Chapter 1355 – Dao Fruit’s Spirit

All of them went silent as soon as Xiangliu Li finished speaking.

Indeed, since the primeval times until now, the Sovereign Sect had been at war with countless sects, and it was absolutely considered as a public enemy of the three dimensions.

However, it was precisely such a sect that had survived through the countless years until now, and it was one of the three supreme sects of the three dimensions. It absolutely deserved its reputation.

Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao’s actions this time after they entered the God Attainment Region clearly displayed this.

First, they roped in the Prehistoric Sects to be of use for them, then they set up the Nine Heaven Calamity Dao Annihilation Divine Formation with the intention of annihilating Shi Yu’s group.

After they failed, they completely activated the might of the 36 Restrictions of the Gods in the God Attainment Palace with the intention of obstructing all Immortal Kings from entering the God Attainment Altar.

Unfortunately, it ended in failure.

At this moment, Suiren Ting had even relied on the might of the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation with the intention of annihilating all the other Immortal Kings, yet history repeated itself and they failed once again.

During all these operations, Suiren Ting had utilized the Overlord Sage Path Pagoda, Boundless World Mirror, and Divineking Soul Streamer; and he’d sacrificed Le Qianchou, Bei Haoling, Wu Xiangchi, Yi Ranfeng, and many other Immortal Kings.

Even Qiong Yaozi and Lu Xiaohan that had perished in the 1st restriction of the God Attainment Palace had died because they were unwilling to join the Sovereign Sect.

It could be said that even though Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao were only two people, their hands were covered with blood throughout their way in the God Attainment Region, and they’d utilized all sorts of schemed and strategies, causing them to seem extremely cruel and ruthless.

In the end, when they were about to be killed, they were teleported away by the Sovereign Jade Tablet and fled, allowing them to avoid suffering calamity.

All of this clearly displayed how merciless the Sovereign Sect was, and how cruel and bloody it was. Moreover, it seemed to be extremely difficult to kill members of the Sovereign Sect.

Especially Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, and Heaven Trampler, their hearts grew colder the more carefully they thought about it. They were very clearly aware that if they didn’t possess Chen Xi’s assistance this time, then they would have probably been schemed against and perished at the hands of the Sovereign Sect.

It was even to the extent that it could be said that they wouldn’t be able to arrive here at all without Chen Xi!

The reason was extremely simple. When they were trapped within the Nine Heaven Calamity Dao Annihilation Divine Formation, it was Chen Xi that relied on the Dao Calamity Sword to rescue them.

In the 36 Restrictions of the Gods in the God Attainment Palace, it was also Chen Xi that led them through all the difficulties they faced, allowing them to arrive at the God Attainment Altar in time.

Earlier, when they faced a lethal threat from the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, it was also Chen Xi that fought the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation head-on, and he rescued the lives of all the Immortal Kings that were present here.

If the first could be considered luck, then what about the second and third times?

It could be said that it was because of Chen Xi that they were able to defeat Suiren Ting’s group and make them return empty handed this time!


While thoughts flashed within all their minds, a muffled thump resounded, and it jolted all of them awake from their thoughts.

They turned around to look, and they noticed that Chen Xi had actually fallen from midair and was sitting on the ground.

“Chen Xi!”

“What happened?”

Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, and Heaven Trampler hurried over, and all of them instantly heaved sighs of relief when they noticed there was no danger to his life and Chen Xi was just physically exhausted.

“I’m fine.” Meanwhile, Chen Xi had recovered his consciousness. However, his countenance was ghastly pale while his entire aura was low. It was like his physical strength had been completely sucked away, and he seemed to be extremely weak.

His entire body was still covered in a strand of strange and obscure fluctuation. However, when compared to the fluctuations that covered him as he fought the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, it was obviously greatly weaker.

But even then, it still protected him from being assaulted by the God Attainment Altar.

“Come, I’ll carry you on my back.” Shi Yu didn’t hesitate to carry Chen Xi on his back. “Rest well. Leave the rest to us.”

After they experienced all these successive unexpected events, all of these Immortal Kings had fully taken Chen Xi to be their life saving benefactor. At this moment, not to mention carrying him on their back, they would probably not hesitate to agree to any request of his.

Chen Xi was unable to refuse at all, and he just smiled lightly before he took a deep breath and started to regulate his breathing. After that, he started absorbing the Immortal Energy that the Dark Parasol Sapling provided without end.

“Thank you, Fellow Daoists.”

“If it wasn’t for all your help, we would have probably suffered misfortune a long time ago.”

“Thank you.”

Meanwhile, Sun Wuhen, Dao Yao, and Pang Du came over and cupped their hands as they spoke.

They were very clearly aware that if it wasn’t for the presence of Shi Yu’s group, they would have probably been tricked and killed by Suiren Ting a long time ago. So they naturally felt extremely grateful to Shi Yu and the others.

“Don’t worry about it.” Xiangliu Li smiled, yet she didn’t take their gratitude seriously. It couldn’t be helped, perhaps they were allies earlier, and they’d dealt with Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao together.

However, the situation now had changed. They were about to ascend to the peak of the God Attainment Altar to search for the method to become gods. So their alliance would transform into a competitive relationship, and competition meant that there was a possibility for battle.

Most importantly, she clearly remembered that Dao Yao and Pang Du had sought refuge with the Sovereign Sect, and if it wasn’t for Yi Ranfeng’s death, they would still be helping Suiren Ting at this moment!

Under such circumstances, how could Xiangliu Li take their gratitude seriously? It was already sufficiently benevolent of her that she didn’t look for trouble with them.

“I…want to search for the method to become gods with Fellow Daoists. Can I join your group? Don’t worry, I guarantee that I won’t interfere in the actions all of you take.” Sun Wuhen hesitated for a moment before he suggested in a low voice. He had a bellyful of resentment towards Dao Yao and Pang Du, so even if they’d fought together earlier, he wasn’t willing to have any relationship with them anymore.

So for the sake of obtaining the method to become a god, he could only seek to join Shi Yu’s group. In this way, they wouldn’t be competing against each other, and that couldn’t be any better for him.

“How about we let him join us? I have a good relationship with this old monkey, and I’ll be the first to kill him if he dares to act rashly.” Heaven Trampler supported Sun Wuhen from the side.

Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li glanced at each other before they nodded with agreement because so long as Sun Wuhen wouldn’t fight and compete with them, then everything else was fine.

Dao Yao and Pang Du couldn’t help but revealed shy and embarrassed expressions when they saw this. They naturally knew that their actions of joining the Sovereign Sect earlier had aroused feelings of detest from Shi Yu and the others.

If it was any other time, they would naturally not mind, and they would just leave. However, it wasn’t the same now. The method to become a god that lay at the top of the God Attainment Altar had never left their minds, and if they wanted to attain their objective, then they could only stay here and seek the forgiveness of Shi Yu and the others.

“Since it’s like this, both of you can follow us as well. However, the precondition is that if you obtain a Dao Fruit’s Spirit, you have to hand it over to us first, and the both of you’ll only get a turn after all of us. Do the both of you agree?” asked Shi Yu. He knew that it was utterly impossible to drive Dao Yao and Pang Du away at this moment, and if they competed with the two of them, battles couldn’t be avoided. Thus, he made such a suggestion.

“Sure, sure, sure! That’s for the best!” Dao Yao and Pang Du nodded repeatedly.

They were both similarly worried that Shi Yu and the others would harm them, so how could they not agree to this suggestion?

Once all of them had reached an understanding, the atmosphere instantly eased up greatly.

All of them had come for the sake of the method to become a god, so they were naturally unwilling to fight each other.

After experiencing the shocking battle from before, the 3km long path up to the peak of the God Attainment Altar had been completely rid of the restrictions that suffused it in the past.

In practically an instant, Shi Yu and the others had arrived at the peak of the altar.

This was an extremely large flat platform. The ground was paved with ancient bricks, and as they stood there and looked up into the chaotic sky, the surroundings were covered in a layer of extremely thick chaotic mist.

“According to legend, the Dao Fruit’s Spirits are hidden within this expanse of chaos. If we’re able to obtain it, then a God Tablet will descend, and it’s equivalent to obtaining the method to attain the Dao and become a god. It wouldn’t be long before we attain Godhood!” Xiangliu Li swept the surroundings with her gaze and spoke slowly.

The Dao Fruit’s Spirit was a type of divine treasure that was born in the God Domain outside the three dimensions. It was something like a foundation establishment pill, and so long as one consumed and absorbed it, it would be able to establish one’s foundation to become a god!

In other words, the secret technique to become a god was hidden within the Dao Fruit’s Spirit!

“Everyone, be careful. The chaotic mist in the surroundings of the altar is filled with boundless divinity. It isn’t so easy to find and obtain a Dao Fruit’s Spirit.” Shi Yu reminded.

Even though the peak of the altar wasn’t that enormous in the eyes of Immortal Kings, every single inch of it was enveloped in chaotic mist, and the chaotic mist was suffused with divinity. Even the perceptions of Immortal Kings were unable to search through the mist, so finding and obtaining a Dao Fruit’s Spirit depended on their own luck.

According to legend, some Immortal Kings of the past were able to sense and find a Dao Fruit’s Spirit that conformed to their own Grand Dao as soon as they arrived here, whereas some were unable to find a single one no matter how many times they searched through the chaotic mist.

All of it depended on one’s own fortune.

It was no different than searching for fish in the mud, all of it was determined by one’s luck.

Most importantly, sometimes the Dao Fruit’s Spirit some found may not necessarily conform to their own Grand Daos, and the reason for this was that Dao Fruit’s Spirits were divided according to various different attributes as well.

The God Laws contained within every single Dao Fruit’s Spirit was different as well.

For example, amongst the five elements, an Immortal King grasped the Grand Dao of Metal, yet the Dao Fruit’s Spirit he obtained was of the fire element and contained the Fire God Laws. These elements conflicted with each other, so it was impossible to utilize it to advance into the Godrank Realm.

All of them were clearly aware of this, and they spread out once Shi Yu finished explaining. They headed towards the chaotic mist in the surroundings, and their figures quickly vanished.

Shi Yu stood on guard by Chen Xi’s side instead, and he didn’t take any action. He was worried that Suiren Ting would turn back and cause Chen Xi to suffer misfortune.

Chen Xi couldn’t refuse such arrangements, and he just asked casually. “Big Brother Shi Yu, how many Dao Fruit’s Spirits are there in total on this altar?”

“It’s impossible to confirm.” Shi Yu pondered for a moment before he spoke. “I heard from the seniors of the sect that this treasure possesses intelligence of its own. In the eyes of some people, the chaotic mist is filled with Dao Fruit’s Spirits, but in the eyes of some people, they’re unable to find a single one. Everything is determined by luck and fortune.”

When he spoke up to here, his voice revealed a wisp of helplessness, and he sighed with emotion. “This is the path to becoming a god. Fortune is the key that decides everything, and not everyone possesses the qualifications to leave the three dimensions and attain Godhood.”

“Oh?” Chen Xi was stunned. He regulated his breathing as he swept the surrounding chaotic mist with his gaze, and a wisp of strange light suddenly flashed within his eyes. “Then may I ask Big Brother Shi Yu, exactly what do these Dao Fruit’s Spirits look like?”

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