Chapter 1352 – Divineking Soul Streamer

As soon as Yi Ranfeng finished speaking, Sun Wuhen instantly understood that Yi Ranfeng had definitely schemed against Qiong Yaozi and Lu Xiaohan that perished in the 1st Restriction of the Gods!

When he thought up to here, Sun Wuhen’s expression became unsightly as he said, “Why did you…let me off?”

A wisp of impatience suffused the corners of Yi Ranfeng’s mouth. “Idiot. If the 36 Restrictions of the Gods in the God Attainment Palace didn’t lose their might, then you would have died in the Shaman Python Restriction!”

Sun Wuhen’s pupils constricted while his expression was extremely livid, and his voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth. “Why?”

“Do you only understand now?” Yi Ranfeng roared with laughter and looked at Sun Wuhen as if he was looking at an idiot. “Once you refuse to join the Sovereign Sect, only a single path to death remains.”

As they spoke, Shi Yu and the others were watching coldly from the side, and they’d roughly understood everything. Obviously, all of this occurred because of the interference of the Sovereign Sect, and it caused internal strife to arise between the Prehistoric Sects as they schemed against each other.

“You didn’t hesitate to kill our companions from the Prehistoric Sects just because you want to seek refuge from the Sovereign Sect?” Sun Wuhen’s eyes almost split apart as he asked word by word.

“The upheaval of the three dimensions is about to erupt. Presently, the Prehistoric Ruins has fallen to become the place where the upheaval begins. We’re doing this for the sake of finding a way out for ourselves, and the Sovereign Sect is undoubtedly backing that we can trust!” Yi Ranfeng stood with his hands behind his back as he spoke calmly, and it caused Dao Yao and Pang Du to agree to him.

“Trust?” Sun Wuhen suddenly roared with laughter. “Does anyone in the three dimensions not know that the Sovereign Sect is cruel, emotionless, and heartless? All of you actually say that you can trust the Sovereign Sect? Hahaha! How laughable! Truly laughable!”

As he spoke, he suddenly flashed out while holding a dark green rod shaped treasure, and he tore through the sky as he charged at Yi Ranfeng.

“I want to kill all of you fucking bastards even if I have to give up the fucking method to become a god!” Obviously, Sun Wuhen was angry to the point he’d lost all reason and was on the verge of going mad.

“Hmph! Since you insist on courting death, then I’ll fulfil your wish.” Yi Ranfeng grunted coldly with disdain.

However, before he could make a move, he felt a terrifying and enormous force come from beside him. He didn’t even have the chance to react before his throat was grabbed by a large hand, and then hid head was forcefully broken off with a bang!


Golden blood sprayed out and was completely filled into a black and ancient jade pagoda that descended onto Suiren Ting’s hand.

This scene had occurred too quickly! And too suddenly!

Everyone had never expected that Suiren Ting would actually make a move against Yi Ranfeng at this moment, and as soon as he did make a move, he would actually forcefully break off Yi Ranfeng’s head, causing Yi Ranfeng to perish on the spot!


At this instant, Shi Yu and the others couldn’t help but gasp. This move of Suiren Ting’s was extremely ruthless, and he’d taken Yi Ranfeng by surprise and instantly killed an Immortal King with a single strike!

It wasn’t just Shi Yu and the others, even Sun Wuhen who’d charged forward felt horrified. He didn’t dare to hesitate and swiftly retracted his attack before flashing back.

“Brother Yi!”

“Dammit! You…”

The nearby Dao Yao and Pang Du’s souls almost left their bodies when they saw this, and they dodged repeatedly as they pulled open the distance between them and Suiren Ting’s group of two.

When they noticed Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao didn’t pursue them, they finally stopped. However, their expressions had already become extremely livid while the space between their brows was filled with disbelief.

No one had expected that Suiren Ting would actually attack and kill Yi Ranfeng. After all, it was just moments ago that Yi Ranfeng had attacked Chen Xi to help Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao to deal with the dangerous situation the two of them were in!

Yet now, Yi Ranfeng, this great contributor who’d sought refuge with the Sovereign Sect was actually killed by this disciple of the Sovereign Sect, Suiren Ting!

Who could have expected such a shocking unexpected event?


In next to no time, Yi Ranfeng’s headless corpse had been completely emptied of its blood, and it transformed into a dry corpse that turned to ash.

Suiren Ting smiled lightly when he saw this, yet it seemed extremely cold and emotionless.

“Why!?” Dao Yao and Pang Du asked in loud voices, and their expressions were livid and warped.

Earlier, if Suiren Ting didn’t launch a surprise attack against Yi Ranfeng but them instead, then the consequences were unimaginable to them.

“Why?” Suiren Ting seemed as if he’d heard a joke, and he smirked as he said, “Didn’t all of you seek refuge with my Sovereign Sect? Then all of you should be prepared to make sacrifices for the sect at any time. Is there any need to ask why for this?”

“You!!!” Dao Yao was angered to the point of being at a loss for words.

“Could it be that you’re not afraid that we’ll join forces with Nuwa’s Dao Palace to deal with the two of you?” Pang Du’s eyeballs spun as he glanced at Shi Yu and the others.

“Even though I really detest the both of you, we can join forces with the both of you for now.” Shi Yu seized the opportunity when he heard this.

At this point in the situation, no one had expected that there would be so many twists and turns to the point it seemed slightly absurd.

First Chen Xi suffered an attack, and then Midnight Immortal King fainted from her heavy injuries. Before everyone could recover from their shock, Sun Wuhen had broken up with Yi Ranfeng’s group, yet right when the battle was about to erupt, Suiren Ting had suddenly attacked and killed Yi Ranfeng with a surprise attack…

This unexpected changes in the situation caused every single Immortal King present here to be shocked. They didn’t understand Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao’s plans because in this way, the two of them had isolated themselves completely and fallen into a situation where they were surrounded by enemies.

After all, if Shi Yu and the others were to join forces with Dao Yao and Pang Du, then it would be sufficient for them to suppress Suiren Ting’s group.

Even if it was Sun Wuhen, he would probably not stay out of this battle.

But it just so happened that they’d acted in this way, so what was their objective?

In next to no time, Shi Yu and the others got the answer they were looking for.

Because in the next instant, a completely jet black divine streamer suddenly floated up into appearance on Suiren Ting’s palm. The streamer surged with a strange black qi, and as soon as it appeared, a strand of black smoke charged out from within it and shot into the nine heavens!


At this instant, the chaotic sky actually started to roil while emanating surging thunderclaps. At the same time, an indescribably terrifying aura spread throughout the surroundings!

At this moment, Shi Yu’s group, Sun Wuhen, Dao Yao, and Pang Du’s expressions had all turned grim as they cried out involuntarily. “The Divineking Soul Streamer!”

This was the ultimate treasure of the Sovereign Sect!

It was said that once the streamer was utilized, even divine kings couldn’t hold on to their lives!

Early on during the primeval times, the Sovereign Sect had relied on this exact treasure to scheme against the Chaotic Divine Lotus in secret, causing the Chaotic Divine Lotus to perish at the critical moment when it was attaining the Dao. At that time during the primeval times, this matter had caused a mighty uproar in the world!

On the other hand, the Sovereign Sect’s Divineking Soul Streamer was renowned throughout the world, and it caused others to feel horrified from just hearing its name.

If it wasn’t for that, how could the Divineking Soul Streamer take the place of the ultimate treasure of one of the three supreme sects of the three dimensions, the Sovereign Sect?

At this moment, when they saw Suiren Ting actually withdraw the one of the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s proudest Divine Artifacts, Shi Yu and the others finally understood why Suiren Ting was utterly fearless.

Instantly, their expressions became extremely gloomy. None of them had imagined that the Sovereign Sect would put in such a huge investment, and besides the Overlord Sage Path Pagoda and Boundless World Mirror, the Sovereign Sect actually brought over a weapon of destruction like the Divineking Soul Streamer!


After he withdrew the Divineking Soul Streamer, Suiren Ting formed seals with his hands, and then completely fused all the blood of Immortal Kings absorbed by the Overlord Sage Path Pagoda into the Divineking Soul Streamer.

In an instant, the palm sized streamer inflated, and it surged with strands of golden light, causing it to seem like a bright lantern that illuminated the universe!

On the other hand, the chaotic sky started to roil violently, and it faintly showed signs of condensing into a funnel shaped vortex that hung down from the sky.


“Stop him quickly!”

“He’s drawing down the energy of the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation!”


When they noticed such a scene, no matter if it was Shi Yu’s group, or Dao Yao, Pang Du, and Sun Wuhen, all of their expressions turned grim while they howled furiously.

As they spoke, all of them moved out and charged explosively at Suiren Ting.

For a time, various Divine Artifacts soared into the sky, causing time and space to fall into chaos and shatter into powder, and their attacks carried extremely shocked impetuses.


However, before they could come close to Suiren Ting, they were obstructed by a terrifying and indescribable force. It was like they’d collided onto a shapeless wall, and even the Divine Artifacts were blasted back by the shapeless wall.

“Hahaha! You bunch of idiots! How could the might of the Divineking Soul Streamer possibly be something that all of you can resist?” Suiren Ting roared with laughter and complacency. His clothes fluttered while he seemed like a peerless demon king, and the Divineking Soul Streamer in his hand grew brighter as it emanated black colored divine radiance that ceaselessly shot into the sky.

“All of you will be my stepping stones to ascend into Godhood! All of you can dream of escaping!” Suiren Ting’s rumbled through the surroundings like a thunderclap.

The expressions of Shi Yu and the others changed once more.

“What should we do?”

“If the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation appears, then we’ll definitely suffer a tribulation!”

“Don’t forget that the Chaotic Divine Lotus was a true supreme god all those years ago, yet it still perished beneath the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation!”

“Could it be that we have to give up like this?”

They were only 3km away from the peak of the God Attainment Altar, and it meant that they were only a step away from searching for the method to become a god. At this moment, how could they be willing to leave just like that?

But if they didn’t leave, then the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation was about to appear. At that time, a great tribulation would descend, and with their cultivations at the Immortal King Realm, it was absolutely impossible for them to avoid it. They would definitely perish!

What shout we do? Shi Yu and the others struggled to the extreme in their hearts.

For a time, the atmosphere was deathly silent and oppressive to the extreme.

No one had noticed that the eyes of Chen Xi who stood at the side had suddenly surged with a strand of surging and blazing flames of rage. He stared directly at the sky above him the obscure aura that enveloped his entire body had become violent.

“All of you still want to leave? Impossible!” Suiren Ting’s crimson red hair fluttered while his expression was cold and indifferent, and he spoke word by word in a tone that carried horrifying killing intent.

Along with his voice, the chaotic sky surged and transformed into a vortex. At the center of the vortex, and icy cold, indifferent, and emotionless eye opened up without a sound!

At this instant, an extremely terrifying and supreme pressure enveloped down from the sky.

Even if Shi Yu and the others were Immortal Kings, when they witnessed this scene, a wisp of coldness couldn’t help but surge out of their hearts, and it felt as if they’d fallen into an icy pit!

“Let’s go!” They practically instinctively turned around with the intention of heading down the God Attainment Altar, and they couldn’t be bothered about obtaining the method to become a god any longer.

However, their expressions turned unsightly because as soon as they made a move, their path of retreat was obstructed by Jiang Lingxiao. She held the God Beating Whip while the nearby space was densely covered in layer upon layer of smooth spatial mirrors, and it seemed like space had overlapped.

Shockingly, it was the ‘Mirror Planes’ of the Boundless World Mirror!

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