Chapter 135 – Red Clouds With A Bloody Glow

Chapter 135 – Red Clouds With A Bloody Glow

Deep in the forest, above an ancient tree that required over ten people to encircle, Chen Xi concealed himself within the dense branches. Meanwhile, his Divine Perception, that was comparable to the Golden Core Realm, surged out to enveloped an area of 50 km.

In next to no time, he’d found his target.

A young man in blood red clothes, with braided hair and an evil appearance, had his hands behind his back as he flashed swiftly towards Chen Xi. Every step the young man took was 300 meters in distance, and his speed was peerless, like he was moving with lightning speed.

Comet Gorge’s Luo Xiu?

In an instant, all the information related to this person appeared within Chen Xi’s mind. Comet Gorge’s most outstanding genius figure. Age 19, 9th level of the Violet Palace Realm, Dao Insight Stage. Weapon — top-grade yellow-rank Blood Crescent Axe. Ruthless and vicious character, quick and fierce battle style…

So it’s this person. We’re neither friends nor enemies, why would he chase closely and not let up?

Chen Xi frowned without end. Since he’d defeated the Xie Clan’s Young Master, Xie Zhan, he’d moved stealthily within the forest all the way, yet he kept having the feeling in his heart that there was someone following him. At this moment, when his Divine Perception swept out and saw Comet Gorge’s Luo Xiu, he instantly understood in his heart that he’d been targeted. But he still couldn’t wrap his head around why exactly this person would chase him closely and not let up.

Luo Xiu seemed to have noticed something as he suddenly raised his head, a dim and piercingly cold sheen suffused his pair of strange dim blue colored pupils, and he seemed to have noticed Chen Xi who was concealed on the large tree that was over 5 km away with a single glance.

This person’s gaze is so strange!

Chen Xi’s heart went cold as he leaped off the tree before once again rapidly flashing into the depths of the forest. It wasn’t that he was afraid, but he truly didn’t have the mind to pay attention to Luo Xiu who was behind him before finding Chen Hao.

After 10 minutes, when Chen Xi was just intending to flash past an empty space in the forest, he suddenly noticed that two group of cultivators that were quite distinct from each other were in confrontation in the empty space.

On one side was 13 young men and women who wore neat silver colored clothes, and on the sleeves of every one of them was the symbol of a dark green flying sword embroidered there. Shockingly, they were the disciples of one of the six great clans, the Cang Clan.

On the other side was instead only five people. Although they wore different clothes, there was an elegant ‘Du’ embroidered on their sleeves, and they were naturally members of the Du Clan.

At this moment, the 13 Cang Clan disciples had surrounded the five Du Clan members at the center, and all of them had drawn their Magic Treasures while revealing ruthless expressions. They had the appearance as if they would attack brutally in the event of any disagreement.

Chen Xi’s sudden entrance caused both groups of people to be shocked, then their gazes swiftly shot over, and when they saw his appearance, the expressions of both sides were completely different.

Those disciples of the Du Clan obviously had a rather deep impression of Chen Xi who was on friendly terms with their Eldest Young Miss, Du Qingxi, and they immediately heaved a sigh of relief; whereas those Cang Clan disciples instead revealed fierce gazes yet were doubtful and indeterminate.

Chen Xi’s gaze swept pass both sides, yet he noticed that amongst those five Du Clan disciples, the fluctuation of their auras was extremely chaotic, and their countenance was pale. Obviously, they’d suffered injuries that weren’t minor, and both groups ought to have already fought earlier.

Chen Xi was extremely calm towards this situation. During the Hidden Dragon Rankings, although one could gather friends and companions to battle with them, one couldn’t avoid from encountering the disciples from the various great powers, and when both sides battled, no one was able to say anything about it.

Chen Xi didn’t have the intention to stop and help, and he raised his leg to continue moving forward. He was on friendly terms with Du Qingxi, yet it wasn’t necessary for him to help every single clansman of the Du Clan. Not to mention even if they weren’t able to be a match for the Cang Clan disciples, they just had to crush their jade talismans and leave. There was utterly no danger to their lives.

Besides that, even if he helped them through their current difficulties, then what about the next? Would they be able to charge into the second layer of the pagoda? Would they be able to charge into the third layer? When one’s strength was insufficient, knowing when to retreat was the wisest choice.

When they saw Chen Xi like this, the eyes of the five Du Clan disciples obviously revealed disappointment, whereas those Cang Clan disciples instead became secretly delighted.

Right when Chen Xi had just flashed over 30 meters away, a voice sounded out from behind him. “Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, there’s a mass of Su Clan cultivators gathered 50 kms away. You have to watch out.”

Chen Xi’s figure stopped when he heard this, and when he turned around to glance over, he noticed that the person who reminded him was precisely the injured young man with a pale countenance amongst the five Du Clan disciples.

Chen Xi was able to discern the sincerity in these words, he went silent for a short while before turning around and walking over, and he said, “What’s your name? How were you injured?”

When one shows kindness to me, I’ll return it tenfold!

If no one warned Chen Xi, then he wouldn’t hesitate to leave in the slightest, and even if Du Qingxi asked him about it in the future, he wouldn’t feel the slightest mental pressure. But now that the Du Clan disciple had warned him in good faith and had undoubtedly told him of an extremely useful piece of information. If he still walked off like that, then it would be hardly justifiable no matter what.

The Du Clan disciples were stunned when they saw Chen Xi return, then their faces revealed a wisp of joy, and the young man with a pale countenance took a deep breath as he forcefully restrained the excitement in his heart and said, “I’m Du Yu, and the injuries on me were from the Su Clan disciples.”

Chen Xi was stunned, then he glanced questioningly at the 13 Cang Clan members.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, you probably still don’t know. The Su Clan and Cang Clan have joined forces to not only target you, but to also target the Duanmu Clan, Song Clan, and my Du Clan.”

“Not only that, the Starnet Palace and Myriadcloud Institution have joined forces with the Su Clan as well. They have joined forces, and as long as they see the disciples of our three clans, they will spare none of us. They’re indeed detestable.” Seeing that Chen Xi seemed to have the intention to interfere, those Du Clan disciples all spoke out as they struck the iron while it was hot. Who was Chen Xi? A formidable figure that had killed six Golden Hall Realm cultivators and a Golden Core Realm cultivator. If they were able to obtain his assistance, then this predicament would collapse by itself!

Could it be that the matter of me killing Chai Letian and Yu Haobai has been found out by the Starnet Palace and Myriadcloud Institution respectively? But what about the Cang Clan? Right! Cang Bin had died under Du Qingxi sword at the territory of the Roc King… If it’s really like this, then the situation of me and Chen Hao has become even more grim… Innumerable thoughts flashed by in Chen Xi’s heart in an instant, and his expression became icy cold. He raised his head to look at those Cang Clan disciples and said abruptly, “If there were more of you this time, all of you probably wouldn’t let me leave so easily, right?”

“How did you…” One of the Cang Clan young men casually replied, he hadn’t finished speaking when he realized his error, and his expression instantly became unsightly.

“It’s really like this.” Chen Xi nodded.

“Chen Xi, what do you want?” Those Cang Clan disciples cried out. They were completely unafraid when dealing with five Du Clan members, yet when there was an extra Chen Xi, it was different. How could they possibly have not heard of Chen Xi’s current reputation?

The greater the reputation, the more fearsome one seemed to be.

The principle behind the so-called sayings of ‘renown reputation based on strength, and possessing sufficient strength to awe a group of warlords’ was exactly like this.

Eight flying swords that tore through the sky in reply towards the Cang Clan disciples, and the sharp cold light that contained fierce Sword Insight mixed within covered the heavens and the earth as it shot out.

The battle didn’t have much suspense. With Chen Xi’s current strength, and under the cooperation of the five Du Clan disciples, dealing with these Cang Clan disciples was obviously an extremely easy thing.

The cultivations of these Cang Clan disciples were all at the Violet Palace Realm, moreover, some of them even possessed cultivations that were higher than Chen Xi, but their cultivations in the Martial Dao were instead completely inferior to Chen Xi. Coupled with the terrifying strength of Chen Xi’s soul, controlling eight top-grade yellow-rank Netherezim Flying Swords simply doubled his might, and he easily made a clean sweep of everything with great might.

Because of this, it wasn’t even a short 1/8 of an hour before the 13 top disciples of the Cang Clan were forced to crush their jade talismans and they left the pagoda with hatred in their hearts.


Chen Xi put away his flying swords, and he felt slightly regretful in his heart. For the sake of swiftly ending the battle, he’d only seized the command tokens of these Cang Clan disciples, and he didn’t get a single storage Magic Treasure in their possession. How could he not feel regret?

The five members of the Du Clan breathed heavily as they squatted at the side, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi carried dense admiration. Even if they knew that Chen Xi was extremely ferocious since long ago, when they saw how Chen Xi easily slaughtered all the Cang Clan disciples at this moment, they were still shocked to the point they were speechless for a long time.

“Thank you, Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, for your assistance this time, all of us are deeply grateful.” Du Yu was the first to stand up and speak respectfully, and the others stood up to bow and thank Chen Xi as well.

“It’s nothing. All of you should quickly gather with the others. It’s probably extremely difficult for all of you to enter the second layer of the pagoda with your strengths.” Chen Xi spoke bluntly. When he fought together with these five people earlier, he’d noticed the true strength of these five people since long ago, and truthfully speaking, it was really extremely terrible, to the point he couldn’t bear to look at it.

Moreover, Chen Xi also noticed that those Cang Clan disciples that had crushed their jade talismans to leave were like this as well. Their live combat experience was abundant, yet it lacked the aura of resolute slaughter that one must experience the baptism of bloodshed and the flames of battle to condense.

They were like flowers in a greenhouse. No matter how beautiful they bloomed, their vitality was unable to compare with the wild flowers that had experienced the baptism of wind, frost, snow, and rain.

Of course, Chen Xi didn’t look down upon everyone within the pagoda because of this. After all, the cultivation of these 10,000 plus people represented the highest standard in the younger generation of the southern territory’s cultivation world, and there was surely no lack of extremely formidable figures amongst them.

Du Yu’s group of five were stunned when they heard Chen Xi, and their expressions changed indeterminately. But, they couldn’t refute it before Chen Xi, and their expressions were extremely embarrassed.

“All of you take care, I’m leaving first.” Chen Xi sensed that the Comet Gorge’s Luo Xiu had chased up and was a few tens of kilometers away.

This fellow is really like a ghost that’s unwilling to leave!

Chen Xi cursed in his heart, then raised his legs intending to leave, yet a ghastly and sharp laughter sounded out from the dense forest behind him. “Chen Xi, I’ll kill all of these people that you just saved if you flee again!”

Chen Xi quickly turned around, and his expression was icy cold to the extreme. This fellow actually dares threaten me, he truly deserves death!

Comet Gorge’s Luo Xiu!

The expression of Du Yu’s group of five abruptly turned to shock when they heard this voice. How could they not guess who had come from this gloomy and unique voice?

“All of you leave first. You’re unable to help me and will instead become a burden to me.” Chen Xi instructed.

The expressions of Du Yu’s group instantly became unsightly, and a few of them were just about to speak, yet they saw a young man with braided hair who wore a blood red hanfu swiftly arrive.

“Chen Xi is right. All of you are purely courting death by being here!” Wearing a blood red hanfu caused Luo Xiu to look like a bloody fiendgod, and coupled with his sharp and gloomy voice, it caused others to involuntarily arouse feelings of terror in their hearts.

The expressions of Du Yu’s group of five flushed red from anger, yet they didn’t dare continue persisting in the end, and they turned around and left hastily.

“Your speed it truly swift. If it wasn’t for me threatening you with the lives of these fellows, I’m afraid you would never meet me, right?” Luo Xiu laughed unhurriedly, his dim blue colored pupils stared at Chen Xi like a venomous snake that was staring at its prey, and he seemed extremely devilish.

“You infuriated me.” Chen Xi spoke with an expressionless face. As he spoke, the eight Netherezim Flying Swords instantly floated around him with flashing cold lights and roiling Sword Insight.

“Don’t be so anxious to attack. Could it be that you don’t want to know the purpose of my arrival?” Luo Xiu spoke unhurriedly.

“Killing you is the thing I want to do the most now.” Chen Xi raised his hand and pointed out, and the eight Netherezim Flying Swords buzzed before striking towards Luo Xiu like bolts of lightning.

“Alright! Since it’s like this, then I’ll defeat you first.” Luo Xiu’s dim blue eyes narrowed as the bloody glow on his body shot into the sky and transformed into roiling red clouds that covered an area of 30 meters, and dense blood instantly suffused the surroundings and assailed Chen Xi’s nostrils. The surrounding large ancient trees, vines, shrubs, wild grass… So long as they were tainted by the bloody glow, they instantly transformed into green smoke. They were corroded to the point they vanished, and it was extremely shocking.

Hiss~ Hiss~

The instant Chen Xi’s eight Netherezim Flying Swords touched the red clouds with a bloody glow, it was as if they’d sunken into a ball of cotton, causing the force on the body of the swords to be resisted and transformed into nothingness, and the surface of the swords were even corroded by the ferocious bloody glow to the point they emitted resounding hissing sounds.

Chen Xi hurriedly withdrew his flying swords, and he couldn’t help but be shocked when he saw the surface of the swords had become greatly dimmer. What cultivation technique is this? What an overbearing corrosive energy!

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