Chapter 1351 – Cage Of The Grand Dao

The Eye of Divine Truth was an inheritance that came from the River Diagram fragments.

It was unfathomably profound and capable of seeing through reality and the profundities of the world. Moreover, it contained the Light of Eradication that’s said to be capable of sealing and destroying all techniques.

Since Chen Xi created a clone of himself, he was restricted by the body refinement cultivation of his main body, causing the Eye of Divine Truth possessed by his main body to be lacking in might just as it was in the past. It could only be utilized for searching and detecting.

Yet now, the Eye of Divine Truth had appeared on its own from the unexpected awakening of the River Diagram fragments, and it actually instantly saw through the layer upon layer of obstructions to meet the gaze of the mysterious eye that lay above the chaotic sky.

That eye that had opened silently in the chaotic sky was too terrifying, indifferent, and icy cold. It was filled with boundless dignity, and it seemed like a supreme overlord, like the eye of the sky. When Chen Xi met its gaze with the Eye of Divine Truth, he even saw a peerlessly shocking scene!


Countless cages!

They were distributed throughout an expanse of chaotic space. They formed a seemingly boundless dense mass, and there were actually numerous existences that were suffused with monstrous auras of divinity being restrained within those cages. They were like numerous true gods!

Some of their furious roars shook the heavens, some stood silently, some sighed sorrowfully on the ground, some seemed to have gone mad… They formed a horrifying and astounding scene.

Cages of the Grand Dao, supreme gods, chaotic space… At this instant, the scenes he witnessed caused Chen Xi’s scalp to go numb while extreme rage arose from his soul that started to tremble violently.


However, in merely an instant, those scenes vanished, whereas Chen Xi felt an extremely terrifying might envelop him, causing him to feel great horror from inside out.

Even his Dao Heart almost collapsed at this instant!

Om! Om!

In his sea of consciousness, the River Diagram fragments shook violently while a strange energy that surged like an ocean stretched out. It completely dispersed the horror that Chen Xi suffered from, allowing Chen Xi to escape this calamity.

Huff~ Huff~

Chen Xi gasped for breath with a pale countenance, and his entire body was damp with cold sweat. He wasn’t terrified by the mysterious eye, and it was purely because the scenes he’d witnessed earlier were too shocking, causing his Dao Heart to be shaken and be on the verge of collapse.

His current cultivation of the Dao Heart had attained the Heart Infant Realm! This obviously showed exactly how shocking those scenes were.

What exactly was that? Why were so many terrifying existences that possessed monstrous auras and were suffused with divinity being confined there? Who’s the owner of that eye? After a short moment, Chen Xi’s heart finally calmed down.

The River Diagram fragments shook and revolved while the strange and obscure energy swept out. It once again dragged his heart and mind into a calm and indifferent state while filling him with the emotions of detest and rage.

Chen Xi was already accustomed to these feelings. It was like his soul had left his body, and he was a bystander that was observing his body that had been occupied by unfamiliar feelings.

It was so unfamiliar yet so calm.

This was a strange and indescribable state.


The unprecedented battles in the distance were growing in intensity.

Divine Artifacts fought for supremacy while Immortal Kings collided. Terrifying strands of energy spread out without end, and it actually forcefully destroyed the restrictions in an area of a few kilometers.

In other words, if one chose to ascend the altar at this moment, then one wouldn’t have to resist and deal with the pressure from the restrictions before easily leaping up a certain distance.

However, the precondition was avoiding being affected by this terrifying battle.

Up until this point in the battle, the situation was obviously advantageous to Shi Yu’s group because their paired up forces in each battle had already firmly suppressed Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao.

However, killing Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao wasn’t something that could be accomplished in a short period of time.

After all, those that were able to cultivate to the Immortal King Realm were practically eternal, and they were absolutely not so easily killed.

“The Overlord Sage Path Pagoda and the Boundless World Mirror… For the sake of this trip to the God Attainment Region, your Sovereign Sect really invested heavily and actually allowed you to bring along so many Divine Artifacts that’re inheritances in the sect. Once you die, I’ll take good care of them for you!” During the battle, Shi Yu grunted coldly as he gazed at Suiren Ting who was suppressed to the point of being unable to escape, and his proud and cold face was covered in a murderous expression while his attacks grew even swifter and fiercer.

Suiren Ting remained silent while divine radiance surged around his figure. He burned the energy of time to forcefully resist the joint forces of Shi Yu and Heaven Trampler, and even though his figure was in a sorry state, his expression was actually calm to the extreme.

“The God Beating Whip is a Divine Artifact that was renowned in the three dimensions during the primeval times. Unfortunately, it fell into your hands, and it only covered up its glory.”

At the other side, Xiangliu Li spoke slowly while she utilized the Nine Clarity Divinelight to suppress the God Beating Whip in Jiang Lingxiao’s possession, and Midnight Immortal King seized the opportunity to launch attacks instead.

“Hmph! We’ll see who’ll have the last laugh!” Jiang Lingxiao gritted her teeth while her gentle face was covered in a ruthless and angry expression.

Xiangliu Li was just about to say something upon hearing this, yet her brows suddenly raised as she sensed a terrifying energy exploding out from the limestone path beneath her.

The target wasn’t any one of them but Chen Xi!

At this instant, Shi Yu and Heaven Trampler noticed this as well. Below them on the limestone path, Yi Ranfeng and the others had actually suddenly arrived, and they didn’t hesitate at all to directly make a move against Chen Xi!

This scene occurred too quickly, and no one had expected that the Prehistoric Sects would actually act so ruthlessly and directly. They didn’t say a single word before launching an attack, and it caught Shi Yu and the others off guard.

“Dammit!” Dian Dian couldn’t be bothered to attack Jiang Lingxiao, and she suddenly turned around before blocking in front of Chen Xi.


Amidst explosive divine radiance and rumbling that sounded like a myriad of volcanoes erupting, Dian Dian embraced Chen Xi before both of them were blasted flying, and she coughed up blood without end while her pretty face instantly turned ghastly pale.

Obviously, this attack had heavily injured her!

“Miss Midnight!”


“You’re simply courting death!”

Shi Yu, Heaven Trampler, and Xiangliu Li were instantly furious when they saw this. They immediately couldn’t be bothered to continue fighting Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao, and they turned around to stand on guard before Chen Xi and Dian Dian so as to avoid their enemies seizing this opportunity to kill Chen Xi and Dian Dian.

Moreover, under this unexpected event, the battle that was on the verge of victory had been forcefully interrupted!

This caused the expressions of Shi Yu and the others to be extremely gloomy. Their gazes were like sharp blades as they glanced coldly at Yi Ranfeng, Sun Wuhen, Pang Du, and Dao Yao.

If it wasn’t for these fellows, how could the situation have unfolded to such a state?

Behind Shi Yu and the others, Chen Xi stared blankly at Dian Dian while he embraced her, and he was in slight disbelief. She…actually risked her life to save me?

When he realized this, Chen Xi’s heart shook abruptly while a strand of indescribable emotions surged out from within. He couldn’t help but embrace her tightly as if he was deeply afraid that she would vanish.

At this moment, Dian Dian’s pretty face was ghastly pale while her eyes were dim, and strands of golden blood were still flowing past her moist lips. She was heavily injured to the point she was actually unable to stand up, let alone struggle free from Chen Xi’s arms.

Thus, she stopped struggling and smiled to Chen Xi. “Fortunately, you weren’t injured, otherwise, if your Little Senior Sister found out, she’d definitely come take revenge from me.”

After she finished saying this, Dian Dian fell unconscious.

The attack from before was too sudden, whereas she’d utterly never given it any thought before leaping over to stand in front of Chen Xi. It was equivalent to taking the initiative to suffer an attack from the enemy. Thus, the severity of the injury she suffered was obvious.

If she wasn’t an Immortal King as well, this strike would have probably taken her life.

“You’re an Immortal King… Are you trying to kill yourself? What ability do I, Chen Xi, possess…?” Chen Xi stared blankly at Dian Dian who lay in his embrace and muttered without end.

The relationship between him and Dian Dian couldn’t be considered to be deep, yet the more it was like this, the more shocked and touched he was when he saw Dian Dian risk her life without any hesitation to save him.

This had exceeded his expectations and even caused him to find it difficult to believe. At the instant he saw Dian Dian lose consciousness in his embrace, he finally dared to confirm that all of this was real!

For a time, all the feelings in Chen Xi’s heart were replaced with rage!

Even though being touched was good, he didn’t want to experience this a second time!

This could only even more clearly prove his lack of ability and powerlessness!

Chen Xi didn’t like this sort of feeling. He would rather give up his life to save another than allow a friend or loved one of his to risk their lives to save him!

“Give her to me,” said Xiangliu Li. As an Immortal King, she was naturally clearly aware of the severity of Dian Dian’s injuries. If she wasn’t given help in time, it would probably leave injuries that were impossible to heal.

She raised her hand and embraced Dian Dian before feeding Dian Dian some divine pills, and then she placed Dian Dian into one of the treasures she carried.

During this entire process, Chen Xi didn’t stop Xiangliu Li, and he just watched silently. Moreover, his expression became completely indifferent when Dian Dian’s figure vanished before his eyes.

When he raised his head once more, he noticed that Yi Ranfeng, Dao Yao, and Pang Du had actually converged with Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao.

“Fellow Daoist Yi, what’s going on?” Only Sun Wuhen’s expression was slightly gloomy as he stood all alone in the distance, and he was slightly dazed by the scene before him.

Yi Ranfeng’s attack against Chen Xi had exceeded his expectations, and the scene of Yi Ranfeng leading the other two Immortal Kings over to join Suiren Ting’s group exceeded his expectations even more.

But no matter what, he’d roughly perceived that Yi Ranfeng and the others had obviously colluded with the Sovereign Sect a long time ago!

This caused his expressions to become even more unsightly. He felt like he’d been deceived, and he felt extremely furious.

It wasn’t just Sun Wuhen, Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, and Heaven Trampler had similarly never expected that such a change in the situation would occur, and for a time, their expressions were extremely gloomy.

Presently, Midnight Immortal King was heavily injured and unconscious, and she wasn’t able to participate in the battle any longer.

On the hand, after Yi Ranfeng, Dao Yao, and Pang Du converged with them, the Sovereign Sect’s group had grown to a total of five members, and it was already severely threatening to Shi Yu and the others.

“Old monkey, have you still not realized? Those fellows you associated with had colluded with the Sovereign Sect since the beginning.” Heaven Trampler laughed coldly as he spoke. “But you don’t have to feel angry. It’s already not bad that they didn’t trick and kill you.”

Sun Wuhen’s expression became even more unsightly when he heard this, and he stared fixedly at Yi Ranfeng as he gritted his teeth and said, “Qiong Yaozi and Lu Xiaohan that died in the 1st Restriction of the Gods…were they killed because of the three of you?”

“They’re already dead, so why pursue the matter?” Yi Ranfeng spoke with an expressionless face.

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