Chapter 1349 – Dao Fruit’s Spirit

How terrifying was the energy of the restrictions that suffused the God Attainment Altar?

Chen Xi was unable to sense it. At this moment, his mind was occupied by a strand of feelings that were unfamiliar to him, and his calm and handsome face revealed an expression of rage and detest.

As he approached step by step towards the peak of the God Attainment Altar, these feelings grew stronger and stronger, and it was on the verge of drowning his mind.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t afraid of these sort of feelings, nor did he resist it at all. It was just as he’d sensed earlier, these unfamiliar feelings came from the River Diagram fragments, and it was a part of him.

He was able to sense the surprised and puzzled gazes Shi Yu and the others shot at him, yet he didn’t know how to explain it, so he chose to maintain silence.

It was even to the extent that he was able to sense that he was gradually losing control over his body, yet he didn’t know how to resist it and thus chose to resign himself to it.

Chen Xi walked forward step by step amidst this strange state.

Comparatively speaking, he was even more puzzled, bewildered, and surprised than Shi Yu and the others. But because he was clearly aware that all of this was caused by the River Diagram fragments, he seemed to be extremely calm instead.

Yi Ranfeng’s surprise drew the attention of Sun Wuhen and the others. In the next moment, all of them noticed as well that Shi Yu and the others were catching up to them under Chen Xi’s lead. Moreover, Shi Yu and the others’ speed forward was more than an entire two times swifter than their current speed!

Thus, Sun Wuhen and the others were surprised and puzzled, and they felt an indescribable feeling of urgency.

On the God Attainment Altar, the difference of a single step might cause one to miss the chance to obtain the method to become a god. Now, when they saw that Shi Yu and the others were about to surpass them, how could they not become anxious?

“Move! Quickly!”

“Make the best use of our time!”

“Dammit! Why is this happening?”

The expressions of Yi Ranfeng and the others turned gloomy, and they went silent while their brows knit together silently before they placed all their attention onto the God Attainment Path beneath their feet.

However, they felt helpless and even hateful because no matter how hard they tried, they were unable to turn the situation around. Shi Yu and the others were catching up to them step by step, and then Shi Yu and the others surpassed them step by step while gradually pulling apart the distance between heir groups…

“Should we attack?” When they saw the figures of Shi Yu and the others were moving further off into the distance, one of them felt disgruntled and sent a murderous voice transmission to the others.

He had an emaciated face, eye sockets that sunk into his skull, a bald head, and a broad mouth. His name was Pang Du, and he was the Master of one of the Prehistoric Sects, the True Court Sect.

“They’re the disciples of Nuwa’s Dao Palace. We may not succeed even if the four of us join forces against them.” Sun Wuhen frowned, and he refused.

“That may not necessarily be the case. This is the God Attainment Altar that’s filled with restrictions that contain divinity. Even if we can’t defeat them, it’ll be sufficient to slow them down, so they can’t obtain the method to become gods!” A middle aged man in beast skin clothes with angular muscles, a mighty figure, and bronze skin spoke fiercely. He was called Dao Yao, and he was the Master of one of the Prehistoric Sects, the Bloodcloud Sect.

Sun Wuhen’s brows knit together even more tightly when he heard Pang Du and Dao Yao both speak with the intention of obstruction Shi Yu’s group, and he shot his gaze towards Yi Ranfeng that had remained silent since the beginning.

In their group of four, Yi Ranfeng had always held the position of leader, so now it came down to whether Yi Ranfeng agreed or not.

“Don’t forget that the Sovereign Sect’s Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao are up ahead. They’ll definitely not watch idly as Shi Yu and the others step foot onto the peak of the altar before them.” Yi Ranfeng was silent for a short moment before he spoke slowly.

“So in this way, a conflict might erupt between them?” Sun Wuhen’s brows raised. “That’s a good opportunity. If they enter into combat with each other, then we’ll just happen to be able to reap the rewards. Perhaps we’ll even be able to arrive at the peak of the altar before them.”

Yi Ranfeng glanced at Sun Wuhen with praise. “I think so too.”

Pang Du and Dao Yao instantly kept silent when they heard Yi Ranfeng clarify his opinion.

The top of the God Attainment Altar could be seen from afar. It was an ancient flat platform covered within the chaotic mist, and it was indistinctly visible, mysterious, and alluring.

A wisp of burning anticipation arose in Suiren Ting’s eyes when he saw this.

Only 9km left!

Once I arrive at the top of the altar, I’ll be able to search for the method to become a god!

Up until this point, Suiren Ting had endured a great deal of pressure. Even if his cultivation was extraordinary, it was still rather strenuous for him to face the terrifying pressure from the restrictions.

Especially as he ascended higher up, the pressure from the restrictions grew stronger, and it caused him to not dare slack off. His body was tense at all times while he resisted the shapeless pressure.

“Junior Sister Jiang, exactly which part of the peak of the altar stores the method to become a god?” Suddenly, Suiren Ting asked via voice transmission.

“According to the Sect Master, the peak of the altar is enormous, and it’s enveloped by the chaotic mist. There are Dao Fruit’s Spirits on it. If we’re able to obtain it, then the God Tablet will descend, and it wouldn’t be long before we’re listed as gods.” Jiang Lingxiao smiled and spoke casually.

Dao Fruit’s Spirit!

A wisp of bright light flashed past Suiren Ting’s eyes when he heard these words. He was naturally clearly aware that this was a type of divine treasure that was born within the mysterious God Domain that resided outside the three dimensions. It was like a foundation building pill, but the Dao Fruit’s Spirit built the foundation of a god!

On the other hand, the God Tablet represented one’s status as having attained the Dao and become a god. According to legend, every single god possessed his own Godhood, and that was the God Tablet. If one was unable to obtain the God Tablet, then even if one obtained the Dao Fruit’s Spirit, one was bound to be an artificial god and be unable to break free from the restrains of the three dimensions to exist eternally.

“Dao Fruit’s Spirit, God Tablet… This time, they’ll definitely be mine!” Suiren Ting’s eyes burned with anticipation while he muttered in his heart.

“Eh! This doesn’t look good. Shi Yu and the others are actually on the verge of catching up!” Right at this moment, Jiang Lingxiao’s voice sounded out by Suiren Ting’s ears, causing his heart to shake before he swiftly turned around and looked over. Sure enough, he saw that a group of people were walking over step by step a few km away. Surprisingly, it was Shi Yu and the others.

Especially shocking to Suiren Ting was that Shi Yu’s group speed forward was actually slightly swifter than him and Jiang Lingxiao!

“These bastards actually didn’t die in the God Attainment Palace…” Suiren Ting’s brows knit together while he revealed an icy cold expression. He was slightly puzzled because he’d clearly set up numerous obstructions and utilized sacrificial blood to completely activate the might of the 36 Restrictions of the Gods within the God Attainment Palace. Logically speaking, even if a true god entered into the palace, the god would probably be heavily injured and on the verge of death.

Yet now, Shi Yu and the others were actually still alive. Moreover, they’d even arrived at the God Attainment Altar so swiftly!

All of this had exceeded the expectations of Suiren Ting, and it caused his expression to instantly turn gloomy.

“If they continue according to their current speed, then they’ll be able to surpass us before we arrive at the peak of the altar.” Jiang Lingxiao’s pretty and gently face carried a wisp of a heavy expression. “The most troublesome thing is that if they catch up to us and then attack us, we’ll be in a slightly bad situation.”

She wasn’t wrong. No matter if it was Shi Yu or Xiangliu Li, both of them were existences on the same level as Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao. However, Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li had the assistance of Midnight Immortal King and Heaven Trampler, so two pairs of fists were unable to go against four. Once a battle broke out between their groups, they would absolutely be in a bad situation.

Especially because Jiang Lingxiao was clearly aware that Chen Xi possessed the Dao Calamity Sword, and it was the weakness of the Sovereign Sect’s energy of calamity. When all of this was included, it instantly caused them to be in an extremely difficult situation.

“Hmph! They really are hard to kill like cockroaches.” Suiren Ting grunted coldly, yet there wasn’t a sign of worry between his brows. “Junior Sister Jiang, there’s no need to worry. For the sake of our trip to the God Attainment Region this time, the Sect Master made plans for us for a very long time, so how could it be undone by Shi Yu’s group?”

“Then… The Dao Calamity Sword is included within the Sect Master’s plans as well?” Jiang Lingxiao was slightly stunned as she looked at Suiren Ting. She suddenly noticed that this senior brother of hers had always been hiding a great deal of things. For example, the technique to set up the Nine Heaven Calamity Dao Annihilation Divine Formation, the Boundless World Mirror, the technique to utilize sacrificial blood and Divine Artifacts to activate the might of the restrictions within the God Attainment Palace… She was completely unaware of all of this!

“Of course.” Suiren Ting smiled proudly. “It’s said that if it’s in terms of the ability to deduce the secrets of the heavens, then Oracle Mountain is the best amongst the three supreme sects. However, in my opinion, since the Oracle Mountain’s Ancestor, Fuxi, left, only our Sovereign Sect is worthy of this title!”

When he spoke up to here, his gaze inadvertently swept over and noticed Jiang Lingxiao seemed to be slightly displeased, and he instantly came to an understanding and consoled. “Junior Sister, don’t take it to heart. You’re aware as well that all if this was arranged by the Sect Master, so I couldn’t reveal it.”

Jiang Lingxiao shrugged. “I understand, Senior Brother doesn’t have to console me. I just want to know what technique Senior Brother possesses to deal with the Dao Calamity Sword.”

A wisp of a secretive smile appeared on the corners of Suiren Ting’s mouth. “Junior Sister Jiang, do you remember how the Chaotic Divine Lotus perished during the primeval times?”

Jiang Lingxiao seemed to have thought of something, and she swiftly raised her head to look at the chaotic sky before she said with shock, “Senior Brother, you’re saying…”

Suiren Ting nodded with a smile, and then his expression became icy cold once more as he said in a ghastly tone, “All the energy of calamity and heavenly tribulation in the three dimensions can be utilized by my Sovereign Sect. Last time, the Chaotic Divine Lotus perished like that; and this time, Shi Yu and the others will definitely perish here as well!”

He paused for a moment and said slowly, “At that time, we won’t just be able to become gods, we’ll even be able to bring the Dao Calamity Sword back to the sect, and it can be considered as killing two birds with one stone.”

“No wonder. So the Sect Master even gave that thing to you…”Jiang Lingxiao had a slightly complicated feeling in her heart. She and Suiren Ting were both amongst the seven Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect. Suiren Ting was ranked at the 2nd position while she was ranked at the 5th position, and there wasn’t a really big gap between them.

Yet during the operation this time, she’d suddenly noticed that she turned out to be far inferior to Suiren Ting in the heart of the Sect Master…

“Junior Sister, don’t think too much about it. The Sect Master acted in this way to avoid his plans being leaked. After all, even you’re aware that if I didn’t bring the Boundless World Mirror along, then it would probably be impossible to conceal any of our plans from the deduction of Nuwa’s Dao Palace.” Suiren Ting stopped moving, and he turned around to glance at Jiang Lingxiao.

Jiang Lingxiao took a deep breath and said with a smile, “I understand.”

After that, she was shocked as she said, “Senior Brother, why aren’t you continuing forward?”

Suiren Ting smiled, and he placed his hands behind his back as he turned around indifferently. He looked down at the limestone path with a ghastly and emotionless expression before he said calmly, “There’s no need to continue forward. It wouldn’t be too late to head to the peak of the altar after we kill them.”

Jiang Lingxiao turned around and glanced over, and she noticed that Shi Yu and the others were already 3km away!

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