Chapter 1355 – Dao Fruit’s Spirit

All of them went silent as soon as Xiangliu Li finished speaking.

Indeed, since the primeval times until now, the Sovereign Sect had been at war with countless sects, and it was absolutely considered as a public enemy of the three dimensions.

However, it was precisely such a sect that had survived through the countless years until now, and it was one of the three supreme sects of the three dimensions. It absolutely deserved its reputation.

Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao’s actions this time after they entered the God Attainment Region clearly displayed this.

First, they roped in the Prehistoric Sects to be of use for them, then they set up the Nine Heaven Calamity Dao Annihilation Divine Formation with the intention of annihilating Shi Yu’s group.

After they failed, they completely activated the might of the 36 Restrictions of the Gods in the God Attainment Palace with the intention of obstructing all Immortal Kings from entering the God Attainment Altar.

Unfortunately, it ended in failure.

At this moment, Suiren Ting had even relied on the might of the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation with the intention of annihilating all the other Immortal Kings, yet history repeated itself and they failed once again.

During all these operations, Suiren Ting had utilized the Overlord Sage Path Pagoda, Boundless World...

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