Chapter 1348 – God Attainment Path

The God Attainment Altar towered into the sky and existed since the ancient times, and it was covered in obscure and chaotic mist.

One would only notice how tiny one was when standing before it and looking up at it. One was simply like an ant standing before a towering mountain, and it was impossible to see where the top of the altar lay.

The God Attainment Altar was completely pitch black while a flat limestone path lay at the bottom of the altar. It was smooth like a mirror, and it emanated an ancient and desolate aura.


Shi Yu and the others appeared here out of thin air, and a wisp of excitement surged from their hearts as they gazed at this limestone path that led straight to the God Attainment Altar.

To all of these Immortal Kings, the limestone path was undoubtedly the God Attainment Path, because so long as they were able to reach the end of the path, then they would have the opportunity to obtain the method to become a god!

“Everyone, be careful. The surroundings of the God Attainment Altar is densely covered in the Restrictions of the Gods, and we can only rely on the Immortal King Laws we possess to ascend it. Moreover, we can’t act rashly, otherwise, our lives would probably be in danger.” Shi Yu reminded.

From the ancient times until now, this limestone path on the God Attainment Altar was called the God Attainment Path. It was filled with restrictions, and one could only rely on the Immortal King Laws one possessed to resist and deal with the pressure emanated by the restrictions.

In other words, the stronger the Immortal King Laws one possessed, the swifter one would be able to ascend to the peak of the God Attainment Altar. Conversely, if the Immortal King Laws one possessed wasn’t sufficiently deep and formidable, then it wouldn’t just affect one’s speed up the altar, one might even be restrained and suppressed to the point of being unable to take a step forward.

Xiangliu Li, Dian Dian, and Heaven Trampler were naturally clearly aware of all of this, and they nodded immediately.

But right after that, Dian Dian was stunned as she said, “What about Chen Xi?”

As soon as these words were spoken, all of them looked at Chen Xi and couldn’t help but feel slightly ashamed in their hearts. Earlier, they’d paid too much attention to the God Attainment Altar, and they’d actually overlooked Chen Xi’s existence.

The reason they felt ashamed was that Chen Xi had helped them greatly earlier, yet they were fully concentrated on thinking about how to obtain the method to become a god, causing them to overlook Chen Xi slightly. Thus, they naturally felt ashamed in their hearts.

After they received Dian Dian’s reminder, they came to an understanding as well. Chen Xi wasn’t an Immortal King yet, so how could he possibly step foot into the God Attainment Path that led to the peak of the altar?

After all, throughout the countless years since the ancient times until now, they’d never heard of a Golden Immortal being able to pass through the God Attainment Palace and step foot on the God Attainment Path.

But if they made Chen Xi stay here, then what if one of the other Immortal Kings that had come here aroused ill intent towards Chen Xi? That Immortal King would be able to instantly take Chen Xi’s life!

What should we do? Shi Yu and the others frowned, and they were slightly troubled.

However, they’d utterly not noticed that Chen Xi was already a Saint Immortal now. He’d long since stepped onto the cultivation path towards becoming a god. However, because the River Diagram fragment’s aura had concealed his own, it caused the aura around his body to be obscure, mysterious, and impossible to see through.


Right at this moment, Yi Ranfeng, Sun Wuhen, and the other two Immortal Kings arrived at the bottom of the God Attainment Altar as well.

As soon as they appeared here, they were slightly stunned. They seemed to have never expected that Shi Yu and the others didn’t make the best use of their time to ascend the altar and were standing here instead.

However, when they saw Chen Xi, they instantly had a rough understanding, and a wisp of a strange smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of their mouths.

Early on while they were still at the God Attainment Palace, they’d noticed that Chen Xi was only at the Golden Immortal Realm, and at that time, they wondered why Shi Yu and the others would bring such a junior in here.

Now, even though they hadn’t determined the secrets behind this, when they saw Shi Yu and the others were hesitant because of Chen Xi, they couldn’t help but take slight pleasure towards Shi Yu and the others’ misfortune.

Of course, they didn’t have the time to tease and ridicule Shi Yu’s group at a time like this. They turned around and headed up the limestone path towards the God Attainment Altar under Yi Ranfeng’s lead.

Shi Yu and the others couldn’t help but frown when they saw this.

“How about, I stay behind and take care of Chen Xi….” Dian Dian perceived the thoughts of the others, and she knew that they couldn’t delay any longer, so she spoke immediately.

However, before she could finish speaking, she saw Chen Xi suddenly raise his leg and moved towards the God Attainment Altar!

This scene caused Shi Yu and the others to be stunned. They recalled the scene of Chen Xi leading them through the restrictions in the God Attainment Palace, and they couldn’t help but feel curious in their hearts. Could it be that Chen Xi can traverse the God Attainment Path as well?

When they thought about it carefully, they realized that since they entered the God Attainment Palace, Chen Xi seemed to have become a completely different person. He was silent and constantly made some unexpected actions, and it caused even all them who were Immortal Kings to be extremely shocked.

However, even though they were puzzled, Chen Xi’s unusual actions had helped them greatly. So when they saw Chen Xi act unusually once more and step foot onto the God Attainment Path now, they weren’t really shocked. But they still couldn’t avoid feeling worried for Chen Xi, and they were worried that he would be harmed.

“Let’s protect him from the side, and if he activates the restrictions in the surroundings of the God Attainment Altar, then we’ll rescue him and stop him from taking any further reckless action.” Shi Yu instructed swiftly, and the others nodded in agreement.

Step! Step!

Chen Xi’s footsteps were steady and unhurried. They were neither fast nor slow, and he walked step by step up the limestone path.

When he took the first step up the God Attainment Altar, the eyes of Shi Yu and the others narrowed, and they were prepared to assist Chen Xi at the first possible moment.


A strand of a terrifying energy of divinity surged from the God Attainment Altar, and it shot towards Chen Xi.

“Shit!” Dian Dian’s reaction was the swiftest. She stretched out her fair hand and grabbed at Chen Xi with the intention of pulling him back out.

The others acted instinctively as well with the intention of rescuing Chen Xi. Otherwise, if the terrifying energy of the restriction collided with Chen Xi’s body, then he would absolutely be annihilated in an instant.


A wave of intense fluctuations arose. To their shock, all their aid had failed! It wasn’t dealt with by the energy of the God Attainment Altar, and it was instead obstructed by the obscure aura that effused out from Chen Xi’s body!

It was four Immortal Kings that had taken action to rescue Chen Xi. Even though they were trying to rescue him, but how could it possibly be something that a Golden Immortal could refuse and obstruct?


Before they could recover from their shock, the energy that surged out from the God Attainment Altar had charged towards Chen Xi, yet it was like water that had encountered a rock. It swept off towards Chen Xi’s surroundings yet didn’t bring any harm to Chen Xi instead!

Shi Yu and the others were dumbstruck. What?

It wasn’t just them, Yi Ranfeng and the others who’d just started ascending the God Attainment Altar had noticed this scene as well, and they were extremely surprised as well.

“This junior is really strange.”

“He really is. However, it’s probably that the divinity within the restriction only targets Immortal Kings, and it doesn’t work against a weak junior like him, right?”

“Forget it, continue forward.”

Their surprise only lasted for a moment, and it wasn’t long before they continued forward. This was the God Attainment Altar, and every single one of them suffered the pressure of terrifying restrictions, so they didn’t dare get distracted and pay attention to others.

Step! Step!

Chen Xi seemed to have not noticed all of this, and he continued up the God Attainment Altar step by step.

“Come on, let’s follow him!” Shi Yu was the first to recover from his shock. Even if his heart was filled with questions, it was impossible for him to watch Chen Xi act alone at this moment.

All of them immediately moved out.

Actually, Chen Xi’s display allowed them to heave sighs of relief in their hearts. At the very least, they didn’t have to hesitate like they had earlier.

The God Attainment Altar towered countless kilometers into the sky.

Even if it was an Immortal King that wished to ascend it, the Immortal King could only ascend step by step. In this way, it would take an extremely long time for one to ascend the peak of the altar.

The reason for this was that the entire God Attainment Altar was covered in restrictions, and the terrifying pressure emanated by these restrictions forced every single Immortal King that intended to ascend to the peak of the altar to resist and deal with this pressure.

On the other hand, there was only a single method to resist and deal with this pressure — one’s Immortal King Laws.

The limestone path that led to the peak of the God Attainment Altar was extremely wide, and it was over 30km in width. The path ascended level after level, and it was called the God Attainment Path. Only when one walked on the limestone path would one notice that it was branded with countless mysterious and obscure patterns, and they emanated the energy of divinity that caused even Immortal Kings to feel terrified.

“Hmm?” As he walked step by step on the God Attainment Path, it wasn’t long before Shi Yu frowned. He looked at Chen Xi who was walking before him, and a wisp of bewilderment flashed within his eyes. However, he didn’t say anything in the end.

“Something seemed to be off….” At the same time, Xiangliu Li, Dian Dian, and Heaven Trampler were slightly bewildered in their hearts as well. Since the moment they stepped foot onto the God Attainment Path that led to the peak of the altar, they sensed the pressure of divinity emanated by the restrictions, and it pressed down upon them to the point they had no choice but to circulate their Immortal King Laws to resist it.

But the oppressive force was slightly…weak!

They raised their eyes and looked towards the distance. They saw Yi Ranfeng’s group of four were walking forward step by step 3km ahead. Their footsteps were slow, and every single one of them carried a heavy and strenuous expression.

Compared to Yi Ranfeng and the others, their speed was simply more than two times quicker!

“Do you feel that it’s slightly strange?”

“If this continues, then we wouldn’t just be able to quickly surpass Yi Ranfeng’s group, we’ll even be able to catch up to Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao who’re in the lead.”

“Have all of you forgotten what we encountered in the God Attainment Palace? All of this is probably related to Little Brother Chen Xi.”

Shi Yu and the others conversed briefly before placing their attention on Chen Xi who strode before them, and their expressions more or less carried a wisp of admiration, bewilderment, and shock.

Since they’d entered the God Attainment Region, Chen Xi had given them too many pleasant surprises. No matter if it was the Dao Calamity Sword, or successively passing through the restrictions in the God Attainment Palace, it puzzled and shocked all of them.

Especially now, when they sensed that the pressure emanated from the restrictions on the God Attainment Path might have weakened because of Chen Xi, the shock in their hearts was indescribable.

This was the God Attainment Altar!

Since the prehistoric times until now, countless Immortal Kings had perished here. Yet now, a young man that hadn’t attained the Immortal King Realm had stepped foot here, and he was too superior to be compared with the Immortal Kings of the past!

No matter who saw this scene, their hearts would probably be unable to maintain its calm.

“How…how…how could this be possible?” Suddenly, an exclaim of shock arose from afar. Yi Ranfeng had inadvertently turned around, and when he saw Shi Yu and the others were only around 50m away from catching up to his group, he was instantly shocked while even his face twitched.

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