormous bang resounded as the chaotic mist was torn apart to reveal a pathway, and then Pang Du swiftly dashed towards this pathway upon noticing it.

A wave of sharp and furious cries sounded out from within the chaotic mist. The five Chaotic Devil Spirits that were pursuing Pang Du didn’t continue chasing after him, and they flashed instead and vanished once more within the chaotic mist.

“Dammit! That almost scared me to death! I was almost trapped to death by those damnable bastards!” Pang Du gasped rapidly for breath. At this moment, his clothes were disheveled while his countenance was pale, and the space between his brows still carried a wisp of terror. It was impossible to imagine exactly what sort of dangers this Immortal King had encountered earlier.

“Thank you for your assistance, Daoist Brother Shi Yu. I can’t thank you enough.” Pang Du calmed himself before he stood up and bowed to Shi Yu.

“What exactly happened?” Shi Yu frowned. If they hadn’t come to an agreement earlier, Shi Yu couldn’t be bothered to rescue Pang Du at all. So he was naturally slightly frank with his words.

“I found a Dao Fruit’s Spirit earlier and was just about to take it, yet never had I expected that so many Chaotic Devil Spirits suddenly charged out from the side. They caught me by surprise, and I was almost trapped and killed there.” Pang Du smiled bitterly, and it revealed a wisp of dense anger and terror. He was just about to obtain a Dao Fruit’s Spirit, yet never had he expected that such an unexpected event would occur.

Shi Yu frowned when he heard this, and he faintly felt that the situation seemed to be slightly bad. Right at this moment, another unexpected event occurred.

“Shit! Retreat!”

“Dammit! What’s going on? There are so many Chaotic Devil Spirits!”


A wave of shocked and furious shouts resounded at practically the exact same time from all over the chaotic mist. After that, Xiangliu Li, Heaven Trampler, Sun Wuhen, and Dao Yao dashed out in extremely sorry states.

Moreover, there were numerous Chaotic Devil Spirits pursuing them from behind!

Shi Yu and Pang Du didn’t dare hesitate when they saw this, and they hurriedly extended a helping hand.

After a short moment, Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, Heaven Trampler, and all the others were gathered together, and a layer of gloominess enveloped the space between their brows.

Just like Pang Du, after they entered the chaotic mist, all of them had suffered the surprise attacks of numerous Chaotic Devil Spirits.

Especially Dao Yao, if it wasn’t for Shi Yu’s timely assistance, his body would have almost been completely taken over by the Chaotic Devil Spirits!

At this moment, after he survived disaster, a wisp of terror that was impossible to eliminate still remained between his brows. Obviously, the scene from before had struck a great blow onto his heart.

“The situation this time seems to be bad. There are too many Chaotic Devil Spirits, and they’re moving in groups. It’s impossible to guard against them.” Xiangliu Li frowned with a heavy expression. “Coupled with the chaotic mist being filled with the energy of divinity, if we aren’t able to escape in time, then the consequences would be unimaginable.”

The others deeply agreed as well. Their brows were knit together tightly, and they felt that this matter was rather troublesome.

If it was any other place, they would be able to annihilate these mindless things in a very short amount of time. However, when it was within the chaotic mist, and when these mindless things swarmed them in groups, it wasn’t something they were able to resist.

“Could it be that all of you’ve forgotten? The more Chaotic Devil Spirits within the mist, the more Dao Fruit’s Spirits there are!” Shi Yu smiled lightly while his eyes burned with desire. “Why don’t all of you act together? In this way, not only would all of you be able to deal with the threat posed by the Chaotic Devil Spirits, all of you might even be able to obtain even more Dao Fruit’s Spirits!”

As soon as these words were spoken, all their eyes lit up.

Indeed, if they acted according to Shi Yu’s suggestion, then the risk would undoubtedly be very small.

Chen Xi was utterly unable to interrupt in this conversation, and he could only silently recover his strength. As he listened to them, he’d roughly determined in his heart that the various glows of divinity he saw were probably the Dao Fruit’s Spirits.

Xiangliu Li, Heaven Trampler, and the others immediately set out. They entered into the chaotic mist once more, and Shi Yu still continued to stay behind and protect Chen Xi.

At this moment, Shi Yu didn’t have the mood to have a conversation as well. He was paying attention to Xiangliu Li and the others at all times, and he would instantly extend a helping hand to them on the slightest sign that the situation was going bad.

On the other hand, Chen Xi had restrained his thoughts and was recovering silently.

He wasn’t able to interfere with everything that was occurring before him and paying any further attention to it would only give him more worries.


Strands of pure and thick Immortal Energy surged out from within the Dark Parasol Sapling, and it transformed into surging torrents that replenished the Immortal Force in Chen Xi’s body.

At the same time, the Heart Infant sat cross-legged in his Dao Heart while circulating the Immeasurable Virtue technique. Its body as suffused with brilliant golden light, and ceaselessly recovered Chen Xi’s Heart Energy.

Chen Xi believed that it wouldn’t be long before his physical strength and Heart Energy would be completely recovered.

Unfortunately, if I possessed the complete River Diagram this time, then I might have been able to completely destroy the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation… As he recovered, Chen Xi paid attention to the movement in his sea of consciousness. The River Diagram fragments were floating silently while emanating strands of strange and obscure fluctuations, and its aura didn’t contain the feelings of ruthlessness, detest, and anger that he possessed earlier.

However, Chen Xi was able to sense that the River Diagram fragments hadn’t fallen into silence yet. It seemed to have exhausted too much of energy, and it was ceaselessly recovering…


Suddenly, Chen Xi noticed that something wasn’t right. The strange and obscure fluctuations emanated by the River Diagram fragments hadn’t been withdrawn, and it seemed to be stretching out like strings. It had silently spread throughout the chaotic mist in a way that Chen Xi was utterly unable to detect.

It…seems to be searching for something?

This sort of feeling was extremely strange. It was like the River Diagram fragments had suddenly transformed into a fisherman that was utilizing its own aura as a fishing rod, and it intended to hook some sort of prey…

Chen Xi was instantly stunned.

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