Chapter 1350 – Whip Of Heavenly Tribulation

God Attainment Altar.

When they were another 27km away from the top of the altar, Shi Yu and the others suddenly stopped moving. They looked towards the distance in unison because Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao were standing side by side there, and the two of them were looking over here.

In an instant, their gazes collided in midair, and it caused a terrifying and pressuring force to disturb the calm in the surroundings as it enveloped this area.

This limestone path that led to the altar was extremely broad and ascended step by step, and their groups were 3km away from each other. If this was the outside world, then this little bit of distance was nothing to Immortal Kings that had grasped the Laws of Space.

But on the God Attainment Altar, this short distance was like a natural chasm. The reason was that the God Attainment Altar was enveloped by restrictions that were filled with divinity.

The pressure from these restrictions caused Immortal Kings to be unable to fly or teleport, and this obviously showed how terrifying it was. So even though they were in confrontation while standing 3km away from each other, both groups didn’t take the initiative to attack.

In other words, once they entered into battle, they wouldn’t just have to fight each other, they would even have to resist the energy of the restrictions that filled the surroundings. Such circumstances would greatly restrain their combat strengths.

At this moment, Chen Xi had stopped as well.

His gaze didn’t move towards Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao, and it looked even further into the distance instead. It passed through the peak of the altar and stared towards the space above the chaotic sky.

An aura that caused him to feel extreme rage and detest was hidden there, and it caused him to be on the verge of being unable to restrain the vicious feelings in his heart. However, it just so happened that his eyes were icy cold and indifferent.

The reason was that even though those feelings of rage, detest, and ruthlessness filled Chen Xi’s entire body, it didn’t belong to him and had come from the River Diagram fragments instead!

Amidst the confrontational atmosphere, Shi Yu, Dian Dian, Xiangliu Li, and Heaven Trampler moved forward to protect Chen Xi behind them, and then they stood in confrontation with Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao from afar.

All of their expressions were indifferent and calm.

However, the terrifying vital energy that belonged to Immortal Kings was being circulated to the limit within all their bodies, and they emanated various divine auras that illuminated the surroundings!

At that time, a myriad of rifts appeared in space while all sorts of terrifying scenes appeared. Space fluctuated while time was thrown into chaos, and the sounds of ghosts wailing, thunderclaps, and the Grand Dao rumbling resounded. It was an extremely shocking scene.

Moreover, this was still under the situation that they were being suppressed by the restrictions in the surroundings, and it greatly suppressed their might. If it was in the outside world, then merely the divine might emanated from this terrifying confrontation was capable of destroying the surroundings.

This was the might of Immortal Kings. It was supreme and boundless. They stood at the peak of the three dimensions like overlords that controlled the world, and the slightest circulation of their vital energy caused the wails of doom to resound while the Grand Dao collapsed!

“I never expected that all of you would actually be able to come all the way here. All of you can be considered to be not bad.” Suddenly, Suiren Ting spoke. His crimson hair fluttered with divine flames enveloped his body, and his peerlessly handsome face was covered in a murderous and ghastly expression that was extremely oppressive.

As he spoke, a black jade pagoda silently floated up into appearance on his left palm while his right hand held a bronze ancient mirror instead. The mirror was around the size of his palm, and it emanated a horrifying glow.

The Overlord Sage Path Pagoda!

The Boundless World Mirror!

Two heaven shaking Divine Artifacts from the Sovereign Sect!

At the same time, Jiang Lingxiao that stood by his side combed the hair by the side of her ear before smiling lightly. A dark yellow whip coiled around her fair and slender fingers, and it was over a meter long and densely covered with countless mysterious and profound symbols.

As soon as it appeared in midair, it was suffused with a terrifying aura of judgment, murder, and mercilessness. It seemed like the energy of the Heavenly Tribulation was grasped in her hand, causing the souls of others to tremble as if they’d been reduced to prisoners that were about to suffer punishment.

The Whip of Heavenly Tribulation!

This whip was also called the God Beating Whip! It was capable of utilizing the energy of the Heavenly Tribulation, and it was a renowned Divine Artifact of the Sovereign Sect that had been passed down since the primeval times.

“I never expected that both of you would actually still have the balls to wait here for us.” Shi Yu laughed coldly while the space within his brows was filled with a cold and proud expression.

He’d really never expected that Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao would actually have the courage to wait here under such circumstances. Moreover, Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao seemed as if they wanted to determine a victor between their two groups in this battle.

After all, there were four Immortal Kings in Shi Yu’s group!

No matter if it was Shi Yu himself or Xiangliu Li, both of them were confident on fighting Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao evenly by themselves in a one on one battle. If Midnight Immortal King and Heaven Trampler were added, then so long as this battle began, they were absolutely confident in being able to defeat Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao.

So when they saw Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao actually didn’t make the best use of their time to ascend to the peak of the altar and were instead waiting here with the desire to carry out a final showdown with them, Shi Yu and the others felt that Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao were obviously unable to maintain their calm.

As he spoke, Shi Yu had withdrawn the God Mystery Sword and Five Color Rock, Xiangliu Li had withdrawn the Nine Clarity Jade Crown, Dian Dian had withdrawn the Emperor Divine Battle Axe, and Heaven Trampler had withdrawn the dark and enormous axe.

In an instant, various treasures emanated dazzling divine radiance and terrifying auras, and it was a rather magnificent and gorgeous scene.

“Sometimes, unexpected events are equivalent to death. Just like this moment.” Suiren Ting spoke indifferently while the flames around him glowed brilliantly and surged into the sky. He seemed like a god of fire, and as his eyes blinked, his gaze locked onto Shi Yu and the others like fiery red lightning before he shouted in a deep voice. “Cut the crap. Do you dare come over to fight me?”

“Do you dare come over to fight me!”

“Come over to fight me!”

“Fight me!”

Echoes surged through the surroundings.

“Hahaha! Why not?” Shi Yu howled. His voice shook the sky, and he resisted the pressure from the restrictions as he walked forward with large strides.


The God Mystery Sword tore through the sky as he pointed it at Suiren Ting from afar, and then an extremely terrifying strand of sword qi erupted from it. The sword qi actually forcefully tore open the layer upon layer of restrictions as it slashed down towards Suiren Ting.

The battle instantly erupted!


A grand howl resounded as Suiren Ting shattered the space in the surroundings with the Overlord Sage Path Pagoda in hand.

He himself surged with monstrous flames that dispersed the restrictions in the surroundings. When looked at from afar, the pagoda emanated jet black light while he himself emanated terrifying flames, and it was like the scene of an eternal furnace of chaos emanating its vital essence.


The sword qi and flaming pagoda collided, causing Immortal King Laws to rumble and burn, and the heavens and the earth quaked.

Fortunately, the God Attainment Altar stood here for eternity because if it was any other place, then it would have shattered into nothingness long ago.

“Hmph!” Shi Yu’s tall figure strode forward like the arrival of a king, and he continued to approach Suiren Ting.

In his hand, the God Mystery Sword tore through the sky and emanated a myriad of strands of sword qi. Every single strand of sword qi was like a strand of flowing light that carried the dazzling divine radiance of an Immortal King.

When looked at from afar, his entire body seemed to be covered in a myriad of strands of dazzling strands of sword qi. The sword qi blazed brilliantly, they were like a group of comets that were moving upwards within the universe, and they were extremely resplendent and blinding!

The others could clearly notice the restrictions that suffused the God Attainment Altar were being broken apart by these attacks that carried peerlessly shocking impetuses.

“Shi Yu, as the number one Dao Protecting Disciple of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, is this all you’ve got? If it’s like that, then today will be your funeral!” Suiren Ting roared loudly while his crimson hair fluttered, and the aura in his entire body raged violently as he emanated boundless divine radiance of calamity.

It faintly seemed as if numerous terrifying and ancient statues were appearing by his side. All of them were dignified and indifferent, and they possessed monstrous auras. They were like a group of gods that were guarding him and suppressing everything in the world.


Suiren Ting held the Overlord Sage Path Pagoda as he formed a supreme divine seal. The seal crushed down, causing the heavens and the earth to collapse while a torrent of calamity surged down, and it seemed like the river in the nine heavens was pouring down.

In an instant, both of them were locked in battle. The sound of their collision shook the nine heavens, and it caused terrifying natural phenomenon to appear.

The restrictions in their surroundings were destroyed and shattered into pieces while countless spatial rifts had split open, causing time and space to fall into chaos as lightning raged in the surroundings. It seemed like the end of the world had arrived.

The gods roared furiously, devils and demons howled in sorrow, blood rained down while divine radiance filled the sky… All of this wasn’t real, and it was the terrifying phenomena revealed by the collision of these two Immortal Kings. The terrifying scenes of the battle between supreme experts in the primeval times had reappeared.


At practically the exact same moment, Heaven Trampler waved the dark and enormous axe while he moved according to footwork related to the Big Dipper. He flashed through space while the enormous axe seemed like a moving divine mountain, and it left behind a myriad of afterimages in space as he joined the battle and fought Suiren Ting with Shi Yu.

“Miss Xiangliu, let’s play as well?” On the other side, Jiang Lingxiao shook the God Beating Whip, and it crackled through space like a descending Heavenly Tribulation as it struck down at Xiangliu Li.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

As soon as the God Beating Whip was utilized, it was like the heavens and the earth were being judged. It revealed the terrifying might of causing the gods and devils to wail and stars to fall as it smashed down with unimaginable divine might.

“Just what I wanted!” Xiangliu Li shook the Nine Clarity Jade Crown, causing Nine Clarity Divinelight to spray through the heavens and the earth like divine rays that shot into the sky, and the divine light that soared up and filled the sky transformed into numerous ancient and obscure phenomena that shot down towards Jiang Lingxiao.

“Count me in.” Midnight Immortal King utilized the Emperor Divine Battle Axe to create a myriad of violet crescent images that carried dazzling sharp glows as they crushed down like the violet qi that came from the east.


The battle erupted completely. Shi Yu and Heaven Trampler were working together to go against Suiren Ting while Xiangliu Li and Midnight Immortal King were fighting for supremacy with Jiang Lingxiao.

At that instant, divine might rumbled while the glow of treasures dazzled the eyes.

Resplendent light illuminated the entire world to a gorgeous state. The entire heavens and the earth were blurry and enveloped in the terrifying fluctuations of battle while peerless killing intent seemed to be on the verge of crushing the world into pieces!

This sort of terrifying battle was beyond imagination. If it occurred in the outside world, then it would probably cause boundless calamities and cause the entire three dimensions to be shaken.

Fortunately, this was the God Attainment Altar that was suffused with restrictions, and these restrictions dealt with most of the aftershock from the battles, allowing the God Attainment Altar to avoid being destroyed.

Chen Xi stood on the limestone path yet was actually not affected by the battle. On one hand, it was because Dian Dian kept an eye on him during the battle and helped him deal with life threatening dangers.

On the other hand, it was because his entire body was suffused with the obscure aura of the River Diagram fragments. It didn’t just resist and deal with the pressure from the restrictions, it even caused the aftershock of the battle to be unable to touch him.

No one noticed that Chen Xi wasn’t moved at all by this world shocking battle between Immortal Kings, and his handsome face was covered in a calm and indifferent expression.

Besides that, his gaze didn’t even pay attention to the battle, and it had always been looking towards the distant peak of the altar.

However, because the battle was too terrifying, and blazing divine radiance covered the heavens and the earth. It obstructed Chen Xi’s field of vision, causing him to be unable to observe the scene at the peak of the altar.

However, along with a wave of rumbling from the River Diagram fragments, a vertical eye silently split open in the space between Chen Xi’s brows, and it was deep, icy cold, and indifferent.

At this instant, his field of vision cleared up once more.

It was even to the extent that when the vertical eye between Chen Xi’s brows swept towards the chaotic sky, an eye practically instantly and silently appeared and looked at Chen Xi from afar.

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