Chapter 1353 – Heavenly Tribulation Chains

The Boundless World Mirror!

An extremely terrifying Divine Artifact from the primeval times that possessed monstrous might. It was capable of throwing the workings of the heavens into disorder, concealing karma, and condensing numerous Mirror Planes that filled every inch of space.

These Mirror Planes were extremely miraculous. They were capable of transforming all attacks into Calamity Divinelight, so the stronger the opponent’s attacks were, the more terrifying the Calamity Divinelight converted from it was.

Early on when Shi Yu and the others had fallen into the Nine Heaven Calamity Dao Annihilation Divine Formation, Suiren Ting had utilized this mirror to scheme against them, and it almost trapped and killed them. So how could they possibly not know how formidable this mirror was?

At this moment, Jiang Lingxiao held the God Beating Whip in hand while condensing layer upon layer of Mirror Planes with the Boundless World Mirror, and she completely blocked off an area of 5,000km in the limestone path. Thus, it instantly caused the expressions of the others to turn grim.


Sun Wuhen didn’t know how formidable the Boundless World Mirror was. He swept his rod over horizontally, and it carried boundless green divine radiance as it smashed fiercely onto the Mirror Planes and caused heaven shaking rumbling to resound.


Unfortunately, this strike wasn’t just unable to shake the Mirror Planes, it was even converted into a strand of thick Calamity Divinelight that shot out explosively.


It shook Sun Wuhen to the point his figure couldn’t help but stagger back by a few steps, and his face had become extremely unsightly.

The expressions of the others turned even more grim when they saw this scene.

The current situation was precarious. The Eye of Heavenly Tribulation was condensing into form in the chaotic sky above them, and once it launched an attack, not a single one of them would be able to survive.

Yet Jiang Lingxiao was obstruction their path of retreat with the Boundless World Mirror. So, even if they firmly believed they would be able to kill Jiang Lingxiao in a short period of time, the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation would probably have already launched an attack by that time!

After all, existences at their level of cultivation were able to decide the outcome of a battle in an instant, but killing an opponent wasn’t something that could be accomplished in an instant.

Yet now, the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation was like a sharp sword hanging above their heads, and time utterly didn’t allow them to waste it on Jiang Lingxiao!

This was precisely the reason why Shi Yu and the others had unsightly expressions.

Indeed, none of them had expected that Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao would carry so many precious treasures with them. Especially the Divineking Soul Streamer, it was the ultimate treasure of the Sovereign Sect, yet Suiren Ting had actually brought it along.

If they were aware beforehand, Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li wouldn’t have only brought the Five Color Rock and Nine Clarity Jade Crown with them, and they would have definitely prepared other supreme Divine Artifacts.

Unfortunately, a single mistake led to a string of mistakes, and there was no room for regret in the current situation.

It took a long time to explain, yet it was only a blink of the eye.

When Sun Wuhen was blasted back, Shi Yu immediately made a decision. He utilized his thoughts to instruct the other Immortal Kings to attack Jiang Lingxiao with all their strength while he looked at Chen Xi and said swiftly in a heavy voice, “Brother Chen Xi, please lend me the Dao Calamity Sword!”

The Dao Calamity Sword specially countered the energy of calamity!

All those years ago, the Sovereign Sect schemed against the Chaotic Divine Lotus because the Dao Calamity Sword in the Chaotic Divine Lotus’ possession posed an extraordinary threat to the energy of calamity passed down in the Sovereign Sect.

As far as Shi Yu was concerned, the Dao Calamity Sword was undoubtedly the best choice to deal with the Boundless World Mirror in an extremely short period of time.

However, to Shi Yu’s surprise, Chen Xi actually seemed as if he didn’t hear Shi Yu’s voice transmission. Chen Xi stood there on the spot while staring towards the chaotic sky above him, and he didn’t move at all as if he’d been scared stiff.

“Brother Chen Xi!” Shi Yu’s heart jerked. He thought Chen Xi’s soul had been dragged out by the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation in the sky, and he immediately raised his hand with the intention of rescuing Chen Xi.


Right at this moment, the mysterious, indifferent, and emotionless eye in the chaotic sky suddenly stopped moving before it opened up abruptly, and then a black colored divine chain descended from it!

It was like a wisp of black lightning, and it carried a supreme aura of divinity.

It seemed like a chain of the gods that was used to shackle prisoners, and it intended to shackle all the variants of the world!

When it descended from midair, the entire world fell into a state of extraordinary terror. Space became still while time froze, and dust, light, clouds, mist… Everything fell into deathly silence and was unable to move.

This scene was too terrifying, and it shocked all the Immortal Kings that were attacking Jiang Lingxiao. All of them stopped moving while their pupils constricted, and they felt horrified as if their souls were about to leave their bodies.

Because they were clearly aware that it was the Heavenly Tribulation Chains!

Once they were struck by it, then not to mention Immortal Kings, even the primeval gods would be unable to avoid death!

At this instant, it seemed as if time had frozen.

Suiren Ting held the Divineking Soul Streamer while a wisp of a cold and emotionless smile hung on the corners of his mouth.

Jiang Lingxiao heaved a sigh of relief in her heart.

On the other hand, Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, Heaven Trampler, Sun Wuhen, Dao Yao, and Pang Du revealed astounded expressions.


Amidst this strangely motionless state, the black colored chain smashed down!

Everything seemed…impossible to dodge…

A wisp of dense unwillingness and despair surged into the hearts of Shi Yu and the others, and their eyes almost split apart while they intended to fight with their lives on the line.


However, at the critical moment, Chen Xi who’d been standing still at the side since the beginning suddenly moved!

At this instant, his entire body rumbled with violent and obscure fluctuations. His handsome face was covered in an indifferent and calm expression, and only his black eyes blazed with extremely ruthless flames of fury that seemed capable of incinerating the nine heavens!

His figure flashed before it appeared in midair, and then he fiercely smashed his fist towards the descending Heavenly Tribulation Chain.

The pupils of everyone dilated!

He flew into midair?

This was the God Attainment Altar that was enveloped by restrictions that were filled with divinity. Even if it was Immortal Kings like them, they had no choice but to walk on foot and were unable to fly or teleport.

Yet now, this little fellow, Chen Xi, had actually soared into the sky!

Especially shocking to them was that Chen Xi had actually charged towards the Heavenly Tribulation Chain…

Could it be that he intends to go against the Heavenly Tribulation Chain?

This scene was too unbelievable. It caused Shi Yu and the others to have no chance to stop him and could only watch nervously. Moreover, Xiangliu Li even couldn’t bear to watch!

Because it was the Heavenly Tribulation Chains!

A terrifying force that even primeval gods feared, so how could it possibly be something a Saint Immortal like Chen Xi could resist?

“The ignorant really are fearless.” Suiren Ting’s eyes narrowed. However, when he saw Chen Xi’s appearance clearly, a wisp of disdain couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth, and it was as if he was watching an ant court death.

All of this took a long time to describe, yet it actually occurred in less than an instant.

In the next instant, Chen Xi’s fist had already collided with the Heavenly Tribulation Whip!


A terrifying and enormous bang that shook the heavens and the earth resounded. The collision at this instant created numerous phenomena like the heavens and the earth collapsing, Fiendgods wailing, blood raining down, and so on and so forth. Moreover, even the terrifying and obscure scenes of the gods shouting while the Grand Dao collapsed had appeared.

The might created by this attack was world shocking. All the Immortal Kings in the surroundings trembled because this sort of imposing aura caused them to be horrified as well.

Especially shocking to them was Chen Xi was actually still alive!

In midair, Chen Xi’s figure appeared from within the dust and dirt. His figure was tall while his body was enveloped by a strand of terrifying, violent, strange, and obscure fluctuations. His long hair fluttered while his figure emanated bright and hazy radiance, and his entire body was like a spear that seemed to intend to pierce a hole through the sky!

On the other hand, the Heavenly Tribulation Chain that smashed down had vanished without a trace.

Obviously, in the collision from before, Chen Xi had wiped out the Heavenly Tribulation Chain with a single strike!

“This…” Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, and Heaven Trampler opened their eyes wide as they stared at Chen Xi, and their eyes were filled with disbelief.

After all, they were clearly aware that Chen Xi was only a Saint Immortal and wasn’t even at the Half-step Immortal King Realm. Yet now, he’d actually soared into the sky and obstructed a Heavenly Tribulation Chain that even horrified all of them who were Immortal Kings. If they didn’t witness it with their own two eyes, would anyone dare believe this?

“Who’s this kid?”

“Could he be a trump card that Nuwa’s Dao Palace brought over?”

“I clearly remember that this kid was only at the Golden Immortal Realm when we saw him outside the God Attainment Palace!”

Sun Wuhen, Dao Yao, and Pang Du were dumbstruck. The scene that played out before their eyes had exceeded their imaginations, and it was too astounding.

“Dammit! How could this happen?” On the other side, Jiang Lingxiao and Suiren Ting were both shocked while the disdain and cold smiles on the corners of their faces froze abruptly, and their pupils dilated. A little fellow that isn’t even at the Immortal King Realm actually obstructed the Heavenly Tribulation Chain?

Chen Xi seemed to have not noticed all of this. He stood in midair while looking up towards the sky. At the end of his gaze, the mysterious, indifferent, and emotionless Eye of Heavenly Tribulation floated there, and it emanated supreme pressure.

After they witnessed this scene, all of them couldn’t help but arouse a strand of shock in their hearts. Could it be that this kid…is able to resist the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation?


Before they could recover from their shock, Chen Xi’s figure moved abruptly. He actually instantly charged into the sky, and his figure was covered in a myriad of strands of obscure glows and erupted with boundless divine might.


At practically the exact same instant, another Heavenly Tribulation Chain descended from the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, and it was like the chain of the Grand Dao that intended to wipe out a variant like Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was fearless when facing this. His fist was translucent and clear like jade, and it was filled with an obscure and strange force as it once more met the Heavenly Tribulation Chain head-on. Surging divine flames erupted, and it seemed as if it intended to break open the cage that was the heavens and the earth to fight for supremacy with the supreme Heaven Dao!


The chaotic mist in the sky above the entire God Attainment Altar surged while the heavens and the earth seemed to collapse. Moreover, dust shot into the nine heavens while brilliant light illuminated the surroundings.

Before all of this calmed down, the Eye of heavenly Tribulation actually seemed to have been infuriated. Its pupil revolved like black lightning while the universe was indistinctly visible within it.


Numerous thick and large pitch black divine chains surged out explosively from within it and smashed down fiercely.

This Eye of Heavenly Tribulation was truly too formidable, and it was supreme and paramount. Every single Heavenly Tribulation Chain emanated from it carried the terrifying aura to crush gods and shackle the Grand Dao, and even Immortal Kings didn’t dare bear the brunt of its might.

However, Chen Xi seemed to be unafraid of it. The strange and obscure aura that covered his entire body shook like lightning, causing the sky to split apart, and then his fists tore through the sky and carried supreme divine might as it once again met the Heavenly Tribulation Chain head-on.

In an instant, the world was filled with rumbling, divine light and blood rained down, the sky shattered into pieces, and all the Grand Daos seemed to have collapsed and crumbled in this collision.

It was like the end of the world had fully erupted!

A collision like this couldn’t be described as just terrifying.

Even if it was Shi Yu and the others, they were horrified by this sight because it couldn’t be compared to a battle between gods, yet it was even more terrifying than that!

From the ancient times until now, could anyone forcefully resist the might of the Heavenly Tribulation?

Even the Chaotic Divine Lotus that possessed extraordinary ability and looked down on all the gods had perished beneath the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, and that obviously showed how terrifying the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation was.

Yet now, Chen Xi was actually capable of resisting it and fighting it above the nine heavens. How could all the Immortal Kings who witnessed this scene not be moved by it?

Even if it was them in Chen Xi’s place, it would be utterly impossible for them to accomplish this!

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